Chapter 0985: 8,000 Sky Palaces, 10,000 Levels of Hell

However, Ming Long still said it.

"Legend has it that the Jambu Realm is not the only mortal space. The 8,000 Sky Palaces above, the 10,000 Levels of Hell below, and there are many huge worlds in the middle that are like the Jambu Realm. I don't know how many there actually are. But they're there. It's even said that some people have been to those worlds. For example, the Dark North Kingdom. Isn't there an Alternate World which you can go to? Although the Alternate World is small, and not a huge world, it exists.

"Therefore, this Ancient Demon Realm might be real. The Door to the Ancient Demon Realm might indeed bring you to that world. In truth, we don't need to debate the truth of it. Once you blood bond with it, you will know for yourself," she concluded.

Wu Yu was still processing this.

He felt a little like when the Yan Huang Imperial City Lord had told him of the Yan Huang Ancient Region and the Jambu Realm.

Wu Yu had only found out how big the world was at that moment.

His feeling of his own insignificance had been intense. It was like watching a far-away constellation in the galaxy.

"So the Jambu Realm is the human realm, but the human realm is not only the Jambu Realm...."

As for how many worlds there were, Wu Yu did not know. A few perhaps, such as the Ancient Demon Realm. But as for the trillions of immortals, he felt that it had to be an exaggeration. People loved to embellish things that they did not understand.

After the information was passed through a few accounts, zeros could start to inflate the figure.

This also stemmed from people's fear of the unknown.

After all, they felt that becoming immortal was very difficult. If there were so many immortals, why could they not see a single one? And how had they become immortal? Were they born immortal?

Exaggerations! All of them!

Perhaps there weren't 8,000 Sky Palaces, or 10,000 Levels of Hell, but from Ming Long's account, it seemed like the Ancient Demon Realm might very well exist.

Back when Wu Yu entered the Alternate World, it had an alien feel to it. Although, the Alternate World was very small.

"So I might possess a portal to the Ancient Demon Realm? This is the great treasure? What good is that for me?" Wu Yu asked.

"That all depends on what's in the Ancient Demon Realm. Why do so many demon immortals want to go there? The Ancient Demon Realm is your real reward. Of course, you might only learn all of this after you do go. But the way I see it, if there are so many demon immortals fighting over it, the Golden Eye Ancient Demon's strongest treasure is probably something special. Put it away, quickly," Ming Long said.

At this point, Wu Yu concluded that if all of it was real, then he had truly gotten hold of a powerful treasure.

Just like Ming Long had said, there was more to this.

But if it was all a lie, then there was nothing for it. It might just be a false alarm, and they might even get stuck inside.

He would not care that much. He immediately put the golden eyeball into his Sumeru Pouch. He could not blood bond with it here. Who knew what threat would pop up in the next instant?

"Right, Nanshan...." Engrossed with the Ancient Demon Realm, he had completely forgotten about the Full Moon of Nanshan. Wu Yu now turned over, and he saw the Full Moon of Nanshan struggling. But the silver eyeball in his hand had disappeared.

"What's going on!?" Wu Yu was very worried, but he could not go over. He could only watch the painful struggle. The Full Moon of Nanshan was going mad, tearing his hair out and ramming into the walls.

Suddenly, he stopped, as though the crisis was over. He stood up and faced Wu Yu. He looked pale, but healthy enough on the whole.

"His eye!"

Wu Yu suddenly noticed that his left eye had turned a metallic silver. Whether the sclera or the pupil, the silver eyeball had completely replaced his own.

Right now, the Full Moon of Nanshan had a silver left eye and a normal right eye. He looked even more beguiling than ever, and a little devilish. One cool and intimidating eye, the other cheekily smiling. Disconcerting indeed.

He was currently panting heavily, smiling at Wu Yu with a wild triumph, as though he had just obtained a huge treasure.

It seemed like he had taken more time than Wu Yu to accept the treasure.

Wu Yu thought that if it was all real, then the two eyes might be connected. But they seemed a little different. The Full Moon of Nanshan's looked like a real eye, while Wu Yu's was a portal to another world.

The Full Moon of Nanshan smiled and pointed to his own silver eye before giving a huge thumbs up to show how awesome it was.

Seeing him that happy, Wu Yu was even more sure that all of this was real. Damn the third test. Didn't see it.

What now?

He looked around him.

Just then, he felt the world around him shudder.


The walls of the chamber began to crack, and then exploded with golden light. It formed the golden ocean again, that swept Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan up in it.

