Chapter 0972: The Omnipresent Eyes

Wu Yu guessed that the first trial would not be equally difficult for all.

The richer one's past, the more they would suffer.

For the demon kings and demon lords, with their powerful Primordial Spirits and deep dao cultivation, they would probably face formidable resistance.

Wu Yu had just finished catching up with the Full Moon of Nanshan. The two were conferring as to what they should do when the demon kings and demon lords emerged, when a whole bunch appeared, passing in quick succession.

Wu Yu realized that he had underestimated their cultivation levels. Evidently, the demon kings and demon lords also had fairly strong Primordial Spirits. Their cultivation levels were probably at the fifth tier of the Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm and above.

With their stable dao levels, they would pass the trial without needing external help.

After the Full Moon of Nanshan, the next out was the Phoenix Supreme. The Full Moon of Nanshan immediately hid. This was the only way. And Wu Yu had prepared his escape as well, via the Somersault Cloud. However, what if Ye Xixi emerged after he left?

The three of them were basically the only foreigners in the Nanyin Empire right now.

"Stop hiding. I already saw you long ago." When the Phoenix Supreme appeared, she immediately stared at Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan. The Full Moon of Nanshan's Gone from the Skies mystique could not elude her gaze.

Besides, even more frightening was that she had been able to see Wu Yu even outside.

Wu Yu understood that there was indeed no need to hide. It seemed like the Phoenix Supreme had no intention to kill them. Therefore, he and the Full Moon of Nanshan, originally poised for flight, now steeled themselves and remained put.

After the Phoenix Supreme, the Thousand-Eyed Demon Tree passed, then the Hellish Bone Demon Lord. It seemed like it was only a matter of time for the other demon lords.

The Phoenix Supreme's fiery gaze was much more intimidating than Nangong Wei's. Seeing her, Nangong Wei immediately went over to press up against her "mother's" side. This made Wu Yu's heart race. If she were to tell her about their conversation, the Phoenix Supreme might attack them, or at least punish them.

However, Nangong Wei's words reached only the tip of her tongue. She looked at Wu Yu again and then swallowed them. Instead, she pouted to the Phoenix Supreme. "Mother, you're finally here. That trial was scary. I thought I would never see you again."

The Phoenix Supreme looked only at her with motherly love. She nodded and comforted her. "It’s good that you knew it wasn't real. How could I ever make you worry?"

The other demon lords came one after the other. After the Phoenix Supreme was done consoling Nangong Wei, she turned to the pair. "You two even passed the trial before us. Seems like I underestimated you. Seems like there are many transformations about the two of you. If I were to gut you two youngsters, wouldn't I reap huge gains?"

These words put a chill into the Full Moon of Nanshan.

"Mother, I think just chasing away these two bothersome people will be enough. After all, they did save me before," Nangong Wei said.

Wu Yu discovered that while she might seem haughty, she was still quite kind. But why would she have slaughtered the innocent Fire-Red Demon Apes and taken their heads? A head-scratcher.

The Phoenix Supreme's look changed. She seemed to have come to some conclusion, and her eyes swirled like fiery whirlpools. Her voice was suddenly by Wu Yu's ear, and he knew that she was speaking only to him, and no others could hear.

She asked, "What is your relationship with the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor?"

Wu Yu was shocked at this. It was only their second encounter. Why would she ask something like that? Could he have some Yan Huang Ancient Emperor brand on him?

"Why do you ask that?" Wu Yu quickly countered.

The Phoenix Supreme went silent. She glared at Wu Yu and said, "Never mind. I talked too much. The Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence is the territory of my Nanyin Empire. You should not be here."

Wu Yu was stumped.

He suddenly puzzled it out. "Looks like she didn't attack me last time and doesn't intend to kill me this time because she thinks I have some connection with the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor!

"But besides the strange Ancient Emperor's Edict, I don't have any ties with him!

"Back when the Ancient Emperor killed the Ancient Demon God, I didn't feel that he had noticed me either.

"Why would she think that upon seeing me? And when I seemed ignorant, she dropped the matter, as though she did not want me to know more. Does this mean that she respects the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor?"

At the thought of this, Wu Yu felt a chill run down his spine.

"Could it be that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor has always been able to monitor me, or is even connected to me? And my deepest secrets! No one knows, but the Phoenix Supreme has seen through it...."

A terrifying existence, and one who could watch him from the shadows without giving a single sign. A truly frightening prospect, especially since Wu Yu had so many treasures on his person. He guessed that the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor had ulterior motives, such as his legacy.

