Chapter 0992: Stygian Devil Assassins

"Stygian Devil Mask?"

This was an advanced dao treasure-level mask. Wu Yu had heard of it.

In his field of vision, the three of them had appeared suddenly and all of them were wearing pitch black masks that sealed their appearances. They even obstructed Wu Yu from sensing the three's abilities.

Hence, he did not know what cultivation levels these three were at. 

He had no way of telling.

"I heard of an organization called Stygian Devils in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. It has power and influence in various major martial cultivator empires and belongs to no one country. It specializes in assassination and is akin to an assassin's organization in the mortal community, just that the members are all martial cultivators…."

Wu Yu did not expect to one day be targeted by the Stygian Devils. 

This meant that someone had placed a bounty on his head and at least wanted to kidnap him. However, from the murderous auras from these three, they should be here to kill him.

Wu Yu smiled while looking at them and said, "Let me guess who hired you guys to attack me. Who else knows that I'm out on the Hidden Immortal and hates me? Perhaps one of the princes or princesses?"

Actually, Wu Yu did not need to think too much. He had been to two places in the Yan Huang Ancient Region: the Dark North Kingdom and Yan Huang Ancient Country. The people of the Dark North Kingdom had no reason to seek trouble with him. And at the Immortal's Capital, he had only clashed with the other princes and princesses.

"Stop guessing, it's meaningless. We're only carrying out our mission. The mission was assigned by our superiors. Who knows who wants you dead. This is not important. The most important thing is that you can't escape," the woman at the back said coldly.

Wu Yu did not know them and had not even met them. However, an assassin's organization only had one task. They conducted their business as long as they were paid. They would not consider Wu Yu's feelings. They only wanted to complete their mission.

As he could not be sure about the strength of these three, and the Full Moon of Nanshan was still forming a blood bond with the Demonic Eye of Illusions, Wu Yu felt that they were in trouble.

"Big Brother Yu, what do we do?" Ye Xixi was a little nervous.

"Perhaps they were hired by Prince Yan. They should estimate that our strength is at the level as when we left Yan Huang. These three should not be undefeatable. Let me test their abilities before we decide what to do."

Wu Yu quickly decided.

The other three were exuding intense murderous vibes and did not give him time to think. They lashed out.

"Dignified Archer Elemental!"

Before they could attack, Wu Yu summoned the Dignified Archer Elemental. After it appeared, it instantly pulled its bow and shot its arrow.

After seeing the Dignified Archer Elemental, the three stopped attacking. That elder said excitedly, "That's a puppet, a very strong puppet. I want that, don't snatch it from me." 

"Alright, then that little girl is mine. Girls at that age are really tender." The middle-aged man on the left smirked perversely. He was gross.

"That Wu Yu, don't kill him instantly. He probably has many treasures. Let me check him out first. I think only that wild boar is left. Looks like we can dine on some wild boar meat today." The woman smiled coyly.

These three's scornful eyes shone through the Stygian Devil Masks. Obviously, they thought that today's hunt would be an absolute victory for them.

So their spirits were relaxed at the same as time they harbored murderous intent, especially for the man at the left. He checked Ye Xixi out with extremely greedy and degrading eyes. This gaze infuriated Ye Xixi.

"I'm afraid you are too old to eat my meat. You won't be able to chew, and I'm not interested either." The Full Moon of Nanshan's voice came from behind. Wearing an elegant robe, he waved his folded fan lightly and came out casually with a peachy red face. His silver left eye was very attractive.

"How is it?" He had come out at the right time. Wu Yu was just worried that he would not be here at a crucial moment.

The Full Moon of Nanshan shielded his face with his fan and secretly told Wu Yu, "I've only settled a part of it, but it's enough to cause a nasty surprise." 

Wu Yu was relieved. He knew what the Demonic Eye of Illusions was, and just a minor grasp of its might would be immensely overpowering. 

It might even let the Full Moon of Nanshan improve greatly on his Mirrored Flowers, Reflected Moon mystique.

The sexy masked lady's eyes brightened upon seeing the Full Moon of Nanshan. She said seductively, "What a handsome guy. A pity your true form is a wild boar, what a pity. If not, big sister may have let you live."

The Full Moon of Nanshan could not help laughing and said, "Just you, an old hag, forget it. Even if I'm not picky, I'm not interested in your old bones and aged body."

The Full Moon of Nanshan distracted them a little with his appearance, but Wu Yu saw clearly that the elder in the middle was already upset with the chatty woman beside him. 


The Dignified Archer Elemental had already been aiming at that elder for a long time and he had prepared the Star Chasing Arrow. This was a puppet equivalent to a third tier Dao Querying Realm cultivator. When the Star Chasing Arrow was shot, star light instantly flew out like lightning and reached the elder in the blink of an eye.

Wu Yu was mainly testing the strength of this group to see if they needed to escape.

The elder was the strongest in this group, so if he could handle him, then they stood a chance in battle. If not, the Full Moon of Nanshan would have trouble escaping.


The elder was prepared and had already taken out his advanced dao treasure to block Wu Yu's Dignified Archer Elemental's attack. Wu Yu could not see clearly what advanced dao treasure it was. He could see that it was blood red in color and very long. It was longer than the average spear. Once that advanced dao treasure was taken out, its sharpest part clashed with the Star Chasing Arrow, giving out a sharp clang sound.


