Chapter 0950: The Frightening New Puppet

The Heaven Devouring Avatar wasn't facing any pressure. Therefore, Wu Yu had instructed the Full Moon of Nanshan to support his real body. 

Shortly after, through their coordination, they swiftly dispatched the third tier Dao Querying Three Disasters Realm Lan Qi. 

He was first severely injured by the Full Moon of Nanshan's mystique before Wu Yu took the opportunity to strike with the Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters. It was almost impossible for him to escape alive, considering Wu Yu had unleashed all his strength. 

The leader had died in battle soon after it started! 

Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar darted over rapidly to devour the biggest prey. As for the main body and the Full Moon of Nanshan, they moved into other battlefields in the blink of an eye. 

With Wu Yu's main body's overwhelming strength, the Blue-blooded Dragon Bat couldn't escape in time before they died one after another. The Full Moon of Nanshan, the Dignified Trident Elemental, and Ye Xixi each killed one or two opponents. 

In a place like this, showing mercy to one's enemies would be cruelty to one's allies. If they let even one get away, the survivor would search for the opportunity to strike back and would never let them off. 

After the defeat of Lan Qi, it didn't take long for all the Blue-blooded Dragon Bats to perish. All of them had become food for Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. Looking from the perspective of the Heaven Devouring Avatar, Wu Yu wouldn't hold back. 

After all, the Blue-blooded Dragon Bat had initiated the attack on them in hope of getting the bounty. 

After gathering all the corpses of the Blue-blooded Dragon Bats, Wu Yu said to the group, "The Blue-blooded Dragon Bats might have disclosed our whereabouts to the Seven Ape Kings. Let's leave."  

"Let's go." 

The Full Moon of Nanshan followed while remaining hidden. As for the Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Dignified Trident Elemental, they returned to the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The Heaven Devouring Avatar continued devouring and growing stronger while he was in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. The corpses of the Blue-blooded Dragon Bats were enough for his Primordial Spirit to reach a higher realm. 

Ye Xixi put the Double-Ended Taia Sword away, transformed into a grain of black sand, and attached herself to Wu Yu as the group left the area swiftly. Her frequent transformations were greatly beneficial in her cultivation and practice of this mystique. 

In the end, Wu Yu didn’t know if the Seven Ape Kings knew that he had arrived. This was because he had left the battlefield a long time ago and reached the other side of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence by moving along the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. 

"Hidden Immortal," Wu Yu said to the Full Moon of Nanshan. 

"Alright." The Full Moon of Nanshan summoned the Hidden Immortal and steered it deep into the silt. Few demons were moving around here, and Wu Yu wanted to remain hidden for a while. 

Nangong Wei's current location was beyond the searching boundary of Lazy. Therefore, they didn't have any news of her at the moment. If Nangong Wei entered the searching boundary, Lazy would have picked her up. 

At this moment, the Heaven Devouring Avatar had fully devoured the Blue-blooded Dragon Bats. His Primordial Spirit had also reached the level of a third tier Dao Querying cultivator. At this level, he would have been able to fight Lan Qi on his own. 

The battle strengths of the main body and Heaven Devouring Avatar were once again equal. 

The reason why they had gone into the Hidden Immortal was obviously because Wu Yu wanted to strike whilst the iron was hot and challenge the puppet in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. 

He estimated that the main body with the Heaven Devouring Avatar should be sufficient to challenge the puppet of a higher cultivation level than the Dignified Trident Elemental. 

After Wu Yu made the breakthrough in cultivation level previously, he wasn't in a rush to make the challenge. Therefore, he knew nothing about the puppet that was stronger than the Dignified Trident Elemental. 

This time, his main body and the Heaven Devouring Avatar appeared within the Floating Dreams Pagoda. After devouring numerous demons over the recent period, the extreme chilling aura that the Heaven Devouring Avatar possessed had changed a little. He had become more vicious and demon-like. In fact, there was even a demonic aura lingering around him. Wu Yu believed other demons might even see him as one of their kind. 

At this moment, he couldn't possibly bring out the full might of the Dark North Royal Obelisk. 

The Dark North Royal Obelisk was once used by the Dark Sea Emperor. As the strongest advanced dao treasure, it had great potential. And now, two Wu Yus stood side by side. One held the Dark North Royal Obelisk, while the other held the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters. One was cold and chilling like ice, while the other was scorching like fire. They initiated the challenge. When the spirit designs appeared in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, Wu Yu didn't hesitate before choosing to challenge the last puppet on the white spirit design. This was the new puppet that had appeared after Wu Yu reached a new cultivation level. 

From just the size of the body above the spirit design, the new puppet was in between the Dignified Sword Elemental and the Dignified Trident Elemental. It was also a little more balanced. Although it was just a glimpse, one could definitely see that the spirit designs on it were way more complicated. 

Compared to the Dignified Trident Elemental, it was a tier higher. 

Before the glow from the white spirit design dissipated, Wu Yu could vaguely see a bulging part above its shoulder. It looked like it was carrying a bow and a quiver. 

Soon, just as the white glow was the strongest, it vanished and Wu Yu could get a clear look at the new puppet. 

Just as expected, it was similar to the Dignified Sword Elemental and the Dignified Trident Elemental. With a quick glance, it was no different from a real human. Its appearance, outfit, and even vibe were no different from those of ordinary martial cultivators. Whether it was its facial features or skin, they were entirely real. One could even see a human look in its eyes. Compared to those puppets with empty eyes, it was completely different. 

