Chapter 0963: She's No More

Phoenix Dawn.


Hearing her introduction, the name that flashed across his mind was naturally Nangong Wei.

But this name, from the Phoenix Supreme's mouth, was actually Phoenix Dawn. This caught Wu Yu off guard.

He lifted his head to see the breathtakingly striking Nangong Wei. She took to the name easily, mimicking the Phoenix Supreme naturally, and mirroring her severe gaze at the demons of the Nanyin Demon Continent.

"Princess Phoenix Dawn."

The demons recalled that she had been called Nangong Wei, the name that the Black Hornet Demon King had conveyed. But that was no longer important. What was important was the Phoenix Supreme's introduction. The name “Nangong Wei” would naturally fade away from their collective memory, to be replaced with “Princess Phoenix Dawn.”

"Perhaps when she woke up, she still had some of her memory. At least she remembered her name. But now she has even forgotten the name ‘Nangong Wei,’" the Full Moon of Nanshan commented.

"To have even forgotten her name. Poor Big Sister," Ye Xixi said sadly.

Wu Yu was torn. He was not used to her new name, or her new identity - Princess Phoenix Dawn. However, he felt that he was being foolish as well. With her new name and identity, she had shot to success. What business did he have digging up the past? She herself was not interested.

At this time, everyone was looking at the young and regal Princess Phoenix Dawn with reverence, envy in their eyes. The firebird demon hunted by the Black Hornet Demon King had now turned into a divine presence of the Nanyin Demon Continent. Everyone could only worship her, afraid to look directly at her.

The Phoenix Supreme finished introducing Nangong Wei, patting her head. A doting look in her eyes, her cherry lips parted slightly as she continued, "Right now, we have just established the Nanyin Empire. There are three things to be done. Listen well."

"Phoenix Supreme, please command us." The demons cheered.

The Phoenix Supreme said, "The first task is to build. To set laws by which we will govern our nation. To designate zones, governors, to divide our lands, build an army, guard our borders. All the things that will transform our Nanyin Demon Continent into a truly formidable demon immortal kingdom that no one will dare to cross. This is a tremendous and arduous process. We must work together."

"Yes!" The demons chorused passionately.

This was a necessary process. However, because there were various immortal kingdoms around the Yan Huang Ancient Region to draw reference from, it would not be that difficult.

"The second thing to do is to set kingdom border spirit designs around our Nanyin Demon Continent. This will require the effort of countless generations, but as the trailblazers, we must put down the roots. I will need the demon lords and demon kings to help me. This is a herculean task. After we are done, all will require our permission to enter the Nanyin Empire, be they martial cultivator, ghostly cultivator, sea region demon, or other demons. We of the Nanyin Empire won't allow anyone to set foot here as they please, let alone steal resources."

"Yes!" On this point, the demons were definitely in agreement. In the Nanyin Demon Continent, too many demons lacked a sense of security. Many outsiders came, especially the sea region demons, to roam as they pleased, destroying those they encountered.

The demons were looking at the Phoenix Supreme with rapt reverence, awaiting the third thing. The Phoenix Supreme suddenly laughed. "The third thing is actually the first thing we have to do. That is: open up the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence! To make all that is inside our national treasures. The Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence will be the spearhead of our efforts."

Finally, the heart of the issue.

The Phoenix Supreme's intention was clear. First, open the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. Next, lay down laws and secure their borders. The Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence had to be opened quickly. The alternative was long, sleepless nights.

After hearing this, all the demons began to cheer. They had come here for the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence.

And the Phoenix Supreme had already said that it would be used to build the national reserves. This meant that as long as they contributed work, they would have a share of the loot inside.

The demons were in high spirits now.

Of course, they themselves wanted to go and try their luck in the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence, and the Phoenix Supreme seemed to be fine with that.

However, the Phoenix Supreme clarified, "The Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence is fraught with dangers. For the sake of everyone's safety, I will go in with the six demon lords. Everyone else should wait outside."

Hearing this, the demons were dejected. But this was the Phoenix Supreme's order, and they dared not refute it. Besides, even without the Phoenix Supreme, the demon lords would not have let just anyone in.

"Damn, we can't go either?" The Full Moon of Nanshan was stung. He had been eying the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence for a long time.

"It’s still not clear if she can break the door," Wu Yu pointed out. He felt that the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence was not that simple, and the Phoenix Supreme might not succeed.

"Wait and see."

