Chapter 0989: Bunny in the Ancient Demon Realm

Luckily, that was Wu Yu's Door to the Ancient Demon Realm.

He knew that no matter where this was, he had been brought here by this treasure.

Hence, this was the most important thing for him to be able to return to his original world.

Wu Yu naturally did not say much but put the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm in his Sumeru Pouch first.

He relaxed slightly after doing that.

"It seems like I can open it every time I drip blood on it and can pass through and back."

He guessed that if he wanted to return, he just needed to drip blood again.

As expected, he could not totally control this extreme treasure of a demon immortal. However, he could use the method of dripping blood to enter the Ancient Demon Realm. This was a pleasant surprise for Wu Yu.

And now he was still deeply shocked.

His Eyes of Fire and Gold looked afar into this world. He saw grand mountains and rivers on land and endless sea waves. He seemed so tiny here. Hence, he could not see that far.

However, he had contact with this world when he first touched the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm. He had seen what this whole world looked like.

He knew that this was a huge world. The land and sea covered the same area and they were shaped like two yin yang fishes joined at the tail and head.

The world was about the size of the Jambu Realm. The land here was multiple times the size of the Yan Huang Ancient Region in the Jambu Realm.

It was called the Ancient Demon Continent.

And this sea would be the Ancient Demon Sea.

When Wu Yu was immersed in the full world view that time, he could not feel its top notch spiritual qi. Perhaps everything he had seen was not real. However, the spiritual qi that he was feeling now, which surpassed the spiritual qi in the Immortal's Capital, did not seem fake.

"Spiritual qi is the largest source of strength in every being. It is with the nourishment of spiritual qi that immortal essences and precious treasures can be birthed and ordinary beasts can become demons.

"Spiritual qi is the root of a world.  There are many kinds, with slightly different elements, such as the spiritual qi of earth, the spiritual qi of metal, the spiritual qi of water, and so on. "

"I remember reading a book. The more concentrated the spiritual qi is at an area, the more powerful people will be born from there. Yan Huang Ancient Country occupies the best position in Yan Huang Ancient Region, so there are many strong from Yan Huang tribe, crushing other countries."

Wu Yu took a deep breath and said, "If there is such thick spiritual qi in many places in this realm, and if there are martial cultivators in the realm, then there will be many more heavenly immortals, ghostly immortals, and demon immortals than in the Jambu Realm…."

Wu Yu looked around in a daze.

His biggest shock now was that the Ancient Demon World really existed!

This meant that the legends were right and what Ming Long had said was right too. The Jambu Realm was not the only human realm. The Ancient Demon Realm was also a human realm.

Of course, Hell would be as wide as the Sky Palaces. There might be another Ancient Demon Realm. But this could not be proved yet.

Anyway, Wu Yu felt that 8,000 Sky Palaces and billions of immortals was definitely an exaggeration.

"Perhaps this is an illusion that the Golden Eye Ancient Demon has formed for me. It would not be difficult for him to do that."

Of course, in front of the majestic scenery of this world, such an idea only gradually disappeared.

He could not understand what goal the Golden Eye Ancient Demon would have in tricking him with a fake Ancient Demon Realm. 

He started to enter the forest and investigate each blade of ancient grass and tree. He even looked at the branches and soil. He realized that in the Ancient Demon Realm, the birth of immortal essences seemed more common. There was no need for martial cultivators to plant and grow them. There were immortal essences with spiritual marks everywhere in the wild, and they looked like no one had paid attention to them.

"This also means that the Ancient Demon Realm is real and I'm the only one who controls the passageway from the Jambu Realm to the Ancient Demon Realm. And this is the home land of that Golden Eye Ancient Demon. What will I find in this place?"

This great world made him very curious.

He remembered that when he first experienced this world, he sensed countless horrifying existences here. His current scope of activity was still small, and he had not seen other creatures. But he was sure that the number of creatures in this world was not smaller than in the Jambu Realm. Even if they were fewer in number, their overall strength might be higher.

"Perhaps the Golden Eye Ancient Demon left countless treasures in this world?" Ming Long guessed blindly.

"His legacy, the Demonic Eye of Illusions, was bestowed to the Full Moon of Nanshan. He probably did not leave anything else behind. The special part of the Ancient Demon Realm should be the realm itself. Perhaps this is the place many demon immortals want to come to? Legends say that after cultivating the Immortal Dao and attaining immortalhood, one can go to the Sky Palaces. By cultivating the Ghostly Dao, one can go to Hell. Immortal beasts attaining immortalhood can also go to the Sky Palaces. Then when ordinary demons become demon immortals, where do they go?" This was a question that troubled Wu Yu. He took this opportunity to ask.

