Chapter 0954: Nanfeng Empire

"In the Nanyin Demon Continent, there are a total of six demon lord level beings, the Silver Moon Demon Lord included.

"They are the rulers of the Nanyin Demon Continent, and also the ultimate rulers of the various demon tribes."

The Full Moon of Nanshan had gone out to study this in depth before, and was now informed.

He quickly explained, "The Silver Moon Demon Lord is the ruler of the primates, and is considered one of the weaker ones amongst the six demon lords. But basically all the primate demons treat him as king.

"And then there is the Hellish Bone Demon Lord from before. He was an ancient bone demon, and a unique one. He is not one of the ‘five creatures’ and rules over the exceptions. These might be demons turned sentient from boulders, pollution, or even rage and grief. These demons call the Hellish Bone Demon Lord their leader. The Hellish Bone Demon Lord is considered the second weakest in the Nanyin Demon Continent."

The five creatures he referred to were the feathered, furred, shelled, scaled creatures, and humans, known as the winning creature.

Bones, filth, boulders - they were non-living things outside of these classifications. Of course, trees were also outside of the five creature classifications, but because too many plants became demons, it branched off into another special classification.

"In the Nanyin Demon Continent, there is an extremely ancient demon tree, known as the Thousand-Eyed Demon Tree. He holds dominion over all the botanical demons of the Nanyin Demon Continent. For example, the Cloud Piercing Demon Tree is a subordinate of the Thousand-Eyed Demon Tree. The Thousand-Eyed Demon Tree is also known as the Thousand-Eyed Demon Lord. Like me, he specializes in illusion mystiques. Once caught, you won't be able to escape ever again.

"The fourth is known as the Black and Gold Termite Queen, a termite who turned into a demon and rules over all the insect demons. There are many species of insect demons, and the most dangerous are the Black and Gold Ant Demons that protect their queen. They are said to eat anything in the world. The Black Hornet Demon King called the Black and Gold Termite Queen his lord.

"Fifth is the ruler over flying beasts, a demon known as the Nine-Headed Deathless Bird, rumored to have the bloodline of a phoenix. However, she is violent, and not as holy as a phoenix, belonging to the demons. She has nine heads and is female. The fowl of the Nanyin Demon Continent call her master.

"Finally, the lord of the walking beasts! You're familiar with this one. You met the Three Immortals Kunwu and the Stygian Immortal Kunwu before. There are all male lions, and this king of the beasts has an even nobler bloodline then them. The Eight Immortals Kunwu, a rare sight in 100,000 years. He has eight male lion heads, an impressive sight. As for ability, all the demon lords are roughly even, and it's not clear who is the undisputed top expert in the Nanyin Demon Continent - each has their own strengths."

The Full Moon of Nanshan had quickly and roughly sketched out an introduction of the six demon lords for Wu Yu. Of course, Wu Yu had a brief understanding before, although not as comprehensive as this.

The Silver Moon Demon Lord, the demon lord of the primates! Although part of the land beasts, he had drawn apart from the Eight Immortals Kunwu.

The Hellish Bone Demon Lord, demon lord of the unique, all kinds of sinister threats.

The Thousand-Eyed Demon Lord, demon lord of the botanical demons!

The Black and Gold Termite Queen, demon lord of the insect demons!

The Deathless Demon Lord, demon lord over the winged demons!

The Eight Immortals Kunwu, hailed as the Kunwu Demon Lord, and just that little bit stronger than the Silver Moon Demon Lord.

From the Phoenix Supreme's words, everyone realized that all six demon lords had shown up today.

At this time, the Silver Moon Demon Lord had already retreated to the lake bottom. He had no need to show his face anymore. He had already given up hope, and the Seven Ape Kings were licking their wounds. The Silver Moon Demon Lord was not that seriously injured, but he was dispirited, as though the subsequent developments would not involve him.

While the Full Moon of Nanshan had been introducing them, figures had been flying out to hover in the sky. All five figures were present before the Phoenix Supreme.

Seeing these five shadows, many of the demons present felt a sense of awe, greeting them with subservient postures. Their cries rang out.

After seeing the likes of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor and the Phoenix Supreme, Wu Yu was much more calm upon seeing these five demon lords.

His gaze swept past them. All five demon lords were currently in human form, and these were not their true forms. However, Wu Yu could see their true forms with his Eyes of Fire and Gold.

The Hellish Bone Demon Lord was a fresh-faced young man in long robes of black. There was a devilish air about him, and his lips and eyes were pure black. Wu Yu could see that his true form was a huge, black skull, so large that its ends could barely be seen - about half the size of the Ancient Demon God. He was covered in bone from head to toe, and there were many spikes that served as weapons.

The Thousand-Eyed Demon Lord was an evil-looking youngster in green. Wu Yu did not dare look at his face. It was too horrifying, and there were many eyes on it. His true form was a huge tree with 1,000 eyes on it. It made you feel like you were being sucked in if you glanced at them.

