Chapter 0971: Phoenix Dawn and Nangong Wei

Wu Yu reckoned that if he consumed some God's Way Pills, he would rise to the sixth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

He did not know if others had gone through as grueling a trial, or if his heart devils were just too heavy. After succeeding, he actually had a breakthrough in dao, a rare and fortuitous occurrence. 

This was also testament to how tough the trial had been for Wu Yu.

Problem was, Wu Yu could not be sure that a place like the Ancient Demon Lake was a safe environment. The second trial might have already started.

It would be dangerous to stop now and replenish his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy.

Therefore, he hesitated. He decided not to be hasty, but to observe his surroundings instead.

His Heaven Devouring Avatar was still in the Floating Dreams Pagoda for now, normal and able to leave at any time. This meant that the second trial probably had not started yet.

All around him was the Ancient Demon Lake's bottom, but no Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. Besides that, it was like an ordinary Ancient Demon Lake, with no other differences.

Wu Yu first scanned his surroundings, but he came up with nothing. However, he knew that this was not the real Ancient Demon Lake, but some place inside the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. If it were reality, there should be many demons around him.

"If there's nothing in the lake, what about above? Since this mimics the world outside, does that mean the entire Jambu Realm is there?"

Wu Yu felt that this was unlikely. Therefore, he first sent out a clone that explored above cautiously.

At this moment, he sensed something!

He whirled about to see a tear in reality. A portal had opened at the bottom of the sea, and the golden ocean was within. From its depths, a figure stepped out, the portal quickly closing behind them. Then the Ancient Demon Lake reverted to its peaceful state.

The person who appeared had a curvy body, long hair flying free, standing regal and prim. Although her eyes were closed, there was a strong sense of pride behind them. Long robes of orange, a crimson veil, and a long ponytail of pale gold. She glimmered in the lake water, her face and skin emitting a soft, enchanting glow.

That's right, it was Nangong Wei.

Wu Yu was surprised. He knew that he had been the same way before when he had emerged from the first trial. Nangong Wei had probably also just passed.

"I had Uncle Sun's help in order to pass the test. It must have been fairly difficult. How did she come out so quickly? The Phoenix Supreme and the demon lords have not passed yet. She can't be stronger than the Phoenix Supreme, right?"

This was why seeing Nangong Wei struck him deeply.

"Such a phantom trial might play with the memories in your Primordial Spirit, disrupting your thinking. The more vivid the memories you have, the more difficult the trial. As for Nangong Wei, her memory was tampered with before she entered. She might not feel so deeply, and so had an easier time in this trial. Of course, this is just Granny's guess. It might not be accurate."

Wu Yu found some logic in Ming Long's theory. Otherwise, he could think of no other reason to explain how she had passed the test so quickly.

After experiencing it for himself, he knew that the Golden Eye Ancient Demon's trial was not actually privy to his memories. However, it could disrupt and create chaos, resulting in what Wu Yu had gone through. Wu Yu had been through too many heart-attack worthy experiences, especially regarding his immortal's legacy. Therefore, this trial had been very terrifying.

Nangong Wei fluttered her long lashes and opened her eyes slowly. When she came to, the first thing she saw was Wu Yu nearby. She had come out too quickly for Wu Yu to hide, so he was spotted very quickly.

"How impertinent of you. After you kidnapped me, my mother let you go, and still you dare to follow us into the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence?" Flames flashed in Nangong Wei's angry glare.

It seemed like she was not that affected by the illusion, or she would not have immediately focused on Wu Yu. When Wu Yu had first emerged, he was reeling from the memory.

Nangong Wei was surveying their surroundings as well. She realized that only she and Wu Yu were here, and so quelled some of her fire. She looked around vaguely, unsure of where she was.

"Is this still the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence?" She was probably also a little worried. After scolding him, she instead turned to question him.

"I think so. Probably only the two of us have passed the first test." Wu Yu was not sure how to feel about her. He had planned to return to the Yan Huang Ancient Region after leaving the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. He was powerless to change her now, and so had made up his mind not to bother her.

Nangong Wei again surveyed him. She pursed her cherry lips. "I asked you how you snuck into the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. Are you belittling my mother and I? If not for the fact that you did not abandon me before the Six Arms Demon Ape, my mother would not have let you off."

