Chapter 0968: Heart of Slaughter

Sun Wudao was so flustered that he couldn't sleep and gave Wu Yu a long lecture on dao. 

He didn't seem to have any connections to the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal; he was more like an ordinary and typical old man. 

Tonight, he tried to convince Wu Yu to let go for a long time. Immediately after, he even threw away all tools that could be used for committing suicide so Wu Yu couldn't have access to them. 

"You are really lucky to have been brought to the immortal sect. Although the Spirit Severing Powder has destroyed your foundation, it won't be an issue for you to live to 70 or 80 on this mountain, even if you don't cultivate. Don't take things too hard. Many nobles and officials don't even have the opportunity to be a servant here despite wanting to." 

"Uncle Sun, I understand. There won't be a second time." Tears were welling in his eyes. Seeing this old man getting worried for him once again, this was a long lost feeling. 

"I was a little too impatient and that was too risky. There's only a day difference now. As long as I have the Jingu Bang, I can slowly try to decipher it. The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal probably won't like it if I'm too impatient. As long as I calm myself and communicate with it well, the chances are still there. If I commit suicide, I might be dead for sure. After all, that chance encounter was mysterious to begin with." Wu Yu found a reason to comfort himself and finally calmed down. 

Obviously, this was all because of Sun Wudao. 

Unknowingly, Wu Yu fell into a deep sleep. When he woke up, he found Sun Wudao waiting beside his bed, asleep. The hunchbacked old man was already very frail at this age. 

Wu Yu's eyes couldn't help but be suffused with warm tears as he saw this. 

"I'll definitely go against the will of the heavens and ensure he lives on! And my sister...." 

The situation with Sun Wudao was easier to control, but that the key was with Wu You, which made Wu Yu extremely conflicted. The Spectral Concubine would definitely be there on time. However, he hadn't inherited the legacy this time. Despite telling himself to calm down and communicate well, who knew when he would succeed? If he was late, Wu You would be dead.... 

"Calm down. Calm down. I'm more likely to screw up if I panic," Wu You reminded himself constantly. He had thought it through. Committing suicide wouldn't be the best option, as the hard-to-come-by opportunity to relive his life might end shortly if he committed suicide. That would then be the greatest joke in this world. 

For the upcoming days, he tried to communicate with the Jingu Bang while recuperating. Wu Yu didn't give up even though the Jingu Bang had no response. He continued working hard and wracked his brain to come up with different options. 

After each failure, he would remind himself that it wouldn't be easy after missing the best opportunity. At the same time, he couldn't be too anxious. 

He had 10 days to recuperate, and Sun Wudao would only be back at night. Therefore, he wouldn't be interrupted. 

He was just like an ordinary old man. When he saw Wu Yu's positive attitude each day when he returned home, he felt much at ease. After several days, Wu Yu even cooked for him while waiting for him to be back. 

However, when the 10 days passed and Wu Yu hadn't reaped any results, his confidence took a deep dive once again. Bitterness and horror struck him again, especially when he thought of Wu You's future. Under the night sky, where the scenery was broad and majestic, he would sink into despair at the thought of the incomparably huge Jambu Realm. 

"Time is getting tighter. Could it be that I'm destined to be a mortal for this lifetime? To live a normal life and eventually die in the deep mountains and forests?" 

Judging from his body’s condition, it would be tough to even leave Yanli's Mountain. 

The bigger the world, the more flustered he became. It was especially so when he found himself panting after taking several steps. 

Beyond his control, the 10 days passed. The injuries to his head had almost recovered fully and Sun Wudao had him prepared in advance. On this day, amid the helplessness and despair, Wu Yu arrived at the Immortal Beast Garden with Sun Wudao. At this point, he was dispirited and was like a walking zombie as he followed Sun Wudao to feed the immortal cranes. The menial work was done by them while Zhao Chuan and the rest were drinking, resting, and playing at the side. 

On a typical day, when no immortals visited, Sun Wudao would basically do all the work. Those young and energetic few were the ones resting and fooling around. 

"This brat sure is stubborn to take on the Heavenly Immortal." 

Zhao Chuan squinted and said with disdain, "Hehe! He's just lucky to have lived. He was new before and wasn't aware of the rules. He's definitely scared now."  

"Look at him. His body is so frail and weak. Sun Wudao, the old fool, won't live long. When this old fool dies, we will have a new plaything." 

"Don't use the word 'plaything'! Others would relate it to a girl." 

"Aiya. I really miss the girls from the Immortal Medicine Garden! Boss Zhao, could you help arrange for us to meet? They sure look up to you!" 

Zhao Chuan coughed once and said, "Keep your urges in check. Those girls have really high standards. With so many servants in the Bipo Mountain Range, the competition is intense as well." 

"Forget it. It’s better to mess with these two cowards than think of the girls. Everyone, look at me." A muscular man jumped forward and walked towards Sun Wudao. Wu Yu had an impression of him. This guy was the first person he had killed with the Roaring Tiger, Dragon's Fist on the day he killed Zhao Chuan. 

