Chapter 0952: Silver Moon Demon Lord

The Black Hornet Demon King was killed in seconds! 

When the ashes dissolved into the water of the lake, most of the demons had not reacted to it. 

Even if they did, they wouldn't dare to say anything or do anything when they realized that it was the phoenix immortal beast that had exterminated the Black Hornet Demon King in seconds. 

Basically, most of the demon kings were awestruck and remained silent. As for the other adult demons and young demons, they didn't dare to breathe loudly. Moreover, they retreated further back in fear of any potential conflicts that might implicate them. 

The entire Ancient Demon Lake was completely silent. 

Wu Yu furrowed his brows. He now knew that Nangong Wei's mother was also a phoenix and perhaps an Eternal Phoenix as well. Moreover, she was even more powerful and domineering than he had imagined. 

Could it be that she wanted the entire Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence for herself? 

"I know who they are! The smaller phoenix is Nangong Wei, the girl that the Black Hornet Demon King had put up a bounty after she killed his son. The bigger phoenix is the one who killed the Six Arms Demon Ape...." 

Among the demons, there were some who had witnessed her killing the Six Arms Demon Ape. With a sudden inspiration, they blurted out the truth. Shortly after, more and more people realized it and more and more demons learned about them after the news spread. 

"How unexpected! The firebird demon that the Black Hornet Demon King put up a bounty for is, in fact, a phoenix immortal beast!" 

As demons, they were fearful of the most elite immortal beasts. It was especially so for bird demons. At this juncture, they were feeling fear and respect. They moved further back and some even escaped from the Ancient Demon Lake. These demons realized that a major battle might be erupting in the Ancient Demon Lake as the demon kings fought for the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. 

Moreover, they knew that the Seven Ape Kings wouldn't be afraid of the two phoenixes. With the Six Arms Demon Ape killed and the culprit right before their eyes, many believed the Seven Ape Kings would make a move. After all, the authority of the Seven Ape Kings was still supreme and elite on the Nanyin Demon Continent. 

Ordinary demon kings wouldn't dare to offend them unless they had the protection from the demon lords. 

Just as expected, with the God Eye Monkey leading the way, five of the Seven Ape Kings appeared before the two phoenixes without a further word. 

They shared a deep brotherly bond. Despite not being biological brothers, they had sworn to be brothers since young and were closer than biological brothers. 

At this juncture, the Seven Ape Kings had vicious looks on them and had morphed into their true forms. The God Eye Monkey, the Adamant King Ape, the Heaven's Fury Marmoset, the Sea Devil Gorilla, and the Fairy Demon Monkey had all shown themselves. The largest one, the Adamant King Ape, was the size of the golden eye and had an impenetrable body. The smallest, the God Eye Monkey and the Fairy Demon Monkey, were only the size of humans. Although they differed greatly in size, the differences in their strength was not huge. 

In fact, among the Seven Ape Kings, the Six Arms Demon Ape was the weakest. 

After having surrounded the phoenixes, they were eager to strike. Among them, the God Eye Monkey remained relatively composed and asked the phoenix immortal beast, "Who are you? Why did you kill our sixth brother for no reason? The seven of us were brothers that shared a bond. And now, our brother has died by your hands. You have to give us an explanation!" 

On the Nanyin Demon Continent, no one could really make the Seven Ape Kings submit to them. Even the strongest demon lord wouldn't want to get tangled with them, as they were really hard to deal with. 

Nangong Wei was the first to answer. Her voice was cold and arrogant as she said, "The Six Arms Demon Ape wanted my life for no reason and threatened others. He almost got me killed, so my mother would obviously not allow him to live. If my mother was late, the one dead would’ve been me." 

At this moment, they verified their conjecture. The two phoenix immortal beasts looked alike, so they were definitely mother and daughter. 

The Seven Ape Kings knew a little about the circumstances then. However, they couldn't possibly let this slide even if that was the case. At the side, the Adamant King Ape berated in his coarse and loud voice, "You knew clearly that he was one of the Seven Ape Kings. All you needed to do was restrict his actions then. Yet you chose to kill him. It's clear that you have no respect for us, the Seven Ape Kings!" 

At this point, the phoenix immortal beast finally spoke. Her voice was gentle and refined, yet full of pressure. It was as though she was a gentle yet domineering girl, and many would drown in her voice, ending up having to follow her instructions. She said in a light-hearted and casual tone, "I don't know who the Seven Ape Kings are. Are you guys some incredible characters? As for the one in hiding, you don't have to. Just show yourself. If there's anything you are unhappy about, come at me at the same time. Otherwise, don't get in my way and waste my time." 

Her answer left the Seven Ape Kings fuming in anger. Towards the end of her answer, the Seven Ape Kings felt the need to be a little more vigilant despite anger welling up in them. They were still a little anxious as they clearly didn't know what the phoenix immortal beast was capable of. 

"You have pretty good eyes." When the phoenix immortal beast finished her words, the other demons were shocked to see a silver-haired man with his hands behind his back standing before the God Eye Monkey. He had appeared out of nowhere. When the crowd saw the silver-haired man, his form started morphing and he eventually transformed into a silver-haired ape. His silverish hair was like the shine of the moon, magical and dreamy. His form was similar to the seventh Fairy Demon Monkey’s. The only difference between him and Wu Yu after using the Immortal Ape Transformation was the color. One was golden, while the other was silver. 

