Chapter 0976: Mutual Affection

It wasn't just Wu Yu's main body who had sunk into this state. His Heaven Devouring Avatar was the same. 

As for the puppet, the Dignified Archer Elemental, it was affected by Wu Yu and had entered into an offensive state. 

Everything that was shown to him was fueling his anger. From the news of Ye Xixi in the beginning to seeing the corpse of Full Moon of Nanshan and eventually Wu You hung to death before him. 

Immediately after, Wu Yu saw even more. For example, Bipo Mountain Range covered in corpses, Yan Huang Imperial City was hit and smashed into the ground, the brutal deaths of Feng Xueya, Su Yanli, Sun Wudao and many others. 

Everything happened without him being able to do anything. As for his enemy, that  "Ye Xixi" appeared constantly to taunt Wu Yu. Everytime she showed herself, she was always able to rouse Wu Yu's anger. However, Wu Yu couldn't catch up to her at all. She was moving around like a phantom! 

"Anger and fury wouldn't do a thing. It's just a matter of time that everyone related to you and everyone you love would die in my hands." 

The unbridled voice kept ringing in Wu Yu's ears. 

Too many people had died and the scenes were unprecedentedly miserable. 

Wu Yu now saw the entire world tinted in fresh blood. 

"Xixi, Nanshan, big sister, master, senior sister... Everyone is dead...... This is all my fault. That person is behind all of these. I'm going to kill her. I'm going to kill her!" 

Wu Yu's eyes were bloodshot while searching for that person. Endless rage had filled up his chest. 

'Why are you back again?" All of a sudden, he heard someone speaking. He turned around and saw that person wearing an orange long dress and covered in nine-colored flames. She looked noble and majestic with a high and mighty demeanor. 


"My name is Phoenix Dawn!" 

She roared and interrupted Wu Yu. At this moment, she was walking towards Wu Yu. All of a sudden, a sword penetrated through her body and Wu Yu saw her falling to the ground gradually. Immediately after, he saw that "Ye Xixi" smiling sheepishly. "I'm sorry, I killed another one. Who would be next? Let me think? From the deepest of your memories, the portion that relates to love... That's a dragon?" How impressive. However, she's about to die soon......" 

After finishing her words, she shattered into pieces once again and vanished from Wu Yu's sight. 

"A dragon? Who is that?" 

After Nangong Wei died and Wu Yu was drowning in anger, a small doubt surfaced in his heart.  

He thought hard about it and a figure emerged in his mind. That was a girl with white hair and she was so dazzling in Wu Yu's heart. As a result, Wu Yu only recalled her name was Luo Pin after pondering for some time. 

"Even Luo Pin is about to die in her hands?"  "But I shouldn't have to worry for her. She's the Lord of the Four Seas! How many people could possibly kill her?  That insignifcant one probably couldn't, right?" 

"It's impossible. She's really strong and I'm still trying to catch up to her. She wouldn't die. She's a really powerful immortal beast......" 

"Moreover, I don't even know where she is. How could that "Ye Xixi" find her......" 

He was talking to himself constantly and doubts keep surfacing. Amidst the doubts, the extreme anger he felt started to fade. This was because he started to notice more suspicious points and recalled more things. 

"That's right. She couldn't be here." 

"Oh right, where am I?" He looked around her and saw the surroundings were all shrouded in mist. To his astonishment, he seemed to have forgotten where he was. 

He gave it deeper thoughts and wrecked his brain before recalling. "This is the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence and the platform......" 

All of a sudden, he shivered and the anger he felt faded like the tides of the sea. 

"This is that platform. My sister couldn't possibly appear here. Others wouldn't as well. What happened to me......?" 

He looked at his Heaven Devouring Avatar who was also staring back at him. He was surprised to know he was so infuriated previously. When he could clearly see his two bodies, he suddenly realized everything was just a facade. 

As such, the anger that had taken roots in his heart vanished without a trace. Taking a closer look, the platform wasn't huge. It was just that it was shrouded in the mist. Lifting his head, the golden pupil wasn't too far away and he could see the third level of the platform through the mist. 

"The first was greed and the second was hatred..." 

Hatred breeds anger. Wu Yu regained his clear mind and knew everything was just a facade. However, he was still a little afraid and a little uncertain. Many scenes had lingered in his mind. Although he was currently in a temporary state of clarity, he didn't know when he would plunge into the sea of anger once again. Therefore, he had to constantly warned himself. He kept the Dignified Archer Elemental away as he knew it wouldn't be of use in this place. He might as well rush to the next level of the platform. 

After which, he walked with his Heaven Devouring Avatar. Wu Yu had kept the Heaven Devouring Avatar with him so he could have a clear look at himself. This would better allow him to know what he was doing. From here onwards, he was staring at himself at all times. 


He charged towards the third platform. 

"There's a total of five levels. This time, I'm just going to focus on getting forward and disregard all things that are happening." 

