Chapter 0951: Major Changes to the Ancient Demon Lake

The difficulty of the Dignified Archer Elemental had greatly exceeded Wu Yu's imagination. As a result, Wu Yu couldn't acclimatize to it in various aspects of their first battle. 

Wu Yu chose to exit to make adjustments before challenging it again. This time, he wouldn't allow the other party to make the first move. 

His Eyes of Fire and Gold were his advantage. The most useful concealment mystique of the Dignified Archer Elemental wouldn't have much effect before his unshakeable gaze. 

This time, Wu Yu got closer when it appeared, and before it could hide itself. Wu Yu knew that the closer he was to his opponent, the harder it would be for the Dignified Archer Elemental to use its Offensive Spirit Designs. Regardless if it was the Star Chasing Arrow, the Moon Chasing Arrow, or the Sunset Arrow with the most explosive might, its full potential wasn't released as Wu Yu constantly kept a close distance to the Dignified Archer Elemental. 

However, in the entanglement, Wu Yu's main body was still struck once by the Sunset Arrow, and a layer of his physical body world was destroyed. This spelled a significant severe injury for Wu Yu. 

However, using his main body to withstand the attack, Wu Yu's main body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar were able to launch relentless attacks when the Dignified Archer Elemental was re-activating its spirit designs and absorbing energy from the Floating Dreams Pagoda. It was first frozen into ice before being smashed into smithereens. 

The Dignified Archer Elemental was successfully subdued. 

This would mean that Wu Yu's battle strength would increase drastically once again. 

Moreover, with the long-ranged attacks of the Dignified Archer Elemental to coordinate in team battles, they would only be more frightening. 

After smashing the Dignified Archer Elemental into pieces, the Floating Dreams Pagoda would require some time to restore it. Once it was fully restored, it could be used in battle. 

Wu Yu wasn't in a hurry to exit the Floating Dreams Pagoda after his main body suffered severe injuries. He stayed within the Floating Dreams Pagoda and made the best use of the advantage in the flow of time to recover fully before exiting and appearing on the Hidden Immortal. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were waiting for his successful return. 

Seeing that Wu Yu had control of the new puppet, the Full Moon of Nanshan remarked bitterly, "Alright. Your advancement speed is truly peerless. Both of us are under immense pressure. The pressure is like having the boobs of beautiful ladies weighing heavily down on my heart!"  

Ye Xixi had long gotten used to his personality and shameless metaphors. 

"I have to work harder. Although I haven't made a breakthrough in cultivation level and entered the Dao Querying Realm, I can still hone myself in the Ten Wheels Bodhisattva Ghostly Immortal Mantra and Hell Incarnation Avatar. Or perhaps I could improve the Black Sand Demonic Shadow. All of these would make me stronger." 

The truth was, her strength was increasing rapidly. After everything in her was successfully converted, her being a 10th tier Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivator was the greatest advantage she had over Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan. As long as she could continue improving at this pace, it wouldn't take long and it wouldn't be an issue for her to defeat a third tier Dao Querying cultivator. 

Wu Yu continued surveying the surroundings of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. The truth was, since they had gotten out of the silt, they could see way more demons gathered in the vicinity of the golden eye than when they first came. 

The entire Ancient Demon Lake had become even more restless. There were also numerous demons hidden within the silt, and it was because of this that Wu Yu and his group didn't appear to be so attention-grabbing. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan and Ye Xixi were also interested. The trio continued their discussion while pondering. The might of the Defensive Spirit Designs of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence was now known by many. The demons didn't dare to approach at all. 

With the Spirit Penetration Art, Wu Yu had been researching the spirit design for a few days. However, it was just a futile attempt. He had almost made a full round around the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence and yet couldn't find a loophole. 

"That is to be expected. The Defensive Spirit Design of a residence of this level is definitely the most solid despite its long history. If there were any loophole, it would have been exposed after such a long time. You would never have gotten a chance to look for it if it was so," Ming Long said in a wise tone. 

Although that was logical, Wu Yu didn't give up. He recalled some areas that he had not paid attention to and wanted to take another look at them. After all, the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence wasn't open yet at this juncture. 

Over the next few days, the golden eye was attacked several times. The demon kings were all searching for a way in and had tried out various means. They had even tried using spirit designs to break it. Occasionally, there would be intense tremors and Wu Yu and his group wouldn't know who was attacking the golden eye. 

On this day, the Dignified Archer Elemental had been fully restored. Wu Yu was researching a portion of the complicated spirit designs when Lazy got restless all of a sudden and started waving its claws towards Wu Yu. Ye Xixi communicated with it before remarking in excitement, "Lazy is saying Nangong Wei has appeared. Moreover, she's moving towards the Ancient Demon Lake at breakneck speed."

"She is?" 

Wu Yu's mind instantly froze up. 

His initial and main reason for going to the Ancient Demon Lake was because he felt like something huge was about to happen here. Perhaps Nangong Wei and the frightening figure behind her would be attracted here. 

Just as the demon kings were out of solutions, she arrived, as expected. 

The only question was if the one behind her had arrived as well. 

Since she was moving swiftly towards this place, Wu Yu believed that that existence had definitely accompanied her. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to take such a high profile route of advancement. 

