Chapter 0966: Immense Horror

After consuming the Spirit Severing Powder, he was still too weak. Even with the strong desire to support him, Wu Yu still lost his consciousness along the journey. 

In a state of blur, he vaguely heard heavy footsteps. Wu Yu was jolted awake from the sounds and sat up abruptly. By the bed in the wooden hut, Wu Yu saw Sun Wudao. 

White hair, hunched back, a tinge of stubborness amidst his serene expression, and deep eyes. This was the deepest impression Wu Yu had of him. Seeing him once again, it was the same as before. 

"Uncle Sun!" 

Wu Yu could no longer hold back his emotions. He had even forgotten that they had not met at this point and called out his name directly. 

Sun Wudao furrowed his brows and said, "How did you know that my surname is Sun?" 

"I...." Wu Yu didn't know how to answer. Regardless of the ups and downs he had been through, seeing him now still made Wu Yu feel like he was back in his youth. He had incomparable respect for Sun Wudao. 

Sun Wudao didn't linger on the topic. He left the room and brought in a bowl of medicine for Wu Yu. He said, "Drink it. There are chores to be done in a while." 

"Alright." Wu Yu endured the discomfort in his body. In fact, tears were welling up in his eyes as he drank the medicine. 

"This is the immortal sect. Since you have come here, you have to remain here for the rest of your life. To survive in this place, you have to know the rules of the immortal sect. Since the upper echelon has arranged for you to be here, you have to work diligently. Do not speak frequently, follow the rules, and don't cause me any trouble." 

Sun Wudao said the words that Wu Yu had kept deep in his memory. 

In the past, he wanted to make Wu Yu understand that his role was just a servant. 

"Alright, I understand. I will definitely do my chores well." Wu Yu nodded sincerely. 

At this point, he saw the Ruyi Jingu Bang hanging around Sun Wudao's neck. All of a sudden, he felt a myriad of emotions. 

"I have to get it so I can...." 

Although he didn't know the current circumstances, his intuition was telling him that if he lost the Ruyi Jingu Bang, he would be in deep trouble. 

"Seeing that you look pretty honest, you can call me ‘Uncle Sun’ in the future. What's your name?" 

"Wu Yu." 

Although it was a little different from before, it was still similar to how they first met. Sun Wudao was still stern and strict as he went through the complicated yet important matters of the immortal sect to Wu Yu. 

This place was the Heavenly Sword Sect. 

In his memory, he hadn't been here in a long time. 

Sun Wudao was introducing and emphasizing. However, Wu Yu wasn't paying attention. His gaze was affixed on Sun Wudao. For him, the current Sun Wudao was the most important person in his life. 

Along the way, he also saw Su Yanli, who Sun Wudao reminded him not to take a further look at. 

Other than him, everything was as usual. 

When they were in the Immortal Beast Garden, they encountered Zhao Chuan and the rest again. Although they were still mocking him, Wu Yu wasn't paying attention to them. 

After experiencing the initial shock, his mental state had calmed down a little. He knew Situ Jin would be next and everything would happen as before. Tonight, he would get the Ruyi Jingu Bang. 

"As long as I get the Ruyi Jingu Bang, I can start anew. Regardless of how things go and if I do really get a chance to relive my life, I have to secure the capital for the future. Otherwise, it will be troublesome in the future." 

What puzzled him the most was that he didn't know what he was experiencing now. 

His gaze would still land on the Ruyi Jingu Bang on Sun Wudao from time to time. He didn't know why he was so anxious at this moment. 

"It's better to pretend to not know anything and I'll still get the Ruyi Jingu Bang. Now that I know, I can't help but be nervous." 

The closer he was to Situ Jin, the more anxious he felt. 

Finally, when the group arrived, Wu Yu could only recall Situ Jin's name. As for the rest, he had long forgotten. 

In the past, he was fearful of this group of people. However, they were just ants in his eyes now. The only crucial thing was that their arrival played a part in him getting the Ruyi Jingu Bang. 

Amid the fearful and respectful eyes of the servants, Situ Jin went to Su Yanli to seek guidance in cultivation. Wu Yu was chatting with Sun Wudao while working. This was a long lost sense of kinship. Just like the previous time, they lied on the gravel path after finishing their work. 

Wu Yu illustrated his experiences to Uncle Sun as before. Sun Wudao also started to take pity on him. 

"Child, forget everything that happened before. Now that you are in the Bipo Mountain Range, put away your hatred from the past and focus on the work. Perhaps you might receive pity from the immortals. At that time, they might bestow you some immortal essences that could purge the poison of the Spirit Severing Powder. You will have a chance for cultivation then. Perhaps you might still have a future - you may even become a leader for the servants in the future," said Sun Wudao. 

Although he looked a little stern, he sincerely cared for Wu Yu and was thinking about Wu Yu's future. However, he was no different from an ordinary and kind old man. Wu Yu couldn't tell how he was related to the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. 

Truthfully, Wu Yu really wanted to ask if he was connected to the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. 

Obviously, he couldn't do so, especially before he obtained the Ruyi Jingu Bang. 

He would look at the mountains from time to time as he got more anxious. When Situ Jin and the rest came down, there would be a clash. That would be the best opportunity for him to get the Ruyi Jingu Bang. 

