Chapter 0953: Phoenix Supreme's Domain

This battle was amongst the Seven Ape Kings. Besides the Silver Moon Demon Lord, Wu Yu could see the other five a bit more clearly.

The Silver Moon Demon Lord and the Phoenix Supreme both outclassed them.

However, the Seven Ape Kings had fought together for many years, and now formed an elite group. Between them, they worked almost like a spirit design, a symphony of parts that moved with far greater effect than the sum of its individual parts.

This was why those like the God Eye Monkey and the Adamant King Ape would not be killed off by the Phoenix Supreme, like the Black Hornet Demon King or the Six Arms Demon Ape, despite the disparity in strength.

"If the Six Arms Demon Ape was still alive, their coordination would be further enhanced. Right now, it seems a tad lacking." Wu Yu observed with his Eyes of Fire and Gold, running commentary for the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi.

Because they could not see a thing.

Many of the demons had fled to hide in the depths of the Ancient Demon Lake because the surface was rippling from the impacts of the battle. Wu Yu used the Immovable Nine Palaces Design to remain here, unaffected.

The fifth Ape King, the Sea Devil Gorilla, suddenly moved a huge load of lake water, causing it to blast into the sky in gigantic columns that reached the clouds.

And fire was spewed forth from the mouth of the Heaven's Fury Marmoset, blanketing the earth and the clouds.

Most striking of all was the Adamant King Ape, his huge, towering body resembling an adamantium buddha, his golden color shining brightly. As for the God Eye Monkey and the Fairy Demon Monkey, they were much smaller, and their locations could not be pinned down.

Of course, the main fighting core, the Silver Moon Demon Lord, was already beyond their sight. Even Wu Yu could not see how the battle was progressing.

However, the real attraction was the phoenix immortal beast, with her nine-colored flames blanketing the earth. Before her flames, the Heaven's Fury Marmoset's fire was like a child, feeble and laughable.

In the eyes of the crowd, the phoenix immolated in nine-colored flames was sacred, noble, and intimidated all the demons in terms of bloodline and aura alone.

Only those at the Dao Querying Realm dared to remain on the surface, watching this battle! The other demons could not stand on this chaotic battlefield.

Wu Yu's eyes shone with light, watching the proud Eternal Phoenix!

He was actually a little jealous!

"I hope I can be like that as well one day. To rule the world with no equal!"

To be powerful enough to earn the respect of all the demons.

This stirred his blood and anticipation welled within him. He looked at Nangong Wei again, seeing her fiery eyes regard her "mother" with adulation and love. Wu Yu felt frustrated by this. It would be difficult to get her to recall the matters of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

"Actually, if the Phoenix Supreme treats her well, then even if she forgets what happened before, there's no need to force the issue. Just tell the Mizar Sword Immortal of her current transformation. I believe the Mizar Sword Immortal will be relieved. As her father, he only wants his daughter to be safe, and to be better," Ming Long counseled.

"When did your thinking become so mature? Almost like a mother," Wu Yu teased.

"Your ass. Is your backside itchy since Old Mother hasn't spanked you in a while?" Ming Long snapped back haughtily.

Wu Yu smiled slightly. The battle raged on in intense fashion. Wu Yu watched the Eternal Phoenix closely. She was just starting to show her strength. With the Seven Ape Kings surrounding her, they had not managed much for their efforts.

"So what do you think are the odds of her having no ill intentions for Nangong Wei?" Wu Yu asked.

"Not likely. Otherwise, why make her lose her memories? Only one possibility. She wishes to own her, make her her daughter, and groom her to be like herself. She will not allow Nangong Wei to get familiar with others, including her father," Ming Long said.

Wu Yu felt that this was the only possibility as well.

But he knew that this was all conjecture, which was why he could not return to Yan Huang with peace of mind.

Of course, he knew that the Phoenix Supreme was too strong. In any case, he was no match for her. Even if she had any evil intentions for Nangong Wei, there was nothing he could do.


The Eternal Phoenix had just started to hit her stride.

While Wu Yu was brooding, the demons exclaimed. Wu Yu looked up with a jerk, only to see six bodies falling like kites with their strings cut. Nine-colored flames lingered on their bodies, and you could clearly hear the screams of the Seven Ape Kings!

Wu Yu looked with the Eyes of Fire and Gold and saw that the Seven Ape Kings' bodies were still turning black amidst the Phoenix Supreme's flames. Even the Silver Moon Demon Lord was no exception.

The Seven Ape Kings, defeated!

The demons exclaimed and then fell silent. All watched this scene, aghast. They had thought it would be an even match, but it was a stomp!

