Chapter 0096: Femme Fatale

Looking at this woman, Wu Yu truly understood the meaning of the phrase “femme fatale.”

This woman that suddenly appeared was the definition of perfection.

Wu Yu had read history before. One country had been utterly ruined. It was called: Shang Nation. The Shang Nation had fallen because one of its emperors had been smitten with a femme fatale concubine.

And that concubine was actually a fox demon.

Beauty that could bring an entire nation to ruin.

And beside Wu Yu was exactly such beauty manifested.

Her beauty cast a stupor over you. She was completely different from normal girls such as Su Yanli or Lan Shuiyue. Perhaps one's five senses could not tell the difference, but combined with one's body's reaction, it tantalized and overwhelmed.

It was as though one was sullying nature itself not to go and possess this beauty; you would regret it for life.

The first time he laid eyes on this woman, Wu Yu immediately forgot every other person he had ever laid eyes on. There was only this person. It was as though she was the only woman on earth.

History noted that fox demons played with people's hearts. A femme fatale that could play a nation and cause misery to innumerable people. 

Mortal civilians were most familiar with fox demons.

Mortal women were afraid that fox demons would steal their husbands away with their glamor, while mortal men were even more afraid that, once entranced, they would expend all their essence, ageing in a day.

Of course, there were also men willing to give their lives for a night of pleasure with a fox demon.

Evidently, the charms of a fox demon were unmatched in this world.

No matter how resolute Wu Yu's heart, being unable to see anything in this fog besides this beautiful woman still took his breath away.

"Congratulations, your luck is dog-shit. It's a fox demon." Ming Long had woken up to take vindictive pleasure from his troubles.

Last time, their deal had failed. She was still unhappy.

Wu Yu was just about to give in when Ming Long's words shook him awake.

At that moment, the sultry lady was baring her legs. Her eyes full of tears, and her lids trembling, she was a stirring image. She made one lose control, wanting to go and comfort her.

"Prince, my name is... Qian Er. I'm afraid...." The fox demon's voice wavered compellingly.

Every move she made was pure attraction.

Wu Yu retreated a few steps and took a deep breath. He closed his eyes, afraid to look at the fox demon. He said coldly, "I know you are a demon. Don't try to seduce me."

Wu Yu had learned from Tang Batian that among the three demons, the Black Bear Spirit had six demon essence cores, and was the strongest, most suited to fighting.

The other two had cultivated for more than 500 years and had five demon essence cores.

Amongst them, the shark demon was most suited to water combat, while the fox demon was best at charming. In terms of actual fighting power, it might not even be as strong as him.

Of course, the scary part of the fox demon was also in its charms.

"As long as I am not charmed, she can't do anything to me!" Wu Yu told himself, even as his head beaded in cold sweat.

It was his first time fighting against an adult demon, and it was an evil fox demon with deadly charms. It was truly hard to resist. And this was the scariest part of a fox demon.

Humans had dao techniques, demons had demonic techniques.

"That's right. I'm a demon. A fox demon...."

She did not deny it, and she inched ever closer, her plaintive voice circling Wu Yu's ears. She said, "I've never hurt anyone before. I had just gained sentience and shapeshifted when I was carried here 500 years ago. I've been locked up in the Spirit Banishment Tower, and only get to come out once per year to see the world...."

She was so pitiful.

"500 years, it's been so lonely.... I just want to talk to somebody. I won't hurt you. After all, I'm going back to the Spirit Banishment Tower after this. Just for a few days, I can have somebody to be with.... Please, sir...."

In truth, that crying, plaintive, pitiful voice was playing havoc with Wu Yu's heartstrings. He could see the fox demon's pitiful figure being locked up in the Spirit Banishment Tower for 500 years. If that were true, then it was really sad. Almost like his own experience.

"If you want to talk, find someone else. I'm very busy. Goodbye!" Wu Yu did not dare to bat an eye her way. He immediately took off.

"Actually, you don't need to be afraid of her. As long as you visualize the Inner Ape, demons cannot enter your body. A puny demon like that cannot charm you, the descendant of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal." Ming Long smacked her lips.

"She can't bedazzle me?"

Hearing this, Wu Yu immediately used Visualizing the Inner Ape. The Unparalleled Monkey King appeared in a burst of flames within his heart, its will domineering. It was like a bright light in the dark night. His heart was purified clean, as though a bright sun was shining directly overhead!

Demons and spirits could not bear to approach the intense fire.

Wu Yu opened his eyes and faced the fox demon's eyes. They were only three steps apart.

As expected, after using Visualizing the Inner Ape, the beguiling fox demon became an ordinary beautiful woman, no longer possessing the deadly glamor. He breathed out. The before and after comparison made him realize the terror that was the fox demon's charms.

If not for Visualizing the Inner Ape, who knew if he could extricate himself from the hot soup.

"Many thanks," Wu Yu said to Ming Long.

"No need. Just another God's Way Pill will do." Ming Long cackled.

"Fat hope."

This scrooge. A leopard could not change its spots....

"I shouldn't have warned you, I should’ve let you have all your essence sucked out by the fox demon until you became an empty husk," Ming Long sniped.

Wu Yu automatically ignored her. Since he could resist this charm by himself, he had a plan.

"They haven't caught me yet. Lan Shuiyue and the others are still waiting for them at the Lake of Jade. They should be on the way back, and it's perfect timing for me to lure this fox demon their way."

If not for this plan, he could have simply used Visualizing the Inner Ape and escaped.