"Hey, trash! What's your name?" The muscular man walked in front of Wu Yu and stared down at him. His eyes were filled with disdain and taunts. 

Wu Yu was not in the mood to entertain him. After all, people like him were insignificant mortals to him. He had seen people like the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, or at the very least, he had in his memories. Therefore, he wouldn't be intimidated by someone like him. 

"You dare to ignore me?" That muscular man was furious. Without saying another word, he swung a slap over and sent Wu Yu flying to the ground. His face was covered in dirt. The next instant, the muscular man stepped on his face and buried Wu Yu's face into the earth. He laughed, "Since you don't want to say your name, I'll call you ‘Trash’ from here onwards. Remember well. We will be your daddies in the future and you have to serve us. Otherwise, you will be in worse shape than today." 

"Let him go. He's still ignorant. Let him go!" Sun Wudao was flabbergasted. He tried to pull the arm of that muscular man but was flung and fell to the ground as the muscular man swung his arm to the side, almost dying in the process. 

"Haha!" The other servants broke into hysterical laughter. 

"Wu Yu, are you alright?" Sun Wudao crawled over and helped Wu Yu up. Wu Yu's head was covered in earth and he was in shock. That was an unprecedented blow to him. 

"I was humiliated by a mortal...." In his memories, he once could fly in the sky and dive into the ground. There was nothing he couldn't do. 

And now, just a meagre servant... 

Raging killing intent welled up in his chest. However, his frail body couldn't support his killing heart. This left him in a deeper chaotic state and his eyes even turned bloodshot. 

"Jingu Bang! Ruyi Jingu Bang! Why don't you follow my will even now!? Why don't you save me?!" Wu Yu gnashed his teeth and was shivering from anger. 

"Could it be that you want me to commit suicide?" He was so overwhelmed and felt like he was about to explode. However, the cold surface of the Ruyi Jingu Bang was like the icy water doused on his head. 

"Son, don't be rash. We only have one life. Don't be rash! Don't try to compete with them directly. The old and frail like us can't possibly win against them. Just resign to fate~" 

Resign to fate, resign to fate, resign to fate! 

These words were no different from a nightmare. Wu Yu wanted to stand up and give his all against them. However, Sun Wudao hugged him tight, and he found that he didn't even have the strength to break free from Sun Wudao. 

What kind of tragedy was this? 

This was and would continue to be the greatest tragedy... 

This blow plunged Wu Yu into the abyss as thoughts of suicide kept surfacing. Each night, he would be jolted awake by the nightmares rather than the sweet dream of that huge, towering pillar. The day repeated and he was constantly humiliated and bullied. Soon, a month had passed. 

"Living like a coward and getting bullied each day. Everyday is just a nightmare! There's still no sign of the Invincible Vajra Body, and the day the Spectral Concubine arrives in Capital Wu is getting nearer. I...." 

Wu Yu looked sickly pale each day and was constantly struggling. Sun Wudao was really worried about him but had no solution. All he could do was console him each day, but this was utterly ineffective. 

He once saw Su Yanli, who gave him a nonchalant glance. This sent shivers down Wu Yu;s spine and made him realize how great the difference between them was! 

Horrifying. Horrifying! She was his senior sister! However, without the Ruyi Jingu Bang, why would she be his senior sister? In fact, when he encountered Situ Jin and the rest, he still had to kneel. Just the servants alone left Wu Yu drowning in insults and covered in wounds. 

He could no longer stand days like these. Each day, he was living in horror and restlessness. 

"Uncle Sun!" One day, when he returned to the Immortal Beast Garden, Wu Yu kneeled before Sun Wudao. He said, "I know you might very well be the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. You are giving me a test and I know I have erred. Please, can you give me the Jingu Bang and legacy? I know everything. This time, I definitely won't let you lose your life." 

He lifted his head earnestly and wanted to see Sun Wudao's reaction. Seeing Sun Wudao's swollen eyes with tears, he was getting excited. He thought that once he revealed the truth, Sun Wudao wouldn't have to hide anymore. 

"My poor child. I know it's brutal, but you shouldn't speak gibberish as well. Please don't lose your sanity.... Zhao Chuan and the rest are too much...." 

Sun Wudao caressed his head. 

"Uh...." Wu Yu felt a chill through his body upon hearing this. 

"Have you dinner and rest early tonight. If we encounter the Heavenly Immortal, let's plead her to give us some medicine to purge the poison of the Spirit Severing Powder. Once you can cultivate as usual, you will be able to catch up to them," Sun Wudao continued after sighing. 

Wu Yu couldn't hear what he had said. He was shivering cold. When he looked up, the moon in the sky was just like an eerie eye staring right at him. 

"It's time to take a risk. Let's do it tomorrow." At this moment, Wu Yu made his decision. 

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