Chapter 0969: Between Life and Death

Risk was always part of Wu Yu's dao.

At this point, he was forced into a desperate situation where he thought that he had to change.

"There's not much time, I've already lost too much time. If I cannot stop this from happening, if I cannot protect the people I want to protect, then it'll be meaningless for me to receive the immortal's legacy!"

Nightmares haunted him in the night. He dreamt that the Spectral Concubine and the Nine Regicides King had arrived at Capital Wu in an attempt to get Wu You. However, Wu Yu would rather die then follow them and committed suicide in the night....

Then he dreamt that the Shangyuan Dao Sect, the Scarlet Sea's Seven Ghosts, and the Ninth Spirit's demons worked together to attack the Heavenly Sword Sect, plunging the people into misery and suffering, resulting in many dead. Su Yanli, Feng Xueya, and the others had all perished in battle. Their corpses were torn apart by ghostly cultivators and demons. Their souls were imprisoned and forged into immortal treasures. They were trapped in an eternity of pain and suffering.

He awoke at midnight in shock from the nightmare and could only stare at the ceiling with his eyes wide open until dawn. Deep in the dark night, he could only feel the weakness of his body more clearly. He had only stayed awake for half a night and his body already felt heavy. His steps were unstable. The more he became like this, the more Wu Yu knew that he needed to change.

Sun Wudao woke up just as dawn arrived. As a servant in the Immortal Beast Garden, he needed to feed and take care of the Immortal Cranes every day. After all, Immortal Cranes were the best mode of transportation for heavenly immortals. Each of them had to be clean and lively. They were not the average beasts and had to be taken care of as though they were the masters instead. 

A servant’s position definitely could not compare to that of an Immortal Crane in an immortal sect.

"Today, we cannot offend Manager Zhao and the others. One day, they will get sick of teasing you. I think they are going to get bored of that soon. You must never talk back. They kill without blinking and the heavenly immortals usually won't know about it. Besides, they cannot be bothered with such matters. After all, our Heavenly Immortal Yanli is the personal disciple of the great Sect Leader! They all want to become immortal and will not care about dust like us." Sun Wudao sighed.

"Uncle Sun, don't worry. In the future, I will let you train in immortal cultivation too," Wu Yu said seriously. After living together for so long, he realized that Sun Wudao was really a mortal. Perhaps he had guessed wrongly and he only possessed the Ruyi Jingu Bang coincidentally.

If he could recover to the level he was at at the Nanyin Demon Continent, it would be no problem to let Sun Wudao live for a few hundred more years.

Sun Wudao listened happily and thought that Wu Yu was a really good kid. Obviously, he would not take this seriously. The more he acted that way, the more Wu Yu was determined in his heart that he would make what he promised come true.

Immortal Beast Garden.

Every day, they were the earliest there. The Immortal Cranes were famished after a night of rest. The elder and youth worked together and were busy for many hours. The sky was lit up brightly by the time the other servants arrived. When they came, they had nothing to do. They watched as Wu Yu and Uncle Sun worked hard and mocked them.

Later on, Zhao Chuan also arrived. He was not in a good mood. It was probably because he had drunk too much yesterday and was still a little drunk now. Once he arrived, he said, "So unlucky. I said so many good things about Xiao Ling Er last night and she still ignored me. That bitch thinks she's some important person. She's only pretty."

"Boss, she actually dared to act pure in front of you. Why didn’t you use some means to force yourself onto her?"

"I couldn't help it. The steward of Immortal Medicine Garden protects her. I was afraid she'd get upset and complain to the heavenly immortal. Then I'd be dead."

Zhao Chuan became angrier as he thought about it. At this moment, an Immortal Crane crowed as though it was unhappy and knocked away a person beside it. Everyone's attention was attracted and started watching carefully. It was the newbie, Wu Yu.

Wu Yu slammed onto the ground heavily.

Sun Wudao quickly put down what he was doing and nervously helped Wu Yu up. He muttered, "How can you be so careless? What if you break a bone...."

"Trash, you hurt the Immortal Crane. Are you seeking death!?" Sun Wudao had just started speaking when Zhao Chuan came shouting with the aura of a fierce, muscular brute. He was already angry, and seeing that Wu Yu had hurt the Immortal Crane, he was like a volcano erupting. He pushed Sun Wudao away and grabbed Wu Yu by his shirt and lifted him up. His tiger eyes glared at Wu Yu as he roared, "You piece of trash, you almost killed the heavenly immortal's Immortal Crane before and now you're careless. Do you believe that I will pluck your head out? Damn it, I've been so unlucky recently. Maybe it was caused by being too close to you every day! "

Sun Wudao was so anxious that he immediately tried to pull Zhao Chuan's arm and said, "Manager Zhao, we know that we are wrong, and this child knows that we are wrong. Manager Zhao, please let go of him. Wu Yu, apologize to Manager Zhao immediately. Manager Zhao, I will kneel down for you."

Sun Wudao really knelt on the ground.