The Seven Ape Kings had been readily defeated, their survival unknown! Even the Silver Moon Demon Lord was shaking in the throes of the flames. He did not look like he would be able to shrug it off. They all landed directly in the Ancient Demon Lake!

"Impossible...." They saw the phoenix immortal beast in the sky, wings spread and nine-colored flames curling around her. Under her imperious gaze and tyrannical glare, the entire world seemed to be under her dominion.

"The Eternal Phoenix is the strongest expert that I have seen in the Jambu Realm, with the exception of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. All that you have seen, including Ancestor Yang, the Regent, and Di Yuantian, are not her match. I reckon that she is only short of the Great Trial of the Immortal Dao, and there is even a good chance that she has already passed it," Ming Long said with deep feeling after holding her breath for a while.

The strongest person aside from the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor!

That was scary.

Hearing this, Wu Yu did not doubt Ming Long's estimate.

Of course, besides the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor, there were many other emperors in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, such as the Dark Sea Emperor, the emperors of the Devilsky Court, the Rising Cloud Nation, and dozens of other immortal kingdoms. There might be one stronger than the Phoenix Supreme.

But there were none in the Nanyin Demon Continent.

At this time, the entire Nanyin Demon Continent was trembling.

Suddenly, the flames on the Seven Ape Kings' bodies vanished at the same time. They were already charred and were in a wretched state. When the flames disappeared, the Silver Moon Demon Lord was first to regain control, then he turned to help his brothers from falling into the Ancient Demon Lake.

"This time around, I have spared your lives. If you dare cross me again, there will be no mercy. As for your brother's death, he paid for his crimes. Don't think about revenge."

The voice of the Phoenix Supreme thundered from above them, and the demons trembled, afraid of responding.

Wu Yu looked at the Seven Ape Kings. They had recovered somewhat, but their heads were bowed.

Afraid to rebel, beaten into submission by the Phoenix Supreme. They had learned of her power on the battlefield.

However, the Phoenix Supreme had said "cross me again". Did she mean that she might appear frequently in the Nanyin Demon Continent from now on?

She was not an immortal beast of the Nanyin Demon Continent.

Wu Yu looked at Nangong Wei, her expression lofty. But she was not near the Phoenix Supreme. This made Wu Yu wonder if the Phoenix Supreme's intention wasn’t to suppress the Seven Ape Kings, but to send a message to all the demons, to teach them who the boss here was.

The Silver Moon Demon Lord lifted his head with a relatively calm expression. He had been helping his gravely wounded brothers, and now he raised his hands, cupped in respect. "Phoenix Supreme is all-powerful, and we brothers accept our loss. Here in the Nanyin Demon Continent, strength is law. The six of us almost killed the daughter of Phoenix Supreme. We seven brothers are reasonable. We have truly lost today, and we declare that we will not cross the Phoenix Supreme again."

The demons cried in dismay upon hearing this, because it showed the weaknesses of the Seven Ape Kings, as though they had been beaten like babies, groveling on the ground for mercy. And they felt that someone like the Silver Moon Demon Lord should be a bit more indomitable and unyielding, in line with his character.

Making such a choice made it clear to Wu Yu that the Silver Moon Demon Lord had acknowledged it. He was clearer than everyone else about the disparity between himself and the Phoenix Supreme.

Although there had been a gasp, no one dared to say anything. They looked at each other and judged the Seven Ape Kings inwardly.

One would not understand when one was not the target.

At this time, the Phoenix Supreme's attention was not on the Silver Moon Demon Lord. As the Seven Ape Kings retreated into the Ancient Demon Lake with neutral expressions, Wu Yu guessed that she was about to reveal her true intention after bloodying the demons' noses.

As expected, her bird eye was currently scanning the Ancient Demon Lake. The demons were starting to feel nervous, and many of the demon kings were shrinking back. The Phoenix Supreme suddenly declared, "A very lively turnout today. The Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence is a real crowd-draw indeed. The demon lords of the Nanyin Demon Continent, not seen in the same place for centuries, have all turned up. Since everyone is here, there's no need for hiding, is there? How about a chat?"

Everyone was puzzled by her words, unsure of what she meant.

Even Wu Yu was startled, exchanging looks with the Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi.

"Could it be that besides the Silver Moon Demon Lord, the Hellish Bone Demon Lord, who arrived earlier, and other demon lords, are also here?" The Full Moon of Nanshan was a little dismayed. He had not detected a single one.

"Not just others, but all of them," Wu Yu said.

It seemed like today was a much larger stage than he had imagined!


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