Chapter 0977: The dominance of the Grand Emperor

How many platforms were there in total?

Wu Yu was a little dazed, but he knew that there should be five platforms, and he had already passed through three levels.

It was confirmed that these five levels of platforms were the second test.

"Greed, hatred, obsession...."

Wu Yu had no greed, no hatred, no obsession, and walked past the three platforms.

Actually, the biggest threat was hatred. He was not greedy nor obsessed, but easily enraged. Hence, to this day, the second platform was the one he was most cautious of.

He did not know what he would face next. His thoughts were not clear. While he could recall many things by coincidence, he would forget them quickly.

"It must be the fog that is clouding my mind. In reality, these five platforms should be five terrifying illusionary spirit designs, though there are no indications."

This time, Wu Yu was very careful as he rushed onto the fourth platform.

Just as he stepped onto it, he realized that this platform was very different from the previous ones. It felt as though he had suffered a blow to his head upon reaching this platform. Wu Yu's cranium rumbled. It felt like it was cracking. While this great pain did not last long, his head became emptier and emptier. Many things were lost very quickly!

The Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence really gave the feeling that his brain was being drawn into a washer. He was constantly on alert, but unknowingly and instantly, he was attacked by the other party's power. Wu Yu was not clear-headed now. If he was, he would know that it was because the Golden Eye Ancient Demon was too powerful. If he really was a demon immortal, his spirit designs would be of immortal level, and it would be normal that they had such effect.

When the Phoenix Supreme first stepped up here, she was probably no different from Wu Yu.

"Reporting to the Grand Emperor. The emperors of all other Yan Huang countries have arrived. The powerful people of the whole of Yan Huang Ancient Region are gathered at the Ancient Flame Platform."

In a trance, everything became clear in front of him. He was sitting at a very high position at the moment. In front of him was a huge and brilliant black and gold hall with Dragon Ascension Columns as thick as a giant tree, and candle fires burning with golden flame. The epic histories carved on the walls all around showed the heaviness and seriousness here, even if the strongest of them all would not dare to say a word here. 

Wu Yu felt that this place seemed familiar. It seemed like one of the palaces inside the Yan Huang Royal Palace.

His current position allowed him to look down. He stroked the armrest of the chair. This seemed to be a golden mystical dragon chair. 

"This is the dragon throne of the Yan Huang Ancient Country...." He was confused as to why he was seated here.

"Grand Emperor!" a person below called out. His voice was trembling. It was only then that Wu Yu saw that someone was kneeling below. He was prostrating on the ground and dared not raise his head to look at Wu Yu.

"Raise your head," Wu Yu said without thinking. He also did not know how something he had said so carelessly could seem so authoritative and domineering.

That person trembled and raised his head. Wu Yu knew this man. He seemed to be called Di Shatian, the previous Regent. He remembered that he used to sit at this position.

"Di Shatian prostrating before me...." Wu Yu looked at all this coldly. His heart was not moved. He recalled that Di Shatian seemed to have spoken previously and said, "Repeat yourself. I did not hear clearly just now."

Di Shatian was nervous and repeated, "Reporting to the Grand Emperor. Everyone is here."

"Oh, all here, then let's go." Wu Yu stood up. He could feel the vibrant strength in his body. He remembered that Di Shatian was strong but Wu Yu now had the confidence to slay him instantly.

He knew where the Ancient Flame Platform was. It was outside the Imperial City and was an extremely spacious place. It could contain many people and was very high up. On the platform, one could view the entire Immortal's Capital.  

Wu Yu instantly appeared outside the palace. The familiar Imperial City appeared in front of him. He raised his head to see. Faraway, there was a platform burning with golden flames. That was the Ancient Flame Platform. There were many people there. The elite were plentiful like trees in a forest, but Wu Yu sneered without reason. He thought that these people were strong but also merely acceptable. 


Instantly, Wu Yu appeared on the Ancient Flame Platform. He was like the burning sun standing over the Ancient Flame Platform. Indeed, he could see the entire Immortal's Capital from here. Wu Yu saw at first glance that every street in the Immortal's Capital was packed with people. At this moment, all of them were looking up at the sky. There were millions of them, and they were top martial cultivators. 

At second look, he saw the people on the Ancient Flame Platform. There were about 1,000 of them. and most were elders. These were the top elites of the whole of Yan Huang Ancient Region.

The instant Wu Yu appeared, the millions of martial cultivators in the Immortal's Capital and the top elites on this Ancient Flame Platform knelt on the ground.

"Respect to the Yan Huang Grand Emperor! May the Grand Emperor remain immortal and boundless!"

