Chapter 0098: Sect's Trial

After the Immortal Ape Transformation, Wu Yu had almost become the Unparalleled Monkey King as seen in his Visualizing the Inner Ape. This was no ordinary ape after all. 

With those blazing pupils, sharp canines, and ruthless expression, any ordinary person would call him a nightmarish apparition. 

Lan Shuiyue had been smashed into defeat and she felt as though a mountain was pressing down upon her. The opponent's fearsome strength forced her to be unable to budge, and the vicious words in her mouth that she was planning to use to scold Wu Yu had suddenly been trapped within. All of it due to Wu Yu's frightening strength and words. 

Her complexion was pale as she shuddered when looking at Wu Yu.

Frankly speaking, this was the first time she felt some abject terror when facing Wu Yu.

"You... What do you want?"

She asked hurriedly. At the same time, she shot Ni Hongyi a terrified glance. What led her to feel even more dismayed was the fact that the blue-clothed disciple and the fox demon had joined hands and Ni Hongyi was just barely holding on. It was even less likely that she would be able to save her.

She could only gather all her pent up frustration and bury it in the depths of her heart. She was truly afraid that Wu Yu would kill her.

Wu Yu had not hesitated to kill Situ Minglang, and now that he was furious, she felt absolutely frightened.

Wu Yu's two pupils were blazing with golden fire as he stared at that arrogant face barely a palm’s width away. It was as though the fire would leap onto her and burn her at any point.

She only saw Wu Yu spell out his demands. "I have always been reasonable. When you harassed me at the Dao Querying Pagoda, I only used words to retaliate. Even if I was in the wrong, in front of everyone at Myriad Treasures Valley, I had apologized to you and had only wanted you to understand my position. False rumors will always pass. At that point, we should have called it quits.  Furthermore, you were the one who started it.

"However, you should not have forced me to kneel at the Valley of Immortal Fate and humiliated me. If I had not escaped, you would have tortured me with countless techniques and make me feel regret for a lifetime. Our conflict will be resolved in equal measure. For forcing me to kneel, I will make you pay the price." 

To Lan Shuiyue, Wu Yu's cold explanation of his thoughts and morals was what was terrifying.

"You... Wu Yu, I have made a mistake, I shouldn't have...."

Lan Shuiyue was still a girl, and she had been frightened senseless as she begged for mercy. Of course, her heart was still scheming. "You better not land in my, Lan Shuiyue's, hands in the future!”

"You wanted to ruin my manhood, what's the point of apologizing?" Wu Yu gave an irreverent smirk.

He wasn't planning to let things go with just a simple kneel from Lan Shuiyue. That was nothing. The two of them were guided by different moral compasses.

It was at this point in time that Wu Yu used his other hand to grasp hold of Lan Shuiyue's head. His palms were big, and he almost enclosed her entire head in his grasp before moving over and giving her a kiss on her dainty little lips. Despite how hard she struggled, she could not push Wu Yu away.

After a few breaths of time, Wu Yu finally let go as Lan Shuiyue stared at him blankly. It was as though her world had collapsed.

"I cannot be bothered to make an enemy out of you. However, as things have progressed to this point, no matter what kind of schemes you may have, no matter who you find to harass me, I, Wu Yu will accept it. If you want to make sure that I can neither rest nor die, I will always acquiesce. Let's see who will have the last laugh. I, Wu Yu, have been truly provoked today, and I have humiliated you. What will you do?"

His revenge was considered complete. He removed her Sumeru Pouch before finishing, "I'm confiscating this."

Inside were a few Spirit Concentration Pills, which he was sorely lacking. Since his opponent had chosen to aggravate him, he wouldn't hold back. 

"Wu Yu..." Lan Shuiyue's first kiss had been stolen from her in a brutish way. This was truly an unforgettable event, and she could only stare at Wu Yu blankly. 

"Are you regretting it now?"

Wu Yu could not be bothered with her any longer. There were too many arrogant ladies like her in the palatial courts, and he knew that even if he injured her, it would only be a temporary relief as she would definitely find trouble for him in the future. She did not deserve any pity. 


Wu Yu immediately threw her into the middle of the Lake of Jade before walking away calmly.

It was time to go.

If they did not, the fox demon and Ni Hongyi's fight might even implicate him.

The fox demon saw that Wu Yu had already settled his opponent and cheered excitedly. "Prince, please wait for me. I will deal with these individuals immediately."

"Sure, I will await you."

Wu Yu's face turned into a smile. His revenge had been taken. The fox demon was truly terrifying, and only an idiot would endanger themselves by staying by her side.

After speaking, he immediately turned tail and left. This place was filled with fog and was vast. In that momentary deadlock between the two, no one had known how far he had fled. 


The fox demon immediately stopped fighting and gave chase.


It was only at this point in time that Ni Hongyi was able to obtain a breather. She immediately went to rescue the floating Shuiyue.

"What... what happened?" The blue-clothed disciple suddenly looked at the two in shock.