He was already old and now he knelt down. He seemed even smaller and weaker. Wu Yu was angry as he watched this. His eyes turned bloodshot and everything looked red.

He had enough of such humiliating days!

Before, he was Kingmaker Le at the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Now he had to be bullied by a third rate servant. He had bowed his head low many times and tasted all the humiliation in this world. It was a nightmare just to remember this. Wu Yu could not believe that he had actually endured to this day. He had hurt the Immortal Crane on purpose just now. He had made up his mind yesterday that he would force himself into a life-threatening position today. If not, he would be a servant here for life. He would be humiliated and treated like a lowly beast by these mortals for life. He would also have to watch Sun Wudao suffer with him.

Wu Yu did not say anything. He took out a sharp knife and thrusted it towards Zhao Chuan's chest. He used all his strength. And Zhao Chuan was carrying him now, right before his eyes. Besides, he was about to slap Wu Yu. To him, Wu Yu's move was unexpected.

The blade quickly sunk into his chest.

"Die!" Wu Yu's eyes were now blood red and he looked vicious.


Zhao Chuan did not expect that. He was a top martial artist. Wu Yu's movements were slow to him. In this heart-pounding instant, his hand that was about to slap Wu Yu moved down quickly and slapped away Wu Yu's knife. But even though he was quick, the sharp blade still tore apart his clothes and dragged out a long light line of blood.

Then the blade fell onto the grass. The surroundings were silent. Whether it was Sun Wudao or the other servants, they were all shocked and speechless now as they watched this unbelievable scene unfold. Time seemed to have stopped at this moment.

"I'll kill you!" Zhao Chuan reacted from his shock and was furious. He used all his strength and slapped Wu Yu's head fiercely. Instantly, there was a crack. Wu Yu was dizzy - his head felt like it had been torn apart and his skull had probably cracked again. This pain was suffocating!

At this moment, Wu Yu was flung away and crashed onto the ground painfully. His bones felt as though they were scattered. All his teeth fell out upon impact. He shivered from the pain. The piercing pain from his head caused him to be in extreme dizziness. It felt like his soul was leaving his body. Death was like a whirlpool. Wu Yu felt as though he was being pulled out by some force and was about to leave this world in extreme pain.

"I must receive the immortal's legacy and be reborn! While different from previously, I can still do it!" Wu Yu pressed down on the Ruyi Jingu Bang that he had hidden near his chest. He was heavily injured, but this time, he was filled with hope instead of hatred.

But he was quickly shocked because he could not feel that Ruyi Jingu Bang. He reached for it but could not feel it at all. The Ruyi Jingu Bang was lost.

This was troublesome. Wu Yu's entire world collapsed because this way, he would not be buried with the Jingu Bang, and he would not receive the legacy!

At this instant, he suffered an unprecedented blow. His whole person was in a state of shock.

At this moment, his eyes could barely open and most of his sight was covered by blood. He laid on the grass and used much effort before he could see the Ruyi Jingu Bang lying on the grass about one zhang away. It was stuck into the grass in a slanted manner. It had probably dropped when Zhao Chuan slapped Wu Yu away.

"Er...." Wu Yu saw some hope in his desperation. He ground his teeth and struggled to crawl over to the Ruyi Jingu Bang lying one zhang away. Even ants could cover this one zhang, but to him, it seemed like a gap that he could never close.

Endless terror surrounded Wu Yu. He probably had never been so desperate in his past life!

"This piece of trash is sick of living. He actually hurt me. Look at him, he can't survive. Let's send him to hell." Wu Yu could still see Zhao Chuan and the servants' feet far away. Zhao Chuan reached out and grabbed onto Wu Yu's sharp blade.

Wu Yu's eyes widened. He was only halfway there. He had not reached the Ruyi Jingu Bang yet!

"Quick, quick!" He was screaming furiously in his heart. Blood rushed to his head and his whole body trembled. He relied on his will to move forward. His body dragged out a large trail of blood on the grass. All his hope, the turning point was the Ruyi Jingu Bang!

"I see that it's difficult for you to be alive. Go, don't look at me in this unlucky manner the whole day, bringing bad luck to all of us!" Zhao Chuan's nightmarish voice said.

He made up his mind. Su Yanli would not ask about small matters regarding the servants.

Wu Yu saw Zhao Chuan flinging that sharp blade with his blurred vision....

And at this moment, he was about five chi away from the Ruyi Jingu Bang....

At this moment, tears filled his eyes. All the hard work and effort would be gone with just five chi. At the last moment, at the nightmarish instant, Wu Yu could only point towards the Ruyi Jingu Bang with his fingers. He hoped that when Sun Wudao buried his corpse, he would notice that he was pointing at the Jingu Bang!

This was his only hope.

The sharp blade waited for no one. Wu Yu predicted that it would pierce through him in an instant. The only problem today was that the Jingu Bang had dropped. Hence, he thought that whether he lived or died depended on Sun Wudao....

But after a blink of an eye, he was actually still alive!

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