Chapter 0961: War Over Land and Sea

The Phoenix Supreme's declaration of war wasn't a joke. 

There had never been such a grand line-up. To the south of the Yan Huang Ancient Region, the two superpowers of the Nanyin Demon Continent and the Stormy Demon Seas had sent out almost all their forces to clash above the golden eye of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. 

That golden eye was still cold and nonchalant while watching the soaring emotions. For the Nanyin Demon Continent, this was the turning point and the advent of the Nanyin Empire. It symbolized a new beginning! 

Of course, if they lost the battle, the new beginning would end before it even started. 

The sudden upsurge in the sense of honor and belonging made it possible for demons who had been competing and fighting for years to gather around the Phoenix Supreme. In their eyes, there was only desire for battle. The sense of honor had given them an unprecedented and raging will. 

Obviously, the real uncertainty of the battle still lied in the hands of the strongest experts. Both parties seemed disinterested in starting a chaotic fight, as that would be hard to keep in control. The demon kings were largely in a stalemate currently. Obviously, it was hard to say if anyone would obey the orders and make a move after receiving all kinds of curses and discrimination. 

At this juncture, their attention was largely on the Phoenix Supreme and the Stormy Demon Emperor! 

After the Phoenix Supreme made her declaration of war, she led the six demon lords towards the Eight Demon Sea Lords. Both parties were mostly clashing in their true forms. 

Fortunately, they were in a broad and open space. Otherwise, with so many elite demons reverting to their true forms, it would be really congested. Demons were known to have much larger true forms. 

At the side of the Eight Demon Sea Lords, the 10,000 Clawed Devil Cuttlefish, the 10,000 Li Blood Coral, the Chalk-white Blood Shark, and the others quickly showed their true forms. The eight superb giant beasts were like those that only existed in the legends. When they stood high up in the sky, one could easily tell why they were the overlords of the sea region and capable of stirring storms and gales! 

However, on the side of the Nanyin Demon Continent, with the addition of the Silver Moon Immortal Ape to the Eight Immortals Kunwu, the Nine-Headed Deathless Bird, the Hellish Bone Demon Lord, the Thousand-Eyed Demon Tree, and the Black and Gold Termite Queen, they would now stand a slim chance of matching the other side. Although the Phoenix Supreme's true form wasn't exceptionally huge, the raging nine-colored flames were sacred, noble, and sanctified. One look and one could tell that she was an immortal beast! Among the numerous giant beasts around, only the Stormy Whale Roc could barely be a match in terms of power and majesty. 

The battle could erupt at any moment now. Everyone, including Wu Yu, was holding their breaths. They knew that this battle today would be of the highest level. Although what had happened previously was shocking and exciting, it definitely wouldn't be as moving as this moment. All the demons were exceptionally anxious. 

"All bluff and bluster. How hilarious!" The Stormy Demon Emperor scoffed at it before signalling to the other seven demon lords. The two sides of demons clashed violently together like bolts of lightning. 

At that moment, Wu Yu felt as though the heavens and earth had shaken a little. 

Nonetheless, he had witnessed the battle of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor and the Ancient Demon God previously. Therefore, he was still rather composed. As for the other demons, they were in a frenzy. At this juncture, they were screaming and cheering their demon lords on like lunatics. It was the same for the sea region demons. All of a sudden, curses were hurled and some even started throwing empty punches and kicks. Although the fight had not broken out, it would be impossible to remain as so if the clash above them lasted for a long time. 

"Low lifes of the Stormy Demon Seas, get lost from our Nanyin Empire while you can. If you are a tad late, our Phoenix Supreme will wallop your Eight Demon Sea Lords till they pee in their pants! At that time, the Stormy Demon Seas will lose all face. Are you going to watch yourselves lose all respect before all in the Jambu Realm?" 

"What is the Nanyin Empire? Who is the Phoenix Supreme? Don't embarrass yourselves here! With just that stinky bitch? That foolish bird? She can be a pet for our Demon Emperor. None of you know where she came from, yet low lifes like you see her as your savior. How hilarious is this!" 

"You dare to belittle the Phoenix Supreme? Just wait and see! You guys can still laugh about it now. However, let's see if you are able to in a while! A bunch of low-witted fools! If the Phoenix Supreme isn't truly incredible, how could she have used her own strength to convince the six demon lords to risk their lives for her?" 

"Scram! Who knows if she relied on her beauty or sorts?" 

"Fools are always fools! The facts are right in front of you and yet you refuse to admit it. You guys will be embarrassed here today. Indeed, those that are born in the seas really don't have any brains. Aren't our Deathless Demon Lord and Black and Gold Termite Queen female? Could beauty make us willingly give up on our own factions to build a demon cultivation empire together?" 

"Who knows? Perhaps your female demon lords are interested in girls? Haha!" Up to this point, the sea region demons were relentless in their ridicules. This left the demons of the Nanyin Empire infuriated. Most of them had sullen faces, but they also knew clearly that the more their enemies belittled the Phoenix Supreme, the more advantageous it would be for them. 

"Let them be cocky while they can. When they witness how incredible the Phoenix Supreme is, they will know the apocalypse is upon them. The more frenzied their laughter is now, the more humiliated they will be then." 

