Chapter 0964: Golden Pupil Ancient Demon, Dreams of Dong Wu

At this moment, Wu Yu and the rest were plunged into the golden sea. The Ancient Demon Lake seemed to have vanished and they were surrounded by a golden liquid. Wu Yu was holding on to Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi with his left and right hand. He could still clearly sense their existence. 

Together with Wu Yu, they couldn't control their bodies under the immense propulsion of golden seawater towards an unknown direction. 

They could also hear the screams of numerous demons around them. 

"Phoenix Supreme had probably failed to foresee this. Initially, she wanted to bring only the six demon lords along. In the end, when the doors are opened, even we got sucked in. At least several thousand demons were standing near the golden pupil at that time, which also included all the elite old demons and demon kings,"  remarked Full Moon of Nanshan agitatedly.  

When Phoenix Supreme forbade others from entering, he was dejected and even thought of leaving immediately.  At this point, he felt a little like he found a way out in the most crucial moment. Naturally, he was excited about it. 

Wu Yu said, "Indeed, quite a number of us got in.  However, don't get overly excited prematurely. Disregarding the fact that this place is mysterious and full of dangers, Phoenix Supreme and the other demons definitely wouldn't want us to bring anything away.  We have to be absolutely careful moving forward.  And it would be best for us to not be separated." 

He could also hear voices of numerous demons around him. With their vision completely sealed, they could only rely on the screams and shouts of the surrounding demons to know their whereabouts. 

"Everyone, calm down! Don't kick up a fuss." When Phoenix Supreme's authoritative voice reverberated across, the ecstatic or anxious demons finally calmed down a little. However, the surrounding golden seawater was truly creepy. Therefore, everyone couldn't help but feel a little restless. 

Wu Yu was the same.

He watched his surroundings vigilantly. Just as Phoenix Supreme's voice dissipated, another voice rang within the golden sea. This voice was older and seemed to have come from an exceptionally far place. However, it was clear and each word seemed capable of shaking one's heart.  Those that heard it, including Wu Yu and the rest, were reeling in shock shortly after. 

"Welcome my friends. Welcome to my Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence!"  "Let me do a self-introduction. I'm the Golden Pupil Ancient Demon.  And this is my world, Ancient Demon Realm.  I'm not sure if there's any demon of my rare species still existing in this era.  It's a shame that I couldn't continue the lineage......" 

However, it doesn't matter anymore.  After all, even if you become a demon immortal, you might not be able to escape the cycle of life and death.  Just before my death, I left the two greatest treasures of my life in the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. For all those who entered, I had left three extremely interesting challenges. Moving ahead, it would be dependent on your abilities.  Who would get the greatest treasure from I, the Golden Pupil Ancient Demon? It's a shame that I can no longer see this......" 

"Truth be told, countless demons and creatures fought for these two treasures of mine in the past. They are extremely precious... Whoever gets it would have no issue of becoming a demon immortal.  However, my three challenges would also be really, really interesting~  With so many people here and if no one was able to pass the challenge, I'm sorry. The Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence would vanish once again for at least ten thousand years before appearing. Hehe......" 

"The three challenges are really exciting, please await them!~" 

At this point, the message had ended. 

It was easy to tell this was the voice of the master of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. He's a demon known as Golden Pupil Ancient Demon. However, Wu Yu had never heard of this demon. Even with Ming Long's breadth of knowledge, she had not heard of it as well. Moreover, she wasn't aware of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence and which era it came from. 

"The Golden Pupil Ancient Demon seemed to be really talkative. However, looking at how incredible this Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence is, he is definitely not simple.  From his description, it wouldn't be an issue to become a demon immortal if one could obtain the two treasures. If that is the case, what realm is he at?  Demon immortal?  If he's a demon immortal, why would his legacy be in the mortal realm?" Full Moon of Nanshan exclaimed in agitation. 

It wasn't just him that was agitated. Upon hearing the message, all the demons were getting restless. Wu Yu could even hear their hearts thumping faster.  All of a sudden, it was hard for all the demons to calm down. 

"Will this be a legacy from a demon immortal?  If that is the case, how precious would his two treasures be?" many demons were discussing fervently. 

"I don't know. There's a real possibility of it. After all, the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence doesn't look simple from the outside.  Although he's a demon immortal, there a chance he might appear in our mortal realm, right......?" 

"If he's really a demon immortal, why would he die? Isn't it common knowledge that once one become a demon immortal, he would live forever......?" 

"He probably died in the hands of stronger demon immortals?  Or perhaps other immortals?" 

Even though Phoenix Supreme was around, they were a little lost in their discussions. 

"What are the three challenges that he spoke of.  Have they started?  Will we lose our lives?" 

"If no one could pass the challenges, the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence would vanish once again!" 

This made many of them restless. 

Wu Yu couldn't see the Phoenix Supreme and didn't know what she was thinking after hearing the voices.  At the very least, Wu Yu felt there were lots of suspicious points. 

"I wonder what era did the Golden Pupil Ancient Demon come from? Perhaps he's really a demon immortal." 

