Chapter 0983: Mysterious Eyeballs

The sharp pain on his neck had vanished by now.

Although the phoenix symbol was still there, at least he felt no threat at the moment. This was clearly something lasting.

He calmed down a little.

"How do you see this?" Ming Long had been watching the show.

"I wanted to ask you, why not cop a feel? Nubile and round," Ming Long said sleazily.

"Stop kidding, I'm serious."

Ming Long said, "Honestly, I've been quiet because I don't get it. I don't know if she was real or fake. But it's strange. And this mark, I don't know what it is. But since it seems harmless now, just hope for the best."

It seemed like she wasn't sure. 

"Don't dwell on things you can't understand. You can't open the door either, aren't you going in?" Ming Long reminded him.

Wu Yu was still suspecting that he had been had, and was suckered in by the illusion again, that the golden eye would open the door for him.

"This might not be a good thing. I might already be eliminated, with traps aplenty waiting within," he mused.

He had another choice. Which was to see if he could jump down like Nangong Wei had.

But he tried with a clone and realized that it was not possible.

"She did go down just now. This proves that she was a part of the illusion. This is truly the pinnacle of creations."

Wu Yu could only describe it thus.

"Don't worry so much. At this time, if you hang around here, others will take the treasures. Just go in for a look." It was Ming Long who looked further. Regardless, she felt that Wu Yu was being watched by the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, and it was hard to say whether he could survive that. Therefore, he could embrace all risks now.

Wu Yu definitely would go in. His personality had that indomitable streak to it.

"Whether this is a third trial or something else, I'm going for it."

He said no more, but charged to the door that the golden eye had opened. He saw a golden passage within. It was not wide, only allowing a few people to walk in.

The golden walls around him were carved with symbols. Wu Yu saw that they depicted a demon's world. In this tapestry, there were many demons of all sorts of species. They came from unique bloodlines, and each looked very different. These simple line caricatures alone were enough to convey how special they were.

However, what drew Wu Yu's attention the most was that the great doors had closed behind him after he entered. This meant that he could only move onwards.

The golden tunnel ran pretty deep, to an unknown place.

He was on full alert now, the Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Dignified Archer Elemental with him. There were also some Unshackled Doppelgangers with him, watching his perimeter for sudden dangers. This was the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence - who knew what dangers lied in wait?

Wu Yu suddenly discovered that the wall to his right seemed transparent. And it was thinner. This was the only wall that was uncarved. Standing here, his eyes could penetrate the wall. He saw that this right wall had an identical passage, but he had not noticed it. He had thought it was a reflection.

The transparent wall was very thin. Wu Yu used the Dark North Royal Obelisk to prod it. It indeed felt very thin, but it was unbreakable. He could only stare at the other side helplessly.

And something even more incredible happened.

There were also huge doors on the other passage, and they opened now. A person walked in and the doors shut. This meant that both passages had people in it.

"Full Moon of Nanshan!" Wu Yu was surprised to see who it was.

He had seen Wu Yu as well, and showed equal surprise. He matched Wu Yu for wariness.

The passage was completely sealed off, and the two could not interact, besides watching the other's expressions and actions.

The two regarded each other for a while.

"Why would he be here? Could we both have passed the second trial? But I don't think I did. More, even if I did, there's still the third trial. That should be even more fearsome. This might not be the real him. He might be part of the test."

Wu Yu could only think this way.

He did not know the other party's thoughts either.

The two sized each other up for a long time. After being through so much together, they believed the other incapable of doing it.

The Full Moon of Nanshan mouthed all sorts of things, but the two were unable to communicate. And then he pointed at himself, and then at Wu Yu, and finally towards the depths of the passage. His meaning was for them to explore deeper in. There might be a way for them to meet.

Wu Yu nodded and then they both headed deeper in, on their guard and without hurrying.

If there was a bottom to this puzzle, it might be hidden in the depths of the passage.

"Do you think that Nanshan is real?"

Ming Long considered it. "I actually do think it likely. The Golden Eye Ancient Demon of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence probably won't pull the same trick twice. Since you're both here, I feel like he might be the real thing."

Wu Yu agreed with her. He tended towards believing it but would still remain wary.

The passage was not actually very deep, approximately 200 zhang. Wu Yu very quickly saw the end. It was a small chamber, and the same could be seen on the Full Moon of Nanshan's side. This meant that they might meet.

However, both continued to move slowly and cautiously. After all, who knew which point of this gauntlet might prove fatal to them?

Of course, leaving the fifth platform probably meant that the second test was over already, regardless of success.

After approximately 30 breaths of time, both stood at the entrance to the chamber.

After entering, they saw that there was also a transparent wall dividing them. It seemed like the Golden Eye Ancient Demon would not let them meet.

But for them, the wall did not matter anymore.

For both of them, they were compelled by the only thing in the room.

In the center of Wu Yu's chamber was a post half a person's height. On it was a spherical indent, and in the indent was nested a golden eyeball. It was like the golden eye outside, but in miniature form. It looked like it was made of gold, and the eye was fixed on Wu Yu. A creepy feeling. 

Fortunately, it did not move, and Wu Yu looked closely to see countless spirit designs on it. It was carved full of spirit designs, more than he could count. This was clearly an elite object of otherworldly quality. If his guess was right, it was a dao treasure.

Wu Yu's eyes flicked to the other chamber. It was laid out in a similar fashion, with a post and an indent. The only difference was that it held a silver eyeball, a little smaller than the one in his. Wu Yu's eyeball was shiny, but the one over there was covered in complicated markings.

The Full Moon of Nanshan was also staring at the object, thunderstruck.

He looked over at Wu Yu and saw Wu Yu's golden eyeball.

He pointed at the silver eyeball and then at himself questioningly, asking Wu Yu if it could be touched.

Wu Yu felt that it was inevitable. Given the situation, he was past caring much. He readied himself.

Ming Long suddenly said coolly, "The Golden Eye Ancient Demon said that he had two treasures. These gold and silver eyeballs wouldn't be them, right? Some that even the demon immortals would covet." 

"Not possible. I haven't even passed the second trial. The third trial hasn't even started. Besides, I doubt that I would beat the second trial before the Phoenix Supreme and the others. They might already be close to passing the third trial." Wu Yu did not feel like he had the lead over the Phoenix Supreme.

They had come in to test their luck.

"And if the third trial is hidden in the eyeball?" Ming Long asked.

Wu Yu felt that it was possible. But he could not hesitate here forever. He had to move past the strangeness of the fifth platform. What if he actually was faster than the Phoenix Supreme?

Over on the other side, the Full Moon of Nanshan was also looking doubtful. He and Wu Yu touched the eyeballs at the same time. 

As Wu Yu neared the eyeball, he knew that his suspicions might very well be clarified one way or another with one touch.

He was feeling a little nervous.

The Full Moon of Nanshan as well.

They were just about to touch the gold and silver eyeballs....

As soon as they touched them, there was no electric shock like Wu Yu had imagined. Instead, it was cool to the touch. He quickly hefted it in his palm. Take it first, and see how it would go.

Over at the other side, the Full Moon of Nanshan had taken up the silver eyeball as well.

Wu Yu was just about to tell him that nothing had happened, when he felt a jolt. He saw the golden eyeball change. The gold faded, and a blue and green sphere was revealed. The blues and greens came from within the eyeball. It looked like the green was an island, while the blue was a lake of rippling water....

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