The closer it got to that moment, the more nervous Wu Yu was. He knew he wasn't nervous at this point in the past. The feeling of knowing what would happen in the future was truly mysterious. However, experiencing it again and feeling that everything would happen the same way in some manner was still really frightening. 

"Why are you looking a little nervous? As long as you do you work honestly, the immortal wouldn't punish you." 

Sun Wudao reminded Wu Yu. 

"Mm. I understand." 

Wu Yu kept his emotions in check. However, he couldn't stop himself from paying attention to what was happening there. 

Finally, Situ Jin and the rest came out. Wu Yu's eyes were fixed on them as they came back to the Immortal Beast Garden. After which, it was just as fate had dictated. Something happened to one of the immortal cranes. Zhao Chuan and the rest blamed it on Sun Wudao as Wu Yu recalled. Situ Jin was infuriated and took his anger out on Sun Wudao and Wu Yu. 

"This has nothing to do with him. This was all my fault," Wu Yu said as he endured the excruciating pain. This was something he had to do based on his recollections. However, the emotions he felt were completely different from the time before. 

"You are a lowlife and yet you dare to play hero before me." Situ Jin's expression was icy cold. Raising the metal whip once again, he flicked it towards Wu Yu. This time, Wu Yu could clearly see the trail of the whip approaching his head. He remembered that it was this strike that smashed his head apart. After which, he would lose his consciousness and eventually dream of the Ruyi Jingu Bang.... 

The sense of death was never so near. 

This moment was likely the most crucial moment for him. 

However, as the long whip approached, Wu Yu subconsciously made some actions. After all, the various experiences in his memory had honed him to avoid death in most circumstances. It was especially so when he knew he was about to die. As a result, he made an action to protect his life. 

He knew where Situ Jin's long whip was coming from and was fearful of taking the sensation of his brain smashing apart. It was especially so when he knew in advance that his head would be smashed. 


The whip broke his arms before landing on his head. Wu Yu didn't know if he was successful. He got a scare from his subconscious actions moments ago. Fortunately, he felt like he had died. After all, with just his arms, he couldn't possibly stop Situ Jin's whip. 

He finally got what he wished for and lost consciousness, or perhaps had died.

In his memory, Sun Wudao would bury him and give him the Milky Way Suppressing Godly Metal Treasure. 

The entire world had darkened at this point. 

Before he lost consciousness and fell to the ground, he could see tears in Sun Wudao's eyes. 



His head felt like it was splitting. Just as he regained consciousness, Wu Yu was grinding his teeth in pain. He felt as though he had dozens of needles pierced into his head. Sinister pain. 

He gasped, struggled, and opened his eyes while enduring the pain. 

"Wood... wooden hut...." 

He was lying at the same place he had woken up at previously. 

His body felt alright, but his head was in a lot of pain. At this moment, he wasn't certain if his head was still fully intact. His thoughts were in complete chaos. 

He could feel with his hands that he was wrapped in bandages. Blood had dyed the bandages red and he could even see that his fingers were oddly white. This showed that he had lost a lot of blood. 

"I...." He looked at the wooden hut blankly for a while before realizing that he was in Sun Wudao's wooden hut. 

"Am I seeing Uncle Sun soon before going to the Immortal Beast Garden....?" Wu Yu recalled that he had arrived at the Bipo Mountain Range. 

However, his headache became even worse and he felt like he was suffocating. This was because he recalled that he had gone to the Immortal Beast Garden, seen Situ Jin, and was then struck by Situ Jin. 

"Jingu Bang! Jingu Bang!" He was flabbergasted. He examined his body in a hurry but couldn't find the Ruyi Jingu Bang at all. 

"I didn't dream of the Ruyi Jingu Bang at all!" 

Fear! Horror! 

The Ruyi Jingu Bang was exceptionally important to him. He had never expected not to see the Ruyi Jingu Bang in his dreams before waking up in the wooden hut. 

Wu Yu finally realized what true horror was. 

He hadn't received the Ruyi Jingu Bang yet. If he continued living, he would be nothing without the Ruyi Jingu Bang! 

This was a nightmarish experience. 

Wu Yu struggled feebly on the bed, but his heart had sunk into eternal chill. Although his head was beyond painful, he didn't feel a thing in his heart. 

"Are you awake?" Sun Wudao entered from the door after working for the entire day. He looked fatigued, but he still walked to Wu Yu's side, heaved a sigh, and said, "Thank you. If you hadn't taken the strike for me, this old man here would have definitely lost his life." 

He looked at Wu Yu sadly. 

However, Wu Yu wasn't concerned about the thank you. 

"Immortal Su Yanli was alarmed. She gave you an immortal essence, and that's the reason you kept your life. You are very lucky to not have died." 

This was likely because he had blocked the strike with his arms and hadn't fully died. After which, Su Yanli had given him an immortal essence. Therefore, he wasn't buried.... 

This time, he saw the Ruyi Jingu Bang on Sun Wudao. It was nothing unique and looked just a piece of junk metal.... It was then that he realized that he was very far from getting the Ruyi Jingu Bang. 

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