Chapter 0957: Negotiation

The Phoenix Supreme was standing on top of the world. She looked calmed and was waiting for an answer from the demons. Among them, the decision of the demon lords would be the most crucial. 

The Phoenix Supreme had defeated all the demon lords. In terms of strength, she was overwhelmingly stronger and had gone to issuing death threats at this juncture. Moreover, the proposal she had announced had enticed some of the demons. Therefore, Wu Yu felt that the possibility of the demon lords risking death to resist wasn't high. After all, the Phoenix Supreme was just too strong. 

She had an exceptional edge in strength. 

The demon lords were hesitating. Their heads were lowered and they looked conflicted while they were probably discussing secretly. The various demon kings weren't able to join the group's discussion. The demon lords would decide the fate of the Nanyin Demon Continent now. 

Other than them, the other demons were more restless. Their discussions were more heated, but they still lowered their voices. 

From a quick assessment, Wu Yu realized that the majority supported the idea of establishing the Nanfeng Empire. This was because for most of the demons, there were only benefits and not costs. Only the demon lords' interests would be encroached, as they had been high and mighty all along. From the positions as the pinnacle, they would now be controlled by others. In terms of status, they would be a rank lower. 

However, giving it more thought, the Nanyin Demon Continent would only be stronger with the Phoenix Supreme leading them. At the very least, they would be more intimidating. 

Just as the demons were discussing and the demon lords were hesitating, someone from the Seven Ape Kings suddenly stepped forward. It was the Silver Moon Immortal Ape, who had been keeping a distance from the other demon lords. At this juncture and shortly after the Phoenix Supreme finished her sentence, he went down on one knee on the surface of the Ancient Demon Lake and announced loudly, "I, the Silver Moon Immortal Ape, am willing to lead the Seven Ape Kings and the primate demon race to serve the Phoenix Supreme. The Seven Ape Alps Region will be part of the Nanfeng Empire's ambitions from today onwards!" 

All of a sudden, an uproar erupted from the crowd as they stared in disbelief at the Silver Moon Demon Lord. The demons had never imagined the first demon lord to submit would be the Silver Moon Immortal Ape, whose brother was killed by the Phoenix Supreme. Moreover, it was clear he had discussed this with the other Seven Ape Kings. At this point, the other five Ape Kings had recovered a little. They followed the Silver Moon Demon Lord and went on one knee. From their expressions, they seemed sincere and didn't look like they were faking it. 

"The Silver Moon Demon Lord sure knows how to act accordingly to the circumstances. After experiencing first-hand how incredible the Phoenix Supreme is, he is the first one to give up. He's still a demon lord after all. With him taking the lead, the chances of the Phoenix Supreme succeeding would be higher," the Full Moon of Nanshan remarked. 

"You are right. The Phoenix Supreme was just lacking someone to take the lead. With him stepping forward now, he will definitely be well regarded by the Phoenix Supreme in the future. The Silver Moon Demon Lord is really smart. Under the rule of the Phoenix Supreme in the future, the demon lords will still have to compete for resources. However, the allocation will be decided by the Phoenix Supreme. Therefore, getting on the good books of the Phoenix Supreme is extremely important to the primate demons." Wu Yu nodded in approval. 

The decision of the Silver Moon Demon Lord had clearly caught the other demon lords by surprise. They had likely not expected the Silver Moon Demon Lord, whose brother had been killed, to be the first to step forward. This disrupted their train of thought. At this point, they looked exceptionally gloomy. However, it was clear that they weren't completely convinced yet. 

At this point, the five demon lords came to an agreement. They said in unison, "Phoenix Supreme, this is truly a grave matter. Can you give us a few more days to consider it carefully? We require some time to get the approval of other demons." The Phoenix Supreme shook her head and answered, "That won't be very troublesome. Basically all of the strongest demons on the Nanyin Demon Continent are in the Ancient Demon Lake. If you want their opinions, I can ask them myself." 

At this point, she shifted her authoritative gaze to the rest of the demons. Her voice was soft and yet full of dominance. "Everyone, there are lots of renowned moments through history, and I believe today will be one as well. The Nanyin Demon Continent will be experiencing drastic changes. All of you will only grow stronger and be protected. I have the confidence to drive back all enemies who try invading the Nanyin Demon Continent. All you guys have to do is to support me. Whoever is willing to support me in establishing the Nanfeng Empire, come to this side of the Ancient Demon Lake...." 

The next moment, she waved her arm and a strip of flames appeared over the Ancient Demon Lake, splitting it into two halves. Those that were nearer to her would be those supporting her proposal. At this point, half of the demons were on her side as no one had made a move yet. 

The Phoenix Supreme looked to the other side and saw a large number of demons. She snorted out of the blue and said, "Let me be a little more direct. Abide me and prosper, or resist me and... die. If you want to stay on the other side, you better think about it." 

