Chapter 0994: Towards Immortal's Capital

The Heaven Devouring Avatar had to grow stronger.

Wu Yu believed that cultivation was plunder.

Therefore, he could not cultivate with the attitude of the Virgin Mary herself.

Killers that came knocking - Wu Yu would not show them the slightest bit of mercy.

Cultivation was to reach the top. Plunder and step on the corpses of your enemies until you reach the Sky Palaces.

Wu Yu did not know how others thought. But this was his dao.

He could not embrace the extremes of evil and abandon himself for strength just like the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

He could not be a noble martyr like Ye Xixi, sacrificing herself for others.

His propensity to kill or protect were all ruled by his own heart. Therefore, he did not feel the slightest bit of unease when devouring his enemies.

With death, the physical body would rot, the Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy disappearing. If Wu Yu did not devour it, it would simply be wasted.

Dao faded with one's life.

Those like Ming Long, who could live through a proxy vessel like the Ruyi Jingu Bang, were few and far between.

His Heaven Devouring Avatar had devoured two third tier Dao Querying cultivators, and had grown pronouncedly stronger. His real body, together with the Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, the Heaven Devouring Avatar, and the Dignified Archer Elemental, all homed in on the old killer - the Blood Poisoner. 

This guy was a dedicated one. He did not bat an eyelid at his comrades' deaths. He turned a cold gaze on Wu Yu and the others, as though intending to take them on alone.

"Actually, I did not fully utilize the Demonic Eye of Illusions' power before. Now I will. I'll leave you all to go ham."

The Full Moon of Nanshan cackled gleefully before the battle.

He was a wily one. The Blood Poisoner would definitely be on his guard after seeing what he was capable of. But he probably did not anticipate the fact that the Full Moon of Nanshan actually had not shown his full hand yet.

"We're counting on you, then."

After emerging from the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence, Wu Yu knew just how formidable the most sophisticated of illusion techniques could get. The first test had truly made him feel like he had been sent back to the start.

At this time, the Full Moon of Nanshan stood before the Blood Poisoner, his silver eye fixed on him.

"Who would have thought that a bumbling wild boar demon like you would have such polished illusion techniques? A surprise indeed. But that sort of illusion could only fool them. As for me, keke...."

He was truly brimming with confidence. Watching his comrades fall had shown the same. This meant that he might very well actually be capable of finishing them all, even when surrounded. But Wu Yu also believed that he had underestimated them.


Naturally, it was the Full Moon of Nanshan who took the lead. He immediately activated the Demonic Eye of Illusions, something he had not done before, merely tapping into its powers.

Wu Yu was ahead of him as the Demonic Eye of Illusions activated. The space before him warped. Even though Wu Yu was not the target of the attack, the images that flashed past his eyes transported him to a different life. He was someone else, living in the mortal realm for decades. He had given birth to children, and had aged with the years.

These images flashed past Wu Yu briefly.

A silvery moonlight beamed from the Full Moon of Nanshan's eye to shine on the Blood Poisoner. The old man was arrogant, completely ignoring the Full Moon of Nanshan's illusion technique. He lifted the Blood Devil Battle Dagger-Axe and prepared to continue fighting. But as the moonlight shone on him, Wu Yu saw tears leak from the corners of his eyes. He looked miserable, as though he had seen someone dear to him for the first time in a while. His body shook. Perhaps Wu Yu and the others had disappeared from his world. He was lost in his own memories, or perhaps fictional memories.

"Act now," the Full Moon of Nanshan reminded them.

Wu Yu knew that it was difficult to keep such an immersive illusion up for long. After all, the Full Moon of Nanshan could not rely on numerous spirit designs like the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence had - he only had the Demonic Eye of Illusions to tap on.

"Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters!" He used the Violent Art he had held in reserve to boost his strength, smashing both the body and spirit of the Blood Poisoner.

Wu Yu's real body's attack was the most flashy, and also the most violent.

Behind the Blood Poisoner, his avatar was using the Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation. When the Dark North Royal Obelisk transformed, 10,000 dragons thundered towards the Blood Poisoner, absorbing all heat and reducing his body to extremely cold temperatures. And Wu Yu's Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters was the embodiment of heat. The two attacks, front and back, undid all resistance and completely subdued the opponent.

And from the left, the Dignified Archer Elemental's Sunset Arrow came boiling over, the huge sun engulfing the Blood Poisoner.

From the right, Ye Xixi had made her move as well. She used her Double-Ended Taia Sword, activating the central spirit design, the Taia Taiji Sword Wheel!

