Chapter 0975: Second Platform

The second platform was right before his eyes. 

From this spot, Wu Yu couldn't see any of the advanced dao treasures on the higher platform. 

This showed that there were only roughly 1,000 advanced dao treasures. 

Nonetheless, 1,000 was a huge number to him. 

As they approached the second platform, the Full Moon of Nanshan was still staring at the advanced dao treasures below him. He heaved a sigh and said, "What a shame. If we lose out because we were too suspicious, this will be a huge loss." 

Although this was what he said, he wouldn't act out of the way since he had decided not to touch them. 

“The stairs here are divided into several platforms. The platform above us might be different from the one we are standing on. Keep your guard up," Wu Yu reminded. 

The three of them nodded before taking the step up to the higher level. 

The truth was, with their capabilities, they could have dashed for the golden eye. However, Wu Yu believed that the owner of this place, the Golden Eye Ancient Demon, wouldn't allow them to do so. 

They were cautious of changes along the way. 

Those treasures would probably be used to take them down. 

This time, the moment they got on the new platform, they found themselves surrounded by white mist as though they were in the clouds. 

"There have been changes as soon as we got up. Be careful. Watch your surroundings," Wu Yu reminded them. However, before he could finish his words, he was shocked to find that the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, who were just right next to him, had vanished. 

"How can this be possible?" Wu Yu didn't feel like he had entered an alternate space. However, it was certain that the other two had vanished the instant he stepped up. 

The disappearing acts had exceeded Wu Yu's expectations. 

Truth be told, he thought they would be separated when they got on the first level. In the end, they weren't. Therefore, he had let down his guard. To his surprise, the changes on the second platform were drastic and unbelievable. 

"Could it be that we need to hold hands to avoid this?" Obviously, this was just his conjecture.


At this point, he was watching the surrounding mist with utmost vigilance and widened his vision to the limit. Initially, the first platform wasn't huge. However, Wu Yu found this platform to have enlarged by multiple times. At the very least, he could no longer see the golden eye and the higher platforms. Looking back, he could see several hundred zhang out. Beyond that, it was just an endless white abyss. 

It was clear that danger was lurking around. Therefore, Wu Yu summoned his Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Dignified Archer Elemental. One of the trio focused on the front, while the other two focused on the two sides and back. Immediately after, Wu Yu walked forward and gradually picked up his speed. 

"I should still be on the second platform. The second trial has most likely not started. If every platform of the stairs has a trial, the temptation of treasures would likely be one. I wonder what the trial for the second platform will be!

"No wonder I didn't encounter the Phoenix Supreme and the rest. Perhaps they were in the same place as us or might have reached a higher level than us. Nonetheless, from the second platform onwards, they will also be separated. Now, it is just like what the Full Moon of Nanshan said before. In the second trial, everyone is equal. If that is the case, reaching higher levels and the golden eye will be dependent entirely on one's ability." 

He continued advancing while considering the current circumstances. He believed the truth wouldn't be far from his conjecture. 

He used the Somersault Cloud to wrap around him and got even quicker. His Eyes of Fire and Gold were also constantly watching the surrounding. 

"Big Brother Yu, wait for me." All of a sudden, he heard a voice from behind. Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar saw Ye Xixi. She was panting while trying to catch up. Wu Yu stopped to wait for her. "I thought we were separated and didn't think I would find Big Brother Yu here. I was so scared." 

Wu Yu looked at her and her face turned red. "Big Brother Yu, why are you staring at me like that? Annoying~" 

Wu Yu's mind was crystal clear. He took several steps back and stared coldly at her. "You aren't Xixi." 

She was shocked initially but scoffed right away. "Yeah. It didn't matter. This girl was too weak and I sent her to the afterlife in a jiffy. Now I've even occupied her body. From today onwards, I'll be Ye Xixi. I hope you don't mind." 

"You killed her?" Wu Yu was astounded.  

"Of course. Obviously, you might not believe me. Haha.... Nonetheless, you sure are difficult to deal with, and I'm surprised you saw through me. Now, I won't be able to kill you quietly. Since that's the case, I'll go kill that pig first. He is more likely to fall for the trick. Do you know how I killed this girl? Obviously, I impersonated you. Haha...." 

After speaking, her body shattered into pieces and vanished before Wu Yu's eyes. 

"Don't go!" Wu Yu berated. However, he was astounded to learn that he couldn't stop her at all before she vanished in an unbelievable way before his eyes. The surroundings were filled with thick, white clouds and it was as though this person had never appeared here. 

