Chapter 0949: Hemophilic Dragon's Eye

These Blue-blooded Dragon Bats were simple and direct.

They had probably spotted Wu Yu beforehand but had not found a convenient time to strike. After all, they wanted the bounty to themselves.

That was why they would follow from afar.

Until Wu Yu reached his current location, deep in the riverbed, with no other demons around. Only now did they strike.

At first, they wanted a swift backstab, but Wu Yu had caught them.

Now that they had him surrounded, the Blue-blooded Dragon Bats suddenly activated their spiritual power in their mystiques after the brief exchange!

Wu Yu could leave easily enough.

But since they had come knocking, he wasn't going to stand on ceremony.

Almost immediately, the Heaven Devouring Avatar and the Dignified Trident Elemental emerged from the Floating Dreams Pagoda on his left and right. Before Wu Yu, a speck of nearly invisible black dust morphed into Ye Xixi, the Double-Ended Taia Sword in her hands. She had basically mastered this advanced dao treasure, and now she wielded it with great skill!

It gave the Blue-blooded Dragon Bats a fright. They had just seen Wu Yu alone, but now three more had appeared. And they did not know that the Full Moon of Nanshan was still lurking in the shadows with his Gone from the Skies.

"I will deal with this person. I leave the rest to you all!" the Blue-blooded Dragon Bat's leader, Lan Qi, said to the others.

"Yes, Boss!" The other Blue-blooded Dragon Bats harried everyone else apart from Wu Yu's real body. They kept up constant pressure, to allow their leader to face Wu Yu alone.

Even though Wu Yu had a few helpers, they still had the numbers advantage.

Wu Yu did not want to fight together either. After all, he, Ye Xixi, and the Full Moon of Nanshan could bring their powers to bear more freely when fighting separately.

His Heaven Devouring Avatar, the Dignified Trident Elemental, and Ye Xixi split into different directions. The Full Moon of Nanshan continued to lurk. He was truly traceless, and his Gone from the Skies mystique was not as simple as camouflage. It also had many transformations that made it difficult for enemies to catch hold of his trail, even if he was currently fighting!


The Blue-blooded Dragon Bats had caught them. They outnumbered them more than two to one! Some of them were at the first or second tier of the Dao Querying Realm, but Wu Yu was confident that their combined strength, with the Full Moon of Nanshan supporting, could definitely take them.

And at this time, the enemies did not know their strength, especially the leader, Lan Qi.

However, the leader was indeed strong, and Wu Yu's real body was not absolutely confident in beating him. He was already charging towards Wu Yu, his mouth bared and his blue blood churning within. A blue mist appeared, as if synthesized from the blood, and poured out of the dense pores on his body!

"Martial cultivators dare to come into the territory of demons. Suicidal. You deserve your painful death at the bottom of the Ancient Demon Lake, with no one to mourn you." Lan Qi's gaze was contemptuous. At his gesture, the navy mist poured forth more forcefully, reaching Wu Yu!

At the Nanyin Demon Continent, the strong preying on the weak was a logic brought to its extremes. Therefore, the demons that survived here were mostly ferocious and attacked cruelly, with no room for negotiation. Of course, those at a higher level might very well appear harmless. But regardless of whether they appeared friendly or fierce, they all fought with a deadly focus.

These Blue-blooded Dragon Bats were the same. Once they had identified their prey, they acted as one, not giving Wu Yu any chance to catch his breath.

"Blue-Blooded Toxic Haze!"

A dark-blue mist of blood burst forth from their bodies, sweeping up the entire field. It seemed to cover everything.

When the mud of the riverbed came into contact with this blue mist, it also became part of it, turning navy in color. In short order, the Blue-blooded Dragon Bats had built a huge area for themselves, showing off the power of the Blue-Blooded Toxic Haze. As the Blue-Blooded Toxic Haze came towards Wu Yu, it formed a blue mystical dragon! When the toxic haze touched Wu Yu's body, his body began to sizzle. Even Wu Yu's Vajra Body was being broken down, the toxins flooding his body!

The Natural Mystique of these Blue-blooded Dragon Bats was indeed life-threatening.

However, Wu Yu was no herbivore himself. He had already prepared his own response!

Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, Immortal Ape Transformation, and the Infernal Sky Pillar of Nine Fetters! He sparkled with golden light in the Blue-Blooded Toxic Haze, his golden eyes burning brightly. His flames lit up the Blue-Blooded Toxic Haze, almost piercing it!

He could see the position of every single Blue-blooded Dragon Bat within the Blue-Blooded Toxic Haze. The Eyes of Fire and Gold had already reached a very high level.

