Chapter 0980: Damned Thing

She stood one zhang away from Wu Yu. He could smell her scent from this distance.

Everything about her, from her head to her toes, seemed so real and familiar. However, the more realistic she felt, the more Wu Yu had to be careful, because he knew. And with every sentence spoken, he would remind himself that the more realistic the other party, or even if she was realistic to the point that he was suspicious, then that was the real danger.

He also knew that he had to speak to her like what had happened in front. He had to understand fully before he could break out of the illusion.

"I've never thought that I was selfish. The one who was really selfish was you. I came to find you because your father asked for my help. He wanted to know if you were dead or alive. Since you did not lose those memories, why don't you send your father some news? Don't you know that losing you has caused him a lot of pain? I know that you are fake, let's not pretend anymore. I know Nangong Wei, and she would at least care for her parents. She would never take another as her mother!"

Wu Yu said and smiled coldly. He guessed that he had seen through the other party.

Unexpectedly, when Wu Yu said that, she became furious. In her anger, her eyes turned red and there were even tears welling up. She glared at Wu Yu with bloodshot eyes and said in a sharp, sobbing voice, "How do you know that I don't miss him?! How do you know that I don’t want him to know that I'm fine? You only know how to criticize me! You have no idea how much I miss him! You also have no idea what difficulty and troubles I have! I will handle my father. You have no right to criticize me here. Don't think that you can humiliate me just by looking into my memories!"

"Crap. How could it be this realistic?" Wu Yu was impressed as he watched her burst out in anger. He analyzed it and thought that this spirit design had really predicted her reactions and emotions well. At this moment, he really felt as though she was in a bind and could not act freely. Also, she really seemed to miss her father and was apologetic too. She displayed all these emotions well.

"But her regrets and worries are originally what I had hoped about her. I had hoped that she had some underlying problem. These images I see should not be real. The Phoenix Supreme would definitely not allow her to have such thoughts. The way she is acting now is what my subconsciousness desires. I cannot fall for this trick." Wu Yu was very clear-minded. He had not been tricked by the other party's painful and agitated state.

He wanted to reach out to the other party and find a suspicious point to cause a fatal blow. He wanted to prove that she was fake so he continued saying, "You have to speak up if you are in trouble. If you can tell me about it then I'll admit that you are real."

The other party was sobbing hysterically. Wu Yu crossed his arms and snorted coldly. He thought in his heart, “I shall watch you act.”

"You are really realistic. You can even imitate his cold look so well! Wu Yu, you claim that this is for your dao. Aren't you ashamed at all? Perhaps you really can't hear it, but I want to tell you that your dao is shit. You don't even have the courage to take revenge for the people you love. In my eyes, you have always been a coward! And you are a fake, pretentious coward. There was a time where I was really desperate. I watched you surpass me step by step to a realm that I could never reach. At that time, I wanted to commit suicide out of shame, but there is always a way out. I came back from death! I also had a mysterious encounter. I won't lose to you. I don't have your bullshit dao at all and yet I've also succeeded. Maybe not now, but one day, I will defeat you, surpass you greatly, and let you feel the pain that I suffered at the beginning! "

She was hysterical. She wiped away her tears, grounded her teeth, and glared at Wu Yu as though he was an enemy whom she hated deeply. Then she sneered with bloodshot eyes and said, "I'd like to thank you for giving me a chance to vent. During this period of time, I've been tolerating it. My whole person was going to explode! After saying all of this to a fake you, I feel so much more comfortable. I know he can't hear it. I don't want him to know. I will only surpass him. This is the biggest goal so far in my life. "

Looking at her being so angry and furious, Wu Yu opened his mouth in amazement. At this time, he could only feel that it was too realistic. 

"I must not waver and be conquered," he told himself in his heart, but in fact, he was still affected after the other party had said so much. After all, these were all his own experiences. They could form a heart devil within him. Wu Yu had to resolve this himself. Otherwise, he would feel a little guilty about Nangong Wei, which made him very sad. He stuck to his bottom line and told himself that she was a fake. However, he still needed to vent.

"If you really had a mysterious encounter, I'm really happy. It was a dilemma for me at the beginning, but at least I don’t think I made a mistake. You and Jiu Ying are both still alive at least. I have a clear conscience about this. Ever Since then, the relationship between us has been broken. This time, I am happy for you to see that you have had a mysterious encounter. If you want to surpass me, it will be a competitive relationship in the future, and I think it is also good. But Nangong Wei, ask yourself, have you really gotten a mysterious encounter? If so, what is the issue? Can you explain that? What does the Phoenix Supreme want you to do?"

After saying this, Wu Yu smiled. He felt like he had stabbed her in her weakness.

That was her issue. She said that she had a mysterious encounter. A mysterious encounter with a problem. How could that be a mysterious encounter?

