Chapter 0955: The Demon Horde against the Phoenix

The Nanyin Demon Continent was not in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. From ages ago, it had been occupied by demons. All sorts of powers had come forth to contest it over the years, all sorts of demons vying for supreme domination. There had never once been a human to unify the Nanyin Demon Continent and build a demon cultivation empire.

Perhaps the demon lords themselves were of the same mind. But there had never been a human with such ability. Because for one to build a nation, one had to have ability that could convince the entire Nanyin Demon Continent and all the demon lords.

In other words, it was a daydream for anybody to unify the demons at Nanyin Demon Continent.

Even the weaker demons laughed inwardly when they heard this. "Fat hope," they thought. 

"The most important thing is that the Phoenix Supreme is an outsider, no matter how strong she is. An outsider is hard-placed to persuade everyone with force. Her request is too hard-headed. It is equivalent to conquering the entire Nanyin Demon Continent to build her demon empire. For all demons to obey her. Obviously, the demons will revolt."

Wu Yu analyzed.

At this time, the demon lords and kings with the position to decide all looked at each other. They burst out into laughter, as though they had heard the best joke in the world. They could not even keep their jaws shut. After the longest time, the Thousand-Eyed Demon Lord said, "Phoenix Supreme, we know you are very interested, but stop these inane jokes. Be honest now. Speak your true mind."

"Who would have thought that the Phoenix Supreme was actually a humorous person." The Hellish Bone Demon Lord chortled.

The demons sneered and sniggered at the Phoenix Supreme. They wanted to goad the Phoenix Supreme into anger.

However, the Phoenix Supreme was unmoved. With an even tone, she said, "All that I have said was my true purpose. I know that you all do not believe me. No matter. When I defeat your demon lords all combined, you will give my words their deserved attention. And if you don't, I might very well kill all of the demon lords. After all, blood has to be spilled to build a great nation."

The Phoenix Supreme had spoken casually, though her words were sensational.

Her meaning was clear. She was serious about laying all the demon lords on the chopping block. She would use her strength to crush all the demon lords and then she would truly kill any that continued to be defiant. She had already declared that she was willing to turn to violence.

These words changed the atmosphere completely. Because the Phoenix Supreme had shown them no courtesy. Just like when she challenged the Seven Ape Kings, she was throwing down the gauntlet against the demon lords.

And she intended to take them all on!

At this time, the demons' smiles froze. The smaller demons were finding it hard to breathe. They could hear that the Phoenix Supreme had every intention of challenging them.

Before today, no one had imagined that the demon lords, who got along as badly as fire and water, with their mutual, bitter grudges, would ever stand together to face a being who wanted to turn the Nanyin Demon Continent into her own demon cultivation empire. The demons would never dream of such a thing.

However, the demon lords had already foreseen that this might turn violent. However, her one versus all challenge had outdone their expectations by several levels.

When the Phoenix Supreme declared this, the demon lords were clear that anything else they said now would only fuel the Phoenix Supreme's reputation. The best course of action now was to subdue her, send her packing, and even kill her.

Given their current level, they had seen the fight against the Seven Ape Kings clearly and knew what the Phoenix Supreme was capable of. Therefore, Wu Yu predicted that they would take no risks and act as one.

As for the Silver Moon Demon Lord, he had more or less recovered now, but apparently had no intention of joining, standing apart from the demon lords' group.

A few of the demon lords turned back to look at him with clear intent, but the Silver Moon Demon Lord pretended not to see. This made the other demon lords angry, and they spurred the Silver Moon Demon Lord.

"The courage of a mouse." The Kunwu Demon Lord sneered. He and the other demon lords rose into the air, heading for the Phoenix Supreme.

"Since you have no intention of taking us seriously, then we will show you no consideration."

"Phoenix Supreme, you have shown us no respect, and we of the Nanyin Demon Continent do not welcome you. Get lost."

"You have offended too many. Don't blame us for joining forces to send you out of here."

The demon lords were not verbose, only briefly offering a rationale for their collaboration. Although they knew that the Phoenix Supreme was powerful, they were careful to protect their reputation amidst the smaller demons. 

Although the little demons were a bright bunch, the truly shrewd immediately went deeper into the Ancient Demon Lake, hiding near the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence.