At this point, many hoped he was a demon immortal. If he really was, this was a demon immortal's legacy!  The equivalent of immortal's legacy.  Wu Yu naturally knew the importance of this.  If this was the case, this would be a rare opportunity that might only appear in the Jambu Realm over several tens of thousands of years. 

"Did you guys hear him saying his world is the Ancient Demon Realm? What do he mean by that?" Wu Yu asked.  "I don't know. Is he saying he has a spatial dao treasure known as the Ancient Demon Realm?" 

This is the only explanation Wu Yu could come up with. Perhaps it was a similar place to the Demon Hall of Dao Techniques. 

"He kept emphasizing on the three challenges. Clearly, they wouldn't be simple.  Everyone, be careful and vigilant." Wu Yu reminded. 

Truth be told, demon immortal's legacy, the two treasures, the three challenges had excited him. However, he was cautious as well.  The demons were now in a frenzied state. All the demons had dreams of becoming demon immortals and obtaining the two treasures. They had forgotten whatever treasures they eventually obtained might very well be taken away by the Phoenix Supreme.  Before precious treasures, many people would lose their rationalities. Wu Yu could feel a restless atmosphere spreading. 

However, even he couldn't resist it. He inherited an immortal's legacy and knew how precious this demon immortal's ruin would be.   He also craved for the two treasures and wasn't willing to let his enemies inherit a legacy that was similar to his.  

The more precious the treasure was, the more likely people would be drowned in their restlessness and desires. Heavy panting could be heard all around him and many demons were still discussion gibberishly.  The atmosphere within the golden sea was getting more restless by the second. Everyone had forgotten before the Golden Pupil Ancient Demon spoke, the golden sea had stopped pushing them around. They had been where they were for a period of time. 

"Calm down. Calm down." Wu Yu gnashed his teeth and reminded himself constantly. 

"I realize the voice before had hypnotic effects. After hearing it, all of us felt a little restless." 

Full Moon of Nanshan specialized in this aspect and warned Wu Yu immediately. 

"So that's how it is." Wu Yu heaved a long sigh. 

He had calmed down a little but the demons around him were getting more on edge.  Just as Wu Yu was pondering if the three challenges had started, he suddenly felt the senses on his hand dulling out of the blue. When he subconciously tried to grab Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, he felt emptiness and everything had vanished! 

"Nanshan!  Xixi!" Wu Yu exclaimed. However, both of them had vanished in the golden sea. Obviously, the voices of those surrounding demons had also faded away.  All of a sudden, everything seemed lost. He suddenly found his head aching terribly, forcing him to grab onto his head.  However, it was then that he felt the world spinning. He held his and endured the excruciating pain but felt he couldn't stand upright. He could even hear himself having difficulty in breathing. A situation like this was rare for the current him. 

"Uhm...... What is happening? Has the challenge started......? Challenges...... What challenges?" Wu Yu was stumped. Amidst the excruciating headache, he had forgotten the challenges he was about to experience!  He tried hard to recall but his mind was blank. All he could feel was the sharp pain and feebleness. He had never felt his body to be so weak. 

The surroundings were cold and he sat to the ground, shivering slightly. He could feel his clothes were thin. However, he was puzzled why he would feel cold just because he was wearing thin clothing...... 

Just as he was in an exceptional frail state, he heard a piercing voice rang in his ears. It was this voice that forced him to open his eyes and everything wasn't as blurry as before. 

There seemed to be someone shouting and screaming. 

"Wu Yu! You’re the Imperial Crown Prince! How dare you engage in such a disgraceful and harmful deed!”

"You are Dong Yue Wu Kingdom's greatest shame throughout the ages! Our Dong Yue Wu Kingdom's reputation has been untarnished for over 10,000 years. Yet it has all been brought to ruin in your hands!" 

"If the previous emperor was still alive... if he had known of your beastly conduct... he would definitely have been angered to the point of death!"

He opened his eyes! 

As he looked towards the side of his bed, on it sat a dishevelled girl. She looked extremely seductive, one who could move crowds with just her beauty. Her ragged clothes barely hid her pristine and tender white flesh. Her head of messy long hair lay scattered across her very chest. The sight was indeed moving. 

Who is that? 

Wu Yu recalled seeing this person in his memory. However, he couldn't remember who she was at the moment! 


A basin of icy water was doused upon him. Wu Yu woke up in shock. He realised he was lying on the icy ground and he truly had no clothes on!  There were numerous people around him giving him vicious and disappointed stares.

"Imperial Concubine Xi?" 

Admist the cold, he finally recalled this person.  It was a bolt from the blue for Wu Yu as he stared at this woman whose clothes weren't covering her body. 

The icy cold water had splashed him awake a little. His memories were blurry but still felt realistic. He recalled he was bringing Nangong Wei along while trying to escape back into Yan Huang Ancient Region in a hurry. However, he met the Six Arms Demon Ape in the process. To protect Nangong Wei, he suffered severe strikes from the Six Arms Demon Ape seemed to have lost consciousness!

However, when he awoke, why would he be here...... 

This is the Dong Wu's Royal Palace...... 

What was happening before him was still vivid in his memories. 

They key was he felt emptiness around him. The frightening weakness made him felt like he had lost everything. However, it seemed to be the case all along and he didn't possess anything since...... 

"This... What is happening......?" 

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