Chapter 0960: Nanyin Empire

Basically, four demon lords had agreed with the Phoenix Supreme's proposal. 

Even if the remaining two were to oppose vehemently, it wouldn't matter. If they stayed together, they might still barely put up a fight against the Phoenix Supreme. With just two remaining, resisting the Phoenix Supreme would be no different from a mantis trying to stop a moving car. 

The future of the Nanyin Demon Continent had been decided. 

The Eight Immortals Kunwu exchanged glances with the Nine-Headed Deathless Bird. They knew clearly that it was a foregone conclusion that the Nanfeng Empire would be established. Even though the Phoenix Supreme was an outsider with unknown background, her strength and noble dreams had convinced most of the demons. 

Even though they might just be fearful of her strength today, if the Phoenix Supreme were to contribute to the Nanyin Demon Continent moving forward, the demons would also respect and revere her. 

At this juncture, the Eight Immortals Kunwu could see helplessness and weakness in the eyes of the Nine-Headed Deathless Bird. It was then that he knew that she had surrendered. With only him left, he wouldn't be able to stop anything even if he died. 

"Phoenix Supreme, I'm willing to surrender and aid you in building a demon cultivation empire for our demons! However, I have a condition that would need you to fulfill." The Eight Immortals Kunwu was sending telepathic messages to the Phoenix Supreme while struggling to hold on under the attacks from the Stormy Demon Emperor. 

"Speak. I'm not someone who's unwilling to negotiate," answered the Phoenix Supreme. 

Everything before her was in her control. 

The Eight Immortals Kunwu gnashed his teeth and said, "The Nanyin Demon Continent belongs to all demons, not just the Eternal Phoenix. I can accept the Eternal Phoenixes being the royal family. However, as for the name of the empire, I hope it can be ‘Nanyin Empire’ rather than ‘Nanfeng Empire!’" 

Although only part of the word was changed, the difference was pretty huge. If it was called ‘Nanfeng Empire,’ it would only prove that this island would forever be the territory of the Eternal Phoenixes. If it was ‘Nanyin Empire,’ all the other demons would probably have a stronger sense of existence. [1]

"We sincerely plead to name it the Nanyin Empire as well!" Seeing how things had developed, the other demon lords also raised this request. The difference of one word was the final persistence they held on to in their hearts. At this point, even the Silver Moon Demon Lord, who was the first to surrender, said, "Phoenix Supreme, I also feel that it should be ‘Nanyin Empire.’" 

This name would better symbolize that all the demons would prosper together on the Nanyin Demon Continent instead of portraying the royal family as the absolute authority. 

Wu Yu couldn't see the expression of the Phoenix Supreme. Nonetheless, he believed the Phoenix Supreme would agree to it. This was because the Phoenix Supreme was after something material. The name shouldn't be of utmost importance to her. 

Just as expected, although the Phoenix Supreme didn't say a word, she nodded. At this point, the negotiations were complete. All the demons and the Phoenix Supreme had a uniform view and the finishing touch had been made. Therefore, the Phoenix Supreme extended her arms gradually at this moment and morphed into her true form the next instant. When the nine-colored Eternal Phoenix soared into the skies, the sea region demons finally knew the true form of the Phoenix Supreme!

"Phoenix immortal beast!" The Stormy Demon Emperor furrowed his brows slightly and his attacks got a little looser. This gave the Eight Immortals Kunwu and the Nine-Headed Deathless Bird a chance to catch their breath. The same was happening to the other sea region demon lords. 

"You said you wouldn't get involved. What are you trying to do now!?" The 10,000 Li Blood Coral was helping out in the battles from time to time. When she saw movements from the Phoenix Supreme, she darted forward and used her huge coral body to completely seal the Phoenix Supreme. 

Although her roar was deafening, it didn't affect the Eternal Phoenix in the slightest. At this point, the Phoenix Supreme had soared above the clouds and above all the demon lords. The next instant, nine-colored flames raged out of her body, and with a domineering and imposing demeanor, she said loudly, "In that case, friends from the Stormy Demon Seas! You guys can be witnesses of the greatest moment in the history of the Nanyin Demon Continent! From today onwards, I, representing the Eternal Phoenixes, shall become the royal family. I hereby announce the founding of the Nanyin Empire that encompasses the entire Nanyin Demon Continent! The six demon lords and their races shall become the six noble races of our Nanyin Empire!" 

The Phoenix Supreme's voice was too domineering and the information she had conveyed was too explosive. It was also because of this that the Eight Demon Sea Lords were stupefied in the first instant. They stopped their attacks, lifted their heads, and stared blankly at the Phoenix Supreme. 

"Leader, did we just get used by her?" the 10,000 Clawed Devil Cuttlefish remarked. 

The Stormy Demon Emperor could see the five demon lords, who had found the opportunity to catch their breaths. At this moment, they made the best use of their time - they swiftly moved away and gathered around the Phoenix Supreme. At the same time, the Silver Moon Demon Lord flew up and stopped beside the Phoenix Supreme. It was clear they saw the Phoenix Supreme as their leader. 

The situation had changed too abruptly, leaving the sea region demons puzzled and confused. 

"What? What did she just say? Nanyin Empire? The Phoenix Supreme is going to establish an empire on the Nanyin Demon Continent?" 

"Pfft! This can't be real! Something similar to our Stormy Demon Seas? However, even our Stormy Demon Seas doesn't follow the model of the martial cultivators!" 

"These low lifes! They are truly...." 

"However, why would the six demon lords be willing to surrender to this existence who has an unknown background? I heard our Stormy Demon Emperor say that she is a phoenix immortal beast. Demons like us are surrendering to an immortal beast? Although immortal beasts are truly rare...." 

