Chapter 0946: Golden Eyes

After two months, the Hidden Immortal finally left the bottom of the river. It sailed through the gushing river water and returned to the surface under the blue sky and white clouds.

The grand mountains and rivers of the Nanyin Demon Continent stood in front of them.

While the mountains and rivers were breathtaking, the demonic aura was thick and there were traces of demons everywhere. After the Ancient Demon Lake appeared, the entire Nanyin Demon Continent was thrown into upheaval.

For instance, the Qi Condensation Realm and Jindan Dao Realm cultivators and demons would not have many opportunities and might even lose their lives for nothing. However, the attraction of treasures was hard to withstand, hence many young demons also headed towards the Ancient Demon Lake. Beneath the Hidden Immortal, they could see a few heading in that direction.

The overall situation of the Nanyin Demon Continent could be seen from this.

The Hidden Immortal hid among the clouds. At this point, the news of the Six Arms Demon Ape's death was already overshadowed by the news of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. Other than the Seven Ape Kings, everyone else had probably forgotten about Wu Yu's group.

They could probably hear discussions if they sailed at lower heights. All the discussions were about the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. Many Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm demons were considering whether they should risk their lives at the Ancient Demon Lake.

The Full Moon of Nanshan increased their speed. They flew through the mountains and rivers of the Nanyin Demon Continent quietly. Their movements were small compared to the chaos and restlessness of the Nanyin Demon Continent.

The Hidden Immortal moved forward at full speed. It was much faster than most demons. After passing by many mountains and rivers, they finally reached the faraway Ancient Demon Lake. 

The Nanyin Demon Continent's territories were shared among many demon lords and demon kings. The Ancient Demon Lake was, coincidentally, unclaimed territory. While this was in the central position of the Nanyin Demon Continent, its spiritual qi was sparse. It could not compare at all to the precious caves and fertile lands of the Nanyin Demon Continent. 

The unique part of the Ancient Demon Lake was that it was surrounded by tall mountains. Hence, in reality, the Ancient Demon Lake was actually at high altitude. Even the bottom of the lake was situated much higher than the beaches of the Nanyin Demon Continent.

When they looked into the horizon, there was a lake that looked like a blue jewel embedded among the undulations of the mountains. It was a majestic scenery hidden in the mountains. Actually, Wu Yu was now at a very high and far away position. As he descended slowly and reached the surface of the Ancient Demon Lake, he realized that this lake was as large as the sea. From this position, he could not see the end, regardless of the direction he faced. When he looked down, he could not see the bottom either. The greatest difference between the lake and sea was probably the calmness of the surface. While large and unbelievably wide, it was like a mirror. Even if demons dove into it, they would only cause a small ripple that would immediately disappear. 

"I heard that the entire Ancient Demon Lake remains calm no matter what, as though it is controlled.  In the past, no one noticed this place and did not think much of this odd characteristic. After all, there were never any storms here. The lake’s surface never moved and now, looking at it, the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence must have something to do with the extreme calmness of the lake.”

Wu Yu also realized that the Ancient Demon Lake was terrifyingly calm. Actually, there were many demons here at the moment, and many more arriving here from all directions. They dove into the lake without saying much. Some demons entered in their true forms, and while large in size, they barely caused a ripple. After entering, even these ripples disappeared quickly as though they were being swallowed instead.

The Ancient Demon Lake was large like the sea, but many demons had come here, so they were everywhere, making it seem crowded. Wu Yu used his Eyes of Fire and Gold to look around. There were thousands of demons within his line of sight. There were insects, fishes, birds, beasts, flowers, plants, and all sorts of demons. There were even many with true forms that he could not recognize.

Wu Yu and his group quietly put the Hidden Immortal away and exposed themselves to the demons. However, no one paid them any attention, as they were no longer concerned with them. Also, demons turned into their human forms to hide themselves. Now that demons were everywhere, they subconsciously treated Wu Yu and Ye Xixi as demons too.

The three of them quietly dove in.

There were especially many demons in the Ancient Demon Lake. After diving, Wu Yu saw many of them. He guessed that there were many experts among these demons too. For instance, the demon kings. Based on the discussions of surrounding demons, many of them had come.

Because most demons were here just to have a looksee and for a chance to get a treasure or two, there were no conflicts among the young demons. Hence, they gathered in groups to discuss. From their discussions, they could hear how many demons had appeared here openly.

