Chapter 0965: Imperial Concubine Xi's Palace Hall, Spirit Severing Powder

Wu Yu had long forgotten the looks of these ministers and aristocrats before him. 

However, they were so vivid in his mind now. Everything in the room, even the decorations, had the smell of Dong Yue Wu's royal palace. 

The area around him was congested and everyone was looking at him with disdain and utmost disappointment. 

However, what truly frightened Wu Yu was the feeling of being unprecedentedly away from the might he once possessed. He realized that he had none of his abilities from before and his body was no different from that of a mortal with the simple strength of the martial way. He might be able to move freely and healthily, but he couldn't sense his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. All his dao techniques and mystiques were blurry as though they had never truly existed. 

All his memories of cultivation had been forgotten cleanly. Even all his experiences and the people he had met along the way appeared exceptionally blurry. 

This was a frightening weakened state, and it brought out the deepest fear Wu Yu had ever experienced. 

He had lost all sense of security. 

This felt very real and nothing like a facade. Wu Yu's mind was in incomparable chaos. 

"How could this be? What happened? Did I die? Or did I return to the starting point...?

Wu Yu looked around him blankly. 

All his memories had ended on the day he met the Six Arms Demon Ape. 

In his memories, he should be dead. 

However, if he was dead, why would he be at this point in time? Could this be terminal lucidity? 

His mind was completely blank at this point. 

"Is the Heavenly Immortal coming next?" Amidst the scoldings from the various ministers, he struggled to get up. He looked at the door and saw snow fluttering down. He was surprised it was winter. 

“All hail Hao Tian the Heavenly Immortal!"

Just as he had expected, these words from his memories were playing out once again before his eyes. 

Amidst the heavy snow, an immortal-like figure descended. 

He wore a white robe, on which numerous Ba Guas were engraved, while in his hand he held a horsetail whisk. No evil spirit would dare approach him. A pair of bright eyes adorned his face, shining like the stars above. Nothing could evade his starry gaze. 

Seeing him once again, Wu Yu wasn't as furious and agitated as before. All he did was stare blankly at Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian as he bestowed upon him the Spirit Severing Powder sanctimoniously from high above once again! 

On this cold night and before the disdainful gazes of the ministers and aristocrats, Wu Yu was forced to consume the Spirit Severing Powder. His fragile mortal body plunged to the lowest point instantly as though he might die at any moment. 

"Is this a dream? What is it?" Wu Yu struggled between pain and losing his consciousness. He was brought to the prison carriage and was transported out of the royal palace towards the borders amidst the heavy snow. 

Wu Yu slouched feebly in the prison carriage. His limbs were shivering and his expression was sickly pale. The snow that fell on him and his hair made him look many years older. 

"Big Sister!" Wu Yu recalled from his memories that she would appear when he was leaving the royal palace. It had been a long time since Wu Yu had seen her. At this juncture, he felt a strange longing to see her. 

Just as expected, in the snowy night, a weak girl was running after the prison carriage with tears in her eyes and fear on her face. However, she couldn't catch up at all. Wu Yu could only watch as the distance between them opened up. 

"Big Sister...." 

A sour and distasteful feeling welled up inside him. He lied weakly in the prison carriage, looked at the sky, and sank into deep thought. 

"Am I dead and reliving all my experiences from the past...?"

"If that is the case, when will this end?

"If that is the case, will everything feel as vivid as before...?" He exerted all his strength to reach the wooden poles of the prison carriage. He could clearly feel its rough texture and even pinch some snow into his mouth. The icy cold sensation couldn't be any more real. 

"Perhaps this isn't a dream and not terminal lucidity. Instead, am I restarting my life?" 

Wu Yu couldn't help but be fearful at the thought of this. 

After leaving the royal palace, he had multiple brushes with death. When he finally reached the Nanyin Demon Continent, he was sufficiently strong. Several years had passed since then. 

He felt that all these experiences were exciting and nerve-wrecking. However, if he had to experience them once again, there would only be horror. He couldn't help but question if he had to experience Sun Wudao's death once again and the battle against the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. If he had to do it again, he was not certain he could reach the same heights as before. 

Initially, he only had a slight suspicion that everything was restarting. 

However, as time passed, he was still on the brink of death on the prison carriage and getting weaker. As this dragged on, the chances of this being a terminal lucidity were getting smaller and smaller. 

At a deserted forest, the snake demon Wan Qing appeared. Wu Yu stood up as he watched her kill the soldiers one after another. If this was in the past, the current him would probably be furious and horrified. However, the current him revealed a bitter smile. After all, in his memory, Wan Qing had died a long time ago. She was just an insignificant figure in his life. 

Standing there once again, he obviously wouldn't feel the same fear as before. 

"Wan Qing, I know when you will die. Do you believe me?" A bitter smile appeared across Wu Yu’s face. 

"How do you know I'm called Wan Qing?" The snake demon reverted to her human form in astonishment. 