The Black and Gold Termite Queen was a woman in black robes, her body veiled and not clearly revealed. She was actually a black ant, with metallic works in her body. She was a huge, fat queen, and it seemed like she could change to another form that shrank her stomach.

The Deathless Demon Lord was a fierce and pretty-looking woman with red hair. She was slightly similar to the Phoenix Supreme in terms of aura, but lacked the same imperial air of authority, making up for it with savagery. Her true form was a huge, ruby-colored bird. She had nine heads, all encased in flames!

As for the Kunwu Demon Lord, he was a golden-haired muscleman, bare-chested and with a mane. Wu Yu had seen the true form of Three Immortals Kunwu before, but it could not hold a candle to Eight Immortals Kunwu. Besides having five more heads, his stature, power, aura, and bloodline were not on the same level. The Stygian Immortal Kunwu was also far from him. 

These five demon lords were all slightly stronger than the Silver Moon Demon Lord. Of course, the Silver Moon Demon Lord had six brothers helping him, and was a force to be reckoned with when he got serious as well. These demon lords all had their own lieutenants as well, but none worked in such perfect synchronization as the Seven Ape Kings. 

All six demon lords had appeared now, and everyone was curious. What was the Phoenix Supreme intending to do? Was she planning to conquer the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence all by herself?

"She wants to occupy the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence alone! See if the demon lords agree!"

"With so many demon lords here, the Nanyin Demon Continent has never been this unified. The Phoenix Supreme is indeed powerful, but if she wants to occupy the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence alone, she had better beat it!"

"This is the treasure of the Nanyin Demon Continent, it cannot be relinquished to outsiders."

The demons started a heated clamor.

And above in the sky, the demon lords were exchanging courtesies with the Phoenix Supreme.

The golden-haired muscleman, the Kunwu Demon Lord, said, "Phoenix Supreme, we saw your ability just now, and it was an eye-opener for us. Phoenix Supreme has discovered us, and we are not surprised. But we would like to ask the Phoenix Supreme, what would you wish of us?"

Kunwu Demon Lord was frank and direct. He immediately asked her of her true purpose.

"Our time is precious, and we have no patience to entertain you. Say what you want, and be honest. Forget it, I'll speak first. The Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence is the possession of the Nanyin Demon Continent. Who breaks through first will depend on our individual abilities. But those outside the Nanyin Demon Continent are not authorized to lay a single finger on it, no matter who they are. And don't even think of taking it alone. Or don't blame us for joining forces." The Nine-Headed Deathless Bird was a hot-tempered one. Of course, also very direct. She had already snapped out irritably before the Phoenix Supreme had answered.

The demons could see that this was a rare and titanic exchange in the history of the entire Nanyin Demon Continent! These five demon lords were actually willing to join forces. Usually, they were rivals. If they entered the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence, they might fight bitterly against each other.

And their resolution now was flabbergasting, to say the least.

Before the Phoenix Supreme responded, Wu Yu snuck a few more looks at Nangong Wei. She was looking at the Phoenix Supreme with great confidence and emotion. As though she worshipped her.

The demon lords all glowered threateningly at her, but the Phoenix Supreme responded with a thin smile. "Since everyone is so direct, I won't beat around the bush either. Honestly, I don't want the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence all for myself. To me, the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence is just an amusing appetizer."

"Not just alone - we won't even give you a share." The Black and Gold Termite Queen cut in. The demon lords were very united against her.

The Phoenix Supreme regarded them with a chilly smile. After the tension had built palpably, she said, "I did not come mainly for the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence today. I have an even more important goal. It was to meet the demon lords, and the demon kings, and the entire Nanyin Demon Continent's finest. Since you are all gathered here, I will speak candidly. Listen well..."

Her tone was neutral here. After securing their interest, she continued, "Today, I came to negotiate. I want to unite all the demons of the Nanyin Demon Continent and build a massive demon empire that encompasses the entire Nanyin Demon Continent. A demon nation that will not lose to the likes of the demon cultivation nations in the Yan Huang Ancient Region! To build our nation in the Nanyin Demon Continent, and join forces. Let us grow greater, and towards glory in the Jambu Realm, and devastate the sea region demons who eye us hungrily, and the martial cultivators of the Yan Huang Ancient Region as well! And I, the Eternal Phoenix, will be the royalty of this huge demon empire! I have even thought of the name for this nation. She shall be called the Nanfeng Empire!"

The Phoenix Supreme said this very smoothly. She finished with a smile as she looked at the demons, who had not even batted an eyelid.

As though all she had said was not a major decision, but asking them what they wanted to eat.

And for the listeners, there was deathly silence. Everyone was stunned, unable to believe their ears.

Wu Yu inhaled sharply. He saw her goal now.

Her announcement was a bold one.

She meant for all the demon lords, demon kings, and their subordinates to become subjects in her Eternal Phoenix empire.

In the future, she would definitely relinquish the throne to the Eternal Phoenix Nangong Wei.

And even the country name had included the Eternal Phoenix - Nanfeng Empire! [1]

1. TN: feng is the character for phoenix

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