Chapter 0970: Enlightenment


Someone fell in front of Wu Yu. Wu Yu opened his blurry eyes. He saw an elderly man on the bloodstained grass. That elderly man looked at him gently and smiled with difficulty. He said to Wu Yu, "Child, this is the last time I'm helping you. Wake up."

After he spoke, he closed his eyes.

That was Sun Wudao.

That elderly face and the words he had uttered were like a bloodied knife carving deep into Wu Yu's heart.


This is the last time I'm helping you.

Wake up!

Last time helping?

What did he mean by “wake up?”

Wu Yu could only feel his whole body trembling. Sun Wudao was dead. He had taken the knife attack for him. He had probably made up his mind before Zhao Chuan attacked.

A life for a life.

"This old shit Sun Wudao is also seeking death. Let me grant it to them both." Zhao Chuan's voice was far away.

Wu Yu was a mess. Sun Wudao's death and the words he uttered were like a giant beast thrashing about in his brain.

He did not mean for Sun Wudao to die. He had a chance for rebirth and his wish was for Sun Wudao to live long. He did not want to have any more regrets, but Sun Wudao had died again, and it was because he had blocked an attack for him.

This was what Wu Yu could see.

And Sun Wudao's last words, he could not hear those. That was another type of feeling. The last few words, “wake up,” echoed endlessly in Wu Yu's brain. It was as though countless people were screaming in his ears for him to wake up, wake up!

He was not asleep, so how could he wake up? Wu Yu was in pain and could not understand. He was a mess now and stared at Sun Wudao's face blankly. His whole body was frozen.

"Hng." Zhao Chuan and his people surrounded him. Sun Wudao was dead, and they definitely needed to get rid of him immediately so the immortals couldn’t see what had happened. And even though Sun Wudao had taken the blow for Wu Yu, he could not escape from this terrible fate.

At this moment, when Zhao Chuan walked past him, he actually saw Wu Yu pointing towards the Ruyi Jingu Bang!

"Are you pointing at this thing?" He picked up the Ruyi Jingu Bang and squatted down before Wu Yu, shaking the steel staff before his eyes. He could not hold back his laughter and said, "I see that you really hate me a lot. Do you want this thing? Shall I bury it with you?"

Wu Yu's head was a mess. There were many voices and images shaking violently. He could not describe the feeling, but his instinct told him that he had to get the Ruyi Jingu Bang back before he died.

"Dream on. Taking this junk as treasure. Really foolish." Zhao Chuan sniggered. He grabbed the Ruyi Jingu Bang with both hands and, using his strength, which was comparable to the strength of 10 fierce horses, his muscles tensed. In an instant, he actually broke the Ruyi Jingu Bang!



Wu Yu looked at the holy grail, the Ruyi Jingu Bang. It was now broken into two. Zhao Chuan and the other servants roared in laughter. He stood up and threw it away with all his strength. The Ruyi Jingu Bang was thrown a few li away!

Everyone was laughing loudly.

And Wu Yu felt as though he was struck by lightning. He had lost his last hope. The Ruyi Jingu Bang was not only broken, but also far away. It had left Wu Yu. It was no longer possible for him to achieve the dream of receiving the immortal's legacy....

"Er." Wu Yu spat out a mouthful of blood. He understood deeply more than any part of his memory what desperation truly was. When he watched Sun Wudao die, the Jingu Bang breaking, and he was on the verge of death, he knew that this was the greatest pain in this world!

At this moment, pain boiled in his heart. He could not believe it. How could that thing that contained an immortal's legacy break?

"Impossible, impossible...." His thoughts became more chaotic. All the setbacks came one after another. At this point, if his heart was not strong enough, he would not be able to hold on. Wu Yu felt that even if his body had not died yet, his heart seemed to be dying, especially when he saw Sun Wudao's body....

"Wake, wake up...." At this moment, where he was most chaotic and pathetic, Wu Yu suddenly recalled what Sun Wudao had said.

He recalled that his expression seemed different at that moment.

He recalled that he said that it was the last time that he would help him.

In the memories in his mind, the magnificent Unparalleled Monkey King, that 8,000 heavenly palaces, the 10,000 Levels of Hell, the worship of countless ghostly immortals, immortals, and demons, that bloody red cloak flying billions of li!

The Jingu Bang had broken. Desperation engulfed him in waves.

But the words “wake up” reminded Wu Yu that something was wrong! At this moment of death, he kept recalling, and many images flashed past. At this time, he gradually saw those images clearly. There seemed to be a huge palace at the bottom of the lake. Occasionally, he saw blue bats and heard two words: Phoenix Dawn.

"Who is Phoenix Dawn...."

Another image flashed past his mind. That was a beauty wearing an orange dress with countless demons prostrating before her.

"Wake up? But I'm not asleep...."

Zhao Chuan's coldness and the enormity of this world pulled Wu Yu back into this world. However, the flashing images in his brain questioned all of this. Sun Wudao's words were playing back continuously, his voice getting louder and louder each time. Every word shook his body and mind, making him more and more aware of those images.

