Chapter 0982: That Year, Immortal Pair Hall

Wu Yu was feeling numb from killing. No matter what he did, he couldn't really kill her off. Moreover, he couldn't break away from her mystique. 

It was as though she couldn't be killed in this world. 

"This is why the Golden Eye Ancient Demon is so frightening. If I continue, I will probably die of fatigue and she will be able to take advantage of me then." 

From the beginning, this was what he thought. However, as he continued, the more times she died, the weaker she seemed to get. This showed that if he continued killing her, he might just eventually break free from the Eternal Phoenix Purgatory! 

Therefore, he picked up his speed. 

"Three more times and you are done with me?" She seemed to be threatening him, and Wu Yu was getting annoyed from staring at this huge bird. He would like to see what would happen after the three times she mentioned. 

"First!" The Infernal Sky Pillar smashed down and broke her wings. 

"Second!" The giant Dark North Royal Obelisk sliced the Eternal Phoenix into two halves. 

"Sunset Arrow!" In the end, the blazing fireball engulfed the Eternal Phoenix. What surprised Wu Yu was that she reverted back into her human form at the end. Her long hair fluttered in the wind while she stared at him peacefully. The current her made Wu Yu feel his heart ache a little. He didn't feel much when he was killing the Eternal Phoenix. However, she was now in her human form. This was the impression Wu Yu had of her. The last strike was especially hard for him to deal. However, the last strike was from the Dignified Archer Elemental. The arrow had left the bow and it was hard for him to control now. 

Therefore, Wu Yu could only stare blankly as the Sunset Arrow crushed her into smithereens. 

He didn't know why he felt a little miserable at this juncture. Her gaze made it hard for him to breathe. 

"Forget it. That's how the Golden Eye Ancient Demon is. Tormenting one over and over again seems to be what he is fond of." Most likely, these were all tricks of the Golden Eye Ancient Demon. 

However, he realized that he might have succeeded. When she said three more times, the Eternal Phoenix Purgatory was collapsing. When the nine-colored flames vanished, the world was shrinking and Wu Yu returned to the fifth platform instantly. The surroundings were the same as before and nothing seemed to have changed from before. Even the golden eye looked the same. 

"I have already killed her and yet I haven't succeeded?" 

Just as Wu Yu had this doubt in mind, he realized that Nangong Wei wasn't dead yet. She was just two zhang away. When Wu Yu turned around, he happened to lock eyes with her. This gave Wu Yu a scare, but he soon recovered. This was because she looked frail and feeble and her expression was sickly pale. She couldn't even stand upright and her gaze was a little empty, just as though she was on the brink of death. 

"That world has been destroyed. Maybe all I need is a final strike to finish her off?" 

The last time he killed her, he was a little reluctant. To his surprise, he had to do it again. Wu Yu still hesitated a little. Regardless, even if she was a fake, Wu Yu couldn't bring himself to kill her. It had happened too many times. Amidst the killing, even he didn't feel like he was the same as before. 

They locked eyes for over 30 breaths of time. 

Her pale lips moved and said in a sobbing tone, "One final time. Aren't you coming to send me to hell?" 

On the side of Wu Yu, his main body, the Heaven Devouring Avatar, and the Dignified Archer Elemental stood side by side. It would be very easy to kill her now. 

However, Wu Yu was hesitant. He felt like his mind was clear and constantly reminded himself that the other party would use all sorts of ways to confuse him as he approached the final juncture. Now that he was in the final moments, he knew that he was clear-minded. However, he realized that he still required immense courage to make the final strike. 

Seeing Wu Yu not making a move for long, Nangong Wei looked into his eyes with complicated feelings. It was deathly silent. She suddenly laughed. "Who would have thought that you couldn't steel your heart now that we are here? Or perhaps you have some lingering emotions for me?" 

Wu Yu didn't answer. He remembered her eyes. They were complicated and hard to comprehend for Wu Yu. Why would the illusory her have such a complicated gaze? 

Although she laughed, bitterness was clear in her gaze. She walked closer to Wu Yu, lifted her head slightly to look at him, and said, "I really wish to ask you this now. If I'm real, possess the current talents and status and have an expert like the Phoenix Supreme to protect me, would the current me be worthy to step into the Immortal Pair Hall together with you?" 

Immortal Pair Hall! 

This struck Wu Yu's nerves directly. In the past, they were just a step away from walking into that place and living their lives together forever. 

However, they hadn't made the final step. At that time, Wu Yu was stubborn. If their daos differed, he believed they shouldn't be together. 

This was another sentence that made Wu Yu's heart race faster. She had said “if she was real.” Wouldn't that be because she was admitting that she was a fake? However, it was now that Wu Yu saw the terrifying truth from her eyes and tone. 