However, the other party was very fierce. At this time, she calmed down a little and responded to Wu Yu, "What kind of mysterious encounter has no risk? Wasn't yours fraught with risk too? Also, don't put yourself on the moral high ground. I hate your pretentious act. In my eyes, you are just trash. Do you think I can't see it? Isn't it because you see that Luo Pin has a powerful background that you stick to her shamelessly? In the end, isn't it because you feel that I'm not talented enough to be worthy of you? Why do you have such petty excuses? It's just that you want a dao companion worthy of you.”

He did not expect her to be capable of saying such words. Wu Yu was totally attracted by everything about Luo Pin. He did not know her real identity back then.

However, he was able to jump out and smile. "First, if you don't tell me what your problem is, then it's clearly a lie. I also don't know what this so-called problem is in my memories. Second, what are you so agitated about? Didn't you say that I was a fake? What's the point of saying all this to me, haha... "

Nangong Wei could not help being angry. She looked at Wu Yu fiercely and flames erupted from her body. She said, "Firstly, why should I tell you my secret!?

“Secondly, I know you're not real, but isn't this conversation very interesting? If he were really standing here, I wouldn't want to say a word to him at all, but I do have a lot to say to you, you damned thing. I will scold until you feel humiliated and make you feel ashamed for him! "

What she had said was reasonable. Wu Yu frowned again. How could this whole conversation be so realistic?

But this was the fifth platform, and she had many things that she had not explained clearly, and those things were what Wu Yu did not know.

"Shame? You think too much. " Wu Yu was a little confused here. This confusion made him aware of the danger, because he felt that he was well prepared and should be clear-headed.

"No, I think you should all be ashamed. Don't think that I can't read your eyes. When you were high up in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, you only had eyes for Luo Pin. You couldn't even be bothered to look at me at all. Now I'm different. I've been transformed, and your eyes are different. Don't think I don't know what you are. Do you want to start again with me by bringing me back to the Yan Huang Ancient Country? Can you stop daydreaming about that? Wu Yu, you are a pile of junk. I know I've stirred your heart now. You'll only be moved by girls whom you feel are worthy of you. Those who you think are not talented, no matter how much they love you, they will be abandoned by you, won't they?" 

Wu Yu listened until his face and ears were red. He could swear that the Nangong Wei he knew was different. Sometimes, he was a little confused, but his original intention did not change. If Nangong Wei really said that, it would be alright. However, this was a fake. It seemed like it was drawing its comments from his own memories and subconscious wishes. Would he unknowingly rekindle feelings for her as a result?

However, Wu Yu still denied it. He asked himself carefully, and still thought that their relationship was broken. Now he was just hoping that she could live well.

But he did not have to say any good words to this illusion. He was a little angry, and now he was not going to be polite. He said, "Don't praise yourself like that. You have changed, but you are still not worthy of me. Alright, just like you've said, I look down on you. What can you do? Let me say it more clearly: even if you have turned from a sparrow into a phoenix, I won't see you as anything. A mere Eternal Phoenix thinks that she is worthy of me? Have you thought too much and ended up thinking that all the men in the world are crazy for you? "

"At last, you've slipped up. Wu Yu would not say such things. No matter what, he still has his pride. At least he dares to admit what he does." Nangong Wei sneered again.

This made Wu Yu stunned again. He had decided that the other party was fake. Now the situation was better. This fake thing had instead tested if he was fake. And she seemed to have overestimated him. She thought that Wu Yu would not say such words, but Wu Yu had said them….

"You're about to reveal your true self, aren't you?

“Shall I intensify this conversation? Wu Yu, do you believe me or not? If you pester me again, I will go back to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, destroy your Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, and kill the people you love. If I do that, will you be angry? Will you kill me?" After Nangong Wei said this, she giggled.

When it came to this, Wu Yu could not hold back. Wu You and the others were Wu Yu's bottom line.

"No matter who you are, I'll send you to hell!" Wu Yu stared at her.

"Even if it's a person who loves you? "

"If she loved me, she wouldn't do it."

"I’d have to stop loving you, of course. But in order to make you miserable, I will do so. When I leave the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence, I will go back." Nangong Wei stared into his eyes.

Wu Yu could not stand this look. He lowered his voice, "Then I will definitely kill you."

"But you can't fight the Phoenix Supreme." Nangong Wei smiled.


Wu Yu was really angry. He found that he still could not walk out of this strange circle from the fifth platform. Such a conversation had breached his bottom line, making him want to fight.

"While it's not real, seeing you angry like this, I think I've succeeded. Stop acting. Reveal yourself." Nangong Wei smiled coyly.

"Die!" Wu Yu could not hold back. Was it alright to beat this damned illusion up? 

Anyway, she could not trick Wu Yu.

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