Chapter 0986: The Disappearance of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence

Wu Yu saw through the lake water and looked deep into the bottom of the lake.

The golden eye at the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence had disappeared now. Thick, golden fog had spread in that area, so he could not see if the Phoenix Supreme and her group had come out.

Many demons had entered the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. Including Wu Yu's group, there were about 1,000 of them, and most were demon kings.

Now there were tens of thousands of demons outside, including those who had arrived later. 

And this was only a small portion of the Nanyin Demon Continent.

Obviously, news that the Phoenix Supreme had defeated the Six Great Demon Lords and the Eight Demon Sea Lords had spread all over the Jambu Realm.

The average young demons and old demons were happy for the Nanyin Demon Continent to become a strong empire that no one would dare to bully.

Wu Yu was now worried about Ye Xixi. While there were many people and the situation seemed chaotic, he could not shout and scream for her. If he did, the Phoenix Supreme would be able to find him.

"Such a scene, so many young demons. This means that I've really left the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence...." Wu Yu was now at least 80% sure.

This was good. It meant that the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm that he had received was real too.

Time was tight - he had no opportunity to ask about the Full Moon of Nanshan's situation, or that silver eyeball that he had received.

Wu Yu quickly dove deep. When he was near where the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence used to be, he could see the golden fog dissipating and silhouettes gradually appearing. The Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence had indeed disappeared. The wide lake bottom was empty except for the golden fog.

At this moment, the demons were all cheering and prostrating. It was loud, noisy, and messy. The young demons did not know that the Phoenix Supreme's group had earned nothing. Most of the demons had been waiting for their ruler, the Phoenix Supreme, and were extremely excited now.

The story of the Phoenix Supreme defeating the Eight Demon Sea Lords was almost legendary. It got the adrenaline of the Nanyin Demon Continent's demons pumping. 

Wu Yu quickly saw with his Eyes of Fire and Gold that most of the demon kings in the fog were still engrossed in the first test. They could not escape from it. Hence, when they appeared now, Wu Yu could see that every one of them was tired and weakened spiritually. They were pale, and within this short period of time, they could not tell illusion from reality. 

Hence, most of the demon kings were looking weakly at the people surrounding them. They did not know what had happened and did not know why they were here. 

They seemed a little crazed and their eyes were bloodshot. They could only tell that the others were all very strong and hence did not make any moves.

Wu Yu had come out of the first test, hence he knew how terrifying this test was. These people's current situation was understandable.

"Where's Xixi...." Wu Yu quickly searched for Ye Xixi among these people. Now more and more of the golden fog dissipated. More demons appeared. The range was large, so it was especially difficult to search. Besides, he was also worried that the Phoenix Supreme and the others would spot him.

"The Phoenix Supreme!"

At this moment, someone saw the Phoenix Supreme, and when the news spread, countless demons instantly prostrated and cheered, “Long live the Phoenix Supreme and her great power.”

Wu Yu was in the group with the demon kings and saw the Phoenix Supreme. Even she was confused at this moment and her expression was icy cold. Of course, she still possessed that terrifying battle power, and her eyes very quickly regained clarity, showing off a scary offensive ability. The demon kings beside her reacted and looked at her with fearful respect.

Nearby, the Silver Moon Demon Lord gradually awakened too. He quickly stood beside the Phoenix Supreme. As more and more demon kings and demon lords appeared, the demons became even more excited. Hence, the bottom of the Ancient Demon Lake became noisier and more chaotic.

This seemed to be a grand demons' party.


Even the Phoenix Supreme had appeared. Wu Yu was very nervous. He changed positions many times to search for Ye Xixi.

"Big Brother Yu." Suddenly, he heard a weak voice from his side. Wu Yu was shocked - this was Ye Xixi's voice. Next, Wu Yu found a tiny, black grain of sand on his shoulder. This black sand was common in the Ancient Demon Lake. It stuck to him as the lake water rippled.

"Xixi!" Wu Yu finally relaxed. He did not expect her to find him before he saw her. Also, after coming out, she knew to immediately turn into black sand. She was indeed smart.

"How did you find me?"

"Lazy instructed me. He’s very smart." Ye Xixi's voice was weak too. The five platforms had probably exhausted much of her spirit.

"Alright, let's leave first and discuss later." Wu Yu put her, who had become a black grain of sand, into his Sumeru Pouch. At this moment, he had already integrated the Somersault Cloud and could jump out of this place any time.

At this moment, out of the corner of his eye, he saw someone beside the Phoenix Supreme.

Nangong Wei.

Wu Yu's breath stopped momentarily seeing her and he recalled everything that had happened on the fifth platform.

Her body and her tears were carved so clearly in his heart.

Even Wu Yu could not resist asking himself if that was the real her.

At this moment, the fire phoenix's mark was still on his neck. Because it was at the front, his hair could not block it. Those standing in front of Wu Yu could see part of this mark.