"Big Brother, is the current me worthy of becoming your dao companion? Would you be willing to fight with all others to protect me? Am I worthy?" 

She was a little agitated and tears were welling in her eyes as she stared at Wu Yu. 

To Wu Yu's astonishment, she started removing her clothes. 

"Am I beautiful? Are my strength, talent, and status sufficient? I want someone who is willing to fight for me and treat me as a treasure. Could you do it? If you can, I can forget everything that happened previously. I can also fight for you and discard everything I have...." 

She choked several times while speaking like an injured, little deer. She looked helpless but was still staring at Wu Yu passionately. The next instant, she reached out her arms and took the initiative to approach Wu Yu. 

For Wu Yu, this was a lethal move. He was completely stupefied as he watched this happening blankly. At this point, he had an unbelievable thought. 

It was especially so when Nangong Wei leaned her head towards his chest and spoke softly into his ear. "Big Brother, I hate you. But I could never forget you...." 

These words rang in Wu Yu's ears like thunderbolts in the sky. He would probably remember them for an entire lifetime. At this moment, his body was shivering a little. He could no longer suppress the thought that was surfacing. This had exceeded all his expectations. 

"You... you are really her...." He couldn't have expected this. From the very beginning, he had been warning himself that all of this was fake and he was on the fifth platform. However, when he was hugged by this beautiful girl, Wu Yu instantly recalled their first encounter, when she was still young. Perhaps it was then that Nangong Wei started relying on him and alway had him in her mind. 

It was really her! 

If that was the case, Wu Yu recalled their entire conversation. His mind became even more congested. What had he said to her before? If this was the case, her doubting Wu Yu to be a fake was entirely reasonable. However, it also felt like she had changed after they fought and she was one step earlier in understanding that Wu Yu was real. As for Wu Yu, he had only realized it now. 

"Put on your clothes." Wu Yu was in a daze and could only come up with this response. 

"No, I want to hear your answer." She lifted her head to look at Wu Yu. At this moment, her lips were less than an inch from Wu Yu. 

It was then that Wu Yu recalled her question. However, this was a question that Wu Yu couldn't answer. She was still the same. Headstrong and invasive. Wu Yu couldn't possibly agree to what she had said. In his perspective, the best dao companion shouldn't act as so. At the very least, there shouldn't be stubbornness. At the very least, there was a need for mutual respect and not making things difficult for each other. 

Wu Yu hesitated at this question. 

He only hesitated for a moment and she seemed to have understood. All of a sudden, she smiled. The next instant, Wu Yu felt a piercing pain across the left side of his neck. The pain was unbearable, as though something had dived in. This might be a lethal threat. 

"Could it be!" Wu Yu was jolted awake. In a split second, he exerted his tremendous strength to push her away. 

"How foolish I am! I persevered for so long! Why did I become so foolish at the most critical juncture?" The moment he pushed her away, he heard her laughter. It was then that he saw that there weren't any complicated feelings in her eyes. What was left was her cockiness. In the heat of the moment, Wu Yu had used immense strength. He hadn't expected to push her down the platform! 

He hadn't attempted it previously and didn't know he could push someone off the platform. Moreover, immediately after she fell off, she vanished without a trace as though she had vanished in this world. 

However, her final laugh still gave Wu Yu a bad premonition. 

"I was still duped in the end! She's a fake!" Wu Yu could feel a chill run through his body. He was surprised by how real the illusions made by the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence could be and how he had been toyed with to this extent. Previously, the final explosion of emotions by Nangong Wei, her final questions, and everything about her were as real as they could be. However, the outcome wasn't. She had still ambushed Wu Yu in the end. 

And Wu Yu had fallen for it. 

Luckily, the piercing pain on his neck dissipated swiftly as though it had never happened. She hadn't sliced his head off. It was then that Wu Yu relaxed completely. 

Through the eyes of the Heaven Devouring Avatar, he could see a nine-colored mark on his neck. It had the image of a sacred and noble fire phoenix, and the eyes were staring coldly back at Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. 

As for Wu Yu's main body, he could no longer feel it. Even if he were to shave off this layer of skin, it would likely remain the same after the new skin grew out. It's just like a curse that would be hard to remove.... 

"I never thought I would still fall for it...." Wu Yu was feeling a little regretful. He knew he should have finished her off sooner. 

At this moment, he believed he would be eliminated. Moreover, he didn't know what frightening consequences awaited him after receiving the phoenix image. 

Just as he was regretting it, he suddenly heard loud rumblings. He looked towards the golden eye instantly. 

Something more unbelievable was happening. 

In the middle of the golden eye, a round door was opening! 

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