Chapter 0979: The Final Platform

Wu Yu kept his highest guard up while stepping onto the fifth platform. 

The second to fourth platforms were each surrounded by a layer of mist, as though they were in the clouds or an immortal realm. 

However, the moment he stepped onto the fifth platform, Wu Yu found this place to be different. The atmosphere wasn't shrouded in mist, it was clear like the first platform. It could roughly fit 1,000 men, and the difference was that there weren't any advanced dao treasures here. 

Overall, the fifth platform was empty. However, it was because of this that Wu Yu was more cautious. He knew that the common setup for most people would be that the last segment would be the most dangerous. 

This was the last segment and yet he couldn't see anything unique about it. As such, Wu Yu concluded that, based on his past experiences, this would be the most frightening platform. He was even a little anxious. After all, what he experienced moments ago had stupefied him. Those were means that only immortals were capable of. 

On the fifth platform, the most glaring thing was the giant golden eye behind the platform. The golden eye was blazing in intense flames, and at this very moment, it was locked on Wu Yu. This eye was huge and probably the size of the Ancient Demon God. Standing before the eye, Wu Yu was as small as an ant. 

He stood alone before the giant eye and was less than 100 zhang away from it. If he wanted to, he could walk towards the eye instantly. Obviously, he wouldn't dare to do that right now. This was because he was on the fifth platform. Some terrifying trials might be starting at any moment. Who knew what the third trial would be after passing through the fifth platform? 

Therefore, he had to be exceptionally cautious. 

He locked eyes with the golden eye in this realm where no one else could be seen. Wu Yu didn't know if he was the first to reach this place or if others were also on the fifth platform but weren't in the same plane as him. This was because he knew that the place he was standing on might just be an illusory realm. 

The illusions should be at a peak.

He took a deep breath and wanted to move his doppelganger forward. 

"In this wretched place, even if I did get the two precious treasures, they might not be real," Wu Yu warned himself. This was really infuriating. No one would want to be happy for nothing. 

Regardless, Wu Yu came to a conclusion. From the moment they entered the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence, everything might be an illusion. In fact, he might not even have reached the fifth platform. 

Even if he did get the treasure subsequently and returned to the Yan Huang Ancient Region, that might not have happened. Perhaps he would still be in the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence and had never left the place. 

After all, everything in the first trial felt so real. Who knew if it would be just a facade.... 

Now he thought of splitting out his doppelgangers to take a look at the golden eye first. 

At this moment, he felt a chill run down his spine. 

This was because he heard movement behind him. 

When he turned his head over abruptly, he was shocked to find Nangong Wei standing there. She was just a zhang away from Wu Yu and standing on the edge of the platform. Wu Yu didn't know how long she had been there. 

Closing the distance and taking a closer look, Wu Yu found her to be similar to what he had seen on the fourth platform. Her beauty triumphed all ladies in the world. The 10,000 beauties in Wu Yu's chambers of imperial concubines dimmed before her presence. It was especially so considering she had a noble disposition that came from being an Eternal Phoenix. Those without bloodlines of similar class wouldn't be able to exhibit it. 

All men in the world would likely feel inferior upon seeing her beauty and be wary of approaching her. They could only revere her and not even dare to have random thoughts about her. 

"So the trial on the fifth platform is still her?" The moment Wu Yu saw her, he sneered in his mind. Perhaps the Golden Eye Ancient Demon could identify through spirit designs that she had a complicated relationship with Wu Yu and therefore brought her out once again. On the second platform, she had been killed. On the fourth platform, she had appeared once again. 

"I'd sure like to see what kinds of tricks the Golden Eye Ancient Demon will come up with involving her." Although Wu Yu was smirking, he was still cautious. This was because he kept on reminding himself that he was still on the fifth platform! There was a total of five platforms, and he was currently standing on the last platform. This would definitely be the most daunting trial. 

He kept a distance from her while staring indifferently at the beauty that could turn one's world upside down. 

She also appeared to be shocked. Immediately after, she scoffed and said, "You again? The Golden Eye Ancient Demon sure doesn't know when to stop. Why are you so annoying to be everywhere? Can I see someone else?" 

She looked at Wu Yu with discontent. 

Wu Yu was taken aback and broke into silent laughter. He thought, "What does she mean? Seeing me as fake? So I will think she is real? What a shame! I'm not that foolish!" 

His Eyes of Fire and Gold couldn't tell real from fake. Nonetheless, he still reminded himself that this was the fifth platform. Regardless of how realistic the things he saw and heard were, he couldn't believe any of it. 

"Stop acting. Show me what you are capable of. I know that the person you show me will appear to be real. However, don't even think that I will fall for it," Wu Yu said decisively. 

Upon hearing him, she shook her head helplessly. She looked at Wu Yu with contempt and said, "How hilarious! A thief calling one a thief? I do have some form of relationship with his man, but you have used him to fool me on multiple occasions. I won't fall for it again." 