In a blink of an eye, he made it to the third level. It was then he realized the second platform wasn't as broad as he had thought. Perhaps he was remaining on the spot for most of the time previously. 

Both the main body and Heaven Devouring Avatar had reached the third platform. 

He was surprised to see the third platform to be also shrouded in the mist. Within the mist, Wu Yu felt his head was heavy. He could barely remember what happened previously. 

"Where am I?" Looking at the surrounding mist, Wu Yu was in a daze. He didn't knew why he was at this place and everything felt like a dream. There's no opening and he was just here out of the blue. 

"Wu Yu, you are finally here." Everything started spinning at the moment. Wu Yu could now see he was in an immortal realm! He was surrounded by a sea of flowers with a myriad of colors. The birds chirped and the aroma of the flowers filled the atmosphere. At the same time, the density of spiritual qi was high. Each breath taken was refreshing. 

The person who spoke was standing before Wu Yu. She wore a blue long dress and had silverish white hair that glittered like platinium. Shrouded in the mist, she was so breathtakingly perfect.  The moment Wu Yu saw her, he felt suffocated. He had thought of her for a long time and was surprised to see her here. 

"Luo Pin...... Why would you be here?" Wu Yu was intoxicated in her beauty. Her red lips, her deep eyes, her snow-white skin, her alluring figures...... 

However, Luo Pin appeared to be a little cold. She stared at Wu Yu and said, "I understand now. I know you have been working hard to catch up to me all along. However, I don't wish to wait for you further. I'm here today to bid farewell. Don't come looking for me in the future.  Goodbye." 

Wu Yu was intoxicated in her beauty but what she said dealt an unimaginable blow to Wu Yu. He felt he was suffocated and struggling in the pool of misery. He stared at Luo Pin with disbelief and said, "Didn't you agree to wait for me......? Why? There will be a day I'll be deserving of you! Even if you are the Lord of the Four Seas currently." 

Luo Pin shook her head, smirked and said, "Forget it. I'm not waiting for you futher. You and I come from different worlds. Let's not try to force us together.  In the past, I gave you the opportunity because of my gratitude towards you. Now, I have finally understood that we aren't compatible.  The gulf between us is titanic.  And dao companions should be two people of comparable heights. Only then they could help each other and grow together.  I'm heading to the sky palace to be an immortal. I wouldn't want to remain in the mortal realm." 

She was so direct and each word was encroaching on Wu Yu's bottomline and made him feel miserable. All the wishful thinking had went up in smoke at this point. Yet, Luo Pin looked indifferent and wasn't concern how he miserable he was. 

These words struck deeply on Wu Yu's heart. He couldn't forget Luo Pin saying there were from two worlds. 

"You are just a mortal man. Truth be told, you aren't compatible with me. "Perhaps she was afraid Wu Yu would be unwilling. Therefore, she emphasized it once again. 

"Remember. Don't come looking for me.  Live your life and drop your wishful thinking towards me.  There's a saying in the mortal realm that goes "completely out of your league". I hope you understand what it means." 

Wu Yu couldn't understand why she had to be so harsh even if she thought of shaking him off. 

"Regardless, being friends should be acceptable? Don't say that of me......" He mumbled bitterly. 

Catching up to Luo Pin had always been an exceptional important goal of his. Yet, this goal had not shattered. 

"Hehe! I know you wouldn't give up and still hold on to your wishful thinking. Alright, let me tell you the truth so you can give up completely. I have already found a suitable dao companion. He and I are getting along well. I hope you don't come between us. Goodbye.  After all, you are far from being worthy." After finishing what she wanted to say, she rose to the sky and vanished rapidly. Wu Yu didn't even catch a good look on how she had disappeared. 

Another brutal blow! 

She had someone she liked! 

How outstanding was that person? 

Wu Yu was indignant. He was belittled. His emotions were conflicted. Deep in his core, he felt aggrieved. Aggrieved to see someone he was fond of becoming someone's girl. Therefore, he wanted to give chase and prove to her that he could crush that guy. At this moment, the thoughts of possessing Luo Pin was growing in his mind like a devil! 

"I can't give up. I definitely must own her. I must let her take back what she said today!" 

Wu Yu made a declaration in his mind. 

"However, put it more frankly, if this was really her and she belittled me all along, it just goes to show she's stuck up. She even had to resort to these means to make me give up. A girl like her wouldn't be suitable for me. Why would I want to be with her then?" 

Wu Yu still identified the doubt in his mind. 

He shook his head and mumbled, "Dao companion should have mutual affections and help each other. That's the most amazing part of it. If there isn't a suitable person, I shouldn't impose my will on another person." 

These were his sincere thoughts. 

When Wu Yu thought it through, he suddenly saw nothing before him other than the fourth platform. 

It was then he understood whatever he saw previously were fake. 

Perhaps this was a trial of one's inner heart. However, relying on his own dao, Wu Yu got through them. 

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