Chapter 0947: Monkey, Marmoset, Ape, Gorilla

From high up, they could see that this unbelievably huge eye was the entrance to the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence.

Surrounding the golden eye were huge sculptures at each of the four directions of north, south, east, and west. It was carved with complex ancient demon words and it read: Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. 

This was where the name “Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence” came from.

Standing on the golden eye, he could see that it was embedded on a huge palace door. Different from the golden eye, this door, as well as the entire Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence, was unbelievably big and pitch black. He did not know how much of the residence was sunk in the bed of the lake. The exposed part was already very large, and one could imagine that it would be very spacious inside.

The golden eye was obviously the only entrance to the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence because the entire Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence was sealed up. Wu Yu had only arrived two or three month after others had discovered it. They must have explored the surroundings of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence carefully.

Even so, many of the demons did not remain near the golden eye. They explored the surroundings of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence to try their luck. They might be the first to enter if they were really lucky. And these demons were all existences weaker than demon kings.

And those at the demon king level knew clearly that for ancient relics of this level, there was no way for one to enter by luck. The only way to open up this relic was to find the method to break through this door.

Hence, when Wu Yu approached the golden eye, he saw many top demons hovering far away. At this moment, most top demons were in human form and gathered in small groups. They were all looking for a way to break through the golden eye. They probably had agreed to prioritize opening this door.

Wu Yu used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to look. There were at least 20 demon kings present. There were probably more hiding in the dark. Indeed, all the elites of the Nanyin Demon Continent had gathered here.

For instance, he previously heard that the Eight Eyes Bull Demon King, the Light Wing Grand Eagle King, and the Rainbow Beads Queen were all here. Wu Yu also saw the Black Hornet Demon King. The Black Hornet Demon King had been hidden for two months and only dared to come out after seeing that Nangong Wei had done anything else. Now he gathered with other demons and seemed to be discussing Nangong Wei.

The Black Hornet Demon King recognized Wu Yu, but he probably did not dare to attack. He probably would run away if he saw Wu Yu. After all, rumor had it that Wu Yu was being protected by the woman behind Nangong Wei as well.

But Wu Yu did not want to cause any commotion. Since the Black Hornet Demon King was near the golden eye, he would hide aside momentarily. He would survey the general situation around the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence before taking any further action.

"When they just discovered this, everyone probably wanted to claim this relic. But after so long, even the Hellish Bone Demon Lord failed to open this relic. Hence, everyone relaxed. Many young demons and adult demons swarmed in and no one bothered with them. Anyway, everyone probably thought that more demon lords were required in order to break through.

"But these demon kings are obviously still trying their best to find a way." Wu Yu was engrossed in studying the patterns in the golden eye. The Full Moon of Nanshan suddenly reminded him to look towards the east. Wu Yu looked that way and realized that five demon lords were descending! They landed in the middle of the golden eye. At this moment, many demon kings were looking at them.

All five of these demons were primates! Even though they were in their less conspicuous human forms, Wu Yu could easily see through their true forms.

The ability to attract the attention and caution of so many demon kings was evidence to the terrifying ability of these primate demons. At least those who were openly present were definitely very strong.

After they arrived, a female demon king approached them. This female demon king was seductive and very sexy. She had an ample bosom and a curvy bottom. She was mature, elegant, and attractive. She attracted the passionate gazes of many demons. She was indeed the most outstanding woman in the crowd. 

But when Wu Yu used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to see through her true form, he had chills up his spine. This demon's true form was a colorful spider. It was large and covered with glowing colors. The more vibrant the colors, the more poisonous she was! Being able to reach the level of a demon king meant that she was relatively scary. At least she was someone that Wu Yu could not afford to anger now!

Wu Yu guessed that this was the Rainbow Beads Queen, the demon king who possessed this place initially. Later, with the pressure of more demon kings, she had given up and released the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence.

"I didn't expect the Ape Kings to come here. Perhaps your leader is here too?"

That was right, these five primate demons were part of the Seven Ape Kings of the Seven Ape Alps. The dead Six Arms Demon Ape was their brother. And in reality, during this period of time, the brothers had been searching for Nangong Wei and the person behind her. They had offered a reward for her. They wanted to take revenge for their brother, and that was the reason they were here today.

"This pathetic relic is not enough to enter our big brother's eyes. You don't have to worry." They had turned into their human forms. The one speaking, among the five, was the one who looked like a little boy.

Rainbow Beads Queen winked seductively and said while pretending to be pitiful, "All five Ape Kings are very strong. Even if your demon lord is not here, the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence is something that easily belongs to you. I only hope that us young demons can pick up some small benefits."   

When they chatted, Wu Yu watched with the Eyes of Fire and Gold to see through the true forms of these five demon kings.

