Chapter 0988: Opening the Door to a New World

Wu Yu explained the situation regarding the mark of the fire phoenix.

"That fifth platform must’ve been fake. Luckily, you pushed her down and succeeded. If not, you would probably be in trouble. And this mark, I'm also not sure what it is...." The Full Moon of Nanshan was quite confident in this aspect.

"I'm also not sure. Can we get someone to take a look when we return to Yan Huang Ancient Country...." Ye Xixi asked.

Wu Yu shook his head and siad, "We cannot tell anyone else that we entered the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. The smaller the number of people knowing, the better it is."

The Full Moon of Nanshan rested for a while before they started the journey back to the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

It was still the Full Moon of Nanshan who sailed the Hidden Immortal. They left quickly.

"Let me cover at least half the distance and wait until it is safer before I think of a way to blood bond with the Demonic Eye of Illusions. Ye Xixi can rest for a while. After all, she was very exhausted this time. For you, go and study the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm. Try to tell us as soon as possible if the Ancient Demon Realm is real," the Full Moon of Nanshan said.

Wu Yu remembered that the Full Moon of Nanshan used to be more selfish, but now he often cared for others and considered the bigger picture. 

They were currently still at the perimeter of the Nanyin Demon Continent. This was a dangerous road. They needed to leave this place as quickly as possible. 


"This experience, especially the first test, actually helped me a lot. I felt the existence of the Curtain Lifting General again. I can study the Ten Wheels Bodhisattva Ghostly Immortal Mantra and Hell Incarnation Avatar again and improve!" Ye Xixi was now very confident.

While she had not attained a breakthrough to the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm, in reality, even without a cultivation level breakthrough, her ability kept improving and her battle power had increased.

The Full Moon of Nanshan was now piloting.

Wu Yu was in the cabin. At this moment, he threw the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence and Nangong Wei into the back of his mind and focused on the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm.

When this golden eyeball turned to Wu Yu, the golden yet cold eye stared right into Wu Yu's eyes.

There was a massive world inside. Hence, this eye was quite powerful.

"How should I blood bond with this? The usual blood bond method? Can the Buddhist Gate of Enlightenment settle this demon immortal level treasure...." Wu Yu was doubtful.

"Give it a try. There shouldn't be anything wrong with trying," Ming Long said.


Wu Yu placed it in his hands and closed his eyes. He used the previous blood bond method to communicate with the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm.

In the beginning, Wu Yu actually had no idea what to do about the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Even now, he could use the Floating Dreams Pagoda but had not really delved into its depths or grasped its spirit designs.

When he attempted to enter the interior world of the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm to explore the spirit designs, or even subdue its immortal treasure spirit, he realized that his method of blood bonding could not cause this extreme treasure to react at all. It seemed like a sealed world that he could not enter at all.

He was not satisfied and tried many times. This treasure did not loosen up at all. At this point, he could only give up.

"Looks like I've not reached the point where I can blood bond with this item. Perhaps when I attain immortalhood, then it will be possible. "

He tried a few more times, but to no avail. Wu Yu could only sigh helplessly.

He felt like he knew too little of this world, or the higher worlds like the Sky Palace and Hell.

The legends that Ming Long told him made him feel that regardless of the hard work he had put in, he was still a country bumpkin.

"Well, you have no other way. Treat it like a last resort. Following the most ancient way, try dripping blood on it. Maybe that will let it admit you. After all, your Invincible Vajra Body came from the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, the Victorious Fighting Buddha," Ming Long urged.

Wu Yu laughed and said, "Are you kidding me? If that works, then would this really be a demon immortal treasure...."

Dripping blood to form a blood bond was the lowest level of methods. Even most of the basic immortal treasures required the use of an Immortality Art and the understanding of spirit designs to control it.

But since she had put it that way, Wu Yu did as Ming Long said. He was just trying his luck.

A drop of blood landed on the pupil of the golden eyeball. Wu Yu had dripped it there on purpose. If this was to be successful, then this position had the greatest chance of success.

He did not think too much.

Unexpectedly, when the drop of blood landed, it was instantly absorbed into the eye. This made Wu Yu understand immediately that there might be a chance of success.

In the blink of an eye, the blood had been absorbed fully, and at this moment, Wu Yu could clearly see this eye flashing brightly for a while. Then it flew away from Wu Yu's hands and hovered in the air.