During this time, the people's voices reverberated and spread. More and more people in the Yan Huang Ancient Region heard this cry, got on their knees, even threw themselves to the ground, and followed the cries. Wu Yu's eyes could even sweep the whole Yan Huang Ancient Region. He saw that all the people in the Yan Huang Ancient Region had knelt to him.

The number of all the living beings in the Yan Huang Ancient Region was unclear. However, Wu Yu could see all of them. He felt that he was too strong, and he was very satisfied with his strength. He was like a real immortal. At this moment, he looked at everyone, especially the group closest to himself on the Ancient Flame Platform.

Their heads were bowed and they were prostrating too. They even trembled. Although he could not see their faces clearly, Wu Yu knew them. At this time, Di Shatian had joined them.

These people closest to Wu Yu were the emperors of the Yan Huang Ancient Region, such as the Dark Sea Emperor of the Dark North Kingdom, the emperors of the Devilsky Court, the Rising Cloud Nation, and the Muxu Kingdom. At least the ones most likely to become immortal had arrived. They all acted like grandchildren and were extremely devout to him.

"Congratulations to the Grand Emperor for unifying Yan Huang. From now on, the Yan Huang Ancient Country is as big as the Yan Huang Ancient Region."

"Congratulations to the Grand Emperor! Congratulations to the Grand Emperor!" The emperors of the immortal kingdoms were now respectful and dared not have any other thoughts. In their voices, he could hear that they had submitted to him willingly. 

"From now on, the Grand Emperor dominates the world."

Wu Yu could not help laughing. "I didn't think that I would reach such heights and suppress these people under my feet!"

Suddenly, he was a little afraid. He had unified the Yan Huang Ancient Region and was the immortal-like being that all living beings submitted themselves to and respected fearfully. However, what had happened to the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor who originally stood in this position?

He recalled that he had just killed the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor in a great battle before everyone in Yan Huang submitted themselves to him willingly. The battle then was so fierce that they almost destroyed an area comparable to a small immortal kingdom. Now he was really invincible.

"I think it's the fight with the Ancient Emperor. Although I killed him, I was injured, so I've been a bit confused recently, but I will be better soon." Wu Yu told himself that he understood what had happened. It was no wonder he was a little dazed today. 

Once again, his gaze swept over everyone. They were really in awe of him. Even people like the Dark Sea Emperor were kneeling down and worshipping him.

Wu Yu could not help sneering, and he said in his heart, "These people used to look down on me, some of them even threatened me greatly.  Now that I am the king, the emperor dominating this world, I shall make them kneel down more."

He thought this and did not speak. He stood up in the air with his face indifferent. Seeing this, people were even more fearfully respectful. None of them moved or made a sound. They were all waiting for Wu Yu to speak.

Suddenly, Wu Yu saw Di Yuantian in the crowd and was instantly furious. This guy had made things difficult for him previously. He did not expect for him to be still alive. Wu Yu was mercilessly looked at Di Yuantian, who was trembling a lot. He said, "Do you want me to do it or do you want to do it yourself?"

"Wah! Please spare me, Grand Emperor. I didn't recognize your talents from the start and offended the Grand Emperor. I should have died for my sins...."

"Then you should die." Wu Yu's eyes flashed, and a golden pillar of fire appeared in his eyes. Maybe it was because he had fought with the Ancient Emperor and was affected by the fight. He was a little confused about the tier of his Eyes of Fire and Gold. Anyway, he shot his flames out and Di Yuantian turned into charcoal and died instantly.

"Wow!" Watching this scene, everyone was frightened and quickly threw themselves into the ground. They dared not make a sound. This was not limited to the Ancient Flame Platform, but the entire Immortal's Capital. Wu Yu saw that while they lowered their heads, they revered him like an immortal. 

"All right, don't waste it." Wu Yu split out his Heaven Devouring Avatar. His Heaven Devouring Avatar was in the mist state and directly devoured Di Yuantian, who was burned cleanly. At this moment, the Heaven Devouring Avatar turned into a gigantic beast that was about one third the size of the Immortal's Capital. When Heaven Devouring Avatar appeared, Wu Yu saw that they became even more frightened, and all the elites paled, including the Dark Sea Emperor.

People trembled and shouted, "The Grand Emperor is great, the Grand Emperor is great!" 

Wu Yu was happy. He enjoyed the feeling of killing millions in a second of anger. He was so powerful. Who would not enjoy such strength? At this time, he saw a lot of acquaintances, including Prince Yao, Prince Chen, Princess Ying, as well as the members of the Yan Huang royal family.

Wu Yu was furious.

"The Ancient Emperor is dead. It's time the Yan Huang royal family disappeared. In the future, only my descendants can be the royal family!"

When he said that, the heavens and earth changed colors. Every Yan Huang royal family member, including Di Shatian, seemed to have heard the judgment of their fate. At this moment, every one of them fell to the ground with pale faces.

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