Chapter 0956: Magnum Opus

Previously, the battle between the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor and the Ancient Demon God had already surpassed ordinary levels. What Wu Yu had witnessed was simple and violent, over in an instant.

But Wu Yu understood that the battle then was definitely at a higher level than this one was.

However, this one was fairly close. It ranked in the highest level of battles that Wu Yu had seen. All five demon lords were godly beings, and the Phoenix Supreme went without saying. One against five - that alone qualified her as superhuman.

Only a minority could see what was happening.

Wu Yu was one of them. With his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he was completely bedazzled, watching a battle of such a high level. It would be very helpful in Wu Yu's own cultivation progress!

However, Wu Yu was currently a fifth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator. To him, the level of the demon lords was simply too high, and nigh impossible to comprehend, grind, and gain revelations from.

And as for the demon kings, they were all cowering consciously, probably also unable to glean anything.

As Wu Yu had guessed, it was a hard battle.

Wu Yu thought that the Phoenix Supreme would win, but it would be a perilous fight. Until now, Wu Yu still did not know who held the advantage.

"Luckily, they were considerate enough to fight in the clouds. Otherwise, the Ancient Demon Lake would be demolished," the Full Moon of Nanshan quipped.

As long as one had a good spirit and a bold attitude, looking up would make you privy to a grand sight unseen in millennia. If you just accepted the titanic struggle, it was quite a spectacle.

However, this battle concerned the future of the Nanyin Demon Continent, and every demon's future. Therefore, the demons were all tense, unable to watch the battle with a peaceful frame of mind.

They could be heard consoling themselves.

"Don't worry. The five demon lords fighting together is already showing enough respect for the Phoenix Supreme."

"The Phoenix Supreme will be pissing her pants in no time at all. Take the Nanyin Demon Continent? What a joke."

"I think the Phoenix Supreme won't be able to hold on for much longer. Seems like not much action is going on now."

Although their words were so, Wu Yu could hear the doubt in their tones.

He shot a look at the Silver Moon Demon Lord, but he was looking upwards with a complex expression.

When would this battle end, and the outcome brought to light?

It seemed like no one knew. Perhaps only the demon lords and the Phoenix Supreme on the battlefield knew.

Wu Yu looked at Nangong Wei again. She was very far away, but still full of herself, her eyes aglow with pleasure.

"Perhaps it will be over soon," Wu Yu said, upon seeing her expression. 

At this point, an hour had passed, and the demons' eyes were already dazzled by the light. Their ears were already deafened by the sounds. The young demons were hard-pressed to endure.

Above, all sorts of light were engulfing each other, and Wu Yu could not see any action. They had probably already carved out their own vortexes, which had sucked all these elite experts in.

However, all the sounds suddenly stopped. All was silent, and the clouds in the sky also suddenly dimmed, until white clouds showed again. And even these disappeared, the sky reverting to its former state, with no vortexes or anything else.

All was peaceful, as though everything had vanished.

The demons saw that things had died down, and the bolder ones climbed up from the lake bed. The demon kings also stuck their heads out to investigate. The sudden silence was too suspicious.

Wu Yu had seen all with his Eyes of Fire and Gold. But he was puzzled as to why they had stopped fighting. He saw that all five demon lords had returned to human form. They stood lined up before the Phoenix Supreme, who was also in her human form, facing them.

"Phoenix Supreme is indeed impressive.... Even together, we lost, and with no hard feelings. We thank the Phoenix Supreme for sparing us our lives." The Kunwu Demon Lord's voice suddenly came. This was a strangled voice, and full of despair and dismay, tinged with respect.

"Given Phoenix Supreme's strength, you definitely rank in the top three in the Jambu Realm. I wonder, why have we not heard of you before?" The Deathless Demon Lord's voice came.

These two comments sent the tens of thousands of demons into disarray. Many of the demons had heard it, but they could not believe what the Kunwu Demon Lord was saying....

Lose? Sparing lives? These words told all about the battle!

"Lost? Impossible...."

"The Kunwu Demon Lord said it himself. I heard it clearly! No doubt about it! But who is willing to believe that the five demon lords together would lose!? Just how strong is this Phoenix Supreme?!"

"The Deathless Demon Lord said that she ranks top three in the Jambu Realm. The first must be the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. If she is truly at that level, then defeating the demon lords is plausible."

There were many who understood amongst the demons. Although they found it hard to believe, no one could doubt the strength of the Eternal Phoenix, as glorious as a new dawn!