Perhaps Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence was changing because they had taken the two eyeballs.

Hu, hu, hu!

The golden ocean swept them up. Just like in the beginning, neither could resist, but they could remain alert this time around. Wu Yu guessed that the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence was sending them out.

"If we're being sent out, it means that the treasures are real!" Wu Yu reasoned. If both treasures had not been obtained, the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence should not have disappeared. 

The golden ocean persisted for roughly 60 breaths of time. A powerful force swept through, and all was clear again. He had been thrown out, but he very quickly regained his footing. Looking around him, he was probably outside the Ancient Demon Lake, in a valley within some dozen li distance.

After passing the mountain range ahead, he would be at the Ancient Demon Lake.

"Is the Golden Eye Ancient Demon protecting me by transporting me here? After all, I obtained a treasure. Others would covet it!" Wu Yu suddenly thought.

Of course, this was a good thing.

Besides, all had been confusing inside. Even though he had obtained a treasure, no one would know.

Of course, he still remained on his guard.

"The world I currently see might not be real. I might still be in the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence."

He had been thoroughly played by the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence before, and was a little paranoid now.

"Old Wu."

Hearing someone call him, he turned to see the Full Moon of Nanshan nearby. Wu Yu spotted his metal silver eye immediately.

He had actually gotten the other treasure?

If this was real, Wu Yu was naturally happy for him. This was something that he could achieve on his own. Wu Yu had thought that his personality would have held him back on the fifth platform.

"The Full Moon of Nanshan is adept at illusions, and might be able to break them more easily than me. It's only natural that he can make it to the end. After all, even I groped my way to the end. This shows that the Golden Eye Ancient Demon does not deal according to any logic."

That was his best explanation.

"Are we out of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence? You aren't fake, are you?" He scrutinized Wu Yu from head to toe.

Wu Yu barked a laugh. "I'm wondering the same thing myself."

The Full Moon of Nanshan smiled dryly as well. "The Golden Eye Ancient Demon has driven us nuts. Forget it, just gamble that we're already out, and keep our guard up against each other. That's right, I saw that you obtained a golden eye treasure."

Wu Yu nodded. This world felt like the real Jambu Realm to him.

"You saw it as well. I got it. It's in my eye," the Full Moon of Nanshan said.

As he listened to him, Wu Yu was listening for any disturbance over at the Ancient Demon Lake. It seemed like something was quaking.

He was a little worried. "Damn, we might be safe out here, but Xixi might have appeared with them."

Wu Yu was very worried about the Phoenix Supreme finding out that they had gotten the treasures. She was the one who had ordered them to stay put. Although she did not know otherwise, she would definitely be suspicious if only Xixi was left from the trio.

"What are we to do?" the Full Moon of Nanshan frowned, cold water dousing his excitement at obtaining the treasure.

Wu Yu thought quickly.

"We need to escape quickly, but separately. You camouflage yourself and depart the Nanyin Demon Continent with speed. Hole up in the southern sea region and wait for us. I'll go find Xixi and bring her. She can transform into black sand, and I can take her away with the Somersault Cloud."

Wu Yu could bring Ye Xixi with him, but not the Full Moon of Nanshan. Therefore, this was his decision, for the Full Moon of Nanshan to leave safely first.

The Full Moon of Nanshan understood Wu Yu's plan.

It was decisive, good, and swift.

"Sorry to make you take the risk." Although he said this, the Full Moon of Nanshan knew that it was the best choice. Otherwise, Wu Yu would still be stuck here even if he saved Ye Xixi.

Saying thus, he moved swiftly, vanishing before Wu Yu's eyes.

Wu Yu used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to shrink himself to his smallest. He mounted his Somersault Cloud and headed for the Ancient Demon Lake. He fused the Somersault Cloud within himself, prepared to activate the second tier and leap away at any time.

He hoped that the Phoenix Supreme would not be able to catch him.

He reached Ancient Demon Lake quickly.

One good thing was that the hundreds of thousands of demons had not left yet. And in the time since news of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence had spread, more demons had also come to pay respects to the Phoenix Supreme of the Nanyin Empire.

The place was packed with demons, even the Ancient Demon Lake.

With the crowd to blend into, Wu Yu was more relaxed. He entered the Ancient Demon Lake, also packed with demons. Everyone had switched to human form, or the Ancient Demon Lake would have been absolutely overcrowded.

"The Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence is disappearing!"

"The Phoenix Supreme and the demon lords should be out!”

"People in front are bowing. Quick, bow also!"

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