The huge sword wheel spun furiously, about to cleave the Blood Poisoner in half.

The four attacks came simultaneously. They landed on the Blood Poisoner's body. He only came to his senses on the brink of danger. He opened his eyes and saw the attacks incoming. Although his face could not be seen clearly, sweat appeared even on his neck.


Wu Yu saw utter terror in his eyes.

This guy probably had his own ultimate techniques that could slay them all. But Wu Yu knew that he would pay the price for underestimating a thing like the Demonic Eye of Illusions. It was the treasure of a demon immortal. Even if not fully harnessed, Wu Yu felt that it was not something a conceited person could brush away.

He was terrified. At the last instant, he tried to activate the spirit designs on the Blood Devil Battle Dagger-Axe to defend himself, but it was too late. The Heaven Swallowing 10,000 Rampaging Dragons Formation had frozen his body, and his defenseless body had been cleaved by Ye Xixi's sword wheel. Finally, the Sunset Arrow crushed his brain, and the Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters landed down to smash him into oblivion!


Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar quickly contained the corpse and then began to devour, growing stronger. A fourth tier Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivator was a huge prize.

When the Blood Poisoner died, the Icy, Bloody Hell that he had fashioned also faded into the seawater, though its color persisted, dyeing the sea red.

"Let's get out of here."

Wu Yu and the others, the Heaven Devouring Avatar included, stashed their spoils and hastily boarded the Hidden Immortal, leaving under cover. The Heaven Devouring Avatar still needed to digest it, but Wu Yu reckoned that the Heaven Devouring Avatar would be even stronger afterwards, perhaps close to the real body in strength. He could then enter the Floating Dreams Pagoda and challenge a stronger puppet.

After doing that, he could deal with fourth tier Dao Querying cultivators with his real body, the Heaven Devouring Avatar, and the stronger puppet, without such a fuss like today.

He had gained quite a lot today. Firstly, three Stygian Devil Masks. These were advanced dao treasures, and Wu Yu gave them out. "Take them. They might be useful in the future."

Besides those, there were dao treasures, immortal essences, immortal medicines, talismans, and precious treasures. Wu Yu basically split them fairly. After all, everyone had won the loot together.

The most precious amongst them was the Blood Devil Battle Dagger-Axe. Wu Yu was not short on advanced dao treasures and Ye Xixi had the 380,000-spirit design Double-Ended Taia Sword. Therefore, he gave it to the Full Moon of Nanshan, saying, "Today, you played the biggest part in killing this opponent. And the dagger-axe is vaguely like a war rake. Use it well."

"Alright. I’m the only one without an advanced dao treasure, and this thing is cool. Quite powerful, and suits me. Haha....."

All three of them used long weapons now.

They left the region and no longer attracted any more attention.

After passing out their spoils, the Full Moon of Nanshan waggled his eyebrows. "Say, who do you think is after us? Being assassinated? That's one to get the heart pounding."

Wu Yu said, "The only possibility is Prince Yan. We got off to a bad start the last time. He's jealous that I support Prince Le as well. I'm not sure about that. Perhaps others are trying to capitalize on the situation?"

"What are we to do, then? Be sitting ducks?" Ye Xixi was a little afraid.

Wu Yu looked towards the Yan Huang Ancient Country. "Perhaps we will know once we reach the Immortal's Capital."

"Makes sense. No point in guessing here." The Full Moon of Nanshan nodded as well. He turned to the Immortal's Capital with a smile. "Feels great. We're almost back at the Immortal's Capital. My little brother is very thirsty, he can't stand it anymore."

"What little brother do you have?" Ye Xixi asked cluelessly.

"Ignore that pervert." Wu Yu grinned.

"Kids don't know. Don't ask," the Full Moon of Nanshan said proudly.

"As if I want to know your sick thoughts."

In any case, the Hidden Immortal was nearing the Yan Huang Ancient Region now. Wu Yu could already see the Yan Huang Ancient Region's landmass, and the huge South Emperor City.

"It's been a while, Immortal's Capital." Wu Yu squinted at it.

He would probably never return to the Nanyin Empire. And he did not know what his return to the Immortal's Capital would bring. From the assassination attempt, he didn't expect it to be all too peaceful....

In any case, the three disembarked at the Yan Huang Ancient Country's shores at noon. Before them was the entrance to the Yan Huang Ancient Country. It was a bit more troublesome to enter, but the exit document from the Regent that Wu Yu carried would make their entry smooth. It would not be so easy for others to enter the Yan Huang Ancient Country.


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