Chapter 0974: 1,000 Advanced Dao Treasures

When they made the decision and discussed some solutions to the predicted dangers, they nodded to each other and went towards the huge platforms in the sky.

Wu Yu piloted the Somersault Cloud and brought the three of them up. At this moment, Ye Xixi had already amalgamated with Lazy. This was also her strongest form. 

The golden eye had taken the place of the sun. However, it was not as far away as the real sun. Legends said that the sun was at the Sky Palaces and mortals could never reach it. However, this golden eye seemed reachable.

Wu Yu had used his doppelgangers to try to approach the golden eye from other directions. Before they could get near it, they would be destroyed by an invisible force from far away. 

The five levels of white platforms looked like the only entrance to the golden eye. When they approached it, Wu Yu could see that there was no one on the five platforms. It looked like the Phoenix Supreme and the others had left. However, Wu Yu did not believe that they would be that fast. If the second test was not on these platforms, it was possible that it would be behind the golden eye.

But the platforms did not seem normal to Wu Yu.

Now they were on the edge of the first level. Just one step and they could reach the platforms.

Wu Yu could vaguely feel that these platforms were definitely extraordinary. Maybe once you stepped on one, you would see different things.

The three were prepared. Wu Yu extended his hands and said, "We hold on to each other and enter together."


He had already thought carefully for their group. It would be better if they could remain together after they entered.

At least they could remind each other.

Wu Yu grabbed Ye Xixi's little hand with his left hand and held the Full Moon of Nanshan's trotter unwillingly with his right hand. He took a deep breath and said, “Go.” The three of them rushed forward to the first platform together.

Unexpectedly, they realized that there were no changes at all after they had stepped onto the platform. They were on the first level platform. This platform had the same length and breath, each around 100 zhang long. It was the same for the four higher level platforms.

"Is this really a normal platform and there's no test at all?" The Full Moon of Nanshan was stunned. They had previously guessed that these platforms were the second test. Who knew that after stepping onto one, it would just be a normal platform? There was no difference between stepping up here and on the ground.

Besides, the three of them were not torn apart by any external forces. They were still standing together.

Wu Yu was also surprised. He surveyed the surroundings and did not notice any changes.

"Let's remain calm and head upwards." He raised his head at this moment and could see the golden eye at the highest point. At this moment, the golden eye was staring at them coldly. It was actually quite terrifying to look back at it.

The three of them started moving. If these platforms had no changes, then they were prepared to go up to the golden eye to see if there were any entrances there.

"So it means that they are not here because they have entered it," the Full Moon of Nanshan said thoughtfully.

Wu Yu was staring at the golden eye when Ye Xixi suddenly shouted in surprise, "Big Brother Yu, look down!" She seemed agitated. Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan were both surprised, and the two of them looked at her while she pointed to their feet.

Wu Yu looked at the while jade platform beneath her feet. Looking carefully, he was surprised too.

This platform was actually cut into thousands of pieces. The lines with a darker color had actually cut this white jade platform into countless little cubes.

And there was something inside each cube. These things seemed to be embedded in the white jade.

If they had moved upwards without lowering their heads to look carefully, they would not have noticed it at all. Hence, Wu Yu had not noticed it from the start.

At this moment, he looked down. While the white jade blocked his vision, upon looking carefully, he could see that there was something in practically every little cube!

Those were no ordinary things.

"They look like dao treasures! And they don't look like simple dao treasures." The Full Moon of Nanshan gasped.

Wu Yu was surprised too. There were thousands of cubes and practically thousands of dao treasures inside. Based on his sight, he could see clearly that all of these dao treasures were not ordinary. They were special dao treasures. They were advanced dao treasures.

For instance, the sword beneath his feet did not seem to have many spirit designs, but Wu Yu had seen many advanced dao treasures, and advanced dao treasures were different from ordinary dao treasures from their exteriors. Even the quality of materials differed. He looked at the others and could not resist saying in surprise, "Every dao treasure here is an advanced dao treasure. This is too much, over 1,000 advanced dao treasures!"

He was shocked and his head was buzzing. 

Originally, when he entered the platform and realized that there was nothing, he was prepared to enter the golden eye. He did not expect to make such a grand discovery. He was thinking of the two treasures that the Golden Eye Ancient Demon had talked about. He had not expected at all to find other things here.