Ming Long shook her head and said, "To be honest, demons rarely attain immortalhood. Many demons can become strong in the mortal world, but they lack a true understanding of dao. So they cannot make the last step. More immortal beasts attain immortalhood then demons even though they are fewer in number. Immortal beasts are accepted by the Sky Palaces, but I'm not too sure about demon immortals. Anyway, there aren't many stories about that. Even the demons are not too sure. I remember a legend that says they do not go to the Sky Palaces nor Hell. They will go to a place where demon immortals gather. The demons even named that place ‘Demon Immortal Realm.’ Unfortunately, no one knows if that's real or not."

Demon Immortal Realm.

Hearing this, the demons seemed quite pitiful. Martial cultivators and even ghostly cultivators had a clear goal. It was either the Sky Palaces or Hell. However, they were fighting for a Demon Immortal Realm that no one was sure really existed.

The reason he was concerned was because the Full Moon of Nanshan was a demon.

But because the Full Moon of Nanshan cultivated the Buddhist Gate of Enlightenment of Immortals, his constitution was changing. According to the Full Moon of Nanshan, he was now similar to the Silver Moon Demon Lord, a half demon, half immortal beast.

In the future, Wu Yu guessed that he would turn entirely into an immortal beast when he was about to attain immortalhood. Hence, he would no longer need to think of the problem of the Demon Immortal Realm.

It was actually more troublesome for Ye Xixi because she was originally a ghostly cultivator. He had thought that she had received an immortal's legacy, but the Curtain Lifting General had actually trained in ghostly cultivation. This meant that the Curtain Lifting General might be a ghostly immortal.

The surprising thing was how could a ghostly immortal be the Jade Emperor's imperial general?

Wu Yu could not understand this, but based on the current situation, Ye Xixi would have to be separated from them if she became a ghostly immortal in the future. She should be heading for the legendary 10,000 Levels of Hell.

He had heard that Hell and the Sky Palaces did not get along well and were like opposites. At that time, it might be difficult for them to meet.

So Ye Xixi was a little afraid of thinking about the future.

But this could not destroy her determination, as she carried deep hatred and thirst for revenge. She would never forget what had happened in the Infernal Inferno. That was the greatest motivation for her martial cultivation. She would have no regrets even if she became a ghostly immortal.

Of course, becoming an immortal, a ghostly immortal, or a demon immortal were all things that might not happen. It was useless thinking of separation now.

"Quick, look around, maybe you'll spot the big secret here." Ming Long could not wait.

Wu Yu was about to spread out his doppelgangers and explore the place.

In this instant, he saw a fiery red bunny in front of him.

This bunny was as big as an ordinary wild rabbit. It was hiding about 10 zhang away in front of Wu Yu. All of its fur was fiery red and it had a pair of blood-red eyes. Wu Yu did not notice it at the start and only saw it later on. This bunny had no whites in its eyes. Its entire eye was blood-colored. There were no other colors at all.

"That's weird, I did not see it just now. It seems to have suddenly appeared in front of me."

Because this was the first living thing that he had seen in this world, even though it was very small, Wu Yu paid attention to it.

But the instant Wu Yu used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to look at it, he froze. He did not expect such intense power to be contained in this tiny bunny's body.

"How is that possible?" Wu Yu was shocked. This bunny's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy had reached a level that even he felt threatened. And it seemed more irritable than everything else that Wu Yu had met. 

At this moment--

The bunny suddenly roared furiously. Wu Yu did not hear wrongly. It was like a lion's roar of fury. It was extremely loud and made Wu Yu's ears ring.

And after that, it suddenly spewed fiery red flames. He did not know if that was a mystique or some demon dao technique. Anyway, it was extremely fast, and with one look, he could tell that its power was terrifying. Additionally, they were too close. So in this instant, Wu Yu could not react quickly enough.

In this grave moment, Wu Yu barely executed half of the Immovable Nine Palaces Design using the Infernal Sky Pillar.

In that half instant, the flames attacked and knocked into the half-formed Immovable Nine Palaces Design!


He did not expect his half-formed Immovable Nine Palaces Design to be shattered by this highly destructive, hot, and violent power. This was the bunny's strength. It was on an entirely different level from its looks.

Wu Yu could predict what would happen next if those flames landed on him. It would cause him grave injuries!

"Somersault Cloud!"

At this moment, without hesitation, he directly used the Somersault Cloud to jump out of this area.

At this point, he had to admit that he might be no match for that bunny.

Because a random attack from the other party had forced him into this pathetic state!

"The Ancient Demon Realm is insane.” Wu Yu was stunned. 

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