He could see the elder retreating a few steps, but his advanced dao treasure was still tightly gripped in his hand. He was only left in a slightly pathetic state. After all, he had reacted to the sudden attack!

The Star Chasing Arrow did not hurt him.

But Wu Yu was still very surprised.

"Very strong. If he was a third tier Dao Querying cultivator, he cannot block the Star Chasing Arrow. It means that he is at least a fourth tier Dao Querying cultivator!" Wu Yu took a deep breath. From this probe, he had already tested the other party's strength.

The other two should be slightly weaker.

With Wu Yu starting the attack, the other party immediately pounced on them. A great battle was about to explode. The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were waiting for Wu Yu to make a decision.

Wu Yu knew that they had improved greatly during this period. Their opponents' strength did not totally suppress theirs, and they had a chance for victory. Otherwise, the Full Moon of Nanshan would still be trapped here. If these three had received intelligence on them, then they had to know that the Full Moon of Nanshan could turn invisible. At that time, they could attack from all directions and the Full Moon of Nanshan could not hide at all.

So they could only fight to the death at the moment.

"Nanshan, I'll use the Heaven Devouring Avatar and cooperate with you. Let's get rid of one person quickly first. Xixi, delay for time. The Dignified Archer Elemental will support you. I'll block that elder first." Wu Yu instantly made the arrangements.

He placed their breakthrough point at the Full Moon of Nanshan and Heaven Devouring Avatar. After all, the Full Moon of Nanshan had just received the Demonic Eye of Illusions and perhaps he had a great surprise for them.

Ye Xixi and the Dignified Archer Elemental took on one person, and even then this seemed to be too demanding for them. They might become the breakthrough point for the other party, but he had no other way. Wu Yu could only ask the Full Moon of Nanshan to rope in if required. 

And his real body needed to fight the elder. Wu Yu was weaker in terms of effective battle power, but his physical body was tough. It would be difficult for him to die in battle, hence he had confidence in keeping the other party busy. 

All of this depended on whether the Full Moon of Nanshan could destroy the other party first or the other party would destroy Ye Xixi and the Dignified Archer Elemental first. The Dignified Archer Elemental was still very strong. Wu Yu thought that if the other party was only a third tier Dao Querying cultivator, it would not be possible for him to defeat Ye Xixi and the Dignified Archer Elemental.

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi instantly moved according to his instructions. They need not do anything more. One the assassins immediately chased each of them.

Ye Xixi left Wu Yu as a result. The middle-aged man immediately smiled lasciviously and chased after her while Dignified Archer Elemental hid in the dark instantly and targeted the middle-aged man. 

"Try to pester him, don't fight head-on with him," Wu Yu instructed Ye Xixi.  This fierce fight was quite dangerous.

"I know, Big Brother Yu." Luckily, Ye Xixi was extra smart on the battlefield. At this moment, she took the Double-Ended Taia Sword and the Infernal Inferno Map as support. They were not suitable to clash head-on with the other party at all.

The elder would definitely lock on to Wu Yu, and so the sexy lady was left. She locked on to the Full Moon of Nanshan, who had bickered with her, and chased after him. Behind her, Wu Yu's white-haired, red-eyed Heaven Devouring Avatar chased after the sexy lady. The woman was Wu Yu's breakthrough point. The Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Full Moon of Nanshan had to kill the other party as quickly as possible. If they failed, they would really be in danger.

"You're quite brave to face me alone. My time in martial cultivation is at least five times as long as yours." The elder stopped before Wu Yu. This Stygian Devil seemed extraordinarily terrifying and cold.

Wu Yu took out the Infernal Sky Pillar and used the Immortal Ape Transformation and Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. His body instantly turned into a giant and a golden immortal ape before the elder. His eyes and demeanor were extremely fierce now and filled with a domineering aura.

"Even with 10 times the martial cultivation time, you are nothing but a stepping stone in my eyes. In two hours, you won't even have a body left."

At this moment, Wu Yu saw the advanced dao treasure in the other party's hand. He could tell that this weapon was called a dagger-axe. This weapon was similar to a spear in the mortal battlefield. Both were classic long weapons. Some were much taller than their wielder, taller by at least one-third. Spears were very sharp, and comparatively, the sharp tip of the dagger-axe had a horizontal hook in a 'bu' word shape. 

The blood red advanced dao treasure dagger-axe was very blood thirsty. It was comparable to Wu Yu's Infernal Sky Pillar. It probably also had at least 400,000 spirit designs.

He was at least a fourth tier Dao Querying cultivator and had such an advanced dao treasure. If not for Wu Yu breaking through to a new tier recently, there was no way he could fight against such a strong person. He could only say that the person who had hired these assassins knew his strength very well. If he had not made a breakthrough, he would be in trouble today.

"Perhaps it was Prince Yan?" Wu Yu still suspected him. But this was definitely not confirmed. Who knew if there was someone else in the dark?


But at this moment, the big battles exploded at the two sides and the elder's long dagger-axe was about to land on Wu Yu! 

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