This was the most epic battle in the Nanyin Demon Continent in tens of thousands of years. Both sides, to the little demons, were like demon gods. They were made silent by their anxiousness, watching with eyes wide. Even many of the demon kings also fell silent, hiding far away to avoid being swept up in this apocalyptic battle.

Nangong Wei retreated a distance away as well. But she was very worked up now. In her human form, her fists were clenched, ambivalent with tension and confidence.

Some demons were leery of why the Silver Moon Demon Lord had not participated. This person was about to conquer the whole Nanyin Demon Continent. Logically, all demon lords should fight as one in this situation.

But no matter what people thought, the Silver Moon Demon Lord, the leader of the Seven Ape Kings, stood at the side.

The Kunwu Demon Lord, the Deathless Demon Lord, the Black and Gold Termite Queen, the Thousand-Eyed Demon Lord, and the Hellish Bone Demon Lord surrounded the Phoenix Supreme. A battle the likes of which had not been seen in millennia was about to break out.

"How do you see it?" the Full Moon of Nanshan asked Wu Yu.

Wu Yu narrowed his eyes. "Might be a tough battle. But I think the victor will be... Phoenix Supreme."

Ye Xixi was startled. "Really? Didn't you just talk about how powerful these five demon lords are? How do you judge that?"

Wu Yu said, "Not much of a basis, just a gut feeling. After all, the Phoenix Supreme came prepared. She is definitely confident she can create her Nanfeng Empire, hence her public appearance. From the shadows, she learned all about the demon lords, while they know nothing of her."

This Phoenix Supreme was a strange one. It seemed like no one in the Jambu Realm had heard of her. How could such a stupendously strong being have appeared out of thin air?

After hearing Wu Yu's explanation, Ye Xixi felt that it made sense. Although it looked absurd that the Phoenix Supreme was about to triumph over all the demon lords, from her point of view, why would she come without certainty?

Just like Wu Yu had guessed, this battle might very well shake the entire Jambu Realm. And as ordinary folk, they would not even understand it. They could not catch the details. From the start of the fight, the combatants took to the clouds, fighting in the mid-air stage. All they could see was flashes of light and the sounds of a titanic struggle.


Golden light lit up the entire land. The Nanyin Demon Continent seemed to have become a little brighter. The demons were completely subdued by the awesome aura and even Wu Yu was a little breathless.

Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold pierced the clouds. He saw that the Eight Immortals Kunwu had already changed to his true form, the eight-headed lion, an impressive sight - undoubtedly the king of all beasts that roamed the Nanyin Demon Continent!

Closely following that, a gigantic, black skull appeared, filling the skies with a thick, black smog.

An ancient arboriform laid down roots in the clouds themselves, the tendrils extending down even as the trunk and crown shot towards the stars. 1,000 eyes opened suddenly, and Wu Yu had to hurriedly avert his Eyes of Fire and Gold. No one could meet the Thousand-Eyed Demon Lord's gaze. Even he would lose his mind after a few glances.

Wu Yu could also see the swarm of the Black and Gold Termite Queen, billions of them, swarming the clouds. The Black and Gold Ants formed a river in the sky. They all belonged to the Black and Gold Termite Queen, and were more like clones rather than underlings.

Facing the Phoenix Supreme head-on was another ruby-colored bird, even bigger than the Phoenix Supreme. This bird looked similar to the phoenix, but it was more vicious. It was a killer. On each of its nine long heads, a pair of eyes gleamed. It was currently breathing fire, staring maliciously at the Phoenix Supreme!

"Everyone, attack!"

Hearing the Nine-Headed Deathless Bird’s screech, they moved as one. All kinds of mystiques filled the skies. The demons were completely mind-blown, unable to speak. They watched the skies numbly, which was being lit up in a kaleidoscope of colors. And this was because they were far enough away from the battlefield!


But the shrill cries of the birds and beasts seemed like they were right beside one's ear. Some of the demons had hidden near the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence, and they were still in agony, and forced to head deeper down.

Although the battlefield was far from them, even Wu Yu felt like the world was ending. The sky was falling, the world crumbling!

"Is this a clash of the strongest in the Jambu Realm?"

In such a situation, Wu Yu automatically regarded the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, who was an immortal, and no longer in the human realm.

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