"You are right. There's no need for us to engage in a war of words with them. It won't be of any help. Let them be cocky and confident in themselves. We shall just wait and see." 

"Today, these demons from the Stormy Seas Region will spew blood from anger." 

"Yeah! We are going to make them pee in their pants and beg for mercy. That's the only way to relieve the pent up hatred and anger that have built up in our hearts over the years." 

"What makes the sea region demons think they are of a higher class? What makes them think they are extraordinary? They are just superior in numbers by a little! What do they have to look down on us? They just have a few more demon lords than us. This goes to show they only have an advantage in numbers!" 

The demons of the Nanyin Empire calmed down gradually. They looked at the sea region demons coldly while being on the receiving end of their cockiness and ridicule. Although these words were thorny to their ears, the insults they were hurling now would be returned to them once they suffered a complete defeat. 

Wu Yu wasn't paying attention to the insults, as they had no meaning at this point. The elite experts were the deciding factors of this war. His focus was only on two things. One was the most explosive and intense battle above him that had happened today. The other was Nangong Wei. This was the most crucial battle, and she clearly looked worried. Her fists were tightly clenched while she was looking up at the sky. The surrounding demons didn't dare to approach her. When they looked at her occasionally, their eyes were full of respect and envy. It was as though everyone was a beggar, while she was the noble princess of the crowd. Many people were scared of even taking a glance at her. 

"This girl sure has a sacred and prideful disposition. Compared to when you first saw her, she's probably a lot more attractive, right?" The Full Moon of Nanshan smiled sheepishly. 

"That's true. She's indeed on a different level now." Comparing the Nangong Wei in the past to the current her, her eyes, ears, mouth, and even nose were the same. However, the charisma she was emanating now was miles apart from the past. It was like comparing a fairy with a village girl. It was also because of this that numerous young demons had mustered their courage to look at her while having some daydreams and desires. Perhaps they were envisioning becoming her dao companions. If that were the case, they rise to the sky in a single moment. 

A girl that was as sacred as her was more likely to be the dreams of many others. 

However, for Wu Yu, his deepest impression of her was still that pure and cute Nangong Wei. She was still young then. Although she looked sacred and noble, prideful and alluring now, she was no longer the same as the impression Wu Yu had of her. Or rather, there was a deep and wide gap between them. 

Regardless, she had forgotten about Wu Yu. 

"If the Nanyin Empire is established, she will be the number two figurehead in the Nanyin Demon Continent. No one will lay a finger on her anymore. She will also be a lot safer than I am in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. In fact, there's no need for me to worry about her safety. Rather, I should be worried about mine," Wu Yu thought to himself. 

The only lingering concern was that he did not know much about the Phoenix Supreme and there was still a possibility that the Phoenix Supreme was going to harm her. However, even if that were the case, Wu Yu knew that he couldn't do a thing to the Phoenix Supreme. After all, she was a frightening existence that stood at the pinnacle of all demons and was approaching the level of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor! 

At this moment, he could only look up to an existence like her. 

He didn't want to think about these things and kept them out of his mind. As for when he would return to the Yan Huang Ancient Region, he felt he would have the answer after this battle had ended. 

He focused on the battle above him and was spectating the battle with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. At this juncture, most of the demons couldn't see the intense battle at all. They were fighting at great heights and the commotion was huge. Sparks were breaking out in all forms everywhere. It was as though the giant beasts were clashing in outer space. It didn't look real, and one would find it hard to see the details clearly. 

Wu Yu was able to see, though. The Phoenix Supreme was indeed incredible. Her direct opponents were five sea region demon lords, including the Stormy Demon Emperor. He could also see that the Stormy Demon Emperor wasn't in his roc form, but a giant whale that seemed capable of roaming in the cosmos. That giant, black whale's size triumphed over all other demons. Every breath he took would send gusts through the mountains and sea while shaking the land. 

In the sky, low and deep calls could be heard. Those were made by the giant whale. 

"One against five. The Stormy Demon Emperor and the rest probably understand the strength of the Phoenix Supreme by now. They are probably shaken to their cores! As for the Kunwu Demon Lord, the Deathless Demon Lord, and the others, they finally had the opportunity to pair up and attack a single opponent. In a way, they are returning the predicament imposed on them previously to the other party. Now, as long as the Phoenix Supreme can hold on, the first few to fall will be the 10,000 Li Blood Coral, the 10,000 Clawed Devil Cuttlefish, and the Chalk-white Blood Shark." 

Those three were each being attacked by two demon lords and were in perilous situations. They were completely overwhelmed and wounds were scattered all over their bodies. The main body of the blood coral was the most extensively destroyed. The damaged portions were falling down like a downpour currently. Some were as huge as small mountains. When they smashed into Ancient Demon Lake, large waves and ripples were stirred. 

The battlefield was a long distance away and most demon kings probably only had a vague sense of it. Wu Yu could see that the sea region demon kings weren't looking great. On the other end, smiles had appeared across the faces of the Eight Pupils Bull Demon King, the Light Wing Grand Eagle King, the God Eye Monkey, the Adamant King Ape, and many others. It was especially so for the God Eye Monkey, who could probably see everything clearly. 

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