"Paradise's Fiery Demise!"

His mystique activated. Golden flames burst forth from his eyes, sweeping out. Above and below the Blue-blooded Dragon Bats, huge, golden eyes appeared - the Eye of Heaven and the Eye of Earth. In this enclosed space, the Blue-blooded Dragon Bat and golden flames came together in an intense clash!

The golden flames wanted to burn the blue blood-mist into ash, while the blue blood-mist wanted to convert everything into toxic haze, including Wu Yu's body.

For the moment, they seemed equally matched!

However, even before Wu Yu had brought forth the full power of Paradise's Fiery Demise, the Blue-blooded Dragon Bats were already being scorched. The two huge eyes burned down on them, then Paradise's Fiery Demise exploded forth, columns of golden fire swallowing the Blue-blooded Dragon Bats!

Wu Yu could see the Blue-blooded Dragon Bats folding up their meaty wings, using those durable flesh wings to protect themselves.

Perhaps Paradise's Fiery Demise did not produce killing power, but at least while the Blue-blooded Dragon Bats were consumed by the columns of fire, they lost their control over the Blue-Blooded Toxic Haze, and all the toxic haze in the vicinity was scoured clean by Wu Yu's flames. Even the toxins within his body were burned clean!

His Invincible Vajra Body's resistance against poison and chill was stupendous.

Here, he was only barely suppressing the Blue-blooded Dragon Bats, while on another battlefield, the Full Moon of Nanshan's sneak attacks were working wonders. In the first few moments, he had already slain one Blue-blooded Dragon Bat, while Wu Yu's Heaven Devouring Avatar had directly devoured another, converting it into its own power.

"Boss, Little Five has been killed!" The leader, Lan Qi, had fended off Paradise's Fiery Demise and was just rallying himself when he suddenly heard this cry. He flew into a rage.

He had thought to retreat if they could not win. But now that a brother had lost his life, there was no turning back. He let out an angry screech, a strange sound that sounded vague, but made one's ears ache and brain throb. This was probably also one of their abilities.

Following Lan Qi's lead, the other Blue-blooded Dragon Bats also took up the cry!


Lan Qi used his prodigious spiritual power to brush aside Paradise's Fiery Demise's suppression. Once he locked on to Wu Yu's position, he lashed out with his elite and deadly Natural Mystique without hesitation!

"Hemophilic Dragon's Eye!"

This Natural Mystique warped the blue pathing lines on his body. They shone with a blinding, blue light and then divested from the body to form a threatening blue circle. This band shone like an eye in this gloomy area. Many eye-like blue bands appeared by the Blue-blooded Dragon Bat's side, then they flew towards Wu Yu!

As the blue rings neared, Wu Yu could feel the blood in his body stir, responding involuntarily. It lost some of its vitality, and he felt his body being drained. This had to be the effect of the blue bands. If they bound him, he would be in trouble!

"Immovable Nine Palaces Design!" Wu Yu could not let the Hemophilic Dragon's Eye near him. He quickly changed the Infernal Sky Pillar into the nine crucibles and then used them as one on his own body. They took up formation, and the nine-colored flames flared, the nine beasts linking around Wu Yu's body and barring the advance of the Hemophilic Dragon's Eye!

Ding, ding, ding!

The blue bands battered furiously against the Immovable Nine Palaces Design, shaking the entire spirit design.

Just then, another cry came. "Boss, Little Six has died also! I'm going for it!"

"Boss, finish off your opponent quickly and come help us! There's another hidden opponent!"


In such a short time, two of them had already fallen. To Lan Qi, this was completely unprecedented. He was even more bitter and savage now, but this emotional swing hampered his performance, and the Hemophilic Dragon's Eye was unable to completely suppress Wu Yu. The blue bands were constantly being bounced back, unable to break the Immovable Nine Palaces Design!

"Die," the Blue-blooded Dragon Bat spat. He rushed forth, but he suddenly found his body sprouting with flowers and trees that tore apart his flesh into bloody bits and encircled him. The Blue-blooded Dragon Bat found himself trussed up by plants!

Lan Qi had been thoroughly thrown off. He did not even know when he had been attacked.

But it was too late. Wu Yu had already dispelled the Immovable Nine Palaces Design and changed the nine crucibles into the huge Infernal Sky Pillar, which was back in his hands.

"Infernal Cell Shatterer of Nine Fetters!"

The staff landed with devastating power!

The trees holding the Blue-blooded Dragon Bat exploded, and his blood-drenched countenance appeared before Wu Yu. All that met him was a staff's smash, landing directly on his body and pulverizing him!

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