Chapter 0097: Vengeance at the Lake of Jade

The green-robed disciple had left to search for Su Ci. Only Ni Hongyi, Lan Shuiyue and the blue-clothed disciple were left.  

The fox demon was a very scary opponent for male disciples. It wouldn't be easy to charm two individuals simultaneously. However, if the demon only had to handle the blue-clothed disciple, things would become much simpler. 

"Prince, there are some other people here. Do we have to walk this way?" the Fox demon asked quietly. 

"The Lake of Jade with its rippling waters are in front. The ambience is good. We will head there and I will accompany you for as long as you wish," Wu Yu replied. 

"Really? Thank you, Prince," the fox demon replied with sincere thanks, her appearance truly too alluring, enough to make any ordinary man unable to resist.

Wu Yu could see that this was due to the fact that he had cultivated the Invincible Vajra Body. The fox demon was very curious about him as a result and was naturally not as interested in the green-clothed disciple. It was clear that he had charmed the fox demon instead...

In a short period of time, they arrived at the Lake of Jade.


Ni Hongyi had discovered them first.

"Wu Yu!" 

Lan Shuiyue was shocked and almost fell off an azure rock. She could not believe her eyes. Wu Yu had actually come back to find her?

"This is..."

Ni Hongyi and the blue-clothed disciple were cautiously observing the fox demon by Wu Yu's side.

"Oh no! I can't believe I met them again. They are my hated enemies! They wanted to turn this location into my grave previously..." Wu Yu pretended to have a nervous look on his face as he explained it to the fox demon.


The fox demon stared at the three, and her gaze changed. She seemed to be weighing her choices.

"That is the fox demon!"

Ni Hongyi's complexion instantly chilled as she spoke that single line. She had deduced Wu Yu's companion's identity.

After hearing that, Lan Shuiyue's face changed. She could see that there was a single thread attached to the fox demon. It must have been caught by the Demon Fishing Rod and kept at bay.

"All three demons know the location of an immortal root!" Ni Hongyi mused.

This was news that Wu Yu was unaware of. Either Su Yanli had forgotten to mention it, or this was a new rule for this year. 

"Wu Yu, as a righteous disciple of the dao, how could you possibly fraternize with these demons!?"

Killing intent could be seen all over Lan Shuiyue's face. Even she could feel that the fox demon was just too enticing. She was almost seduced although she was a female herself!

Wu Yu replied, "So what if she is a demon? Qian Er is a pitiful one. She has been trapped within the Spirit Banishment Tower for over five centuries. She will not harm me, and she is a benevolent maiden. She isn't like you, vengeful and extremely ugly!"

"You're asking to die!"

Lan Shuiyue was absolutely incensed being insulted in front of others as ugly.

"Shuiyue, he must have been charmed by the fox demon. That is why he is like that," Ni Hongyi replied calmly. "This fox demon has five demon essence cores, and its combat strength is greater than ours. I will attempt to control the fox demon's movements. The two of you must take down Wu Yu before coming to assist me. Don't give Wu Yu a chance to escape!" 

Lan Shuiyue was extraordinarily angry and could not make any rational decisions.

Hence, Ni Hongyi stepped in to assist her.



She wanted to capture Wu Yu with the blue-clothed disciple. As the blue-clothed disciple was at the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, it should not be a difficult task.

The three of them acted in tandem, creating a dangerous situation!

Lan Shuiyue's eyes were glued onto Wu Yu with a deathly stare. Even if he were to kneel down in front of her again, it would not quench her anger.  The Sect Protector and Sect Leader's disciples were constantly in conflict. Furthermore, there were numerous grievances between the parties, and it was difficult to resolve all enmity between them.

"Qian Er, I'm finished. I need your help..." 

An ordinary mortal would have been beguiled by a fox demon. Yet Wu Yu was even more heaven-defying, he had beguiled the fox demon instead.

He had planned to lure the fox demon over to wreak havoc, but this was even better. The fox demon seemed to prize him, so he had the opportunity to make use of her even more. 

"This group of evildoers dares to harm my Prince? Qian Er will definitely protect her Prince."

