Chapter 0958: Stormy Demon Emperor

The sea region demons had actually come to the Ancient Demon Lake in force!

The demons of the Nanyin Demon Continent were longtime enemies of the sea region demons. The sea region demons had a sea region many times the size of the Yan Huang Ancient Region, a huge domain with countless experts. Therefore, they looked down on their land demon brethren, who were being bullied by martial cultivators.

Whether in terms of types or numbers, the sea region demons had more! In the endless sea region, they had voluminous quantities of treasures and relics that others knew nothing of.

The Nanyin Demon Continent was a lonely, remote island, and the demons here were different from the Yan Huang Ancient Region demons. The demons there interacted less with the sea region demons, while the Nanyin Demon Continent fought bitterly against them and suffered numerous casualties.

This time, the sea region demons had actually appeared at the Ancient Demon Lake! This was what the terrestrial demons had been scared of - that the sea region demons would learn of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence's existence!

Ming Long had guessed correctly.

The demon lords had appeared here but not shown themselves, hiding and trying to break into the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence as quickly as possible. The reason was that they were afraid of exposing how valuable the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence was to the sea region demons. If it was just a bunch of demon kings quibbling, and the demon lords were uninterested, then the sea region demons would be uninterested as well!

"Damn it! Who was it that leaked the news? Or perhaps we have a spy in our midst! The sea region demons actually learned of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence's importance!"

Wu Yu heard a demon king swear.

Whether they were going to build the Nanfeng Empire or otherwise, the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence belonged to the Nanyin Demon Continent demons. But with the arrival of the sea region demons, even that was in question. As bitter enemies who did not get along, one look told Wu Yu just how deep the mutual hatred ran!

Their eyes glowed malevolently as they stared at the water. The sea region demons turning out in such strength made it plain that they did not take the Nanyin Demon Continent seriously.

Things were getting spicy now. Wu Yu looked towards the Phoenix Supreme, to see if it had anything to do with her. But the Phoenix Supreme's expression was hard to place. However, it was Nangong Wei with the surprised face, as though unsure about what had come.

Suddenly, a powerful male voice rang out from the seawater. "A lively gathering. I heard that the demon lords of the Nanyin Demon Continent can't even break open the doors of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. Therefore, we have come, uninvited, to help our demon brethren. Step aside, please."

This visitor was direct indeed, immediately talking about the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. He clearly dismissed the Nanyin Demon Continent as unimportant. Wu Yu saw that a few demon lords had recovered from their indecision and revealed expressions of deep loathing.

Within the seawater, Wu Yu already saw hundreds of demons, with more coming over. The experts had already arrived, and the adult demons and young demons were following.

Including the speaker, there seemed to be quite a few beings on the level of the demon lords, judging from their auras. The fact that they dared to waltz in here so brazenly meant that they were confident in holding their ground. Or they would have been a bit more circumspect.

"It's the demons of the Stormy Demon Seas! That bunch of scum. It's bad enough that they often humiliate us. Now they want to rob us of our treasured ruins in broad daylight. Do they think we are easy to bully?!"

"Kill them!"

The demons quickly started a clamor for blood that turned them restless.

However, they were also afraid. Wu Yu heard them mumbling to themselves, "We're in trouble now. The Stormy Demon Seas region is much larger than the Nanyin Demon Continent. Because the sea region is deep, they have many times our number, including the most elite experts. Demon lords and demon kings beyond our count. It seems like they have all turned out now!"

"They seem to have abandoned their camp even, to have come in such force. They must be about to declare war!"

More and more sea region demons continued to appear. The demons were a little shook. They often fought the Stormy Demon Seas demons, and knew well what they were capable of.

Unlike the Nanyin Demon Continent, the Stormy Demon Seas was a group of demons much like an immortal kingdom, rulers with the right to speak. Completely different from the scattered sands that the Nanyin Demon Continent was.

"The Eight Demon Sea Lords! They're all here! The one who spoke just now was the Stormy Demon Emperor! The Stormy Demon Emperor is stronger than all of our demon lords! He is the leader of the Stormy Demon Seas, and his real body has a rare bloodline known as the Stormy Whale Roc. In the sea, he is a storm whale. In the skies, he is a storm roc! One demon with two forms that are completely different. The Stormy Demon Emperor is an elite being! If he wants to snatch the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence, only the Phoenix Supreme can stand up to him...."

Wu Yu saw that the guy called Stormy Demon Emperor had risen out from the waters. He was in human shape, a middle-aged man in black robes. He was bald, his head gleaming. His eyes had a hollow look to them, like the yawning, empty sea. In one eye, it seemed like the sea itself was trapped within, fathomless and deep. The other eye had a vortex shape, like a storm. It was currently swirling so quickly that it seemed like it was not moving.