"I've asked around the Little Valley about these Seven Ape Kings. I know a little. Other than their leader, who has reached the level of a demon lord and is not here, all the others are present. The one who spoke is the second of the Seven Ape Kings, the Second Ape King called the God Eye Monkey. It is said that he has mystiques in his eyes and ears and they are exceptionally sharp. We better stand further away." The Full Moon of Nanshan did not open his mouth to speak, but stood beside Wu Yu and used a dao technique to speak telepathically. He told only Wu Yu because he knew that this God Eye Monkey had exceptional senses. 

Wu Yu and the Full Moon of Nanshan retreated and observed the God Eye Monkey. The God Eye Monkey was the smallest among his brothers. He looked like a weak, little monkey and had orange-red fur. He looked very bright, but his most outstanding feature was his pair of golden eyes. His ears also looked bigger than the average monkey's ears. He looked very agile, and while not as scary looking as the Six Arms Demon Ape, he had a stronger spiritual will. It was definitely logical that he was second in place.

"The largest and most muscular at the side is the Third Ape King called the Adamant King Ape. He is similar to you. People say that his physical body is extremely tough. He cannot be pierced through by knives and blades, as though his body is immortal. He has simple, violent attacks. At least he is much stronger than the Six Arms Demon Ape."

While the Full Moon of Nanshan explained, Wu Yu observed the ape king beside the God Eye Monkey. This demon's true form was extremely strong, just like a mountain. It was a fierce and rough golden, giant ape. His golden hair was the same as that of Wu Yu's when he used the Immortal Ape Transformation. However, Wu Yu's Immortal Ape Transformation was symmetrical and slender, possessing both strength and speed. He was more like a human. This Adamant King Ape was thick and fiery, he stood on all fours, and his forelimbs were bigger and stronger than his hind legs!

"The one on the right is the Fourth Ape King called Heaven's Fury Marmoset! A primate that controls flames and is very strong!" the Full Moon of Nanshan continued.

He had introduced them so clearly because these demon kings were very dangerous for Wu Yu. He could not anger them at the moment.

Wu Yu saw the Heaven's Fury Marmoset. A marmoset is a type of primate that is slightly different from apes and monkeys. The Heaven's Fury Marmoset had a body of fiery red fur. His body was burning red like steel. Heat waves rolled out from him as though there were countless volcanoes piled up inside him. He could probably drown the heavens and earth by randomly spitting out a mouthful of flames.

And the Heaven's Fury Marmoset looked very fierce. He looked furious at all times. Even when he turned into human form, he looked angry.

The Adamant King Ape and the Heaven's Fury Marmoset in combination would look similar to Wu Yu's real body, a combination of adamant and flames.

But they were at least at the sixth tier of the Dao Querying Realm. They were much stronger. One of them alone was already stronger than the Six Arms Demon Ape.

"The Fifth Ape King is called the Sea Devil Gorilla, who is said to have been a sea demon. He is a gorilla demon born in the sea region and has the ability to manipulate the sea. This is the Ancient Demon Lake and his battlefield. Usually, he appears with his fourth brother, the Heaven's Fury Marmoset. Three average demon kings cannot rival their astonishing combination of fire and water."

Wu Yu also saw through the true form of the Sea Devil Gorilla. As expected, he was a sea region demon. He was blue in color and his physique was more streamlined. He was like a sea spirit. His blue hair was very long and touched the ground. It glowed with a light fluorescence. Compared to the Heaven's Fury Marmoset, he looked a lot friendlier.

Only one was left. The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "This is the Seventh Ape King. He looks like a human and his abilities are more average. However, it is said that he has a seraphic dao treasure called the Devouring Gourd! It's said that the power of this seraphic dao treasure is extremely horrifying. When it's used, even his elder brothers feel fear. He is the most mysterious among them, and they call him the Fairy Demon Monkey."

Wu Yu looked at the Fairy Demon Monkey standing at the end. Indeed, when this demon changed into human form, he did not display many demonic characteristics and was basically like a human. He wore a smile on his face and his actions did not feel like those of a primate. His true form was covered with light purple fur and looked more elegant. He was not very large either, and his true form was human-sized. The shape was like that of Wu Yu after his Immortal Ape Transformation. Both were more human-like with more slender and agile physiques.

Monkeys, marmosets, apes, and gorillas were all primates. Whether it was the God Eye Monkey, the Adamant King Ape, the Heaven's Fury Marmoset, the Sea Devil Gorilla, or the Fairy Demon Monkey, they all possessed the strongest and rarest of primate demon bloodlines. They were the top in the Nanyin Demon Continent in terms of bloodline.

After the introductions, Wu Yu retreated to somewhere the Seven Ape Kings could not see.

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