At the side, there was a rat demon who said proudly to his companion, "I arrived here a few days earlier, so I know more than you do.  I dare say that the number of demon kings now in this Ancient Demon Lake is much more than you imagine. I heard others talk about them and counted. There are at least 20 of them here. Think about it. These are just those that us young demons saw. Most of the demon kings are hidden by your side. I can even say that all the demon kings of the Nanyin Demon Continent are either at the Ancient Demon Lake or on their way here.

"The Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence is just too attractive. No one has been able to open it until now, not even the famous demon kings. For instance the Eight Pupils Bull Demon King from Tall Leaves Peak failed to knock open the doors. The Light Wing Grand Eagle King from the Nine Peaks of Light Clouds was unable to cause anything to budge. At the beginning, the Rainbow Beads Queen wanted to claim this relic alone and yet was left stumped."

After that rat demon listened, he snorted and said, "That's because you know nothing. I heard that a demon lord came yesterday! Even he tried personally and yet was unable to even scratch the doors of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence! Not many know about this yet!"

"Which demon lord?" his companion asked. He was very surprised.

That rat demon leaned in and whispered into his companion's ears, "The Hellish Bone Demon Lord!" 

His companion was very shocked and said, "It's unexpected for even that solitary old demon to come. Legends say that he is the skeleton of an expert from ancient times. When he resurfaced, he gained sentience under the burning light of the strong sun and turned into a demon.  He is a set of white bones but also one of the strongest on the Nanyin Demon Continent. So, is there no one in the Nanyin Demon Continent that can open the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence?"

"In the past, there were predecessors' relics, but none of them were as unbreakable."

"That's right. Otherwise, how could we even have the opportunity to come here? It is because no one can break into it and news has spread. Now everyone knows, so we will not be chased away. Right now, all the adult demons and demon kings are still thinking of ways to break into the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. They are bad tempered. I don't dare to go near in case they kill me."

Wu Yu listened for a while and understood the situation. Next, he continued going downwards and heard more fresh news. Actually, the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence had been discovered before he arrived at the Nanyin Demon Continent. It was just that news of it had only started spreading recently, and during this period of time, no one had managed to break into it.

The grand mystery of the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence came from that.

The three of them continued their dive. Of them, the Full Moon of Nanshan directly turned invisible. No one could see him. Ye Xixi became cheekier and turned into a black grain of sand for fun. She had turned into sand to sit on Wu Yu's shoulder so it looked like Wu Yu was alone.

"What do you think?" Wu Yu asked Ming Long.

"This might be the residence of some top tier adult demon. Usually, there are treasures left inside. I'll have to see it before I can tell."

The strength of the expert that owned the residence could be judged from its appearance.

"Big Brother Yu, there seems to be an eye down there!"

Ye Xixi suddenly exclaimed. Wu Yu looked down and immediately felt chills up his spine. He could see with his Eyes of Fire and Gold that deep down in the lake, there was a golden eye that was cold like metal and it was looking upwards, as though it was staring at him. He could even feel how prideful and domineering this eye's gaze was! It felt defiant and arrogant.

"If I can see it from here, how big is that eye?" The Full Moon of Nanshan was astounded. 

Wu Yu estimated and said, "At least 100 zhang wide... most likely more than 500 zhang."

Even the Ancient Demon God of the Infernal Inferno did not have such a large eye, so Wu Yu guessed that this was not an eye of something alive, but something that had been forged to look like an eye.

"It looks like an eye staring at the sky." Wu Yu realized that this eye's gaze was not on him, but the sky. That eye was unmoving and its gaze felt strong. It was filled with fierce will, glaring angrily at the sky.

"What is it?" Ye Xixi asked doubtfully.

"We'll know when we go down." Wu Yu continued to dive. Actually, they realized that the deeper they went, the stronger surrounding demons were. Most of them were cold and did not converse. They looked downwards but remained cautious of each other. They might be competitors. Of course, they were not the main characters here.

As they neared, they realized that the golden eye had increased in size and felt more metallic. On the way, Wu Yu had already heard about this golden eye.

This was the door to the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence and also the place the demons were trying to break into. Many demon kings had attacked it, and even the demon lords made a move, but after a long time, none of them could destroy this golden eye.

Behind this eye was a giant palace. At this moment, they still could not see clearly and had to go further down to see what it really looked like. At this moment, no one was preventing anyone else from nearing the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. The Rainbow Beads Queen might have taken position here at the beginning, but she was no longer the main character.

Wu Yu went deep down and increased his speed. In his eyes, the golden eye grew larger as he approached. He was engrossed in the will of this eye. When he finally arrived, he was already at the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence.

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