Wu Yu stood right opposite of the silver demon monkey. The monkey looked clean and rather suave. His eyes were silverish-white and clear like the lake water. They were calm and natural, which formed a stark contrast with the violent and restless eyes of Wu Yu after undergoing the Immortal Ape Transformation. Between his eyebrows, there was an image of a glittering, silver crescent. When the glow reflected into the eyes of others, it gave a feeling of calm. 

"Silver Moon Immortal Ape! In the history of the Jambu Realm and among all primate demons, they have the most elite bloodline and possess a high possibility of achieving immortalhood. The ‘immortal’ in their name means that they have almost broken free from the category of demons to be classified as immortal beasts. At the very least, they are very similar to immortal beasts. If they could fly, they might be able to reach the Sky Palaces!"

When the demon ape transformed into his true form, the knowledgeable Ming Long recognized it in the first instant. Obviously, Wu Yu knew about him, who had remained hidden and unmoved previously. In the end, he was noticed by the phoenix immortal beast and was forced to show himself. 

He was the Silver Moon Demon Lord, the leader of the Seven Ape Kings and the boss of all primate demons. Most of them addressed him as Silver Moon Demon Lord. 

The silver crescent between his eyes was his signature symbol. 

"Who would have thought the Silver Moon Demon Lord would have been hidden here all along? Ming Long is right. Perhaps other demon lords are also hidden around." 

Wu Yu was thinking hard. 

When the Silver Moon Demon Lord showed himself, only one of the Seven Ape Kings was missing. Now the brothers were directly facing off with the phoenix immortal beast. The Silver Moon Demon Lord looked refined and had the vibes of an immortal beast. Therefore, he gave off a sacred and holy demeanor. One could see the intense clash between him and the phoenix immortal beast. In a calm and composed tone, he asked, "May I know how should I address you?" 

"I'm an Eternal Phoenix. You can address me as Phoenix Supreme!" the phoenix immortal beast answered solemnly. 

The Silver Moon Demon Lord said, "Phoenix Supreme, since both of us have our reasons, I'll suggest settling this through a contest of strength. What do you think?" 

Although the Silver Moon Demon Lord sounded courteous, his first suggestion was to battle it out. 

However, Wu Yu felt that this was the best solution. Neither party could possibly back off. In that case, battling it out would be the best option. As such, the loser would naturally be the side that was wrong. Victors always wrote the history books. It was a simple and violent reasoning. 

All the demons were waiting for the response of the Phoenix Supreme. At this moment, the Phoenix Supreme smiled faintly and answered, "Silver Moon Demon Lord is indeed a direct and emotional man. I'm also fond of this direct solution. The Ancient Demon Lake is too small. We will wait for you above the lake." 

When she finished her words, the Phoenix Supreme rocketed into the sky with Nangong Wei and vanished from the sight of the crowd. 


With the Silver Moon Demon Lord leading the way, the other five Ape Kings darted out of the Ancient Demon Lake and followed closely behind the Phoenix Supreme. All of a sudden, the strong animosity between the two parties was sweeping through the Ancient Demon Lake rapidly. When both parties left the Ancient Demon Lake, the hundreds of thousands of demons in the Ancient Demon Lake finally reacted. Obviously, they emerged from the surface of the water to view the battle! 

The Seven Ape Kings vs the phoenix immortal beasts! 

For the entire Nanyin Demon Continent, this was a rare and grand affair. Everyone would like to see the clash between the most elite demons and immortal beasts with their own eyes and know the outcome of the battle. 

At the very least, the outcome was still filled with uncertainties. On one end was the immortal beast that had killed the Black Hornet Demon King in seconds, and on the other end were the overlords of the Nanyin Demon Continent, the Seven Ape Kings! 

As this concerned Nangong Wei, Wu Yu naturally dashed out of the Ancient Demon Lake at the fastest speed. They probably wouldn't want to destroy the Ancient Demon Lake and therefore had risen to extreme heights. However, Wu Yu believed this wouldn't mean that the Ancient Demon Lake was absolutely safe. At the very least, the Sea Devil Gorilla of the Seven Ape Kings would definitely strengthen himself with the water of the Ancient Demon Lake. 

All of a sudden, a large number of demons emerged from the water. They looked up with anticipation and curiosity. No one was saying a word and the atmosphere so was stifling that the demons felt like they were suffocating. 

Wu Yu could see that Nangong Wei wasn't participating in the battle. She had flown a long distance away and was also watching the battle. She was looking at her mother with fervor and was even cheering her mother from her end. Wu Yu could tell that she had utmost reverence and respect for her mother. 

This was so different from the Nangong Wei that Wu Yu had in mind. However, there were times when the details of her actions were so similar. This left him puzzled and baffled. What had the Phoenix Supreme done to Nangong Wei? 

Just as he was left confused, the Seven Ape Kings and the Phoenix Supreme were direct as the battle between them erupted in the sky. The coordination between the Seven Ape Kings was fluid, just like Wu Yu and his doppelgangers. Together with the Silver Moon Demon Lord leading them in the clash against the Phoenix Supreme, it appeared that their chances of winning were greater. 

This was almost the most elite battle Wu Yu could observe. The strength of the Silver Moon Demon Lord was likely exceptionally close to that of Di Shatian, the Regent of Yan Huang or the Dark Sea Emperor. Wu Yu couldn't get a clean look at his actions and felt as though immortals had descended and a grand battle between celestial soldiers and generals had erupted. 

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