Chapter 0990: Narrow Escape from Death

"That was my first time meeting a life form, and it was the size of a small boar. How could it have such killing power?!"

Wu Yu was still unnerved after his escape with the Somersault Cloud.

The rabbit's strength was violent and savage, packed with destructive ability, similar to Wu Yu's own, but even more aggressive.

Therefore, in terms of deadliness, it was much stronger.

"I can't be that unlucky. Perhaps all life in the Ancient Demon Realm is very strong."

Wu Yu sensed.

The Ancient Demon Realm was rapidly becoming more real before him.

He leaped with the Somersault Cloud. Wu Yu just wanted to put some distance between him and the rabbit. He landed in the sea.

He was still in the shallow water, and could see the surface above, and the depths below him. The seawater was extremely clear, sparkling, and transparent. Although the waves were huge, you could see through them clearly.

Wu Yu had just gotten his feet in the seawater and was considering if he should leave this world when he suddenly sensed danger.

The danger came from right in front of him. Wu Yu could see a blue fish swimming. Although the seawater had a strong current to it, this little blue fish was completely unaffected, swimming languidly.

Wu Yu estimated that the fish was perhaps only two fingers wide. The blue scales were neat and gleaming, like a precious stone.

What was unusual was its blood-red eyes. He did not expect a fish in water to have the same eyes as the rabbit. They showed off how bloodthirsty it was, and not as respectable as its appearance might be.

After suffering at the rabbit's paws, Wu Yu immediately looked at the fish with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. He ascertained that it was a demon, and this was its real body. It was smaller than the rabbit. In the Jambu Realm, such fishes could be blasted into the air by a stray wave, but this one was frightfully strong. Wu Yu felt a strong sense of danger comparable to the little rabbit that had broken his Immovable Nine Palaces Design easily.

And just like the rabbit, this fish attacked without a word.

When Wu Yu noticed it, it flicked its tail forward. The tail was only the size of a thumb, but it unleashed a terrifying force. An entire tsunami came charging towards Wu Yu, shaking the entire sea region!

Wu Yu could feel the water bearing down on him at a great pace. If he could freeze it, it would not be so bad. But it was already colder than ice, and still falling. The frost energy of the world came crowding in, a bone-chilling cold.

Wu Yu's only response was cold sweat.

He did not understand this world, except that it was terrifying. Perhaps if he understood his opponents a little, he might be able to put up a fight. But now all was unknown, and the opponents' techniques were comparable to the demon kings' at the Nanyin Demon Continent. He felt like his odds were slim. Therefore, in the face of the blue fish's wrath, he again used his Somersault Cloud to leap out of there.

This time, he leaped upwards. When he emerged, he was near the clouds. From this vantage point, Wu Yu saw that half the world below him was land, while the other half was ocean. On the land, a huge section of forest had been burnt down, while in the sea, a huge portion was swept up in waves as well.

"I must have trespassed on their territory!"

Wu Yu was quite unsettled by all this. He could only describe it as sick.

"Forget it. It's enough to prove that the Ancient Demon Realm exists. I better leave quickly."

In the clouds, Wu Yu took out the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm, resting it on his palm. He dripped blood in. The Door to the Ancient Demon Realm absorbed all of it before it began to change. Wu Yu recalled that it needed about a quarter of an hour, and waited patiently in the clouds.

He had wanted to send out his clones to scout, but thought better of it. His two forays had already met the overpowered rabbit and fish. 10,000 such encounters would cause an apocalypse.

This world was not as peaceful as Wu Yu had imagined. He could hear fighting sounds, and the world being torn apart amidst a racket. The Ancient Demon Realm was much more chaotic than he had thought.

"Damn!" Just as the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm opened to about one chi high, Wu Yu spotted a flock of birds in the west. The jet-black birds were very small, and ordinarily seen in the Jambu Realm. But Wu Yu saw their scarlet eyes.

One would see his hands full, and now there was a flock. Wu Yu's heart pounded. This was a disaster.

Wu Yu was a huge target, and the birds very quickly spotted him.

The Door to the Ancient Demon Realm had only opened to about a fifth, and needed fivefold more time before it would be fully open and Wu Yu could leave.

He was white as a sheet. This was like being swarmed by a group of demon kings, all bent on killing him with no room for negotiation.

Wu Yu could only go for it at this point. He did not know if he could still fit the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm in his Sumeru Pouch.

He could only try. He had come too suddenly this time, and had not anticipated many of the dangers and prepared his groundwork of details.

He also used some Unshackled Doppelgangers to run a diversion in various directions, hoping to draw their attention.

He was truly fortunate!

Wu Yu saw that they had taken the bait. Wu Yu had sent out 10 clones, and many black birds went after them in pursuit. Of course, quite a few were still locked on to Wu Yu's real body. There was no place to hide!

Wu Yu saw that their wings created powerful gusts despite their size, and their shrill cries carried over tens of thousands of li.

However, Wu Yu was rather lucky. He succeeded in putting the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm into his Sumeru Pouch. If he had not succeeded, he would have died here.

Otherwise, he would have to abandon the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm and run.

But if he abandoned it, he would not be able to return to the Jambu Realm. That would be troublesome. After all, all the people that Wu Yu cared about were in that world. If he were trapped here, he would be dead there.

When he gathered up the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm, Wu Yu again used the second tier of the Somersault Cloud to leap through the void.

As he left, he saw his clones being torn to shreds by some black birds. They had almost been on top of him.

"Another close shave! Just how strong are the demons in the Ancient Demon Realm?"

Wu Yu was quite glum. At least amongst all the life he had seen so far here, they were all terrifying.

This time, he returned to land and hid in a forest, shrinking himself with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. He hid in a tree stump, afraid to move.

Luckily, the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm was still expanding within his Sumeru Pouch. In a quarter of an hour, Wu Yu could go back.

"Next time, I'll have to drip blood beforehand. Dying here would be a colossal joke."

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi probably could not come here. It would be suicide without an escape mechanism like Wu Yu's.

Wu Yu had no comprehensive understanding of the Ancient Demon Realm up till now. He had no mental preparation, and was lucky enough to escape with his life.

After those few scares, he did not dare to explore, despite his curiosity.

After a quarter of an hour, the door to the Ancient Demon Realm finally opened. The fog and lightning disappeared, and Wu Yu took it out. Before he was discovered, Wu Yu stepped in swiftly, feeling as though he had been plunged underwater. Passing through the watery layer, he again appeared in the cabin of the Hidden Immortal, where Wu Yu had been before going to the Ancient Demon Realm.

"Seems like you return to wherever you left from. I went from the Hidden Immortal, and even if the ship has moved, the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm still logs the Hidden Immortal."

This was a reminder for Wu Yu to always go and leave from a safe place. He could not move carelessly. He was doomed if there was an enemy waiting for him.

"Big Brother Yu, you're back! Well? Did you go to the Ancient Demon Realm?"

"Come on. Out with it." The Full Moon of Nanshan was standing there too.

Wu Yu was still unnerved from his experience. He took a few calming breaths before replying, "I can confirm that it exists. I have been there."

"Ah. Can we go immediately? We want to take a look also. What's the other world like?" The Full Moon of Nanshan was eager.

"Don't go. It's too dangerous. I almost lost my life there. The next time I go, I have to leave the Heaven Devouring Avatar here, to prevent myself from truly dying," Wu Yu said ruefully.

They were naturally curious as to what had happened.

Wu Yu told them of his account.

"No way. My God, the rabbits, fish, birds...." Ye Xixi was incredulous.

"What a perverse world. Probably even a mosquito could sting you to death," the Full Moon of Nanshan marveled.

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