"Forget it, I'm not killing you. If you die, then we have no more entertainment. You will bury Sun Wudao." Zhao Chuan laughed coldly. "Come, let's give him some pee to wash the blood away." Zhao Chuan gestured and the servants giggled. They surrounded Wu Yu and started pulling down their pants.

This was humiliation and pain, but Wu Yu was not that afraid of this image now because he saw something new.

Through the deep lake waters, into the depths of the lake--

"That eye!" Wu Yu saw that eye, golden, cold, and staring at him.


He suddenly raised his head and saw in shock that the thing above his head that shone on everything was not the sun, but a golden eye!

That golden eye was unbelievably hot and stared at him!

"Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence, Golden Eye Ancient Demon!"

These eight words echoed loudly in Wu Yu's head. He recalled. The Six Arms Demon Ape had not killed him, and he had entered the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence.


Everything before his eyes shattered and broke.

"I'm not dead, I'm Wu Yu!"

At this point, when everything before him shattered, he suddenly saw that there were no wounds at all on his body. He felt the great strength of his body, his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, the Hexaworld Celestial King Buddha Body, all his dao techniques and mystiques. He felt all of these clearly, while Zhao Chuan and the others were measly mortals.

Wu Yu stood up and glared. Zhao Chuan and the others turned to dust in disbelief.

"Impossible! How can you have such power!?" Even as they turned into dust, they still uttered such words. The Golden Eye Ancient Demon was really powerful.

When he saw the grand world in front of him shattering, Wu Yu was calm. Sun Wudao's body disappeared. He looked at his surroundings. He was still shocked.

"That is a real illusionary art!"

He had seen through the Full Moon of Nanshan's illusions easily. Compared to the top notch and terrifying illusions from today, the Full Moon of Nanshan's illusions seemed like child's play!

This illusion had almost sunk Wu Yu into desperation. While his body had not died, his heart had died. He guessed that if it continued, then his heart would’ve died in that illusion. Even if he emerged from that illusion eventually, he would be a broken man!

Everything seemed so real. It had changed Wu Yu's memories so brilliantly. All the flowers and grass in there were real. The sun and moon over these past few months seemed so real. Wu Yu had endured it all second by second, even as he waited bitterly for the sun to rise in the dead of night.

Emerging from that illusion, Wu Yu could still remember all the details, including the care from Sun Wudao and the humiliation from Zhao Chuan, as well as his fear of that big world. Also, that peculiar idea of being reborn. It was the Golden Eye Ancient Demon that had given him all these thoughts.

"If not for him...." Wu Yu only understood now what he meant when he said he would help him one last time and told him to wake up. That was what Sun Wudao had said. Perhaps it was the Ruyi Jingu Bang, perhaps it was the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. This made Wu Yu's eyes fill with hot tears. He had finally felt his existence once more!

"Perhaps he was always around and never left me. If not for his help this time, I would probably have died in that illusion! What is he, why would he pass the legacy to me, and where is he!?"

Wu Yu's head was ringing. He could not think clearly, but at this moment, he had an unprecedented desire to follow in the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal’s footsteps.

"I want to train and become immortal. One day, I'll understand him! I want to know all the secrets. I want to know what sort of existence he is. Is he still alive? Is he still at the Sky Palaces...."

Wu Yu's heart was filled with emotions. In this illusion, all those scenes with Sun Wudao were unforgettable. He even desired to return to the Bipo Mountain Range to visit him. 

"You're finally awake. It's been difficult. My throat is hoarse from screaming. But not only you, even your avatar sank into a half-dead state in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Looks like this illusion directly attacked both of your Primordial Spirits." At this moment, Ming Long's voice finally sounded by his ear.

Similarly, she had never disappeared before.

It felt real only when he heard her now.

Wu Yu took a deep breath and said, "The test of the Golden Eye Ancient Demon is really horrifying. Everyone sank into that illusion?"

He looked at his surroundings.

Ming Long said, "That's right, everyone is in the same situation as you. Even the Phoenix Supreme. You are the first one to wake up. Not bad, you were in that golden sea before. At the moment you were freed from the illusion, you came here."

Wu Yu looked around. This was actually the Ancient Demon Lake!

And the bottom of the Ancient Demon Lake.

But there was no Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence beneath his feet, only mud and the bottom of the lake. The Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence had disappeared from the Ancient Demon Lake.

"I'm out?" Wu Yu asked glumly.

"No, I think that this may be the second test," Ming Long reminded him.

Wu Yu instantly became cautious.

He warned himself, "From this moment onwards, not everything I see is real, including this Ancient Demon Lake, including Ming Long...."

Wu Yu dared not try that first test a second time.

All the desperation in his life had appeared there.

But that was indeed a great test for his dao. After Wu Yu had passed that test, he realized that he had improved greatly in his dao and that his Primordial Spirit was near the sixth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. This was also a reward.

But Wu Yu knew that this might not be real.

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