Some form of relationship? 

Wu Yu was stumped. What did she mean by that? 

The Phoenix Dawn couldn't recall who he was at all. Why would she say she had some form of relationship with him? 

"Why don't you tell me what relationship we have?" Wu Yu stared at her. His mind was wavering and he had his doubts. He felt like she might just be real. 

Upon hearing him, Nangong Wei sneered and continued looking down on him. She said, "Aren't you incredible? Don't you know about everything that goes on in my mind? Why don’t you know now? Do you think this will make you appear more real? Your trick of asking when you already know the answer is really pointless. Is this the fifth platform? You saw through everything previously. Shouldn't you know everything about me and the man standing before me? Are you still trying to fake it?" 

The "you" she was saying was referring to the fifth platform's trial, while "the man" was referring to Wu Yu. 

At this moment, Wu Yu took two steps back and felt as though he was struck by lightning. His heart was buzzing as he stared at Nangong Wei in shock and exclaimed, "You were faking it! You know you are Nangong Wei! You have been acting as though you lost your memories before me since the beginning. Were you pretending to be the Phoenix Dawn?" 

He had never expected this to be the truth. If it was, he could only admit that Nangong Wei was too great at keeping things to herself. Or perhaps she wanted to sever all relations with Wu Yu forever. Therefore, so she could start a new journey, she wouldn't want Wu Yu to know that she still had her memories. 

Upon hearing Wu Yu's astonished response, Nangong Wei chuckled. "Forget it. Your act is too spurious. You didn’t just find out about this. Wasn’t it obvious on the second platform?" 

Wu Yu's mind was blank. He had never expected Nangong Wei to be like this. However, giving it deeper thought, this was something she would have wanted to do. This was because she might really want to forget about him.... 

At that instant, Wu Yu broke out in cold sweat. 

He suddenly smiled and said, "How realistic. I understand now. Everything I'm seeing is just what I imagined. It's because I was thinking she might remember everything and therefore you materialized my subconscious thoughts. All the trials before this were the same. You read my memories and thoughts to show me those scenes. I almost fell for it again. It was just my wishful thinking that she might remember me. As for her, she wouldn't have remembered. Even if she did, she wouldn't say it so casually before me here!" 

He looked at her vigilantly. He finally understood how terrifying the other party was. Everything was too realistic. When the other party exposed the inner workings of his mind, Wu Yu almost believed that she was really Nangong Wei. 

Nangong Wei was shocked to hear Wu Yu. Shortly after, the shocked expression was replaced with a cold smirk. "That's the way. What you just did previously was too out of character. Continue your act. No matter what the illusions are, I'll be able to see through it. You might be able to fool me with others. However, if it has something to do with him, I won't fall for it." 

Wu Yu also laughed silently. He had not expected the bogus Nangong Wei to be getting more intelligent. If he had not stuck with his beliefs, he wouldn't know that he had fallen for her trap once again. Now he had concluded that this Nangong Wei was definitely a fake. This was because she had told Wu Yu that she remembered everything. Wu Yu had verified that Nangong Wei couldn't possibly remember. Otherwise, she wouldn't have made it through the first trial so easily. Only he would have thought otherwise subconsciously, and the Golden Eye Ancient Demon was materializing his deepest thoughts. 

After confirming his viewpoint, he was afraid of nothing. On the other hand, he felt like the act from the other party was rather interesting. She was amazing as well as she had reacted in a similar manner as Wu Yu. Only both of them were here. Therefore, Wu Yu felt like the trial of the fifth platform would most likely be her. 

"What? Continue? What are your other tricks? I still don't believe you!" Nangong Wei crossed her arms before her just like she had done when she was back in the Shushan Immortal Sect. She was prideful in her core, but she wasn't the same as when she was young. 

After Wu Yu made up his mind, he decided to go all out. He didn't believe the other party could fool him again. Therefore, he was open about it. He had lots of words for her. However, since she was a bogus, it wouldn't mean anything. He said, "You want to know? I feel that the younger you was so much cuter than the current you. Arrogance is all I can feel from you now. I want to give you a slap whenever I see you. Do you believe me?" 

Nangong Wei was furious. "Damn illusion. Are you trying to deceive my senses by insulting me? Alright, come for it. You said I was cuter when I was younger. Didn't you rely on me for everything when we first met? Subsequently, you were selfish and thought only for yourself. You never had me in your heart. You humiliated me in public. Why would you even come look for me on the Nanyin Demon Continent after all that? What hypocrisy! You are the most hypocritical person I've ever met. Truth be told, I'm not in the mood to scold you. Since you appeared in his form here, I won't be courteous with you." 

Wu Yu was also enraged. Bitch! The illusions of the Golden Eye Ancient Demon was insulting him using his own memories! 

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