Chapter 0973: Argument

"We will suffer a big loss this time. We can only stay here while the rest snatch all the treasures," the Full Moon of Nanshan said dejectedly as he watched the Phoenix Supreme leading the people from the Nanyin Empire out of the Ancient Demon Lake.

"It's already good to be standing here alive. Thousands of people came in here. Now there are only about a dozen left. There are many people left in that place. We don't know whether they will live or die." Thinking of what happened before, Ye Xixi still felt afraid.

The Phoenix Supreme and the demon lords were not people that the three youngsters could contend with. In addition, the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence itself was full of dangers, so Wu Yu could only stay here at this moment. However, Wu Yu still felt a little reluctant when he thought of the two extreme treasures mentioned by the Golden Eye Ancient Demon, the treasures that demon immortals yearned for. Such good treasures would be so easily taken away by others.

Hence, he was still thinking of other ways.

"I wonder what the second test is. They are all quiet now. Perhaps they are going through the second test?" Wu Yu asked.

An hour had passed by now.

"Do you want to go up and have a look?" The Full Moon of Nanshan was also unwilling to give up. It was not that easy to make him give up.

Wu Yu estimated the time. If there was a second test, they were probably taking it already. At least it would be alright to go up and have a look. He believed that even the Phoenix Supreme would not pass so easily when facing the Golden Eye Ancient Demon's test.

"Good." Wu Yu let one of his avatars go up quietly first and hid under the surface of the Ancient Demon Lake. When he reached that position, he looked up and saw the whole huge world outside. There was nothing strange for the time being, except that the sun had changed into that golden eye.

The Phoenix Supreme and the rest were not there anymore. He was not sure where they had gone.

"Why are they not here?" Wu Yu was very puzzled. He used his avatar to make sure that the Phoenix Supreme was not nearby. It seemed like there was no living thing up there. Then the three of them came up.

"Big Brother Yu, I'm a little worried. Lazy came in too, but he is obviously still facing the test alone and hasn't come out yet." When they were going up, Ye Xixi was still nervously watching the place where they had just appeared.

"It's a really hard test, but I think that after they get the treasure, we can all leave here. The Golden Eye Ancient Demon would not trap people who can't get the treasure here, right?" The Full Moon of Nanshan comforted her.

Ye Xixi also thought the same.

"Meow!" Just as they finished speaking, the All Amalgamating Cat suddenly appeared. It had also undergone the test and just came out at this time. It looked a little shocked and was looking around in horror, until it saw Ye Xixi. It cried out and rushed into her arms.

"Lazy, I thought I would never see you again. Wu wu." Ye Xixi rubbed her cheeks against Lazy.

"Meow, meow." Lazy also whimpered, as if he had gone through life and death. It was a Spirit of the Universe. Its memories should be simple, so it could pass the test, which was not beyond Wu Yu's expectations.

"Go up and have a look." His avatar's vision was limited and he could not see clearly, so the three of them went up. When Wu Yu reached the lake’s surface, he used his Eyes of Fire and Gold and looked in the direction of the sun, the golden eye. His avatar seemed to have found something there before. Now he could see it with his Eyes of Fire and Gold.

"What's there?" The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi noticed Wu Yu's gaze, but they could not see anything.

"It's like white stairs, or platforms connected together? Looks like there are five levels. Looks like you can step into the golden eye from the highest platform," Wu Yu said.

"There are only five platforms on the white stairs leading to the golden eye? Is every platform big?"

Wu Yu looked carefully and replied, "Yes, you can stand up to thousands of people on each platform."

Just because it was very big, Wu Yu thought that it looked like five connected platforms, one higher than the other, the highest position leading to the sun.

The Full Moon of Nanshan clapped and said, "That's it! It’s obvious that the treasures are hidden in the golden eye's position. And the five white platforms are the setting of the second test. Then, within that golden eye, there is definitely a third test. "

This was his guess.

Wu Yu also felt that this made sense.

He nodded. 

"But where are the rest? Are they still on the platforms? Or have they passed the second test and entered the golden eye?" Ye Xixi opened her eyes big and wide, but she still could not see anything.

Wu Yu was actually wondering about this problem, because there seemed to be no one on the platforms. He said, "There is no one on the five platforms. Maybe they have already passed the test and are inside the golden eye now."