Wu Yu could feel that this person was much stronger than the likes of the Eight Immortals Kunwu and the Nine-Headed Deathless Bird, because of his higher cultivation level. But compared to the Phoenix Supreme, he should still be a little shy.

However, the sea region demons had the advantage of numbers. Just in terms of the demon lord level, there were eight of them, including the Stormy Demon Emperor. The other seven were nearby. Besides the Eight Demon Sea Lords, there was a whole horde of demon king-level entities, much more than the Nanyin Demon Continent. Close to 200 had come, and this number far exceeded what the Nanyin Demon Continent could put up.

Wu Yu's attention was on the other few sea region demon lords. The seven deferred to the Stormy Demon Emperor. Wu Yu listened to the terrestrial demons murmur their names and true forms. Because they were currently all in human form, he could not place name to face, but he roughly knew who they were.

For example, one was called the 10,000 Clawed Devil Cuttlefish. Wu Yu naturally knew what a cuttlefish looked like, but this 10,000 Clawed Devil Cuttlefish was also a rare bloodline of the highest quality. He was nicknamed “10,000 Clawed,” so he probably didn't fall too short of that number in his real form. This was an ancient beast of the deep sea, a fearsome presence.

Another one called the Chalk-white Blood Shark did not have much to go on about. But sharks were one of the apex predators of the sea. After turning into demons, they would be equally superior. Wu Yu identified the Chalk-white Blood Shark - probably the one with a bloody tinge to his face, a muscular guy with sharp teeth.

There was a pair of demon twins. They were said to have fought by each other's side since young, and both had come from elite bloodlines. Among their brethren, they were hailed as kings. One was the Black Demonic King Lobster, the other was the White Demonic King Crab. The crustaceans had sturdy shells, their flesh encased under the armor. Even without armor dao treasure, they were hard to damage. These two demons worked in perfect harmony, and many demon lords could not beat them. Wu Yu had also identified these two amongst the Eight Demon Sea Lords. Very simple - one had a pale face and portly body, the other had black skin and was tall and thin. But neither looked like they should be trifled with.

Another one that Wu Yu felt was fascinating was the Thousand-Eyed Sea Demon. This was a demon curiously similar to the Thousand-Eyed Demon Tree, and said to have similar abilities as well, an adept in the illusory techniques. Another fearsome killer from the shadows. The difference was that one was an ancient tree on land, while the Thousand-Eyed Sea Demon was a prehistoric shellfish, hidden deep in the sea. Occasionally, it would open, and within the shell, the thousand demonic eyes would be revealed.

There was also a peculiar demonic being. He was neither fish nor prawn, not a shell, not animated, and not a sea plant. Yet it was very common in the ocean. This demon lord's real body was known as the 10,000 Li Blood Coral. His body was said to be 10,000 li long, and a brilliantly beautiful presence in the deep sea, although it was a deadly beauty.

The sea region demons were even more strange and varied than the terrestrial demons! Just the Eight Demon Sea Lords alone had showcased their variety. Of course, the most common in the sea were the billions of types of fish. For example, the last of the Eight Demon Sea Lords was a Deep Sea Electric Devil, a type of eel. But it was no less formidable than the other demon lords. When he triggered lightning in the ocean, billions could die.

The Stormy Seas Region's Eight Demon Sea Lords were each a formidable power in their own right. The Stormy Seas Region was a place on the level of the Perennial Sea or the Dead Souls Sea Region! The Stormy Demon Seas name was also highly regarded in the Jambu Realm!

The Eight Demon Sea Lords were all famous, their reputations even greater than the Nanyin Demon Continent's demon lords. After all, they often plundered in the sea region, even attacking the immortal kingdoms of the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

Amongst them, the Stormy Demon Emperor was their leader, and the eight regarded each other as brothers. In terms of power and influence, they ranked like so: 10,000 Clawed Devil Cuttlefish, Chalk-white Blood Shark, 10,000 Li Blood Coral, Thousand-Eyed Sea Demon, Black Demonic King Lobster, White Demonic King Crab, and the Deep Sea Electric Devil! Of course, the disparity in strength was not that big.

These eight brought along with them close to 200 demon kings and countless old demons. They had turned up in the Ancient Demon Lake, so the Stormy Demon Emperor's intent was clear - to take the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence for themselves.

However, the Stormy Demon Emperor had spotted the Phoenix Supreme at this time. He did not know about her, and assumed that she was another demon lord. Therefore, he asked, "Who are you? If you have no connection to the Nanyin Demon Continent, I advise you to leave now. Otherwise, you will come to no good end tangled with this lot. After all, as far as I know, the Nanyin Demon Continent does not have someone like you."

The Phoenix Supreme's face was emotionless. She looked at the Eight Immortals Kunwu and the others. "Who I am, and if I am linked to the Nanyin Demon Continent - that depends on these five demon lords."

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