The sea region demons were discussing fervently. As for the Nanyin Demon Continent, they had been brought together by the Phoenix Supreme at this point. Together with the Phoenix Supreme, they had seven demon lords and could finally put up a decent contest against the Eight Demon Sea Lords. At this point, the Eight Demon Sea Lords were facing off against the demon lords of the Nanyin Demon Continent. The five demon lords also took the opportunity to catch their breaths. 

However, the Eight Demon Sea Lords were infuriated. This was because they knew that the Phoenix Supreme had used them to force the five demon lords to agree with her proposal. Just as Wu Yu had said, the Stormy Demon Emperor would never allow the neighboring Nanyin Demon Continent to become a force he couldn't control. 

In the past, the demons of the Nanyin Demon Continent could only hide and not show themselves above the sea region. 

If they were to get together, it wouldn't be easy for the sea region demons to invade them like today. 

Obviously, the greatest impact would also be the most immediate. It wouldn't be easy for them to occupy the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence now. This infuriated the Eight Demon Sea Lords. At this point, the Stormy Demon Emperor moved before the Phoenix Supreme. On one end was a peerless savage demon and on the other end was the phoenix immortal beast, and both of them were flying beasts. The Stormy Demon Emperor surveyed the Phoenix Supreme and said, "Who would have thought that you would possess the ability and guts yet harbor such unrealistic dreams. I'm impressed that you could make the six demon lords surrender to you, even though you made use of our strength. However, if the Nanyin Demon Continent truly wishes to build a demon cultivation empire, we from the Stormy Seas Region will be the first to object!" 

"We object!" The Eight Demon Sea Lords and all the other sea region demons cheered loudly with dominance. 

The Phoenix Supreme tittered and said, "What qualifications do you guys have to object?" 

The Stormy Demon Emperor said, "I don't need any qualifications. We object and don't recognize it. At the same time, the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence will also belong to us! Scram back to where you came from. An outsider like you dares to dream of occupying a territory of the southern seas?" 

The sea region demons were exceptionally overbearing, and the words from the Stormy Demon Emperor were met with cheers from a large number of demons. 

This made the demons from the Nanyin Demon Continent inferior in comparison. However, the Phoenix Supreme wouldn't allow something like this to happen. When the other party had made such declarations, she scoffed and said, "I have announced the establishment of the Nanyin Empire moments ago. Since then, I've become the absolute ruler of the Nanyin Empire! The Nanyin Demon Continent is the territory of our Nanyin Empire. Our territory shall not be encroached. All sea region demons like you! Now that you guys have invaded my territory and dream of plundering our wealth, such unreasonable and treacherous acts will not be cordoned. I hereby declare war against your Stormy Seas Region to protect the pride of our Nanyin Empire and protect the honor of our race!" 

Wu Yu had underestimated the Phoenix Supreme. He had not expected her to be so great at motivational speeches. In the past, the greatest problem of the Nanyin Demon Continent was the lack of unity and fragmented rule. After her speech, although the demons were from different races and might have been nemeses in the past, they now shared a common identity. All of a sudden, the strength of unity erupted from their hearts. Even the demon lords weren't aware that when honor for country built up in one's chest, all the demons would come together and release such tremendous strength!

With their hearts as one, they could even break gold. 

Every demon would feel a burning flame in their heart when their homes were invaded. At this very moment, all the demons let out a furious roar at the same time. As the deafening roars reverberated and shook the earth, the sea region demons truly felt like the Nanyin Demon Continent was no longer the same. The Phoenix Supreme had brought a new change to this place! A change that they couldn't control. 

"Declaration of war?" These foreign words left the Stormy Demon Emperor stumped for a moment. He didn't find it hilarious, but problematic. It was especially so when he locked eyes with the Phoenix Supreme. At this moment, he could see the six demon lords eager to strike and engage in slaughter. 

Obviously, the Stormy Demon Emperor wasn't fearful at all. After all, they had an additional person. Moreover, the other party was clearly not in their best states, perhaps even fatigued.

"I'll take on five of them. For the remaining three, I’ll let you guys pair up. Let them experience what it’s like to be at a disadvantage!" The Phoenix Supreme held nothing back as she spoke to the six demon lords. 

"Alright!" The demon lords had confidence in the strength of the Phoenix Supreme. After all, shortly before, she had defeated all five of them together. However, the difference was that the Phoenix Supreme had included the Stormy Demon Emperor, while the Stormy Demon Emperor had planned to finish off the Phoenix Supreme on his own. 

"How arrogant. You should really listen to what you are saying." The 10,000 Clawed Devil Cuttlefish and others broke into laughter. 

However, the smiles quickly vanished. The eyes of the Eternal Phoenix became fiercer and fiercer. The scale of this battle was almost equivalent to a battle between empires, and it was about to erupt! 

Wu Yu found a good location to spectate from, and he had benefited greatly today. 

Amidst the chaos, he also saw Nangong Wei hiding in the Ancient Demon Lake. He quickly opened up a distance. At this point, all the demons had united together. If he was found, it would be even more troublesome. 

"From how things are, the Phoenix Supreme seems to really dote on Nangong Wei. You should be assured now," remarked the Full Moon of Nanshan. 

"Perhaps." That was the feeling he had as well. 

However, he still wasn't certain. The Phoenix Supreme was too mysterious and no one knew what she was thinking. 

1. TL Note: "Feng" translates literally to phoenix and therefore the significance here. For additional context, the "yin" seen in “Nanyin Demon Continent” and the new "Nanyin Empire" are the same. The “yin” here isn't the Yin and Yang which we often see, but rather it means descendant/heir, or to inherit. In a way, translating the continent into English, it would mean that this continent would be known as The South's Inheritance, which makes more sense in the following context.

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