She was truly incredible. On the one hand, she relied on her absolute strength and dominance. On the other hand, she proposed a noble dream that would stir the imaginations of others. Ordinary demons didn't have the impressive strength of the demon lords to protect themselves. There was no way they could go against her decision unless they had a death wish. 

"This is leadership brought out by strength. What truly convinced the demons isn't her noble dreams, but her absolute strength." Wu Yu could see that none of the demons on her side were leaving. At the same time, numerous demons were fighting to get to the side that supported her. Instantly, he knew the outcome for today. The only lingering uncertainty was which of the five demon lords would die here. 

"Primate demons, follow me!" With the Silver Moon Demon Lord leading the way, all the primate demons submitted to the authority of the Phoenix Supreme. With someone taking the first step, many other demons swarmed over. At this point, they didn't have the luxury to consider further and weren't willing to. When they were shrouded by the threat of death, they still couldn't withstand the immense pressure. 

The demon lords were distressed to see the numerous demons gathering on the other end of the Ancient Demon Lake. Many of these demons were their subordinates, and this included several dozen demon kings. At this point, they had used their actions to show their stance. Nonetheless, many looked helpless and weren't completely convinced. 

However, Wu Yu believed this was something that the Phoenix Supreme wouldn't worry about at all. She was sufficiently confident that the citizens of her Nanfeng Empire would eventually be completely convinced by her and even feel a heartfelt admiration towards her! 

"What about your answers? It looks like you guys are the only few left." The Phoenix Supreme looked at the five most elite demon lords. All five of them naturally wouldn't want to submit to others. Their capital was a tad thicker than the Silver Moon Demon Lord’s. 

It was clear that the five demon lords were struggling. However, they couldn't reject it upfront. Instead, with a pleading tone, they said, "Phoenix Supreme, this is a really important decision. Please forgive the five of us, as we have to be responsible for the future of all the demons on the Nanyin Demon Continent and think about our descendants. Therefore, please give us more time to calm down and think about it. I believe that with your brilliance, you should be able to understand how we feel." 

At this point, they had no option but to lower their stances while speaking with the Phoenix Supreme. They could choose death or surrender. However, surrendering wasn't much better than dying.... 

"I'd like to see how long you will need to consider. Don't forget that the demons here are all looking at you.”

The five demon lords were in despair when they looked down and saw that almost all the other demons were on the side where the Silver Moon Demon Lord was. As for their side, there were fewer than 100, and not a single demon king was present. Before they could raise a sound, they were easily eradicated as the Phoenix Supreme swung her arm lightly. 

This was suppression with absolute strength against opposing views. 

Casual and too insignificant to speak about. This instilled more fear in the demons. 

"Nanfeng Empire!" 

Under the leadership of the Silver Moon Demon Lord, over 100,000 demons started cheering this name. At the same time, it was to exert pressure on the five demon lords. Even the descendants were forcing them to surrender. 

Victory was basically within the grasp of the Phoenix Supreme. She said, "Truth be told, all five of you are pillars of the Nanyin Demon Continent and testaments to our strength. I wouldn't want any of you to die here. That would not benefit our Nanyin Demon Continent at all." 

This was also a form of suppression and threat. 

Wu Yu could tell that the insistence of the five demon lords had been dealt a severe blow. And now, the only way they could resist was by battling. However, the Phoenix Supreme had spared their lives previously. 

They were left with no other way out. 

Wu Yu initially thought that this would end quickly. To his astonishment, a sudden change developed. At this juncture, the heavens and earth started shaking. One could almost feel the entire Nanyin Demon Continent trembling, and the loud rumbles were ringing in their ears. Shortly after, a louder explosion came from the south. Everyone couldn't help but turn towards the south. Wu Yu also used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to see a little further and clearer than others! 

A huge overcast was above the clouds of the south sky and it was swarming towards them!

"Is that water?" After getting a clear look, Wu Yu was completely puzzled. Boundless water, or one could even say the seas, were overwhelming and swallowing up the clouds as it swept towards them. 

Demons in that region would likely find the clouds in the sky missing and replaced by the boundless seawater. Moreover, it had blocked out the sky and sank the land in darkness. From that perspective, it was as though the Nanyin Demon Continent had flipped over and was on top of the sea! 

This was truly a rare and breathtaking scene! 

The seawater reached towards the Ancient Demon Lake and covered half the sky. In the end, it stopped moving when it was nearing the Ancient Demon Lake. Wu Yu took a closer look and found that this was undoubtedly seawater. 

"The Ancient Demon Lake is in the middle of the Nanyin Demon Continent. Could the seawater that reaches into the clouds be covering half the Nanyin Demon Continent?" 

Wu Yu was right. Looking from the sky, half the Nanyin Demon Continent was surrounded by the seawater. 

Those experienced demons would know that these were signs of sea region demons! 

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