Chapter 0993: Primeval Blood World

Ming Long actually recognized this advanced dao treasure.

Many advanced dao treasures had long histories.

They were forged by martial cultivators using great effort in ancient times.

Martial cultivators either became immortal or died in the pursuit of dao. However, these dao treasures would exist for eternity unless destroyed.

The dao treasures today had basically served many generations of masters.

She had trained for quite long too and was more knowledgeable.

This dao treasure was called the Blood Devil Battle Dagger-Axe. It was said to have 400,000 spirit designs and was considered to be close to a divine dao treasure.

In combination with this elder’s strength as a fourth tier Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivator, he would be hard to defeat. There was a huge gap between the fourth and third tiers because this elder was someone who had survived the first dao crisis.

When the crisis of Heaven's Thunder failed to kill him, it would instead refine his dao tier and strengthen both his physical body and Primordial Spirit. 

Wu Yu's real body fought using the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters. Wu Yu relied on the absolute advantage of his physical body and managed to fend for a while. However, he was soon suppressed by the other party.

Especially when the other party used his mystique.

"Primeval Blood World"

When this mystique was used, dense blood fog started to spread, forming into a blood-colored cocoon that encased Wu Yu. It formed into a territory that he could control. 

In the Primeval Blood World, the surrounding blood fog seemed like microscopic worms, but with terrifying power. They covered Wu Yu's body and tried very hard to burrow into him.

"Luckily, my Invincible Vajra Body is strong. If someone else were trapped in this mystique, the blood fog would tear apart their body and invade it, shredding them into bits and pieces."

This was obviously a terrifying mystique to Wu Yu. Being in the Primeval Blood World was equivalent to being attacked by the other party continuously. And the other party seemed to have joined with the Primeval Blood World that he had constructed and was hidden in the dark, waiting to give Wu Yu a fatal blow. 

Wu Yu's real body was indeed in great trouble. Most of his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was being used to defend against the attack of the Primeval Blood World. 

Luckily, the sexy lady at the Full Moon of Nanshan's side was only a third tier Dao Querying cultivator. However, the Full Moon of Nanshan's Demonic Eye of Illusions was indeed terrifying. He seemed to have pulled his opponent into an illusion, and the woman seemed to have gone crazy. Her attacks were disorganized and Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar was already prepared to join hands with the Full Moon of Nanshan to slay their opponent. 

At the other side, Ye Xixi had amalgamated with Lazy but still had trouble fighting that extremely disgusting man who used various mystique and dao techniques in an attempt to destroy her. However, the Dignified Archer Elemental had caused him great trouble.

He had not only failed to kill Ye Xixi, but had been hit by an arrow. Wu Yu had slightly underestimated the Dignified Archer Elemental's power. From the looks of things, the Dignified Archer Elemental and Ye Xixi might be able to kill that man together. 

On the contrary, the battle with Wu Yu's real body was the most dangerous. 

But he could disappear before the other party at any time, so he was not afraid at all. At this moment, he was not afraid of death at all, so he became more violent.

"Unshackled Doppelganger!"

Instantly, Wu Yu's 10,000 doppelgangers appeared inside the Primeval Blood World. These doppelgangers all had the Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy of the peak of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. One of them was useless, but 10,000 of them attacking together would form a terrifying power.

"Blood Weeping World Technique!"

Ear-piercing shrieks pierced through the Primeval Blood World. 10,000 voices chorused, instantly making the elder scream. Endless blood fog gathered before Wu Yu and formed into the body of the elder. He was forced out by Wu Yu. 

The elder was extremely shocked to see Wu Yu's 10,000 doppelgangers but still sneered coldly. "You do have some tricks, but you are going to die immediately."

He had probably seen his two helpers being suppressed now, so he was anxious. To him, the best choice was to kill Wu Yu quickly. Of course, he felt that this was no problem at all. 

"Killer Cross Reincarnation Technique!"

At this instant, both of his hands grabbed onto the Blood Devil Battle Dagger-Axe and executed a dao technique. The Blood Devil Battle Dagger-Axe slashed down and then horizontally. A huge cross suddenly appeared. The crossed sword slashes glowed fiercely with bloody aura. In the fresh blood, countless blood-colored skeletons and aggrieved souls wailed and screamed. Their desperation formed the strength of this dao technique. In this instant, Wu Yu saw a bloody cross symbol printed on his forehead. The huge, bloody streak in front of him rushed towards him quickly in the blink of an eye.

In that instant, his head rang with piercing pain.

The other party's dao technique was indeed terrifyingly powerful. It was no wonder he had such confidence. Even now, he acted lofty and smiled. He did not think that Wu Yu stood any chance.


