Chapter 0959: The Battle of the Demon Lords

For the Stormy Demon Emperor, the Phoenix Supreme was the only surprise in this trip. 

However, an additional demon lord didn’t concern him in the slightest. 

What made him feel more assured was that the Phoenix Supreme seemed to be on bad terms with the other six demon lords. He reckoned that before he arrived, the Phoenix Supreme was battling the six demon lords. 

After all, when he got closer, he could pick up signs that an elite battle had taken place here recently. 

"If that is the case, stay back obediently and don't cause us any trouble. Otherwise, you will be finished off like these low lifes on the Nanyin Demon Continent." A rather shrill voice from one of the Eight Demon Sea Lords rang in their ears. She was most likely the 10,000 Li Blood Coral, and her human form was a stunning lady with an alluring figure and red hair. 

The terrestrial demons and sea region demons couldn't see eye to eye and addressed each other as low lifes. This had been the case for many years. Typically, this phrase would be the cause of the conflict. Upon hearing this, all the demons were enraged and blood flushed to their brains. Restless anger was spreading rapidly across the Ancient Demon Lake. 

"Everyone, don't make a move. Let the five demon lords handle it. They definitely have the confidence to do so." At this point, the Phoenix Supreme smiled faintly. Her voice was light and gentle like the breeze in the spring, and the dew that had fallen on the heads of the demons on the Ancient Demon Lake. All of a sudden, the demons did get a little calmer. They could tell the Phoenix Supreme was using the arrival of the Eight Demon Sea Lords to push the five demon lords into making the right decision. 

Obviously, this wasn't an unscrupulous method. She was just making use of the opportunity to make the five demon lords understand vividly what the Nanyin Demon Continent had to do to not be bullied and lose all dignity. Therefore, although the Phoenix Supreme wasn't being kind here, those demons that had surrendered to her didn't find it to be an issue. 

The Silver Moon Demon Lord crossed his arms, appeared beside the Phoenix Supreme and said, "I'll listen to the Phoenix Supreme. If the Eight Demon Sea Lords would like to make a move, I won't interfere unless the other five can recognize the better way out of this." This left the Eight Demon Sea Lords confused and puzzled when they saw the Silver Moon Demon Lord standing next to the Phoenix Supreme. Moreover, the numerous demons seemed to be taking instructions from the Phoenix Supreme. As for the five demon lords, they appeared to have been isolated. 

"Leader, what tricks are they up to?" asked the 10,000 Clawed Devil Cuttlefish. 

"This isn't right. The Silver Moon Demon Lord and the other demons aren't acting normally. Could that Phoenix Supreme be up to something?" The Chalk-white Blood Shark also felt like something was out of place. 

The Stormy Demon Emperor remarked, "Regardless, they are our enemies. They most likely have conflicts among themselves. However, we have the opportunity to break them down individually. In that case, let's finish this quickly and don't show any mercy!" 

"Which side should we take on first?" asked the White Demonic King Crab. 

The Stormy Demon Emperor took a long glance at the Phoenix Supreme and said, "Her cultivation level is extremely high, so it’s likely I’m not her match. Otherwise, there's no chance she could go head to head with the other five demon lords. However, the five demon lords have more subordinates and their roots are deeply entrenched in the Nanyin Demon Continent. Let's defeat them first. One of us shall stay back to watch over them. As for the rest, follow me to screw those five over. We have seven and they only have five on their side. We will be more than sufficient. I can defeat two of them alone." 

Basically, if the Stormy Demon Emperor dealt with two while the rest paired up to suppress a single opponent, it wouldn't take them long to defeat the five demon lords who were feeling fatigued. 

Amidst the cheers and screams of the sea region demons, the Stormy Demon Emperor didn't hesitate. He left the 10,000 Li Blood Coral back to watch the Phoenix Supreme, while the remaining seven darted towards the five demon lords. With the Stormy Demon Emperor taking the lead, the most elite demons of the southern sea region were swarming towards the five demon lords. 

The Eight Immortals Kunwu, the Nine-Headed Deathless Bird, the Black and Gold Termite Queen, the Thousand-Eyed Demon Tree, and the Hellish Bone Demon Lord all had deep frowns on their faces. They were still making a last-ditch struggle in their minds. The five of them still found it hard to give up on their absolute authority and influence. However, the pressing moment of reality and the appearance of the Eight Demon Sea Lords had dealt them a huge blow. Now their minds were in a fluster. 

"Fight them!" The Eight Immortals Kunwu was still the easiest to anger and couldn't stand having to make such a decision. Therefore, he let out an angry roar and morphed into his giant male lion form with eight heads. Golden flames were raging from all parts of his body and spreading towards the Stormy Demon Emperor. Beside him, the equally restless Nine-Headed Deathless Bird was also shrouded in crimson red, scorching flames. She soared into the sky and wanted to hold back the other demon lords. However, the Stormy Demon Emperor had numerous powerful vortexes sprouting all over his body that forcefully pulled her into the battlefield. Amidst the deafening caw of a bird, the Stormy Demon Emperor, who was in human form moments ago, morphed into his demon true form. Above the land, he had transformed into a giant, black roc several times the size of the Nine-Headed Deathless Bird. He was so huge that one couldn't see the end of his body, and he instantly covered the Eight Immortals Kunwu and the Nine-Headed Deathless Bird within the space under his wings. 

"The lord of walking beasts? Ruler over flying beasts? Hehe! Regardless of whether you are in the sea or the sky above the land, only I, the Stormy Whale Roc, am the true ruler!" 

The Stormy Demon Emperor laughed loudly. With his level, suppressing the Eight Immortals Kunwu and the Nine-Headed Deathless Bird wouldn't be an issue. Even if they paired up, they might not be a match for him! 