At this moment, Nangong Wei's head was lowered and her eyes were calm. Seeing her like this, Wu Yu finally gave up. She was obviously the Phoenix Dawn with such eyes and demeanor.

She had long lost her memories about him. 

The fifth platform was an illusion. He could not understand why he had received the treasure despite falling for the trick. And there was no third test at all.

He knew from the Phoenix Supreme and her group's expressions that they had received nothing from their experience inside.

Hence, no doubt, the Phoenix Supreme was enraged.

Perhaps she would suspect that someone else had taken it?

What should they do when she checked every individual and thought of Wu Yu and his group?

Of course, the Golden Eye Ancient Demon had said from the start that if they could not pass the tests, then the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence would disappear and only reappear countless years later.

It would be great if the Phoenix Supreme thought that no one had passed the tests.

"Wu Yu!"

At this instant of Wu Yu's hesitation, something bad happened. Even with so many demons surrounding him, the Phoenix Supreme had noticed him. Her eyes locked on to Wu Yu. Nangong Wei, who was beside her, had also seen Wu Yu. There were no emotions in her eyes, only unreachable pride and dignity. She remained unmoved even after seeing Wu Yu.

The Phoenix Supreme looked at him and said, "I asked you three to stay and not move. Did you disobey me?"

She did not attack immediately. It looked like her suspicions were not that strong.

Wu Yu only looked at Nangong Wei. If that was really her at the fifth platform, then she would tell the Phoenix Supreme now that Wu Yu had entered the platforms.

But she did not react.

Wu Yu quickly shook his head and said, "We did not move at all."

The Phoenix Supreme had probably already asked everyone and had not learned anything. She was actually very proud and probably thought that no one would be quicker than her. Wu Yu did not know what she had experienced at the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. Regardless, she had to be a little confused herself.

She did not seem prepared to announce to the public that she had gained nothing. If that was the case, her reputation would be damaged.

Hence, she frowned and said, "All the treasures from the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence belong to our Nanyin Empire. As outsiders who have sneaked in, I have to search your Sumeru Pouches. I will return the pouches to you after checking."

This was troublesome.

Wu Yu knew that he could not give way now. Besides, he had treasures such as the Floating Dreams Pagoda inside. He immediately shook his head and said, "Phoenix Supreme, I respect you as an elder. The tests of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence were very terrifying. It is not as if you do not know that there was only a total of two treasures. We did not even go up, how could we have found anything? How can you insist on checking my Sumeru Pouch? Based on your status, you cannot bully us youngsters like this...."

This performance confused many demons. Why was the Phoenix Supreme targeting this unknown fella upon coming out? Perhaps the Phoenix Supreme had not gained anything inside? 

Everyone in the martial cultivation world had their own secrets. Everyone's treasures were their most important possessions, and they were all in their Sumeru Pouches. Of course, the Phoenix Supreme could snatch Wu Yu's Sumeru Pouch any time, but to do so publicly, especially just after they had exited from the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence, this actually seemed odd....

Wu Yu guessed that the Phoenix Supreme was now unsure if it was someone from her side who had taken the treasures and hidden them from her, or guessed that no one had passed the tests. She had her guesses and knew that the tests were horrifying.

The reason she wanted to check Wu Yu was because Wu Yu had exited from the first test faster than her.

At this moment, Nangong Wei suddenly said, "Mother, let him leave. It'd be weird if this guy earned something. I think it is likely that the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence was too strict...."

Wu Yu did not expect her to speak up for him. Perhaps.... He immediately waved off the idea just as it popped up in his mind. Probably it was just the Phoenix Dawn taking into account that he had saved her before, hence she would pardon Wu Yu once and return the favor.

The Phoenix Supreme actually listened to her. Or perhaps she was not really suspicious of Wu Yu, as he was the only outsider. Her attention seemed to still be on the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence, and she turned back now to collect the golden fog. 

The other party was really willing to let him go!

Wu Yu thought that it was unbelievable.

Nangong Wei's words were part of the reason.

Wu Yu was unclear of the other part of the reason. He guessed that firstly, the Phoenix Supreme was still cautious of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor backing him. He was probably the only existence that she was wary of in the entire Jambu Realm. Secondly, maybe she was confident and thought that no one would be able to pass the second test before her.

Anyway, these were just guesses. No matter the reason, Wu Yu was now safe and did not seem to need to worry about future danger.

"Thank you, Princess Phoenix Dawn. Farewell." Wu Yu took one last look at Nangong Wei. Those images from before flashed past his eyes. It felt as though he could see through everything.

Nangong Wei did not react but turned to follow the Phoenix Supreme.

Wu Yu looked at her back and sighed. There was nothing left for him to do in the Nanyin Demon Continent.

He directly used the Somersault Cloud to jump out of this place.

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