"Go and die! Leave us!" Ni Hongyi was infuriated to the point of death by that blue-clothed disciple. If he had not been around, this situation would never have devolved this way. 

She scooped up Lan Shuiyue, but that girl seemed to be in a complete daze.

"Wu Yu! You truly deserve to die!"

Ni Hongyi's fury was ignited once again as she stared in the direction Wu Yu had departed.


This temporary altercation had taken almost an entire day's worth of time.

Wu Yu was worried that the fox demon would find him and thus escaped as quickly as he could into this labyrinth within the Valley of Immortal Fate. 

A day later, he chanced upon a deep cave which he promptly concealed himself within.

"This Valley of Immortal Fate has too many fifth tier Qi Condensation disciples, and the three demons are equally scary. I'm just too weak to compete for the immortal roots.

"Yet I have to obtain it this year, or else waiting till next year will waste too much time.

"The only way is to quickly increase my own strength."

He had stolen Lan Shuiyue's Sumeru Pouch for the sake of obtaining a few Spirit Concentration Pills. To pilfer someone else's Spirit Concentration Pills would not be considered too much during this trial.

"She forced me to kneel, and all I did was turn what was false into truth by kissing her. I guess this counts as an apology."

Wu Yu opened the Sumeru Pouch and discovered that there were eight Spirit Concentration Pills with a few medicinal herbs, immortal essences, and some talismans. There were also two immortal treasures, and what was left were some female clothes.

"Forget it. I will only take the Spirit Concentration Pills and leave her the rest." Wu Yu only removed the Spirit Concentration Pills and left the rest untouched.

"This Lan Shuiyue definitely has even more Spirit Concentration Pills, but she didn't bring them with her. Her master and mine are different. It's not very fair that she heaped all those cultivation resources onto her."

As he sat within the mountain cave, he held his breath and focused himself. 

"If I'm able to open the Heaven's Gate Meridian, that should suffice for now."

Furthermore, as he was cultivating the Invincible Vajra Body, he had already progressed with a speed incomparable to the norm in the Qi Condensation Realm. The two spiritual sources he had opened were with the help of Spirit Concentration Pills.

How could others be like him and use so many pills so wantonly? They would have likely exploded to death with the amount of energy the body had to resist. 

"Ever since the Bipo Mountain Range's spiritual qi became dense, combined with the Spirit Concentration Pills I have used, I am about halfway to opening my Heaven's Gate Meridian." 

He had originally planned to wait six months before opening the third spiritual source, but he could no longer wait.

One had to know that being able to open a spiritual source within half a year was already a speed akin to that of a god! It was unheard of. 

Furthermore, the average person did not possess Wu Yu's Invincible Vajra Body Immortality Art.

However, Wu Yu understood that without the Invincible Vajra Body's second tier, his ferocious improvement speed would definitely end sooner or later. As it stood, he was unable to continuously consume Spirit Concentration Pills. The energy within these pills was very violent, and his life would be threatened if it built up.


He swallowed an entire Spirit Concentration Pill and began to refine it.

This was not the first time and he could be considered to be experienced.

The energy from the Spirit Concentration Pill agglomerated on the two Heaven's Gate Meridians (wrists) and only when Wu Yu joined his palms together did they form a complete circulation. One could see the qi condensing a physical form, and it looked like flowing water as the energy coursed through his body. 

"Hmm, I can still hold on. The second pill."

After refining a single Spirit Concentration Pill, Wu Yu prepared the second one. This time it was more difficult as he struggled to control the energies from within the pill. It was almost unbearable. It felt as though both his limbs were about to explode into pieces.

However, after a period of time, the spiritual source finally formed. However, a further two months of time was needed for Wu Yu to formally enter the third tier of the Qi Condensation Realm for the spiritual source to stabilize. It looked like it was not possible to reach the third tier while he remained inside the Valley of Immortal Fate.

"At the end of the day, it’s just that I lack the Invincible Vajra Body's second tier.

"If I possessed the second tier, my cultivation speed within the Qi Condensation Realm would definitely hasten. As my body strengthens, my cultivation will also strengthen along with it. All I would need would be Spirit Concentration Pills and my foundations would be even sturdier than that of the average cultivator." 

The Invincible Vajra Body was possessed by Ming Long after all.

"Do you want to trade with this granny?" Ming Long spoke slowly. 

"Hehe. I have already told you of my conditions. It's not much. It's a cheap offer. Even though others have slaved for me, I  was unwilling to give them this immortality art. This is the number one Body Refining Immortality Art!" Ming Long announced triumphantly.

Wu Yu pondered over this.

"Let’s talk again another time."

He could not owe Ming Long too much.

Grabbing his Demon Subduing Staff, he visualized the Inner Ape within the cave, trying to see if he could remember the second tier of the Invincible Vajra Body.

At that point in time, he had definitely seen the complete Invincible Vajra Body, all 10,000 words.

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