What she said was different from before. Perhaps this was because Wu Yu had pointed out her identity first. Wu Yu felt complicated. He shook his head, smiled, and said, "I don't know. Perhaps I just happen to know everything that will happen in the future. Today, I won't die. Rather, I will have a huge mysterious encounter." 

"You must have gone silly after consuming the Spirit Severing Powder." Wan Qing smiled hideously. She still took action immediately and didn't give Wu Yu the chance to catch his breath. 

"Not really. I even know you guys have caused my father's death." Just as she was about to strike, Wu Yu was still unmoved. This was the scene he had in his memory. However, as he knew about this long ago, there were now some differences. 

Previously, Wan Qing had told him about it. However, Wu Yu disrupted her tempo and pointed it out first this time. Wan Qing was certain she had never said this before. Therefore, she was a little stumped and stopped her attack. 

"How did you know?" 

Wu Yu was estimating the time. In his memory, the man who had granted him a new life was about to appear. Feng Xueya! 

"Evil beast!" 

Just as he expected, a golden sword light shot out. 

Wan Qing was flabbergasted and fled immediately! She could sense that a martial cultivator was on his way here. 

Wu Yu remembered that there was a huge river in the vicinity. In his recollection, Wan Qing had managed to escape by hiding in it. 


Indeed, Wan Qing was scampering towards it in horror. 

"You won't get away!" 

When Wan Qing vanished, that golden light gave chase immediately. Wu Yu turned over and saw something that stiffened his body instantly. 

Wan Qing was killed by Feng Xueya. 

That large, green snake died on the spot. 

Because Wu Yu had said something strange, Wan Qing was stumped and was a tad late in escaping. As a result, she had died.... 

However, Wu Yu could clearly remember that Wan Qing had ended up being killed by him. 

This was the first difference between his memory and reality. 

This left Wu Yu's heart thumping hard. What was the current reality he was seeing? Was this just terminal lucidity before death or was he restarting his life with the memories he had. Or was something behind him returning to the starting point of his life? 

"However, why did I forget everything about mystiques and dao techniques when I can remember what happened.... And the Invincible Vajra Body, the Great Way of Immortality Art...." 

These were points that Wu Yu couldn't figure out. 

"Reliving my life without regrets. However, can I be the same as I was in my memories...?" 

Wu Yu was vexed. One's lifetime was unique. Going through it once and repeating it for the second time couldn't be compared directly. 

He didn't have time to think further. 

If he missed the opportunity before him, he might never get to go to the Bipo Mountain Range. 

If he did not go to the Bipo Mountain Range, he wouldn't meet Sun Wudao and wouldn't obtain the Ruyi Jingu Bang. 

Therefore, when Feng Xueya broke the prison carriage, Wu Yu repeated what he could from his memories. 

Despite being severely injured and feeling weak throughout his body, Wu Yu still insisted on staggering down the prisoner carriage towards that immortal. He gave several loud kowtows and used all his strength to say, "Immortal, Heavenly Immortal! My name is Wu Yu and I'm the crown prince of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. I was framed and have landed in such a state. I sincerely plead Immortal to take me as your disciple!" 

This was what he had done previously, and he was just doing the same again. 

"Please take me in as your disciple! I will dedicate my life to you so as to repay this gratitude! 

"Respected master! Disciple Wu Yu pays respects to Master. I hereby swear that I will remain respectful to Master for the rest of my life and will definitely repay this gratitude that you’ve shown me." 

He was filled with anticipation and knew he had no room for error. He definitely had to let Feng Xueya bring him back to the Bipo Mountain Range. 

"You are suffering from the effects of the Spirit Severing Powder. However, I, Feng Xueya, am not willing to be involved in the matters of the mortals. Forget it, I'll let you enter my immortal sect and be a servant of Yanli." 

Upon hearing this, Wu Yu finally smiled. He succeeded once again. 

"If this is real and I have the opportunity to start again, I definitely have to obtain the Ruyi Jingu Bang again. Now that I've completed the first step, all I need to do is meet Uncle Sun again." 

Now Wu Yu dearly yearned to see Sun Wudao again. 

In the past, his regrets were too deep. 

When Uncle Sun died, it was the largest blow to Wu Yu ever. 

"In that case, can I stay with Uncle Sun on the day he died? In that case, he won't die in the hands of Situ Jin...." 

When Feng Xueya carried Wu Yu and took off on his sword, Wu Yu recalled the most important thing! 

Sun Wudao was the biggest regret he had in life. He had many questions he hoped to clarify with him. He also wanted to know who he really was. 

How was he connected to the Ruyi Jingu Bang? 

In the past, he didn't have a chance to ask him. 

Now, although it seemed preposterous, the opportunity seemed to have surfaced. 

He was in a chaotic state of mind all along. However, with a goal in mind now, he became excited. 

"Regardless of what the situation is, at least I'll be able to see Uncle Sun. This time, I won't allow him to die...." 

He obviously wanted to prevent that regret from ever happening again. 

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