Chapter 0981: Hellish Battle

Wu Yu also thought about it carefully. 

At the moment, he could not figure out the flaws of the other party through their dialogue.

There was nothing here except her on this fifth platform.

She was like the treasures in the first platform, the key to whether he could get out.

Looking at the golden eye, he could not see any exits or entrances. It was totally sealed.

Wu Yu felt that the key lay within Nangong Wei.

"This illusion goes deep, which makes me believe that she really is Nangong Wei, but there are many loopholes. Maybe I have to kill her to end the illusion.

“After all, killing her means that I believe this is an illusion."

When Wu Yu thought of this, there was murderous intent in his eyes.

"You want to kill me. I've known for a long time that it would be like this. Why did I play along with you for so long? Boring." Nangong Wei sneered. Now she was bathed in nine-colored flames. The flames grew in intensity. Obviously, she was ready to start the battle.

"If my guess is correct, I can get out of here if I kill you," Nangong Wei said in a deep voice.

Wu Yu sneered in his heart at the fact that his lines had been snatched by the other party. He did not want to waste time here. At this moment, the Heaven Devouring Avatar came out of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. At the same time, the Dignified Archer Elemental came out too.

This was not necessary if he was dealing with the real Nangong Wei. But who knew the strength of this fake one.

Wu Yu had dealt with the real Nangong Wei before. Her ability was really heaven-defying now, but she was not Wu Yu's opponent.

The white-haired, red-eyed Heaven Devouring Avatar by Wu Yu's side attracted Nangong Wei's attention. This Wu Yu had a totally different aura. He was cold, bloodthirsty, and even greedy. If he was not being suppressed by Wu Yu's real body, he would be scarier.

"It seems like you have had many encounters. You actually have such an avatar. However, with your identity, how can you be like the Ghostly Emperor Necro Lord?" Nangong Wei was a little confused.

If she had not mentioned it, Wu Yu would have forgotten about the Necro Lord.

"Cut the crap." In his real body's hands, the nine-colored flames on the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters were burning fiercely. These nine kinds of flames were so similar to those on her. In fact, Wu Yu had thought of her as soon as he got the pillar.

On the other side, the Heaven Devouring Avatar was holding the Dark North Royal Obelisk and pointing it at Nangong Wei.

Behind them, the Dignified Archer Elemental's expression was cold. The Star Chasing Arrow was already on his bow, ready to deal a fatal blow at any time.

It was a little strange. The Infernal Sky Pillar made Nangong Wei feel a little dazed.

"Still using this trick to make me let down my guard?" After Wu Yu thought about it clearly, he made up his mind.

However, at this time, the other party was just a little dazed. She was also angry. She screamed and her body transformed into a nine-colored phoenix wreathed in flames. The nine-colored phoenix flew in front of Wu Yu's eyes. Again, Wu Yu had to admit that she was indeed an immortal beast, noble and coming from a holy bloodline. In this world, no matter how powerful other demons were, they were incomparable. Among all the beasts that Wu Yu had seen, only the white dragon that he saw at the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence could have such an immortal aura.

Eternal Phoenix!

However, the one in front of his eyes was just a fake. No matter how holy and noble it was, Wu Yu had no psychological burdens. He would not be merciful when he started fighting.

Obviously, the other side would not be merciful either. When Wu Yu hesitated a little, she suddenly made her move and used her mystique. She extended her wings, flapped them, and there was suddenly a huge fire wave. It was like a whole world, enveloping Wu Yu. Her flames spread all over the fifth platform, so at this moment, there was nowhere to hide.

Wu Yu was familiar with this mystique.

"This is definitely what the Phoenix Supreme used when she was dealing with the demon lords. I've seen the Phoenix Supreme use this move.

“So this illusion presented this. How can I believe that you are real when such a big loophole has appeared?"

Wu Yu sneered.

At this time, that mystique Eternal Phoenix Purgatory engulfed Wu Yu, forming a world. This was a world full of nine-colored flames. It was very gorgeous, similar to Wu Yu's Infernal Sky Pillar's spirit design Silent Blazing Nine Palaces Furnace Design. The Silent Blazing Nine Palaces Furnace Design could pull your enemy into it and destroy the opponent through the collision and explosion of the nine kinds of flames. 

However, the Eternal Phoenix Purgatory was obviously not the case. The flames were burning, but they did not hurt Wu Yu. They just made him extremely uncomfortable. And Nangong Wei, the Eternal Phoenix, also appeared in this sea of flames. She looked down on Wu Yu from the top. Wu Yu understood a little. This mystique could form an area that was equivalent to fighting in a world she controlled. She had a huge advantage. As for the specifics, they were still not clear.

Whoosh! At the beginning, the Dignified Archer Elemental hid itself far away from the battlefield using its extremely powerful hiding skills. However, its power could pose as the greatest threat to its enemy, especially when Wu Yu was engaged in a fierce battle.