"Xixi is dead...?" Wu Yu wasn't certain if that was true. However, he was definitely restless and a little anxious. The Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence was very creepy, and no one knew what could happen in it. Moreover, Wu Yu was only able to tell that she wasn't Ye Xixi after noticing some details. As for Ye Xixi, it would be daunting for her to tell the real Wu Yu from a fake one. There was a good chance she might be killed in this manner. After all, Ye Xixi was relatively weak. 

"She didn't want to come but still did it after I made my decision. If I underestimated the danger here and my decision put her in harm's way, then I...." His mind was in chaos as he sank deep into self-blame. 

"Wu Yu, remember! All of this might just be part of the trial. Everything might not be real, including what you saw with your own eyes. Don't trust what others have said so easily and let yourself be affected," Ming Long reminded him loudly. 

"Alright!" Wu Yu was a little clearer. He continued advancing and couldn't see any other living people. However, it was impossible for him to not worry about Ye Xixi and the Full Moon of Nanshan. Now that the surroundings were silent, his mind was still chaotic. Furthermore, anger started welling in him and he got more infuriated the more the thought about it. In fact, even the damned faces of Zhao Chuan and others in his first trial were surfacing in his mind. 

"The stench of a corpse!" He picked up the smell instantly. It was coming from ahead of him. Without saying a word, Wu Yu charged ahead and saw a huge corpse lying before his eyes. That corpse was entirely black and was a wild boar. Wu Yu instantly knew that this was the Full Moon of Nanshan! 

"Ah! You are here! Have a good look. The next one might be you!" Ye Xixi appeared above the corpse with lots of bloody threads extending out of her body like a spider. These threads were attached to the corpse. As she giggled, she pulled along the corpse and started fleeing. 

"Don't go!" Wu Yu blew up instantly and gave chase. The corpse was very real and didn't look fake at all. The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi might truly be dead! He had underestimated how frightening this place was. When he saw the smiley face on Ye Xixi once again, his emotions overwhelmed him. 

Anger swept through and took over his body. 

"You are really slow. Just wait here while I search for the secrets of the corpse. I'll be back for you!" 

To his astonishment, "Ye Xixi" was still so swift despite dragging along the corpse. Despite giving chase on his Somersault Cloud, Wu Yu still saw her disappearing in the mist rapidly with the corpse of a wild boar. 

"Huff, puff...." Wu Yu lost sight of them. At this moment, anger filled his chest. He picked up an item on the floor - it was the Full Moon of Nanshan's folded fan. When he opened it, he could see the drawings of beautiful women. Their alluring and attractive figures were exactly the same as the real fan down to the last stroke. 

It was then that Wu Yu had to accept the fact that Ye Xixi and the Full Moon of Nanshan might really be dead. Initially, he was skeptical. Now, having seen it with his own eyes, the Full Moon of Nanshan had even dropped his folded fan.... 

"I'm responsible for protecting them since they followed me here. If I get them killed because of my greed... shouldn't I deserve death without pity and be struck by lightning?" 

Wu Yu was agitated and his brain was flushed with blood. Recalling "Ye Xixi," endless rage blazed in his heart. 

"I'm going to kill her!" I'll take revenge for you guys and kill her!" he berated hysterically in his heart. 

He continued ahead and suddenly saw a huge tree before him. The tree had withered and had no leaves. However, the branches were still solid. When Wu Yu got closer, he saw a dead figure hanging on the tree. That figure was wearing a white dress and had a sickly complexion. It was a girl, but her back was facing Wu You. As the rope swayed and the figure turned to face Wu Yu, he was astonished to find the person to be Wu You! 

"Sister!" Wu Yu was stumped while standing under the tree. Seeing that Wu You had died, he was completely overwhelmed by anger. This scene was etched deeply in his mind. In fact, he couldn't even tell that it was impossible for Wu You to have died in this place. What had been shown to him were several layers that had slowly guided him to sink in a swamp of anger. There was a voice ringing in his ears. It sounded like someone was speaking, but Wu Yu couldn't hear clearly. The impact of seeing Wu You hung to death was simply too grave. 

"I'm sorry that I couldn't see you again. Little brother...." Her gentle voice reverberated in his eyes. 

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" 

Wu Yu's eyes were bloodshot. He gnashed his teeth and screamed towards the sky. 

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