Chapter 0978: Ten Thousand Concubines

Wu Yu laughed coldly.

He knew that he had to finish off the previous royal family, down to the last member. Or one day, their descendants would come for him.

Or his own descendants.

His Heaven Devouring Avatar opened its huge mouth, a yawning black hole that devoured all the original royal family, picking them out as if they had been selected.

"Wu Yu, you're damned!"

"You ungrateful mongrel! It was us, the royal family, who acknowledged you from the start! It was the Ancient Emperor who sheltered you! And you’ve repaid his grace with evil!"

"The heavens will definitely send another immortal to punish you!"

The royal family's princes and princesses, their concubines, and all the royal cousins were wailing and cursing, but to no avail. They were very quickly devoured, and all sounds abruptly cut off. Di Shatian was also in their midst, sniveling in fear as he was devoured by Wu Yu.

"Wu Yu, you’ve betrayed me!" A voice from behind made Wu Yu turn. There were two huge coffins, golden and silver, their lids open. Two people appeared from within, exactly the same, save that one was golden and the other silver. Wu Yu recalled that this was Prince Le.

"And how did I betray you?" Wu Yu laughed carelessly. He knew that this was the strongest person besides himself here, but he did not pay heed.

"You are just my Kingmaker. How dare you take my place!"

Wu Yu laughed derisively. "Your ass. I even killed your father. Kingmaker? You, die too." With a loud laugh, he reached out - the Ruyi Jingu Bang appeared in Wu Yu's hand.

Seeing the Ruyi Jingu Bang, Prince Le was truly scared now.

"You are the last of the Yan Huang royal family. Die!"

"No, I am not from the royal family!" The two Prince Les screamed out. His two bodies started to change drastically. They formed a huge, tentacled beast, with golden and silver tentacles!

The two coffins were like shell armor, now attached to his body.

But as Wu Yu swung the Ruyi Jingu Bang, the huge beast was smashed into bits, burned by Wu Yu's golden flames with a horrendous sound.


The Heaven Devouring Avatar descended, swallowing the huge beast in one gulp.

"I submi–" Prince Le's words had not even finished, and he had already died.

"Those who cross me will meet such a fate. Understood? From today onwards, I am the immortal in the Jambu Realm!" Wu Yu's gaze swept out. His reality and his voice swept across the world. Everyone bowed to him, and no head dared to lift.

Wu Yu felt peerlessly happy looking at the masses. The power was sublime. No wonder everyone wanted to stand at the top.

"Next, I will choose the prettiest, most elite women of the Yan Huang Ancient Region to be my harem and breed my future generations. Sons and daughters to enrich my royal family. After all, one day I will leave this place for a bigger stage, and my offspring will lead the mortal world for millions more years."

His gaze swept across the whole world. All the young and comely women were dragged out to the Ancient Flame Platform in their thousands. Wu Yu chose those of the prime age, of the best talent and cultivation levels, and those who had no dao companions and had guarded their bodies like treasures. They were all the finest beauties, including some familiar faces, like Princess You Xue and other princesses.

"Congratulations to the Grand Emperor." Everyone cheered again, and the comely beauties flushed with nervousness. Wu Yu was in excellent spirits. "Return to my palace. Within 100 years, I will birth thousands of descendants. All thanks to my loving concubines." 

"Yes, Grand Emperor," the girls chorused docilely. No one even dared to look at them. After all, they belonged to the immortal.

Wu Yu commanded their return to the palace to await his attention. But he did not follow immediately. He was a little downcast. He had conquered the world, with all as his reverent subjects, and the Yan Huang royal family had been eradicated. He had thousands of concubines, the cream of the Yan Huang Ancient Region's crop. Why was he unhappy?

Each of those thousands of beauties had peerless beauty, and there were thousands of them. Even if he took but a few each day, he would need a long time to get through them all. A fresh feel every day, but why couldn't he muster any excitement….

His head was aching.

"Is it the after-effects of the wound?" He suspiciously looked around him.

He turned back to see his pretty flock. His body could not wait to join them, but his spirit felt a hollowness. He realized that this was not what he wanted.

"Then what do I want...." At this time, a figure appeared in his mind, a nine-colored phoenix that roamed the skies and lit it up. She shifted to human form, wearing an orange skirt. Her long hair flying in the wind, she was so beautiful that the other women were like dust compared to her.

"No! Not this person!" He shook his head and a stronger image surged forth. A snow-white mystical dragon, majestic as the sea, arrived. Her white hair and long skirt billowing, a trace of a smile gracing her lips, flowing into Wu Yu's heart as gently as a spring.

"Yes, that's who I want! I don't want concubines! Who is she?!" Wu Yu had lost all interest in everything that he had. All he wanted to do was be with her and roam the ends of the world with her.

He did not want authority. He did not want to tower above all. That was arrogance. He just wanted a simple life, with just one companion.

"Her name seems to be Luo Pin. I just want to be with her, and roam the world with her." Wu Yu suddenly recalled her.

A jolt in his brain.

"That's right. What I want is the freedom of the immortal dao. It is a modest existence with a dao companion. Why am I here, taking authority and relishing in slaughter, savoring the grovelings of the world? This is not me!

"This is not right, not right! How could I be so vicious as to kill the entire Yan Huang royal family? How could I associate with all these women I don't even know, just for my future generations? That's not me!"

Wu Yu was rooted to the spot, watching the people kneel before him, and the tens of thousands of girls trying to seduce him and catch his attention. This entire world seemed to bend to his strength.

He had thought it awesome. But now he realized that this was not what he wanted. That was not him! He had never been that arrogant or cruel. He had never once hoped for such a future. All he wanted was a lover, some brothers and sisters, and then to roam the world for eternity!

"I cannot possibly enjoy the building of a huge empire and then creating a legacy...."

Wu Yu grew surer and surer. His mind was throbbing, and a stage suddenly appeared in his vision through it!

"How terrifying! This is the test of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence!" Wu Yu was startled awake.

"Of course. I was already shouting at you from the second stage. You didn't even reply. I thought you were going to waste away here. What were you on about, 10,000 babies in a century? Are you a pig?" Finally, he heard Ming Long's voice again.

So she had heard all that he had said. Wu Yu's face reddened. He felt foolish now that he was himself again. How could he have wanted to exterminate the Yan Huang royal family and gather so many concubines?

He had finally passed the fourth platform.

But Wu Yu still felt pangs of fear as he looked back.

"This fourth platform might not be deadly, but it can trap people for a long time. After all, many would luxuriate in the feeling of superiority. They would be used to arrogant treatment after growing omnipotent. Who would want to leave such a world? And the more they are immersed in power and beauty, the more they are unable to leave. It seems like this will be a tough hurdle for many, such as Nanshan...."

The Full Moon of Nanshan lived in such a red haze. This was his dao. But Wu Yu was completely different. In this four-tiered trial, many might be seduced, but not Wu Yu. It was not what he wanted, and so he had come out quickly. Anyone else might have lingered inside for the babymaking, swooning in their world of eternal pleasure.

Wu Yu had not been able to hear Ming Long for a while now. This showed that the first three tiers had been illusory. But now he could, and was awake. Finally, the fifth platform was before him!

"This is the final test. As long as I pass this, I can reach the golden eye's position. And the Phoenix Supreme and the others might not be faster than me. After all, these five stages do not test power, but... mentality. Up till now, they have been greed, hatred, obsession, and pride!" It was just as Wu Yu had been on the Ancient Flame Platform.

Before him was the fifth tier. He had been through much, and was prepared. But he knew that his preparations would not count for much. The Golden Eye Ancient Demon would toy with them, and no one could avoid being toyed with.

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