"But it's also possible that we won't see them from outside. Maybe they are still inside. The first test was so complicated. I don't believe that they can all pass the second test so fast together with no one left." The Full Moon of Nanshan was doubtful.

"That is also possible." Wu Yu's gaze deepened.

The Full Moon of Nanshan's eyes was filled with an adventurous spirit. He said to Wu Yu, "This is our best chance. Whether they are inside or not, based on the first test, everyone should be alone when going through the test. We can take a gamble. With the help of our immortal's legacies, maybe we can pass the test faster than them. Then we can go to the third test as soon as possible. If it goes well, we may get the treasures faster than them."

Ye Xixi shook her head after hearing it and said, "Better not. It's too risky. We may not be faster than them. We may not even pass the test. Even if we pass the test, we may meet with them. If the Phoenix Supreme sees us, it will be very troublesome. She already warned us before. If she sees us again, she will not let us go so easily. After all, all the other demon lords are following her now. We are her only competitors. She will never allow us to destroy her way to the treasure...."

The Full Moon of Nanshan shook his head and said, "Little girl, adventure is adventure. How can there be no risks? You have to think that if there is hope for success this time, the harvest will be great."

"But if something happens, the loss will be huge too," Ye Xixi countered.


They had different opinions and were about to start quarrelling. Wu Yu was now the middleman. The two of them had different opinions. At this moment, they looked at Wu Yu.

Actually, their daos were very different. Ye Xixi was pure like the night. Even though it was black, there were no other colors. She also knew that the treasure this time was very important, but she was not willing to take the gamble that the Full Moon of Nanshan was not sure of. It all depended on the imaginary ways of an adventure.

And the Full Moon of Nanshan's dao was full of emotions and desires. He was immersed in the world of mortals. He trained in the world of mortals and experienced all kinds of intriguing things. What he wanted and yearned for was the desire in his heart. It was hard for him to hold back and really think about the chance of success.

"I think we have to take risks to seek riches. This is a very good opportunity. I will regret it for a long time if I miss it." The Full Moon of Nanshan frowned.

As a team, the three had their own ideas. It was not possible to have zero conflicts, so Wu Yu thought that this was normal. At this moment, he also thought that there was a chance of success.

This was based on one point.

"The Phoenix Supreme will not kill me. At most, she will just punish me. But I can't say for sure for you guys." This had something to do with the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. Wu Yu could not explain it. But he knew what would happen if he snatched something from the Phoenix Supreme.

If he was on his own, he could do it himself and not think too much. If the two of them were with him, he would need to think about it.

Wu Yu looked at them.

He thought about it and said, "Let's do it this way. As I am sure that the Phoenix Supreme will not kill me, and I also want to try my hand at getting the treasure. Moreover, there are a lot of variables in the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence that even the Phoenix Supreme cannot control. If we meet with them there, we can say that we did not come in on purpose and that the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence pulled us in. The Phoenix Supreme will not be able to tell whether it's the truth or not. Of course, there is a certain risk in her attitude. However, with this excuse, the risk can be reduced."

He was not partial to anyone. This was just a rational point of view.

Lastly, he looked at the golden eye and said, "Although the second test will be very difficult, it will not be the Phoenix Supreme's bottom line. We can try to test her bottom line again. If we are lucky and pass the second test without meeting with her, we can go to the third test directly. But if we meet her after the second test, we must surrender and give up completely. We cannot do anything else. Otherwise, she will really kill us. Of course, it's also possible that we can't even pass the second test at all. In that case, we don't need to think about all this. Now the point is, do you have the confidence and assurance to take the second test?"

In fact, Wu Yu was more afraid of the test than the Phoenix Supreme. Especially after experiencing the first one.

The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "Although I have experienced the first one and feel a little traumatised, Nangong Wei has gone up. I have nothing to be afraid of. Compared to the last time, I will at least be on guard this time. I know what's going on. Moreover, I also believe that the Supreme Gold Harrow will protect me."

This time, Wu Yu was likely to take the risk that the Full Moon of Nanshan mentioned, so he paid more attention to how Ye Xixi felt.

Ye Xixi's gaze was more certain now. She said, "If it's this case, we should try once more. As for this test, I'm going to go in with Lazy to see if it will be better. Although it's a bit scary, I saw the Demon Subduing Scepter last time. It will be good for our communication. Big Brother Yu, I believe in your judgement."

She was also convinced by Wu Yu's more reasonable analysis.

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