"This existence claimed to be a demon immortal, it is normal that he has many advanced dao treasures on top of the two extreme treasures. Perhaps these four other platforms are the same. If that’s the case, there are at least 5,000 advanced dao treasures. God...." The Full Moon of Nanshan was suffocating too. 

Wu Yu was stunned too. He felt that even the entire Jambu Realm might not have as many advanced dao treasures. He had repeatedly confirmed. Even Ming Long was looking at them. From their point of view, these things buried in the white jade platforms were definitely at the advanced dao treasures level. They could vaguely feel their power. Some were comparable to Wu Yu's Dark North Royal Obelisk.

These three were in a daze now.

Ming Long's expression was exaggerated as she said, "It's miraculous to actually have so many advanced dao treasures. If you take all of them and your Unshackled Doppelgangers tame them, each one of them will have an advanced dao treasure. That would be heaven-defying. Even immortals would not be able to stop you." 

These white jade platforms did not look hard to destroy. It felt like they could get these advanced dao treasures easily.

The three of them looked around. There were definitely over 1,000, and each one was most likely an advanced dao treasure.

"What are we waiting for? They are only ours if we take them," the Full Moon of Nanshan said anxiously.

"Don't be hasty." Ye Xixi was a little nervous.

"Let's not move for now." Wu Yu also stopped the Full Moon of Nanshan. He frowned slightly. To be honest, while he was also very shocked, he had not lost his wits. At this moment, he ground his teeth and said, "There's a serious question that we must consider. I don't believe the Phoenix Supreme and that large group actually failed to notice these advanced dao treasures. This does not look very hidden. With over 10 people, someone must have noticed them."

Ye Xixi also said, "If they saw it, they would have destroyed these platforms to retrieve them. Then there would’ve been noise. But we did not hear anything down there. And now they have disappeared, while these remain undestroyed. Where did they go? What have they experienced? This is all suspicious."

The Full Moon of Nanshan also guessed all of this. He grimaced and said helplessly, "Can't we just naively guess that they did not see these and went off in a rush?"

Wu Yu shook his head and said, "To be honest, that's impossible. Based on the Phoenix Supreme and the others' strength, they noticed it. They are much stronger than us, so they definitely sensed these advanced dao treasures. However, these advanced dao treasures have not been touched yet. There must be some problem. Don't forget that this is the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. Perhaps we are now in our second test. This is no ordinary platform."

It was not that the Full Moon of Nanshan did not understand. He was also helpless as he said, "Perhaps they were also suspicious and did not touch anything? So many treasures, all top notch and in great numbers. If we don't do anything and leave directly, won't we suffer great losses if these are really up for claiming? What do you say, we have to try...."

Ye Xixi could not decide either. She looked at Wu Yu.

Wu Yu said, "Even if you have such thoughts, they have more than 10 people. Most of them must’ve thought that way too and most must've wanted to try their luck. At least they would try something. Unless the Phoenix Supreme sensed danger and forbade the others from doing anything, someone definitely wanted to try. Whether they tried or not, this means that these things are untouchable. If they tried and these things are still here but they have disappeared, this means that it's dangerous. If they did not try and even the Phoenix Supreme forbade them, then even more so, we must not touch it."

Wu Yu was actually unwilling to do that too.

But he had to be rational and persuade the Full Moon of Nanshan because the three of them were a team.

Of course, the Full Moon of Nanshan also desired these treasures, but he was no fool. After he listened to Wu Yu's analysis, he also nodded and said, "In summary, we have to leave these treasures alone. The tests of the Golden Eye Ancient Demon are really vicious. Who wouldn’t be tempted after seeing so many treasures?"

Wu Yu sighed and said, "Or perhaps that's the scariest part of this test. The second test must be different from the first. It is possible that it will tempt us, make us lose control, make mistakes, and sink into their traps. "

Actually, Wu Yu thought that he was lucky because they were the last group and could take reference from the group in front. If not, Wu Yu probably could not have resisted trying to touch these treasures. At least he would’ve tried.

But he still decided that they could not touch them no matter how enticing they were. 

When they were struggling in their hearts and walked across this first platform, they did not know whether these advanced dao treasures before their eyes were up for claim or really a trap....

But Wu Yu thought that if they really could just take the treasures, he would not regret doing so. After all, this was the choice he had made after persisting with his dao. He must not be shaken.

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