Chapter 0987: Demonic Eye of Illusions

Wu Yu no longer cared about what would transpire in the Ancient Demon Lake or the Nanyin Empire after this. He simply wanted to get out of there.

The only thing tugging at him was Nangong Wei.

But she was the Phoenix Dawn now, and Wu Yu had little say in her life.

She did not wish to be interfered with either.

This was probably his fastest hustle so far. He used the second tier of the Somersault Cloud to leave immediately.

Recently, both his Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and Somersault Cloud had improved greatly.

As for the second tier of the Somersault Cloud, Wu Yu had also mastered it to its purest form. He could jump continuously without any problem.

The Full Moon of Nanshan had lagged by a bit, but because he was faster, Wu Yu decided to wait for him in the sea region.

He sent a Message Talisman to the Full Moon of Nanshan, telling him of the rendezvous location.

At the same time, he also told him that Ye Xixi was safe.

Along the way, the two did not speak.

They came with great speed to the sea region, leaving the Nanyin Demon Continent with haste.

They could not come to the Nanyin Demon Continent freely in the future, because the Phoenix Supreme was building the Nanyin Empire there, and setting kingdom border spirit designs.

Of course, setting up kingdom border spirit designs was a herculean endeavor, and would require much time and effort, generations worth of accumulation.

After a few days of successive leaping, Wu Yu finally reached the sea region. After leaving the Nanyin Demon Continent, he holed up in the sea, waiting for the Full Moon of Nanshan to arrive. He was much slower than Wu Yu.

But because of his concealment, he could make haste safely.

In the sea region, Wu Yu asked Ye Xixi, "What happened on the fifth platform?"

"Fifth platform? I don't know. I went to the first platform with you guys. Suddenly, you two disappeared. I thought I was transported back to the Infernal Inferno. Many things happened, and I saw my father and mother. I was furious, and did many things as though I was in a dream. I was killing wantonly. I thought I had become the devil. And then I was out...."

So she had not even gone to the second tier. Wu Yu recalled his own rage back then, but he had passed the test. It had to do with one's dao heart. Wu Yu was much stronger than Ye Xixi in this regard.

"Big Brother Yu, what about you? Any reward?" Ye Xixi asked curiously.

Wu Yu lowered his voice. "I'm not sure about the process, but if it isn't an illusion, I think I obtained one of the two treasures. The other was taken by Big Brother Nanshan."

"What!?" Ye Xixi shrieked, staring at Wu Yu happily. "Impossible. Don't tease me. The Phoenix Supreme couldn't obtain it. How could you...."

Both had witnessed what she was capable of.

Wu Yu grinned. "In truth, I'm not sure either. Nanshan got it maybe because he is adept at illusions and was chosen by the Golden Eye Ancient Demon. As for me, I felt that the entire situation was strange. But, curiously, the treasure came to me as well. On the fifth platform, we met many illusions. I'm not even sure if what I got was real."

"We're out already! Of course it's real!" Ye Xixi affirmed.

Wu Yu smiled. She was so sure because she had not experienced the later stages.

"So, what is it that you got?" Ye Xixi was very curious.

Wu Yu told her about the Ancient Demon Realm, and she was completely thrown off by it. She shook her head. "I don't believe it. I thought that the Infernal Inferno was quite a massive place already, until I came to this world. How can there be other worlds? Besides, there cannot be that many immortals."

Wu Yu patted her head. "True or not, once I blood bond with the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm, things will be clear."

In truth, he was a little anxious to get to it. But he would wait until the Full Moon of Nanshan arrived and they were on their way in the Hidden Immortal.

"That's true. I'll be waiting eagerly," Ye Xixi said.

She tilted her head in the direction of the Nanyin Demon Continent. "Big Brother Yu, are we leaving just like that? We didn't save Big Sister Nangong, right? Will she be alright by the Phoenix Supreme's side?"

Wu Yu started. He shook his head in frustration. "If she wished to leave, I would naturally do everything in my power to help. But she has no such intention, and the Phoenix Supreme seems to treat her well. I will not interfere needlessly."

The Nangong Wei on the fifth platform had been a fake. So all that pleading might not have been true. In the demons' eyes, Princess Phoenix Dawn was honored above all. No one would even bully her. The demons were in awe of her.

Wu Yu felt that he had no business disrupting her life.

Unless she was truly in deep trouble.

"Alright. I don't get it, though." Ye Xixi dropped that line of questioning.

"I just wonder what the Ancient Demon Realm is like, if it really exists."

This was her question, and of course also the one on Wu Yu's mind.