"Today's battle can definitely be recorded in the history of the Jambu Realm! A fine stroke in the records!"

The demons held their breaths and waited. The six above finally landed above their heads. The five demon lords were evidently pale in the face, looking feeble. From their conversation, it seemed like the Phoenix Supreme could have killed them but had chosen to spare their lives.

Sparing someone's life was also a favor owed.

"I have not yet said that I will spare your lives. I am waiting for a satisfactory answer." The Phoenix Supreme's voice was cold, chilling to the bone. As demon lords, they had never had their lives threatened before.

The demons were in an uproar. Of course, they wanted to rebel, but without a leader, their rioting was incoherent, and a glare from the Phoenix Supreme quelled it.

All the threatened demon lords hung their heads. Clearly, they were struggling, or they would have fought the Phoenix Supreme to the bitter end.

Wu Yu was very shaken. He said, "The Phoenix Supreme's strength must have crushed them. Even together, the five of them feel a powerful threat to their lives. They must know that refusal is certain death. That is why they are hesitating."

Otherwise, given their status, they would definitely not have been hanging their heads at a time like this. After all, they had been at their most glorious before the battle, especially the Nine-Headed Deathless Bird. But now, their faces were pale, and she looked the most scared of the lot.

At this moment, the demons felt completely beaten. But the demon lords had not responded. They could do nothing!

Except seethe inwardly.

Actually, they were filled with awe as well. Many of the demons did not dare to look directly at the Phoenix Supreme.

Nangong Wei was overjoyed, returning to the Phoenix Supreme's side, proudly looking at them all. Wu Yu was concealed in the shadows, not letting them see him.

"We recognize the strength of the Phoenix Supreme, but the matter of the Nanyin Demon Continent is special. It is no game, and we cannot treat it lightly. We feel that we have to discuss it at length...." The Thousand-Eyed Demon Lord stepped out now, speaking as a representative of the demon lords.

The Phoenix Supreme's tone was still neutral. "This matter must be settled today. Strike while the iron is hot. I stand by my words. Beginning from the demon lords, all will be given the chance to swear fealty. Anyone who does not take this chance will be sent to the next world by me. However, before I start killing, these are the words I speak in good faith."

She would kill them on the spot.

This was cruel indeed, but her power could back her words. Strength was law. Or back to the same truism: cultivation was plunder, and the strongest ruled. Strength could do many things, and heaven would judge in the end.

The demons were afraid. Seeing that even the demon lords did not dare to move, none of them dared to take the lead! It seemed like those unwilling to form the Nanfeng Empire were still the majority. 

However, the Phoenix Supreme's sheer strength was used to brute force her way through. "The Nanyin Demon Continent has always been the territory of demons. But it is not a demon cultivation nation. Without unity, all demons have been locked in internal strife, a huge drain on us. This has led to us demons being bullied and humiliated by the Yan Huang Ancient Region’s martial and ghostly cultivators! Even the terrestrial demons of the Yan Huang Ancient Region look down on us.

"Why? Firstly, there is no absolute power. Secondly, without the rigid order and law of a demon cultivation nation, we are not united. That is why we are victims of bullying by everybody!

"And today, I, the Eternal Phoenix, am here. I can solve both problems. From today, I will make the Nanyin Demon Continent the greatest nucleus of the demons! I will ensure that no power in the Jambu Realm looks down on us. No one will be able to casually climb on top of our heads! The sea region demons can rest their ideas of taking advantage of us. Before, it was the sea region demons coming ashore to hunt us. From now on, it will be us diving down to hunt them!

"Today, all your pillars of strength have shown up. I have demonstrated ability and sincerity. I, of the Eternal Phoenix race, am an immortal beast. That is enough ability and bloodline to be royalty in the Nanyin Demon Continent! Of course, the new Nanfeng Empire will also have positions for all of you according to your ability. For example, the demon lords can be united, no longer fighting amongst yourselves. Become my able lieutenants!

"Everyone, consider this: one day, we will evolve from the scorned tribe into a force to be reckoned with, that all will tremble before. Today is just the start." The Phoenix Supreme's words had great charisma.

Her words made many demons start to consider her way, doubting their defiance. The Nanyin Demon Continent had raised many talents, demons that were of exceptional talent. But without an absolute power, there was no beacon to rally around. 

However, the demons were too many. The moment there were dissenting opinions, it would devolve into a heated discussion. As for the result, Wu Yu had no idea how it would all turn out.

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