From the glow in its eyes, it was even more vivid than the Dignified Trident Elemental. It looked like a man with stories. 

Obviously, Wu Yu could still see dense spirit designs hidden below the exterior. There were at least 400,000 spirit designs, and it was similar to the most elite advanced dao treasure. 

The outfit of the puppet was simple and took the form of a hunter. It wore clothes made from animal hide and had a bronze skin tone. Wu Yu could see it carrying a huge, black bow and a quiver with three arrows. The feathers of the arrows came in three colors. Purplish blue like the dazzling cosmos, faint silver like the full moon, and the thickest arrow was golden like the scorching hot sun. 

From sword, to trident, to bow. It was clear that the weapon of the new puppet was a bow and arrow. Moreover, it was especially adept in it. After all, the bow and arrows were parts of its body. 

Going back to the core, it wasn't a human, but a puppet. 

At this moment, it sensed that it was being challenged. Amidst the deathly silence, it awoke. Its vivid eyes were affixed on the two bodies of Wu Yu before its mouth moved. "I, the Dignified Archer Elemental, accept your challenge. I won't show any mercy in battle. Please be careful and don't overreach." 

Wu Yu was surprised that the Dignified Archer Elemental had even reminded him out of goodwill. 

However, just as it finished its words, it moved exceptionally swiftly. It tipped off, and while retreating, Wu Yu found the body of the Dignified Archer Elemental changing. In the blink of an eye, Wu Yu had lost sight of the Dignified Archer Elemental. Clearly, the first ability of the Dignified Archer Elemental was a concealment technique. It wasn't the same as the Full Moon of Nanshan's camouflage technique, but it was incredible nonetheless. At the very least, Wu Yu and his Heaven Devouring Avatar couldn't sense it at this distance! 

The main body used the Eyes of Fire and Gold to survey the surroundings before vaguely seeing the Dignified Archer Elemental hidden a far distance away. It had almost blended perfectly with the background. As it was a puppet without life in the first place, it was easier for it to remain hidden. 

"It has a large number of concealment spirit designs that are even more outstanding than the ones in the Hidden Immortal. Therefore, once it activated the concealment spirit designs, the effects were great and almost comparable to the Full Moon of Nanshan's Gone from the Skies. Obviously, it is only a temporary thing." 

The Full Moon of Nanshan's Gone from the Skies would definitely have greater variations in the future. 

"Moreover, the Floating Dreams Pagoda is the worst place for concealment. If this were the outside world, with complicated terrain such as the sky, earth, or even seas, it would be more suitable for its concealment." 

Wu Yu realized that the puppet had a different battle mode compared to the Dignified Sword Elemental and the Dignified Trident Elemental. 

It should be hidden in a dark spot and releasing unexpected attacks without leaving a trace. In fact, an enemy like this was feared by many martial cultivators and demons. If they were in close combat, Wu Yu might have the advantage. However, if it chose to hide and only launch unexpected attacks, it wouldn't allow Wu Yu to get closer in the first place! At the very least, it wouldn't be found. 

"Let's see how strong its attacks are. It has an incredible concealment ability. If its attacks are sufficiently lethal, the Dignified Archer Elemental will be of great aid to me." 

When the time comes, the Dignified Archer Elemental won't have to participate in the chaotic battle. It will just have to keep a long distance to maintain its terrifying strength in battle. 

When Wu Yu had such thoughts, the Dignified Archer Elemental was already hidden in the dark spots. It drew the purplish blue arrow and placed it on the bow. Its actions were so swift and natural. Immediately after, it drew the bow, aimed, and locked on to Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar. At this instant, the Heaven Devouring Avatar didn't pick up anything at all! 


The arrow shot forward! 

All of a sudden, Wu Yu could see stars rearranging themselves before his eyes. it was as though the cosmos was zooming past him and a dot of starlight was approaching him at neck-breaking speed. Wu Yu knew where the arrow had come from. Therefore, when it released the arrow, he avoided it. However, to his astonishment, the arrow had a homing ability. It was impossible for the Heaven Devouring Avatar to dodge it as well! 

With such might, Wu Yu realized he had to fight with all he had to stand a chance of defeating the Dignified Archer Elemental. 

The ability to see the location of the Dignified Archer Elemental with his Eyes of Fire and Gold was too huge of an advantage. 

While the Heaven Devouring Avatar struck the arrow with the Saintly Sword of the Dark Spirit Obelisk, Wu Yu's main body manipulated the Infernal Sky Pillar and charged towards the Dignified Archer Elemental! 


The first arrow finally shattered under Wu Yu's all-out strike. However, the numerous designs in the arrow vanished suddenly and reformed within the quiver without damage. 

At the same time, the second arrow from the Dignified Archer Elemental was placed on the longbow. When the silver arrow was fully drawn on the bow, it was as though a large, silver moon had appeared behind the Dignified Archer Elemental. Wu Yu instantly felt even more frightening strength! 

"The Star Chasing Arrow didn't defeat you and I'm surprised you have located me. It doesn't matter though. Now, take this Moon Chasing Arrow!" A mechanical and cold voice came from the Dignified Archer Elemental as he released the Moon Chasing Arrow. 

A lethal danger was pointed at Wu Yu's throat. The point of silverish light traversed through space and arrived right before Wu Yu in an instant. 

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