Chapter 0962: Phoenix Dawn

Not long ago, the Phoenix Supreme was deemed to rank among the top three in the Jambu Realm. 

As for the Stormy Demon Emperor, the ruler of the Stormy Seas Region, his strength dominated the southern sea region. However, the Jambu Realm was massive. Just the Yan Huang Ancient Region alone had numerous powerful martial cultivators. With his strength, the Stormy Demon Emperor would likely make it to the top 50. If pushed further, he might just make it into the top 30. 

Therefore, since the very beginning, the Phoenix Supreme and the Stormy Demon Emperor were never on the same level. 

Currently, the Stormy Demon Emperor and four other demon lords were barely able to hold the Phoenix Supreme back! 

This was what Wu Yu had concluded. His Eyes of Fire and Gold were capable of seeing through the clouds and identifying the essence of the battle. Seeing the fear and anxiety in the eyes of the Stormy Demon Emperor, Wu Yu could tell he was truly afraid. Before the battle started, the Stormy Demon Emperor probably had not expected the Phoenix Supreme to be such a frightening figure. 

"He finally understood why the Phoenix Supreme was able to convince the six demon lords with her strength," Wu Yu commented with a smile. 

"In that case, I guess the establishment of the Nanyin Empire is casted in stone?" asked the Full Moon of Nanshan. 

Wu Yu looked a little longer before nodding. The Phoenix Supreme was too frightening, and he didn't think an accident could happen. The three sea region demon lords who were besieged were at their limits. At the Phoenix Supreme's side, she was still unscathed. With the Stormy Demon Emperor as the lead, their attacks looked savage and relentless. However, the effects were minimal. Furthermore, each and every counterattack from the Phoenix Supreme would put them in danger. At least three sea region demon lords had suffered injuries from the burns they had received from the Phoenix Supreme. 

"Today is the day our Nanyin Empire is established. You guys came from a far away place and we have not prepared any gifts. Therefore, let my mystique be a gift for you. Its name is Eternal Purgatory, or you could call it the Eternal Phoenix Purgatory. I wonder, do the Eight Demon Sea Lords accept this small token from me?" 

All of a sudden, all the demons around could hear the light-hearted laughter of the Phoenix Supreme. She had always been cold and had never let out such a light-hearted laugh before them. Also, what she was inferring in her words sent the demons of Nanyin into ecstasy and the sea region demons into torment and anxiety. They started to show disbelief as they looked up into the sky. Many demons who were still hurling ridicules and insults could feel blood flushing up to their heads and were filled with horror. This was because they didn't hear a response from the Stormy Demon Emperor. This showed that they were giving their all to hold on and weren't as light-hearted as the Phoenix Supreme, who was speaking about a gift. 


The Phoenix Supreme struck much quicker than many had expected. 

Wu Yu assumed that the Eternal Purgatory was a unique spatial territory. This was because after hearing the space above him rumbling and trembling, the immense commotion above him suddenly vanished. It was as though the giant demons who were battling had gone into concealment and stopped their battles. Regardless, it was as though everything had vanished. 

In the sky, the clouds that were dispersed started gathering. All of a sudden, clouds filled the sky and the scorching sun illuminated the land. The entire Ancient Demon Lake was deathly silent. Only the golden eye at the bottom of the Ancient Demon Lake was staring indifferently at the sky without any changes. 

At this moment, all the demons were dumbfounded and their necks extended like ducks’. They looked into the sky while not moving an inch or saying a word. It was as though absolute silence had shrouded the world at this moment. 

"Eternal Purgatory.... There will be a day when I can use this mystique to this level...." Amidst the deathly silence, the voice was ear-piercing. That was undoubtedly from Nangong Wei. Different from the feelings of astonishment that most demons were feeling, she was filled with intense desire. Her eyes were ablaze with exceptional joy and she was just not dancing from ecstasy. 

From her behavior, Wu Yu even doubted if she was Nangong Wei or just another person from the beginning. However, if that were the case, why would she remember that her name was Nangong Wei? 

"What happened to her? Is she still her? While the Phoenix Supreme gave her a new bloodline and memories, does she still possess any lingering memories of the past...?" 

Wu Yu furrowed his brows. The various experiences in the past were flashing in his mind, causing his mind to be in chaos. Therefore, he was a little lost while staring at her. 

Initially, he thought the relationship between the two of them had been severed once he left the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. To his astonishment, she had reappeared in his life in such puzzling manner. 

When he was distracted, he was alarmed by a deafening scream from above. Wu Yu recovered, lifted his head immediately, and looked up. He saw the Phoenix Supreme and the six demon lords appear, and the Phoenix Supreme had reverted back to her beautiful human form. At this moment, she was descending to the land below, and the six demon lords behind her showed absolute devotion to her. From their eyes, one could no longer see any differing thoughts or hesitation. 

At this moment, he couldn't see the Eight Demon Sea Lords. However, Wu Yu could see a nine-colored fireball in the Phoenix Supreme's hand. The nine-colored fireball was blazing relentlessly and Wu Yu could vaguely hear heart-wrenching cries coming from within it. 