A few days later, the Full Moon of Nanshan finally arrived, out of breath from his hustling. He activated the Hidden Immortal, and the three entered, heading unobtrusively for the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

The Full Moon of Nanshan recovered his composure before asking Wu Yu, "This means that the Phoenix Supreme and the others got nothing, and don't suspect us? Both treasures, in our hands so easily?"

"Seems so." Wu Yu nodded.

"Damn, that's too f*cking awesome. Unbelievable. Just thinking of their frustration makes my heart feel good. I could even compose a poem about it...."

"Stop fooling around. Your silver eye. What does it do?" Wu Yu and Ye Xixi had both noticed his silver eye.

The Full Moon of Nanshan chuckled. "My luck is godly," he declared proudly. “This former treasure of the Golden Eye Ancient Demon was definitely used by a demon immortal. I wager that it is on par with the immortal treasures of the gods. Its name is the Demonic Eye of Illusions!”

Demonic Eye of Illusions?

"What does it do?" Compared to Wu Yu's Door to the Ancient Demon Realm, this Demonic Eye of Illusions seemed like a dao treasure. It might be better than a dao treasure. After all, this was what a demon immortal used. Wu Yu was wondering if it might even reach the Ruyi Jingu Bang's level!

The Demonic Eye of Illusions seemed even more valuable than the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm. But according to the Golden Eye Ancient Demon, the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm was his greatest, most precious treasure.

The Full Moon of Nanshan excitedly showed it off. "As for what effects it has, I don't know. All I know is that if I blood bond with it, it can greatly increase my illusion techniques. If I master it, I think that it might be as helpful as Marshal Tian Peng's legacy. After all, one was an immortal, the other a demon immortal. Although, they might not be equally powerful. In any case, perhaps this contains the Golden Eye Ancient Demon's legacy. Right, Old Wu, what about you?"

His Demonic Eye of Illusions was indeed different from Wu Yu's. It sounded practical and suited to the Full Moon of Nanshan. If the Full Moon of Nanshan could master the Golden Eye Ancient Demon's terrifying techniques in the future, that would be awesome.

Wu Yu again explained the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm.

"Ancient Demon Realm? The world of the Golden Eye Ancient Demon? A world with only demons? Interesting. He said that it was a great treasure, which means that the Ancient Demon Realm holds big secrets. This treasure is no weaker than the Demonic Eye of Illusions," the Full Moon of Nanshan concluded.

The Full Moon of Nanshan was still very agitated, pattering on at great speed. “As for whether the Ancient Demon Realm exists, there is no meaning in debating it. Blood bond successfully, then go and see. In truth, I think that due to our cultivation levels, we are unable to blood bond with these two miraculous treasures. But I don’t think we passed the test - instead, the Golden Eye Ancient Demon chose us. Honestly, I did not see the third test. Old Wu, what about you?" 

He had not either.

Wu Yu nodded.

The Full Moon of Nanshan nodded back. "As I expected. I don't think we beat the Phoenix Supreme and the others inside. But for me, I know a thing or two about illusion techniques, so I found the tests a bit easier. At the fifth platform, I very quickly reached the golden eye. As for the Phoenix Supreme, she went through many tests. She might have suffered the third trial and still came out empty-handed because the Golden Eye Ancient Demon did not want to give her the treasure at all. As for you, Old Wu, you were always a freak, so it's only freakishly normal for the Golden Eye Ancient Demon to have chosen you."

The Full Moon of Nanshan was full of respect for Wu Yu.

Wu Yu agreed with him.

"That should be it. How else could we snatch it from under her nose?" Wu Yu thought.

"You are all very splendid. Only I came out with nothing. Waa...." Ye Xixi was so upset that she was on the verge of tears.

"Little girl, don't worry. Big Brother has hit the jackpot this time. Back in the Immortal's Capital, I'll spoil you. Anything you want to eat or drink, anything you want to play, any wench you want to bed, Big Brother will give it all to you," the Full Moon of Nanshan said especially blandly.

Of course, Ye Xixi was only joking.

She was very happy. For her, the Curtain Lifting General's boon was already a dream.

Wu Yu suddenly asked, "What did you encounter in the fifth platform?"

The Full Moon of Nanshan started. "You know what, it was damned real. You and I were sworn dao brothers, and we were discussing how to break the golden eye. In the end, I felt like something wasn't right. Although I don't know what, I was sure it was fake. Without a word, I finished him off. We had a hard fight. Honestly, I wasn't his match, but I managed to kick him off the platform, then the door opened. I guess if I hadn't seen through it, I would have been ambushed."

His words made Wu Yu certain.

The Nangong Wei on the fifth platform had been fake.

Inexplicably, he felt disappointed.

"Oh, what's this on your neck? Playing with body art now, are we!"

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