Without saying another word, he charged out of the silt and found a place to the side of the golden eye. From this place, he could clearly see everything that was happening in the golden eye. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan hid himself while remaining beside Wu Yu. As for Ye Xixi, she did the same by transforming into an ordinary grain of black sand and hid herself in a dark spot. 

They had to do so as almost all the experts of the Nanyin Demon Continent had gathered here. Those powerful demons, such as the demon kings, weren't people they could offend. It was especially so for a few of the Seven Ape Kings such as the God Eye Monkey and the Adamant King Ape, who were just a short distance away from Wu Yu. 

The number of demons that were in the vicinity of the golden eye reached several thousand. They were basically all at the Dao Querying Realm. Without the strength, they wouldn't be in this position and so close to the golden eye. Otherwise, they would likely crumble from the surrounding pressure. 

Looking further in, Wu Yu could see the ox demon with eight eyes that was known for his bad temper and unmatched physical strength. There was also a roc demon king with bright, glowing wings. As for the Black Hornet Demon King, his true form was a cold and vicious black hornet. 

Having been away for several days, they realized that a lot more demon kings had gathered. Excluding those that had hidden themselves, there were over 30 and close to 40! In the entire Nanyin Demon Continent, those who could be addressed as a demon king had a count of just slightly over 50. 

From this, one could easily tell how huge the attraction the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence held. 

While they were still observing the golden eye, Wu Yu was focused on the area above the Ancient Demon Lake. With his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he could see a long distance away. Vaguely, he could see the blue sky and white clouds above the surface of the lake. 

At this moment, it was as though there were two flaming clouds swooping down. Moreover, the flames had nine different colors. 

The next instant, Wu Yu got a better look. Those weren't two clouds but two nine-colored phoenixes. One was larger than the other, but both phoenixes were surrounded by nine-colored flames and had nine-colored feathers. Compared to other bird demons, they had a imposing, dignified, and domineering disposition. This was the bloodline of the highest level and stood at the top of all lives!

All birds that flew held the phoenix as their ruler. The phoenix and dragon were immortal beasts that could ascend directly towards the Sky Palaces! The phoenix had a bloodline that was superior to all sorts of bird-type demons and was supreme! Therefore, no matter how one looked at the two nine-colored phoenixes, they appeared very majestic, imposing, and transcendental. Every feather glowed in brilliant light and flame that made them perfect! 

The slightly smaller phoenix was clearly Nangong Wei. Wu Yu had no idea how she had become what she was today after achieving atavism. She had an exceptionally precious bloodline and was a bona fide phoenix immortal beast! 

Moreover, she wasn't an ordinary one. 

At this moment, before he could ponder further, the two nine-colored phoenixes descended from the sky and into the Ancient Demon Lake. As they descended, the water avoided them and couldn't reach them. This was because the flames around them were too strong. Once the water got closer, it would be vaporized instantly. 

The demons that were along their paths were also intimidated by the auras emanating from the phoenix immortal beasts. They retreated to the side rapidly and made space for them. 

Bang! Bang!

After two loud explosions, the two phoenixes arrived a short distance from the golden eye. Those that were between them were only the demon kings and Dao Querying Realm demons. 

Since the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence had surfaced, no one had entered so brazenly and directly. At this moment, they naturally drew all the attention from the hundreds of thousands of demons around. 

"What is that? They don't look like ordinary flaming bird demons!" 

"Look at their feathers. They are lines that resemble the words ‘benevolence,’ ‘justice,’ ‘courtesy,’ ‘trust,’ and ‘wisdom.’ Could they be the phoenix immortal beasts as recorded in the legends?" 

"I believe so. Who would have thought that the phoenix immortal beasts could still be found lingering in the world!" 

Only the Black Hornet Demon King had seen the true identity of Nangong Wei. However, once he heard that someone behind Nangong Wei had killed the Six Arms Demon Ape, he went into hiding and didn't leak anything to the outside world. 

Therefore, the majority of the demons were astounded to know they might be the phoenix immortal beasts that were rumored to have vanished from the Jambu Realm. However, they had not realized that they were Nangong Wei and the frightening figure behind her. 

As for the Black Hornet Demon King, he felt a chill down his spine at first glance. Without saying another word, he morphed into a black hornet that was the size of a thumb and hid himself amidst the crowd. He wanted to escape from this place swiftly. After all, he knew who they were and knew he had once tried to hunt Nangong Wei down. 

However, he failed to escape from the eyes of the bigger phoenix. Just as he was prepared to flee, the bigger phoenix squinted her eyes and wiggled her wings slightly. All of a sudden, a column of nine-colored flames shot out from her wings and landed on the Black Hornet Demon King. Although the Black Hornet Demon King tried his best to dodge, a small part of the flames clipped him. 


Despite only catching a small part of the flames, the flames were spreading rapidly across the Black Hornet Demon King. In that instant, and just as the Black Hornet Demon King let out a tragic mourn, the intense flames devoured the Black Hornet Demon King. All the other demon kings couldn't even try to save him and could only watch as the Black Hornet Demon King was reduced to ashes in the blink of an eye. 

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