Chapter 0984: The Door to The Ancient Demon Realm

What is that? This was Wu Yu's first thought. 

The golden eyeball had suddenly turned into a transparent sphere with an island and lake enclosed in it....

When Wu Yu focused all his attention to decipher it, he realized that he might have made a mistake. 

This wasn't a small island or lake. 

His head was reeling in shock when he found his mind being pulled into the sphere. 

All of a sudden, he appeared in another world. He stood high above the ground and seemed to be above the clouds. 

Clouds were abound, but they didn't block his vision. 

He was high up in the sky, and looking down from this position, he could see a humongous and boundless land to his left. 

On his right, the endless seas were raging. 

This wasn't an island or lake, but land and  sea. Just like the Yan Huang Ancient Region and the endless seas of the Jambu Realm. 

However, Wu Yu had a feeling that this world wasn't part of the Jambu Realm. 

Now, this was just his intuition. 

At the very least, the Jambu Realm wasn't divided into land and sea equally. The area of the seas was several times larger than the land. 

"Where is this place...?" 

While he was a little out of sorts, an immense force was guiding him. Wu Yu couldn't control his body and could only let the immense force move him. 

He found himself moving at a frightening speed that was beyond the limits of the mortal realm. Based on his estimate, it was dozens of times, or even a hundred times, faster than his Somersault Cloud. 

He was brought to the air above the land, where he could see the majestic land below his feet. However, there weren't any kingdoms or countries in this place. What it had was countless tall mountains and deep valleys. Dense forests covered a huge area, and those towering, tall mountains that reached into the skies could be seen everywhere. In fact, there was a number of trees that were as colossal as mountains. From where he was, he could vaguely sense numerous huge, frightening beasts living below his feet. 

The cries and moans of the beasts could be heard everywhere, giving one a fright. 

Under the propulsion of the immense force, he was sent flying once around the land. The speed was terrifying as he was accelerated a thousand times more before. Those majestic mountains and rivers were nothing but blurry images. However, Wu Yu was able to tell that the area of the land he had passed over was at least three times the size of the Yan Huang Ancient Region. 

"Impossible...." The land looked so real. Wu Yu felt like it isn't possible for such a large piece of land to exist. It wouldn't fit in the Jambu Realm! 

"It's possible to create new spaces with spirit designs; the Floating Dreams Pagoda is an example. However, it can't be so massive. Therefore, what I just saw should be an illusion. Only phoney illusions could make a place so huge." 

Just as he expected, he circled the sea region next. With a single look, Wu Yu could tell that countless giant beasts were hidden in the water. Demons and monsters were everywhere. This made Wu Yu recall the drawings on the golden passage. 

The world he had just seen was probably as large as the Jambu Realm in terms of the total size of the sea region and the land. However, its sea region was smaller than that of Jambu Realm. 

The shape of the land and sea region looked like two fish that were swimming in a circle. 

Or rather, a Taichi diagram. 

At the spot where the eye should’ve been for the land, there was a round lake. 

At the spot where the eye should’ve been for the sea region, there was a round island. 

The entire world was a perfect circle. 

The Jambu Realm wasn't as regular as the new world. 

"What kind of existence is capable of creating an illusion like this? It's almost as big as the Jambu Realm, and everything looks so realistic!

"The Golden Eye Ancient Demon definitely isn't simple. Could it be that he really was a demon immortal?" 

When he witnessed the giant and illusory world with his own eyes, Wu Yu was awestruck. 

However, he was still a little puzzled. What was the use of the golden eyeball that he had obtained? He had just seen a world that was as big as the human realm. What was after this.... 

The word "Jambu" in Jambu Realm referred to the human realm. 

Since ancient times, the Sky Palaces, the human realm, and hell were the three realms. 

The immortals of the Sky Palaces, the mortals of the human realm, and the ghostly immortals of hell. Humans could become immortals or ghostly immortals. However, almost all the people would eventually die and vanish. 

At this moment, Wu Yu was pushed out of this world. 

The next instant, he was back in the small room with the sphere in his hand. The sphere had turned back into a golden eyeball and looked ordinary. 

Perhaps during the moment Wu Yu was doubtful and let down his vigilance. 

All of a sudden, an ancient voice came from the golden eyeball. 

"The Ancient Demon Realm is where my home is." 

It was the voice of the Golden Eye Ancient Demon! 

Wu Yu tensed up instantly. 

He still remembered that the Golden Eye Ancient Demon had said that he was from the Ancient Demon Realm at the beginning. 

He was nervous because he had heard the Golden Eye Ancient Demon again. 

"This is the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm and the most important treasure of my life. Numerous demon immortals wanted to wrest it from me, but they all failed.

"After forming a blood bond with it, you will be the only person who can open the door to the Ancient Demon Realm!" 

After this sentence, the message ended. 

Wu Yu was rooted in silence.

He couldn't understand at all. 

"Door to the Ancient Demon Realm? What is that? The illusory world I saw previously is known as the Ancient Demon Realm?