In this critical moment, all of Wu Yu's doppelgangers gathered in front of him. These doppelgangers used the Barren Great Dao Finger at the same time to attack the impending blow from the Killer Cross Reincarnation Technique. He did not expect the other party's dao technique to be so vicious. It suppressed all the way and even destroyed Wu Yu's dao technique. He also decimated all 10,000 of his doppelgangers and tore them apart instantly. All of them exploded and turned into Wu Yu's monkey fur.

"This guy is actually a ghostly cultivator." Because his opponent had the Stygian Devil Mask, he could not even sense his aura. Now he finally knew after he attacked.

His ghostly cultivation method was different from Ye Xixi’s. This type of ghostly cultivator could only be described as extremely cruel and was a totally different type from Ye Xixi.

This killing dao technique was terrifyingly powerful and directly dissolved Wu Yu's Unshackled Doppelganger. Wu Yu clearly knew that he was not his match. Of course, he would not be a sitting duck. At this moment, he used the second tier of the Somersault Cloud. He had jumped out before his opponent's dao technique could truly hit him. 

He somersaulted out and directly left the range of the Primeval Blood World. However, he did not leave the range of the Icy Bloody Hell.

His understanding of the Somersault Cloud was near the third tier. He almost possessed full mastery over the second tier jump.

"Huh?" When Wu Yu disappeared before his eyes, Wu Yu knew that the elder would definitely be shocked and even stunned. 

But the bloody cross on his forehead was still there despite leaving the Primeval Blood World. It had only dimmed. This meant that he was still within the attack range of the other party. This dao technique had a similar effect to the Soul Peeler.


At this moment, the Killer Cross Reincarnation Technique rushed out from the Primeval Blood World and continued to chase Wu Yu. However, most of its power had been depleted. Wu Yu now used the Infernal Sky Pillar and executed the Immovable Nine Palaces Design. In that instant, the Killer Cross Reincarnation Technique crashed into the Immovable Nine Palaces Design. After some violent shaking, Wu Yu succeeded in his defence. He was not wounded. The elder originally was very confident. Now he was even more shocked.

"I did not expect you to be so skilled. The information is not accurate. For situations like this, the Stygian Devils will have to ask the requestor for a higher price!" The elder's eyes flashed with a blood-red color. At this moment, his Primeval Blood World was also destroyed. He carried the Blood Devil Battle Dagger-Axe and appeared before Wu Yu. 

"If you want to renegotiate the price, then you have to remain alive." Wu Yu's Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters reformed from the nine huge furnaces and became the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters with nine-colored flames. 

"You are stubborn. You've performed well, but.…" The elder was angry and his voice became colder. Obviously, he no longer had his previous confidence.

When he said that, Wu Yu laughed.

The moment he had waited for had finally arrived.

After throwing his opponent into an illusion, the Green Frenzy of the Full Moon of Nanshan's Flowered Branch of Reincarnation grew from the woman and instantly turned her into a big tree covered in coils of vines. Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar used the Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk to directly pierce through the woman's body, killing her instantly. 

Perhaps this woman did not know at all that she would die in battle. Before she died, she was still within the Full Moon of Nanshan's Demonic Eye of Illusions' illusions.

Next, Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar enveloped her and devoured this fresh body. The scary part of the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was exhibited fully now. When it devoured, its spirit would become extremely crazed. It would desire more, and at such moments, Wu Yu had to steady his heart and spirit. 

What the elder saw was the people he had brought dying in battle.

When the elder saw that the Full Moon of Nanshan had defeated his opponent and appeared by Wu Yu's real body, he did not seem especially panicked. Instead, he coldly said, "That's quick. Looks like this wild boar demon's strength is higher than reported.

"But this is good too. I can finish this mission alone without people dragging me down. Then I'll receive more rewards." The elder's sinister gaze swept across Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan again.

"Old fogey, your boasting is stronger than your strength." The Full Moon of Nanshan was here to help Wu Yu. His Demonic Eye of Illusions could be very helpful. 

But it would still be difficult to kill this opponent.

Hence, Wu Yu's second target was Ye Xixi's opponent. 

After the Heaven Devouring Avatar devoured the first assassin, he wielded the Dark North Royal Obelisk and rushed towards Ye Xixi's opponent. It was now a three-against-one situation. 

At this moment, they did not expect for the elder to have no intention of attacking.

"Why? Are you prepared to just watch him die?" His indifference was advantageous for Wu Yu. When the middle-aged man died, this elder would be attacked by Wu Yu's group of five. 

"It's simply just a matter of having one person less to split the money with. I'm not concerned." The elder was in no rush, but now he was indeed more terrifying. He was not simple. He had such strength and courage after seeing Wu Yu's power. 

Then Wu Yu was not going to be polite. 

"Blood Poisoner, save me!" The middle-aged man was now facing the great pressure of death and was no longer smiling disgustingly. He could only ask for help now. 

But the elder did not move. He watched as Wu Yu killed him and the Heaven Devouring Avatar devoured him.

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