As for the Black and Gold Termite Queen, the Thousand-Eyed Demon Tree, and the Hellish Bone Demon Lord, they didn't have the option to choose their opponents. They were surrounded by two opponents instantly. The Black Demonic King Lobster and the White Demonic King Crab entrapped the Black and Gold Termite Queen, while the Thousand-Eyed Sea Demon and the Deep Sea Electric Devil besieged the Thousand-Eyed Demon Tree. With the Thousand-Eyed Sea Demon around, the mystiques of the Thousand-Eyed Demon Tree were rendered useless as they were mutually countering each other. The Chalk-white Blood Shark and the 10,000 Clawed Devil Cuttlefish paired up to battle the Hellish Bone Demon Lord! 

Whether it was the cooperation between the crab and lobsters, or the suppression by the Thousand-Eyed Sea Demon, or the overwhelming suppression by the Chalk-white Blood Shark and the 10,000 Clawed Devil Cuttlefish, it was a one-sided battle. Therefore, the scales of victory were tilted to one end from the very beginning. In fact, on the side of the Stormy Demon Seas, the giant roc was also pushing the Eight Immortals Kunwu and the Nine-Headed Deathless Bird back constantly with absolute momentum! 

At this point, the circumstances looked even more bleak than when they attacked the Phoenix Supreme together. 

However, what puzzled the Eight Demon Sea Lords was that when the five demon lords were surrounded and attacked, the rest of the terrestrial demons didn't appear to be too worried or fearful. Although some looked a little anxious, they were just turning to the Phoenix Supreme from time to time as though they were waiting for her to make a move. 

Clearly, the presence of the Phoenix Supreme was supporting them, giving them the confidence to not escape in a hurry even at this juncture. 

None of this escaped the eyes of the Stormy Demon Emperor and the other sea region demon lords. He said to his siblings, "Finish this quickly and then we will finish off the Phoenix Supreme and the Silver Moon Demon Lord together! Even if we can't kill them, we have to injure them severely before they escape." 

At their levels, it was daunting to kill their opponents. Killing one or two might be possible, but it would be hard to kill all of them, as they would have some means to preserve their lives. The objective of the Stormy Demon Emperor wasn't to kill them and rule over the Nanyin Demon Continent. Instead, he wanted to render them helpless in the competition for the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. 

If the five demon lords risked everything in a counterattack while risking their lives, even the sea region demon lords might suffer casualties. That wouldn't be worthwhile. Obviously, they wanted to pay the smallest price to take the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. The Silver Moon Demon Lord staying out this time was the best opportunity they could get. 

When they were overwhelmingly suppressed, embarrassed before their races, and the danger of dying arose, Wu Yu believed the five demon lords would definitely make their decision. 

"There's a saying that goes ‘the outcome is a foregone conclusion,’ or ‘this is a hopeless situation.’ That's the predicament that the five demon lords are facing. For the Phoenix Supreme, she has the right timing, location, and personnel here. It would be strange if she didn't succeed," Wu Yu commented. 

"The Phoenix Supreme is truly incredible. Did she call the Eight Demon Sea Lords?" Ye Xixi asked. 

Wu Yu shook his head and answered, "This is a coincidence. If the Nanyin Demon Continent is successful in establishing a demon cultivation empire, it will be a grave threat to the Stormy Demon Seas, and they gave nothing to gain from it. Therefore, he wouldn't have come on her call." 

Moreover, from the expressions and actions of the Eight Demon Sea Lords, Wu Yu could tell that they didn't know about the Phoenix Supreme's proposal. Nonetheless, it was clear that their arrival had aided the Phoenix Supreme. 

This was also a battle among the highest elite. Watching the ancient and terrifying demons battling and killing without reservations, the surrounding demons started avoiding and hiding while being kept dumbstruck. 

On one end were the towering ancient tree with 1,000 eyes, the black and gold termite queen with numerous ant demons, the sky-reaching giant black skull, the male lion with eight heads, and the bird with nine heads. On the end of the sea region demons were the black roc that could block out the sun, the blood coral that extend over 10,000 li, the electric eel that moved in the seas like a dragon in water, the blood-red shark that swam in the clouds, the cuttlefish that had 10,000 tentacles and lived in darkness, and the crab and lobster covered in armor-like shells. They were like those in legends with a multitude of abilities that amazed the crowd. 

Among them, the Eight Immortals Kunwu and the Nine-Headed Deathless Bird were probably withstanding the best of them all! 

They were completely overwhelmed but wouldn't die any time soon. As for the Thousand-Eyed Demon Tree, his mystiques were rendered completely useless as they were cancelled out by the mystiques of the Thousand-Eyed Sea Demon. As a result, he was on the receiving end of the relentless attacks from the Deep Sea Electric Devil. At his point, electric explosions had left numerous holes over his body. Of all the demon lords, his predicament was likely the most perilous. 

Obviously, the Hellish Bone Demon Lord and the Black and Gold Termite Queen weren't likely to last longer. It was too difficult for them to go against two after they were defeated by the Phoenix Supreme. 

In the end, it was just as the Phoenix Supreme had expected. The incomparably wretched Thousand-Eyed Demon Lord could no longer wait to discuss with the other demon lords. He shouted, "Phoenix Supreme, I'm willing to lead my race to join the Nanfeng Empire. Please help me ensure that these sea region demons never return after coming here!" 

He felt humiliated and tears rolled down his eyes. 

In fact, their insistence was because no one wanted to lose face by giving in first. However, he had now reached the point when he could no longer care about his face. 

Soon after, the Black and Gold Termite Queen and the Hellish Bone Demon Lord made the same declaration. Only the Eight Immortals Kunwu and the Nine-Headed Deathless Bird, who were being suppressed, were left. However, it was a hopeless situation for them! 

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