At this time, the Phoenix Supreme led Nangong Wei and the six demon lords into the Ancient Demon Lake. The demons opened a path for them to proceed. As for whether they could enter, they still looked at the Phoenix Supreme with profound respect.

Many had used Message Talismans to transmit news of the turn of events to their friends, or other information networks. The Phoenix Supreme's triumph over the Eight Demon Sea Lords and the establishment of the Nanyin Empire had probably already shocked the entire Jambu Realm.

This news would probably be the word on everyone's lips in the Immortal's Capital.

After all, the Yan Huang Immortal's Capital was where all news passed through.

Wu Yu followed some demons to the deeper parts of the Ancient Demon Lake. He lingered beside the golden eye. This was the edge of the golden eye, and there were many demons in front of him. And at the center, the Phoenix Supreme and the others stood.

The demon lords were unsure of the situation, and Wu Yu could hear the Nine-Headed Deathless Bird ask her, "Phoenix Supreme, are you confident?" Before, she had been the very picture of ferocity, and now she had been tamed before the saintly and regal Phoenix Supreme.

Nangong Wei rolled her eyes at her, saying scornfully, "Obviously. Otherwise, why would she be so confident?" 

She was being boorish, but the Deathless Demon Lord did not dare to cross her, hurriedly nodding.

"Dawn, be a bit more respectful to the demon lords. They are the pillars of the Nanyin Empire." The Phoenix Supreme chastised her.

"Understood, Mother," Nangong Wei said contritely.

"Princess Phoenix Dawn is a real talent. With the the Phoenix Supreme guiding her, she might even reach immortalhood in the future." The Black and Gold Termite Queen and the others hurried to curry favor.

The Phoenix Supreme had already landed on the golden eye. She had turned all of her efforts to studying the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. Seeing this, the demons shut up, holding their breaths, afraid that they would disturb the queen of the Nanyin Demon Continent.

Everything became still at the originally serene Ancient Demon Lake. Not a ripple was to be seen, and not a sound was to be heard. Save for the Phoenix Supreme's movements. Wu Yu and the others also conversed only in secret.

"In truth, I think Nangong Wei is too haughty. Not a good match for you," the Full Moon of Nanshan said thoughtfully.

"I only came to ascertain her safety. I already knew that long ago. I didn't come to that conclusion just today," Wu Yu replied.

"I see. Then when don’t we leave? I feel like it's not possible to understand what's going on between that mother and daughter for now."

His words were not without logic. In terms of ability and cultivation level, the gap was just too huge. Wu Yu was too young.

He thought it over. "Wait a while more. If there's no chance of getting into the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence, then let's return to Yan Huang."

He at least had ascertained that Nangong Wei would not be in any trouble. And if she got into any, it would be beyond his ability to help.

"Done. I miss my friends at the Immortal's Capital," the Full Moon of Nanshan said with a slightly sleazy grin.

"Must be those women!" Ye Xixi rolled her eyes.

"Aiyee, you're a wise girl for how little you are."

The teasing had just begun when Wu Yu felt the Ancient Demon Lake tremble. He immediately turned to the golden eye underfoot, and he discovered some changes. Golden markings had appeared on the eye, which suddenly lit up, the dusty gloom turning bright. Although it was not very quick, the change was notable. This caused the Ancient Demon Lake to change as well. The lake water seemed to turn golden!

He was staring at the Phoenix Supreme. The central position was already swallowed by the golden light, and not clearly visible. It seemed like space itself was warping, and everyone turned blurry. The golden eye underfoot grew brighter and brighter. Wu Yu too was engulfed in the golden light, which was like a golden sea.

"She was really able to break it! And so quickly too." Wu Yu was taken aback. He had truly underestimated the Phoenix Supreme.

Such ability was incredible indeed. The golden eye was probably a huge spirit design. She had no key with her, which showed that her ability to unravel spirit designs was top notch.

The six demon lords had tried previously, but to no avail.

Therefore, Wu Yu could also hear the demon lords gasping, their respect for the Phoenix Supreme increasing. They would probably hold her in even higher regard from now on.

"It's really broken!"

"Has the Phoenix Supreme gone in?"

The demons were peering and craning. They did not dare to move freely now. As the golden light bathed them all, their field of vision fell.


Suddenly, a startled cry.

Before Wu Yu could respond, he felt the world spin. His first reaction was to grab the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi, and then a powerful suction force drew them downwards into the ocean of gold.

Wu Yu guessed that they had entered the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence.

It seemed like the Phoenix Supreme had the ability to unravel the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence, but not to manipulate it.

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