At this moment, the Phoenix Supreme descended to above the sea region demons and threw the fireball down. The next instant, the fireball dissipated and eight humanly figures emerged from it. They were none other than the Eight Demon Sea Lords. However, their current states were frail and wretched. They were charred black and some had even lost a body part or two. Even the Stormy Demon Emperor was on the brink of death. Obviously, the most tragic emotions could be seen from their eyes. Within their wavering eyes, Wu Yu could see horror and despair. That's right, even the Stormy Demon Emperor was looking at the Phoenix Supreme with absolute horror, and his eyes couldn't help but waver constantly. 

"On accord that today's your first offence, I'll not take your lives! After you leave, remember to announce this to the world for us: the Nanyin Demon Continent shall now be known as the Nanyin Empire, and I, the Eternal Phoenix, rule this place. Everyone within the four seas can address me as the Phoenix Supreme." Although the Phoenix Supreme's voice was soft and gentle, it had absolute authority. Every word from her sent chills down the spines of the Eight Demon Sea Lords. 

"Shouldn't you be thanking the Phoenix Supreme for sparing your lives!" The Kunwu Demon Lord had struggled the most with surrendering to her. Now he was the first to accept his fate. 

After being reprimanded by the Kunwu Demon Lord, the Eight Demon Sea Lords cupped their hands in salute, lowered their heads, and said in trembling voices, "Thank you...." 

When they heard those two words, all the sea region demons finally understood what misery and despair were. All the sea region demons looked sickly pale. They turned to the Eight Demon Sea Lords and stared at them blankly. They could tell that the Eight Demon Sea Lords had lost completely. However, they were hoping the Eight Demon Sea Lords would at least say something more gutsy instead of thanking them in such a humiliating manner. They could even leave some ruthless remarks, such as they would be back for revenge. However, the eight demons who they had the most respect for didn't do anything at this point. They were taking in the humiliation without hesitation. This was testament that they had been so badly beaten by the Phoenix Supreme that they had become fearful! 

"This.... How can this be possible...?" 

"Our Stormy Demon Seas are utterly disgraced to... allow these low lifes to get above our heads...." 

"Just shut up. If you speak now, you might lose your life. Can't you see the circumstances? Our lords have given up, and it's not up to us to comment." 

"In other words, we have to make a detour whenever we encounter a demon from the Nanyin Demon Continent!" 

Soft discussions were spreading rapidly among the sea region demons. Seeing their wretched expressions that were on the brink of tears and dispirited looks, the demons of Nanyin felt gratified and were euphoric beyond words. Perhaps the demons of Nanyin had never felt such intense pride and honor. This was something that could never happen before today. 

As such, their respect for the Phoenix Supreme had far exceeded their fear for her. Sometimes, these two feelings came together and could have the effects of intimidating others. However, it would be healthier if the elements of respect were greater than fear. At the same time, the demons of Nanyin would also be more united. At the very least, Wu Yu could see from the eyes of all the demons that they were no longer the same. 

They were staring at the Phoenix Supreme with exceptional respect. At this moment, they went above the water’s surface and kneeled above the water. With someone taking the lead, everyone screamed and cheered their loudest. "Long live the Phoenix Supreme!" 

The empress of the Nanyin Empire was born at this moment! 

Even the six demon lords around her went down on one knee and cheered with the rest of the demons. The sea region demons were still watching this scene. 

It was especially so for the Stormy Demon Emperor, who was seeing it with his own eyes. 

Amidst the loud cheers of numerous demons, the Phoenix Supreme said to the Stormy Demon Emperor with satisfaction, "Fortunately, you guys were here. Otherwise, such a grand scene would have been missed by others. Moving ahead, I need your help to spread some news. Tell the entire Jambu Realm that this is no longer the Nanyin Demon Continent, but the Nanyin Empire." 

If it was just about the establishment of a new empire, no one would really care. However, if what happened here were to spread, the entire Jambu Realm would likely be shaken. An empire like this would then possess real deterring effects. Wu Yu believed that the Phoenix Supreme would be a legend from today onwards. 

"Yes, we will definitely do so. Phoenix Supreme, we will take our leave now...." The Stormy Demon Emperor wouldn't want to stay for a single moment longer. 

"Didn't you guys say you guys would help us open the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence?" the Phoenix Supreme asked with a smile. 

"With the Phoenix Supreme around, the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence won't be an issue. We shall not shove our noses into something that doesn't concern us. We will take our leave now." The Stormy Demon Emperor lowered his head and looked exceptionally dispirited. However, the Phoenix Supreme didn't make things difficult for him - she allowed him to lead the gloomy sea region demons away from the Nanyin Demon Continent. The seawater that was overcast across half the Nanyin Demon Continent finally subsided at this point and light returned to the land. 

At this moment, only the Phoenix Supreme and her empire was left. 

The Phoenix Supreme surveyed her surroundings and was satisfied with this moment. First, she asked everyone to rise before announcing, "From here onwards, the Nanyin Empire is established. Moving ahead, there will be some major changes to truly convert this place into a powerful empire. However, before we get to it, I'd like to introduce you all to someone." 

Nangong Wei had been waiting for this moment for a long time. She flew to the Phoenix Supreme swiftly and leaned on her sweetly. 

The Phoenix Supreme announced, "This is my daughter and the only princess of the Nanyin Empire. Her name is Phoenix Dawn." 

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