Although it was said that a gentleman's revenge aged like wine, Wu Yu could not bear the ignominy for very long. Especially by Lan Shuiyue.

After working out his plan, he started to play it up, affecting that he had been entranced. He said to the fox demon, "I thought that all demons were terrifying. But I had not thought that your history was so pitiful."

"Yes. Qian Er has been lonely for my whole life. I have never had someone before. I have spent the last 500 years locked up in the Spirit Banishment Tower," the fox demon said, her tears welling within her eyes, and inciting even more sympathy.

Wu Yu used Visualizing the Inner Ape to focus his will, but put on a drunken expression. "I... Can I hug you?"

Although this development seemed rather quick, he assumed that all the guys seduced by the fox demon would be like this. And the fox demons could not care less if things developed quickly. They liked quickly.

"I.... I'm a demon, and you're a disciple of the dao. Don't you hate me?" The fox demon looked up meekly at him, with a hint of vulnerability.

"Even disciples of the dao have their flaws, and demons can have saving graces. You are so beautiful, and you must have some goodness in your heart as well. Why would I hate you?"

Wu Yu was anxious, reaching out a hand to embrace her. With this hug, he felt like he was embracing a warm flame, which began to spread throughout his body. Even channelling Visualizing the Inner Ape, he almost lost his focus to the fox demon's attraction.

"The charms of a fox demon are truly terrifying." Wu Yu did not believe that the blue and green-clothed disciples could hold out against it.

He suddenly let the fox demon go, faking a slight return to his senses. "I'm sorry. I was not thinking. That was not gentlemanly."

The fox demon thought to herself, “This person's self-control is superb.”

She shook her head innocently. "Sir, you are a real gentleman, of straight body and heart. I naturally believe you. Besides, Qian Er is a superficial girl. If you lust for me, then it is Qian Er's fortune...." Saying thus, her face reddened. How polished.


Wu Yu retreated a few steps and stammered a reply. "No, no way. I simply thought you were so lonely and thought to give you company. I can't have such wicked thoughts. How about this: I'll take a walk with you around the Valley of Immortal Fate, and we can confide in each other. How does that sound?"

The fox demon thought, “I did not expect his self-control to be so strong. But the yang energy is strong in him, and burns bright. It's a body of pure yang that doesn't come around more than once a millennium. If I can take all of it, I might be able to gain another demon essence core.”

Thinking thus, she said, "That's wonderful. I thank the gentleman."

After all, as long as she remained by his side, the fox demon did not believe that he could hold out.

"Then let us go." Wu Yu focused tight on his will. All was going according to plan.

The fox demon was emanating her charm frequently, causing Wu Yu to develop emotions for her. Wu Yu continued to use Visualizing the Inner Ape to resist her many times, and he increased his pace towards the Lake of Jade. Luckily, the Lake of Jade was not far; otherwise, he might not have been able to hold out.

The fox demon was getting anxious as well. She thought, "This person might have extraordinary self-control because of his exceptional yang energy. I must try harder."

The two seemed to be loving towards each other, but they were actually struggling hard in a savage battle. Wu Yu's control slipped dangerously on occasion, but, luckily, Ming Long woke him back to his senses.

Fortunately, the Lake of Jade got closer.


"Su Ci!"

Lan Shuiyue was really bored. In the fog, Ni Hongyi and the green and blue-robed disciples returned at the same time. The green-robed disciple immediately noticed that Su Ci was missing.

"Shuiyue, where is Su Ci?" The green-robed disciple ran up, alarmed.

Lan Shuiyue rolled her eyes. "How would I know? I gave her the medicine and then walked not more than 100 meters away. I wasn’t gone for more than 100 breaths of time When I returned, she was gone, with no presence at all. I assumed she had gone to find you. No sign of her?"

"She didn't come to look for me!" The green-robed disciple panicked now, casting his gaze about.

"I don't know. Perhaps she didn't, then," Lan Shuiyue said.

"Shuiyue, weren't you taking care of Su Ci for me? She's injured. How could you leave!?" The green-robed disciple was incensed now.

Lan Shuiyue laughed coldly. "It's your Su Ci. Not mine. Why should I have to wait on her? I left for just a short while and didn't go far. If she met with danger, she would have called out. If not, she could have used the Beacon of Flame. Since neither happened, she must have gone to find you of her own accord. What does that have to do with me? Should I have stopped her?"

The blue-robed disciple patted the green-robed disciple on the shoulder. "Brother, don't worry. This is the Valley of Immortal Fate. It's our territory. Nothing can happen. At most, she'll be eliminated, and there will be another chance next year. We of the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm are not worried, let alone her."

The green-robed disciple did not dare to voice his anger further against Lan Shuiyue. Actually, the one he idolized was Zhao Changtian, and Zhao Changtian had ordered him to protect Lan Shuiyue. He could not do anything to her. He could only say, "No way. I have to go look for Su Ci. Please, give me some time. She cannot have gone far. If she could not find me, she might return here."

Ni Hongyi and the blue-robed disciple were tired of him. Ni Hongyi waved him off. "Go. Don't waste too much time. We still have to look for immortal roots."

Lan Shuiyue said, "I'll give you an hour. Go quickly."

The green-robed disciple immediately left, calling Su Ci's name.

Wu Yu heard his shouts and saw him leave.

All that was left were the two at the fifth tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, and Lan Shuiyue herself.

"Heaven must really be on my side."

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