Wu Yu waved it off. "The Ancient Demon Lake was too hot. I was nearby and came to check the commotion out. But I was sucked in."

She should believe these words. Perhaps she retained some good will towards him after he had saved her from the Six Arms Demon Ape. She did not press Wu Yu further. Perhaps in such a scary environment, she was looking for someone to rely on, or to team up with against the dangers.

"You are a strange person. You saved me from the Black Hornet Demon King and then kidnapped me, but then did not want me dead. And you say you knew me, and fabricated an alien identity for me. Are you trying to entrap me?" Her lively eyes regarded Wu Yu.

Wu Yu looked at her. Although the lake bottom was gloomy, her light continued to shine. Especially from that alabaster skin, she looked like a fairy, her bright eyes and teeth, well-shaped brows, and black hair. She was a captivating sight, every inch the phoenix princess that she claimed to be. Wu Yu was again struck by how different she was.

He looked at her frankly. "The name Nangong Wei did not come from me. You were the one who told others. Can there be such a coincidence in this world?"

Nangong Wei shook her head. "So you made those lies based on the name you heard. I only blurted out the name because I was disoriented from waking. My mind was not clear. It's clear now, and I know my name is Phoenix Dawn, and not Nangong Wei."

In the current situation, the Phoenix Supreme could pass the first trial at any time. Wu Yu felt that reminding her of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent would not be the prudent choice. He paused, thinking. "Forget it if you don't believe it. But listen to this one thing from me. Be a little on your guard against your mother. As far as I know, you had your own father and mother, and the Phoenix Supreme changed you, making you an Eternal Phoenix. You rose to glory. This is the truth. But she is not your real mother, and you have to be wary."

When Wu Yu said this, her face turned cold. With a scornful expression, she said, "I thought you were a decent person, perhaps even a potential friend. But you are cunning to the bone, still weaving lies and trying to destroy the relationship between my mother and I. You despicable scum. If I told your words to my mother, she would flay you and incinerate you to ashes."

She did not believe a word that Wu Yu had said. Seeing how much she loathed him, Wu Yu knew that he was still far from the Phoenix Supreme in her regard.

"Anything I say now will fall on deaf ears. Forget it."

Wu Yu shook his head. He did not want to say more. His clone had already reached the surface of the lake. After emerging, it was a vast land outside, almost exactly the same as the real world. The Nanyin Demon Continent still looked just as huge. Wu Yu suspected that he might even be able to return to the Yan Huang Ancient Country here. However, there would probably not be a single person in the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

In any case, he did not believe that he was currently outside the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence.

"The sun!" When he looked around, all was the same. Only when he looked up did he notice that it was not the sun up above, but a golden eye, burning with golden flames. In the sky above, it stared at Wu Yu's clone.

"Indeed, this is within the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence." Wu Yu could roughly determine that the second trial was not in the lake, but might have to do with the golden pupil.

"This trial is too fearsome. Obtaining the two treasures of the Golden Pupil Ancient Demon is extremely difficult. Probably beyond my grasp." It was not that Wu Yu was pessimistic. He had passed the first trial, but he understood that this place was much more horrifying than he had imagined. And the test might not be the same. It was impossible that he could continue to always stand in the lead.

"But I won't be satisfied. This is probably some elite treasure, perhaps even more valuable than my Floating Dreams Pagoda!" Wu Yu sighed.

Nangong Wei had just finished delivering her threats when another commotion occurred in the lake bottom. Another person had emerged from the trials. Wu Yu looked and saw that it was the Full Moon of Nanshan.

So he had succeeded in this illusion trial as well.

"He was already an adept at illusory arts. And Marshal Tian Peng might also have helped him regain his footing quicker. He probably had a tough challenge as well."

When the Full Moon of Nanshan opened his eyes, he breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing Wu Yu.

“How was it?” Wu Yu asked.

"Horrifying. Too horrifying. The Golden Eye Ancient Demon's illusions are that of an ancient power. A technique that could take the world by storm."

From his praise, it was clear that he had been through much as well. Wu Yu started to worry about Ye Xixi.

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