At this time, without saying anything, Wu Yu's real body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar rushed directly towards the Eternal Phoenix.

"Let me see what you are!" Wu Yu did not show mercy when he attacked. After all, he was not facing the real Nangong Wei.

The Infernal Sky Pillar flew towards the sky and became extremely huge. Wu Yu's real body also transformed rapidly. Using the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, he was transformed into a giant. Using the Immortal Ape Transformation, he then transformed into a golden Immortal Ape. At this time, he looked a bit like the Silver Moon Demon Lord Immortal Ape. He did not have the Silver Moon Immortal Ape's mysterious and elegant feeling. Instead, he was dignified, domineering, and fierce. The burning pillar was in his hands, violent and powerful. At this moment, Wu Yu did not say anything. He smashed towards Nangong Wei violently. His great physical strength had already surpassed many dao techniques!

"You are ruthless!" Nangong Wei exclaimed. Wu Yu realized that her evasion was not fast. At this time, her aura felt normal. It was probably about the same as the real Nangong Wei's combat power. At this time, her act was still so fake. Wu Yu could only sneer. He wanted to see when the other party would show her real power.


The Eternal Phoenix used a kind of mystique. She seemed like she was not familiar with it. It had not taken form and was broken by Wu Yu. In an instant, the Infernal Sky Pillar hit the Eternal Phoenix's back, blasting it away. Her physical body became deformed directly!


Wu Yu guessed that if this Nangong Wei was real, she would have been killed by him.

However, he saw that when the Eternal Phoenix was blasted away, she was suddenly swallowed by the nine-colored flames from this world. When the flames around her disappeared, he could see that her body recovered instantly. There were no more injuries.

"You are ruthless!" The Eternal Phoenix was furious and glared at him.

"Don't pretend. If you could be killed by me, I would have passed the last platform.

“If you really are her, can you stop me?" Wu Yu really wanted to laugh. Now he knew the real difference between this person and Nangong Wei.

"Dark Sea Ghostly Tempest!" As he was speaking, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had already circled to the other party's back. The Dark North Royal Obelisk's spirit design was activated. After a while, countless swords rained and penetrated the nine-colored flames. They exploded on the Eternal Phoenix, penetrated her, and turned her whole body into cold ice filled with holes. According to Wu Yu's experience of catching her before, if she was real, she would surely die now.

Unexpectedly, the nine-colored flames engulfed her again. In a short time, when she appeared from another place, she had already recovered.

At this time, she looked at Wu Yu in shock, with a strange expression and resentment. However she seemed to be very excited, but very desperate. She stared at Wu Yu and murmured, "You really want to kill me...."

"How can I go out and fight for those two treasures without killing you?" She made Wu Yu laugh. This girl was really funny, but she had actually given Wu Yu a headache. The other party did not seem to have any attack power, but she was immortal. No matter how deadly his attacks were, she would still be in good condition in an instant.


As soon as Wu Yu finished speaking, a star light passed through the Eternal Phoenix's head. This was the hidden Dignified Archer Elemental's move. It was the Star Chasing Arrow! Then the Eternal Phoenix was engulfed by the silver moonlight. Wu Yu heard the sharp screeches of a bird. Obviously, she was in great pain.

However, it didn't take long for the immortal phoenix to appear in good condition again after the nine-colored flames rolled like waves in purgatory. She also attacked Wu Yu, but it seemed that her attack did not threaten Wu Yu, so now it is basically completely beaten.

The key was that no matter how Wu Yu fought, she would never die!

"I don't believe it." Wu Yu was also angered. They had already reached such a stage, but the other party was still trying to trick him. The more he looked at it now, the more he felt that only by killing her could he break the situation. Therefore, he was also on the verge of bursting. His real body, the Heaven Devouring Avatar, and the Dignified Archer Elemental took turns attacking, one after another. Just as the Eternal Phoenix recovered, she was smashed flat by Wu Yu's Infernal Sky Pillar, or pierced by the Dark North Royal Obelisk, or hit by the Dignified Archer Elemental's arrow!

After 15 minutes, at Wu Yu's speed, he could not even remember how many times he had killed the other party. He had never seen such a difficult opponent. It was absolutely only possible in the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. Wu Yu had already expended a lot of power and was a little breathless at this point. The other party was still alive. Of course, after finding out that she was not Wu Yu's opponent at all, she had given up on attacking. She simply suffered blows from Wu Yu's brutal killing.

However, she had some changes. Maybe she had been hit into a daze by Wu Yu. She did not speak or say anything. She just looked at Wu Yu in a daze, as if she were a fool. She was out of her wits and allowed Wu Yu to kill her again and again.

"Three more times." She looked at Wu Yu in a daze as if she had lost her soul.

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