This wild guess made his heart pound. He trembled, looking around as though the eyes of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor were on him right now!

From the Ancient Emperor's Edict, Wu Yu already knew that there was a strange connection between him and the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. If not for him, how would Wu Yu have come to be Kingmaker Le and move to the Yan Huang Ancient Country?

"Just like a cricket. And he might even be toying with me, or watching me...." Wu Yu felt tremendous pressure. He did not know the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor's true intention.

"This is crazy. I advise you to stop resisting. Just go surrender to the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. That level of being is like an immortal. It's impossible to fight him." Ming Long sighed after hearing his thoughts.

It seemed like even she was afraid, her voice quavering. Ordinarily, she was afraid of neither heaven nor hell.

"Say, if he really is watching me, what could his motive be? If he knows that I have an immortal's legacy, shouldn't he snatch it away immediately?" Wu Yu was cold with fear.

"What the hell do I know? I just want to die and end it all. Damn, Granny raised you with so much effort, all to be eyed by such a being. I, Ming Long, am truly unlucky." She was on the verge of tears.

Her hopes were dashed now.

But Wu Yu calmed down. After all, this might just be an invisible eye. At least while he wasn't dead, what might happen was still in the future.

"I said, you should not be here," the Phoenix Supreme again emphasized, her eyes still fiery.

Wu Yu's mind cleared. He knew that solving the immediate crisis was more important. He knew that the Phoenix Supreme was still guessing what his relation with the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor was. Since that was the case, she would not dare to kill him, and he would be safe. Therefore, he was emboldened, saying, "I did not wish to come here either. Even though I know I shouldn't be here now, I have no way to leave."

The Phoenix Supreme said, "I know. So you stay here and don't move. I remember you three, and you are not allowed to leave the Ancient Demon Lake. Otherwise, I will show you no mercy."

This was her order.

"When we get the two treasures, the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence will naturally let everyone out. Do not worry. At that time, I advise you to leave the Nanyin Empire promptly," the Phoenix Supreme dictated to them with the gravity of an iron hammer, bearing down on Wu Yu.

"Alright." Wu Yu nodded.

He could not do anything about it. Right now, the demon lords had all appeared, and a few demon kings were starting to emerge as well. Anyone here could wipe Wu Yu out. He could only defer to the Phoenix Supreme.

He took a look at Nangong Wei, who shot a look back, clearly telling him to shut up. Say less, stay here, wait for it to be over, then beat it.

At this time, the Phoenix Supreme and the others probably wanted to go up to see. And Wu Yu's worries were finally eased as Ye Xixi came rushing out of the trial, shaking and pale. Her hair was completely drenched in sweat, and she finally opened her eyes to see Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan. She stared at them for a long time, then finally burst into tears, charging into Wu Yu's arms, bawling.

"Big Brother Yu, I dreamed that my family was dead, and you all were dead. Only I lived on...." Ye Xixi sobbed.

"You know now that it was the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence's first trial. You passed it. You're different now," Wu Yu said with a soothing gaze as he patted her head.

"Mm. I could feel that he appeared to help me. Or I wouldn't have been able to come out," Ye Xixi said emotionally.

Wu Yu knew that the "he" she was referring to was the Curtain Lifting General!

"That's good." Seeing her recover a little, Wu Yu was more relieved.

"Hey, little girl, are you crushing on your Big Brother Yu? Why did you only hug him? Hug me. He shouldn't get all the benefits," the Full Moon of Nanshan quipped from the side.

"Big Brother Nanshan, you can't die either." He was just trying to liven up the atmosphere, but Ye Xixi came over to hug him as well, her tears drenching him.

"Shoo. Shoo. Big Brother here is immune to women. Don't take advantage of me." The Full Moon of Nanshan batted her away, and also beat down his own clothes. His words roused a laugh out of Ye Xixi. Everyone knew that the Full Moon of Nanshan was a horny womanizer who couldn't pass up even on a sow. Immune to women?

Wu Yu laughed too. This guy was just too shameless.

However, it was clear that the three of them had formed a cohesive unit. As they continued together, their relationship would grow even stronger than pure gold. In this cruel and huge world, the three heirs of immortals' legacies were innately linked. Wu Yu believed that they would team up to overcome many hurdles.

Suddenly, he felt eyes on him. Wu Yu looked up. It was Nangong Wei, following the Phoenix Supreme and the others out of the Ancient Demon Lake.

Her eyes were strange.

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