For the sake of conquering Wu Yu, the fox demon had to make a move. This was a great opportunity for her as Wu Yu would no longer be able to escape from her embrace once he had been completely smitten by her.

Within the trio, only Ni Hongyi rushed towards the fox demon.

All of a sudden, the blue-clothed disciple suddenly quickened his steps towards the fox demon instead.

"What are you doing!?" Ni Hongyi did not understand his moves.

"I'm giving you a hand to finish off the fox demon first!"

The blue-clothed disciple's eyes were bloodshot as he affixed his gaze upon the fox demon. Yet his gaze seemed slightly different from normal. 

"You've been enraptured! Idiot!" Ni Hongyi anxiously shouted. 

"What does that have to do with you?"

The blue-clothed disciple retorted angrily. Ni Hongyi was quite the beauty, and if the fox demon had to be compared in terms of looks, there was not much of a difference. However, when it came to her sex appeal, the fox demon possessed beguiling demonic arts that she could not match. 

"Go away!"

Ni Hongyi grasped a blood sword in one hand and her rainbow lasso in another. She wanted to chase the blue-clothed disciple away, but that disciple completely ignored her and approached the fox demon, immediately beginning to clash with her! 

While the two exchanged moves, the blue-clothed disciple's body seemed to sway from time to time, directly obstructing Ni Hongyi's attacks against the fox demon.

Wu Yu finally understood that his gamble had succeeded.

Even if the green-clothed disciple had been around, he would’ve definitely been charmed by the fox demon and would not have been able to fight effectively. Furthermore, he would’ve even served as a meat shield to prevent Ni Hongyi from attacking the fox demon.

"I must grasp hold of this opportunity!"

At this point in time, Wu Yu began to face off against Lan Shuiyue.

Lan Shuiyue was trembling in rage right at this point. Although she was facing off against Wu Yu alone, she was not scared in the least. Drawing her Clearwater Twin Swords immortal treasures, it looked as though she was wielding two streams of water. This was the first time she faced Wu Yu in a battle!

"Fixed Body Art!"

In order to quickly eke out a victory, Wu Yu did not hold anything in reserve as he utilized his dao technique right off the bat.


A single breath flew out and landed right onto Lan Shuiyue's face.

Lan Shuiyue was momentarily stunned, but she was not stopped at all.

"What in the world? It didn't work!" 

This was the first time Wu Yu had used the Fixed Body Art in battle, and it seemed that he had made a miscalculation.

"As I told you before, how could these mystical arts always work without fail?" Ming Long seemed to be taking joy in the misfortune of others.

Wu Yu took a step back and retreated, looking behind him momentarily. Ni Hongyi and the blue-clothed disciple were being distracted by the fox demon and had no way to escape. It truly looked like they could not pose a threat to the fox demon. Although Wu Yu had spent quite a bit of spiritual power, he resolved himself. 

"Great Way of Immortality Art!"

The greatest advantage of this Qi Condensation Spiritual Art was that it utilized both the concepts of yin and yang and thus circulated extremely quickly. His spiritual power recovery abilities far surpassed that of the average individual, especially since the Valley of Immortal Fate's spiritual qi had also thickened due to the spiritual qi spring's influence. 

"Wu Yu, if you have any balls, don't run!"

Within 20 breaths of time, Wu Yu had already been suppressed by Lan Shuiyue in close combat and could only escape and dodge, barely escaping death each time.

When his spiritual power had restored sufficiently, Wu Yu grasped hold of his Demon Subduing Staff tightly.

"Earth's Core Dragon!"

As he was retreating, Wu Yu used one hand to invoke his secret technique before slamming his palm into the ground. The earth around him suddenly exploded and rocks burst out from the ground in a line towards Lan Shuiyue. It was as though a dragon was tunnelling beneath the surface, making its way towards Lan Shuiyue.

This was one of the dao techniques within the Nine Dragons Ascension Column.

"Ice Sealing Blade!"

Lan Shuiyue coldly laughed as she and her swords danced through the air. Her fair and long legs were occasionally visible amongst her long robes as her perky chest drew an arc in the air. The entire movement looked extremely graceful, but the very sight of her face led Wu Yu to feel repulsed.