Soon after, Wu Yu saw an extremely tightly shut device. The golden eyeball started to turn, revealing the countless tiny parts inside. Each part and gear was turning slowly. It was slowly transforming. He could see that these parts were enacting one great change after another!

Time passed second by second. Wu Yu still could not feel any connection between him and the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm, but the golden eyeball had changed and was becoming bigger. Gradually, it took the shape of a door before Wu Yu. It had a golden frame, and at the moment, the door was very tiny. It was not completely formed yet. Inside the four sides of the frame, there was grey fog. At this moment, black lightning flashed inside like poisonous snakes. He did not know why, but Wu Yu realized that these black lightning bolts felt as strong as the first Heaven's Thunder that Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm cultivators would experience.

At this moment, the golden door was only about one chi tall. It was still changing and growing. The grey fog and black lightning inside the door increased in density, giving out loud cracking sounds. These black lightning bolts agitated the surrounding air. 

Wu Yu waited patiently even though he had no connection at all to this treasure at the moment.

This whole process lasted about 15 minutes. Before Wu Yu, the door was already opened to the height of a man. Grey fog rolled inside just like when the world first emerged from chaos. A thick, ancient, desolate atmosphere rolled out towards Wu Yu from inside the door frame. 

Those black lightning bolts were like vicious poisonous snakes. There were already over 1,000 of them.

Just as 15 minutes had passed, the black lightning bolts suddenly disappeared and the grey fog dissipated. Within the golden door frame, there were water-like waves. It looked harmless and that desolate atmosphere from before had disappeared.

This was like a vertical lake surface. Wu Yu naturally knew that if this truly was a door, it meant that the door was opened now and he could enter it.

He recalled that the Golden Eye Ancient Demon had said that this extreme treasure could allow him to travel between the Ancient Demon Realm and the Jambu Realm.

Wu Yu now had one big question, and that was: were there really other worlds?

Other human realms?

And now perhaps the taiji-like secret of the Ancient Demon Realm was before his eyes and he only needed to walk in for the mystery to be revealed.

This was much more useful than guessing randomly.

The opening had taken 15 minutes, and Wu Yu had already made up his mind.

Hence, he did not hesitate much now and directly reached out with his fingers towards the lake surface in the door. When he touched the cool liquid, there was a great suction opposite him that instantly pulled him in. With a whoosh, he disappeared from the Hidden Immortal's cabin.

If Wu Yu had been on this side of the door, then he would’ve seen the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm decreasing in size immediately and then instantly disappearing.

"He disappeared?" The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi rushed in at this moment. They were too late.

"Has Big Brother Yu gone to the Ancient Demon Realm?" Ye Xixi asked in surprise.

The Full Moon of Nanshan tried a core-tail talisman but obviously no one received it. He could not sense Wu Yu's existence at all either. He nodded and said, "That is probably the case."

"Then how is he coming back...."

"Don't worry, he has just gone over. He definitely knows how to come back. Let's continue our journey," the Full Moon of Nanshan said.

Wu Yu had said that if there really was an Ancient Demon Realm, the door would have the ability of passing through realms.



Wu Yu was instantly in another world.

At this moment, he was standing on a very big beach.

There was endless land behind him, while in front of him was the grand sea.

The first instant he arrived at this world, Wu Yu knew that this was definitely not the Jambu Realm.

He had gone to the place with the thickest spiritual qi in the Jambu Realm, and that was the royal palace in the Immortal's Capital. That was the core of the Yan Huang Ancient Region that the Yan Huang ancestors had chosen.

But the spiritual qi here at the place where Wu Yu was, which was the most ordinary position, was incomparable. The spiritual qi here was so thick that it was almost liquid. The misty spiritual qi here was at least twice the density of the qi in the Immortal's Capital, not to mention the other places.

This was the connecting land between land and sea. It was like the world that Wu Yu had seen in the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence.

Of course, he had only taken a rough look then. Now Wu Yu was truly in a vast world!

No words could describe the shock in his heart.

"This is actually real!" His eyes opened wide and he used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to look at his surroundings. This place did not look like the Jambu Realm at all. The color of the burning sun was already very different. It was noon now and the sun was high up in the sky. However, this sun was very red in color. It had a deep red color. He wondered if such a red sun had ever appeared at noon in the Jambu Realm. Besides, this sun looked much bigger. From his position, the sun had a diameter of one chi.

Other than the spiritual qi and sun, he had a sense of danger from merely existing in this world.

This place was on a higher plane.


At this moment, a golden eyeball landed on the beach in front of Wu Yu and gave him a scare.

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