"If I form a blood bond, I'll be able to enter the Ancient Demon Realm? Why would I go there?" 

This was the doubt manifesting in his mind. 

However, what bothered him the most wasn't this. 

"This is strange. I didn't pass the second trial and have yet to take the third trial. Therefore, there's no way the Door to the Ancient Demon Realm would end up with me. Regardless, isn't this one of the two precious treasures of the Golden Eye Ancient Demon...?" 

Even if he was considered to have passed the trial of the fifth platform and completed the second trial, he still hadn't started the third trial! 

He also didn't believe he would be faster than the Phoenix Supreme and the rest. 

When he was ambushed by Nangong Wei, he had given up the idea that he would receive one of the two precious treasures. 

"So... Is this Door to the Ancient Demon Realm one of the two precious treasure that the Golden Eye Ancient Demon spoke of?

"Or am I currently going through the third trial? I'm not qualified to get the real Door to the Ancient Demon Realm at all!" 

At the thought of this, Wu Yu could feel chills run through his body. If he was in the third trial, this was frightening. 

However, what threats were there to him currently? 

He looked at the small treasure and couldn't understand at all. 

The current him was really stupefied. 

"The Golden Eye Ancient Demon previously said that this was his most precious treasure and that countless demon immortals had attempted to wrest from him...." 

From what he had said, there was a high possibility that Wu Yu might have truly obtained the treasure. 

Moreover, it was the more important of the two. 

He waited for a little longer but received no further trial. 

At this point, the only person Wu Yu could discuss this with was Ming Long. Ming Long knew everything he had experienced and Wu Yu explained everything he had seen to her. 

Ming Long took a deep breath and said, "If you are currently in the third trial, then there's nothing I could say. Whatever you have seen, including the thing in your hands, might not be real and are just part of the trial. In fact, I'm not certain if what I'm saying is even real. In that case, let's not consider this possibility." 

"Yeah." Wu Yu nodded. 

"If everything is true... If this is the greatest treasure of the Golden Eye Ancient Demon, this might be because he chose you for different reasons during the trials. Perhaps there was never going to be a third trial and you are the one chosen by the Golden Eye Ancient Demon. Therefore, what you have obtained is definitely real. Moreover, it's definitely a precious treasure. The huge realm you saw moments ago is the Ancient Demon Realm. That's a world that is comparable to the Jambu Realm and where the Golden Eye Ancient Demon came from." Ming Long dissected the information and analyzed it in pieces. 

At this point, Wu Yu was confused. He asked, "How could this be possible? The Jambu Realm is the human realm! There should only be a single human realm! It's also impossible to have several Sky Palaces and hells. How could there be another realm with even more living creatures than the Jambu Realm? This isn't likely to be real." 

After speaking, Wu Yu recalled how lifelike everything was. The mountains, rivers, trees, and demons were too genuine, just like the previous Nangong Wei. It was likely not fake. 

However, Nangong Wei was proven to be fake. In that case, they might be the same as well. 

Ming Long heaved a sigh and said, "You~ You are still too young after all. And ignorant! You are thinking this way because you aren't aware of a trending legend in your era." 

Wu Yu became even more confused. "What legend?" 

Ming Long sure was getting cocky. She acted like she was a knowledgeable guru and said, "Little fool. Let me ask you this. Do you know how many Sky Palaces and levels of hells there are?" 

Wu Yu knew about them and answered, "Rumors have it that there are 8,000 Sky Palaces and 10,000 Levels of Hell. Trillions of immortals in the 8,000 Sky Palaces and countless ghostly immortals in the 10,000 Levels of Hell." 

Ming Long smiled sheepishly and said, "Then aren't you a little slow? 8,000 Sky Palaces and 10,000 Levels of Hell! With so many immortals and ghostly immortals, wouldn't the human realm sound a lot smaller in comparison? There might only be a single immortal in a thousand year years or so. How long would it take to gather so many immortals and ghostly immortals?" 

At this point, Wu Yu understood a little and felt slightly enlightened. 

However, he wasn't very willing to believe this and remained sceptical. He said, "The 8,000 Sky Palaces and 10,000 Levels of Hell are likely an exaggeration by the common people. In fact, I'm more inclined to believe that there's only a single Sky Palace. As for immortals, at most 100? The same is for the ghostly immortals. Moreover, we know about most of them. For example, the Jade Emperor, the Heavenly Queen Mother, the True Lord Erlang, and others." 

Ming Long shook her head. "You are wrong. In my era, there were existences similar to the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor but not as powerful. However, they were said to have attained immortalhood and went to the Sky Palaces. Based on the information provided to those around them, they verified that there really were 8,000 Sky Palaces. The Sky Palaces are way larger than you might have imagined. That's a place with trillions of immortals." 

"Regardless, this is just a legend. I will only believe if I see it for myself...." This legend had exceeded Wu Yu's imagination. He knew what Ming Long was about to say, but he wanted to calm himself down. 

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