As the Earth's Core Dragon was about to explode with full force, she stabbed down into the ground and a circle three zhang wide around that point turned into ice. Even the blackened rock had turned into an icicle sculpture.

"Small feat."

Lan Shuiyue mocked. 

"Oh, is it?"

Wu Yu was still holding onto his Demon Subduing Staff. He had finally recovered enough spiritual power and was planning to stake it all on his last attack.

Immortal Ape Transformation!

In front of the petite Lan Shuiyue's eyes, Wu Yu underwent a mysterious transformation. He had become taller and more muscular, transforming into a golden, giant beast. She looked like a small white rabbit in Wu Yu's eyes, while Wu Yu was like a giant, hungry bear.  

Vicious, violent, and barbaric!

When the Immortal Ape Transformation occurred, the fox demon looked extremely elated. Wu Yu's transformation was rife with yang qi, and it would be an extremely beneficial tonic to her.

"Damned low life. So what if you're large? Eat my Whale of the Depths!"

This was one of Shuiyue's dao techniques.

Lan Shuiyue's twin swords began to dance wildly, looking like a furious river while glowing brightly under the influence of her spiritual power. In the midst of her move, it looked as though her entire body had turned into a raging sea. All of a sudden, her twin swords suddenly thrust out, spiritual power gushing out in the shape of two large whales, as though they had just escaped from the sea. It was a frightening sight as this massive coagulation of spiritual power rushed towards Wu Yu! 

This was Lan Shuiyue's signature dao technique as a sword cultivator. 

She was extremely confident in this move.

Wu Yu did not make a sound. The golden ape explosively rushed forward waving his Demon Subduing Staff. The fire array on the staff began to light ablaze as spiritual power poured into it. Combined with his herculean strength, the sight was equally fearsome. 

Dragon Ascension Column!

By the Lake of Jade, roars of a dragon could be heard. A single godly dragon had coiled itself in several loops around the Demon Subduing Staff. Combined with his brutal strength and the spiritual power support of the Great Way of Immortality Art, these two sources had turned into one, further strengthening that lone dragon. A dragon and a whale clashed head-on just like that! 


In that frontal clash, Wu Yu was clear that his Invincible Vajra Body, spiritual art, and the ferocious Nine Dragons Ascension Column required further refinement.

Water was an accommodating element, not a forceful one.

However, Lan Shuiyue's furious temperament had forced her into colliding with Wu Yu head on. No matter how strong her Clearwater Twin Swords were, it was not enough, and the Whale of the Depths was smashed apart!

In the midst of the clash, she snorted as she was disarmed from her twin swords. Her body, internal organs, and meridians were subject to the brunt of Wu Yu's terrifying attack, and she was knocked flying.

Even the azure rock she had collided with had been completely smashed apart by the force of the move. 


Ni Hongyi had never expected that Lan Shuiyue would lose in a battle against Wu Yu. What was worse was that the fox demon had charmed the blue-clothed disciple, making it feel like she was fighting against two others. She felt extremely nervous and all the color on her face had drained away. She was completely unable to help Shuiyue.


Wu Yu immediately kicked both of the twin swords away. Even if she knew the Art of Sword Control, it would not be so easy to retrieve these weapons. It was at this point that Lan Shuiyue pitifully crawled up from the ground, her robes stained with fresh dirt


After Wu Yu had transformed, Lan Shuiyue was like a small maiden, only reaching up to his chest. At this point in time, her internal organs had all suffered trauma and her spiritual power was a mess. She was completely dazed. With Wu Yu's massive strength, he picked her up by her dainty throat and lifted her up from the hole before pressing her against the ground. At this point in time, Shuiyue could barely breathe and was struggling.  

Yet in terms of physical strength, she was truly like a small rabbit in front of Wu Yu as he pressed her down into the ground. It looked like he was about to completely flatten her.

"If you struggle any more, I will break your neck. I dared to kill Situ Minglang, and that applies to you too." Wu Yu's vicious ape demeanour looked truly devilish. 

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