Chapter 0945: Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence

Wu Yu's Invincible Vajra Body had incredible recoverability. 

Now that he was out of the woods and had time to rest, his physical body world was rapidly reconstructing. The Celestial King Buddha Body was also rebuilding itself. The high mountains, deep seas, floras, stars, and moons of his physical body world were recovering expeditiously after they were shattered in the previous battle. 

Wu Yu had over 4,000 God's Way Pills right now. The effects of the God's Way Pills were immense. Consuming and absorbing one could accelerate the recovery of the physical body. In this aspect, Wu Yu wasn't stingy. His Invincible Vajra Body was a physical body the likes of which had never been seen before. This time, it was destroyed to a large extent and would exhaust a large number of God's Way Pills. 

Moreover, his 10,000 Unshackled Doppelgangers had been almost completely destroyed by the Divine Wood Great Ape previously. Restoring them would also take a portion of the God's Way Pills. 

Wu Yu's recovery time was relatively long. the Full Moon of Nanshan wasn't injured and therefore had loitered around in concealment over these days. At the same time, he was trying to get information on Nangong Wei and the Seven Ape Alps. 

As for Ye Xixi, she made the best use of time to progress her new mystique, Black Sand Demonic Shadow, towards the second and third tier. 

For Wu Yu, recovering from the injuries to his physical body was part of what he was doing at this very moment. 

The recovery of his physical body was self-activating and wouldn't require him to exhaust himself with it. 

Therefore, his mind, will, and thoughts were spent on another aspect. That was dao enlightenment. 

Previously, as he danced between the precarious line of life and death, Wu Yu gained new experience. In the past, the more he was willing to give up to persist in searching for himself, the deeper the dao he would obtain. He would also be able to find his true self in the process. 

Everyone knew perseverance was required in cultivation. However, there were few who could achieve it. While loitering at the brink of death, many people would choose to take a step back and avoid it. As for Wu Yu, he had resisted it and faced it directly. In the end, between life and death, he felt like he had understood the great dao. 

"Mortals just need to master dao to become an immortal.

"And I, for this dao, am willing to give up my life.

"In cultivation, how could one achieve rebirth if he does not push himself to the brink of death?" 

Dao was a mysterious thing. However, when one understood it, it would gather in one's Primordial Spirit and supplement it. At the same time, it would bring huge changes to one's mind and will. 

This was the truth that all martial cultivators sought after. 

While his physical body was recovering, Wu Yu was immersed in great dao enlightenment. Previously, he had taken a long time to break through to the fourth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. In the process, he had established an exceptionally solid foundation. At this moment, the benefits were fully on display. 

The solid foundation allowed a huge leap in the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm after he gained enlightenment. The amount of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy he could control would undoubtedly surge! 

"After gaining enlightenment, my Primordial Spirit has reached a new level. My cultivation level has also reached a level for improvement." 

This time, it would definitely be way quicker than before. 

After the huge advancement in Primordial Spirit, his physical body had not recovered fully. However, he had started consuming God's Way Pills and was converting the potent effects to restore his body and directing it into his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. 

This process wasn't too daunting. After several days, Wu Yu successfully reached the fifth tier of the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. This cultivation level couldn't be compared with his opponent’s and therefore he had not exhausted many God's Way Pill. 

However, he had too many Unshackled Doppelgangers, whose exhaustion of the God's Way Pills was immense. 

On the day his physical body had recovered, Wu Yu had stabilized his new cultivation level. 

This catastrophe had allowed him to grow stronger! His Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, which was regarded as his weakness, experienced explosive growth, and its impact to his battle strength was relatively big. 

"With my current strength, I won't have to be afraid of the Three-Headed Thunder Eagle, the Sandstorm Vulture, or the Divine Wood Great Ape." Wu Yu was confident he could defeat them alone. 

Every time the main body grew stronger, it was great news. This would mean that his Heaven Devouring Avatar and the puppet from the Floating Dreams Pagoda could be even stronger. 

"The puppets in the Floating Dreams Pagoda have been getting stronger and stronger recently. It’s likely that I'll only be able to handle it if I work together with the Heaven Devouring Avatar! Moreover, it has to be a much stronger Heaven Devouring Avatar." 

At this point, Wu Yu's six physical body worlds had restored themselves and were even stronger than before. 

One could say it was a blessing in disguise. 

Now that he had recovered fully from his injuries, Wu Yu wasn't in a hurry to leave the Nanyin Demon Continent. 

He still felt uneasy over Nangong Wei. At the very least, he wasn't clear of her current situation. He still wasn't clear if her "mother" had any ulterior motives for protecting her. 

His most important objective was to see her alive and safe. He wouldn't want to give up just because he would be facing a really powerful opponent. 

Therefore, while he was strengthening, he also asked the Full Moon of Nanshan to find some information. 

They weren't very far from the Little Valley. 

News of the Six Arms Demon Ape being killed had obviously stirred up a huge commotion. In fact, the news had spread on the day he was killed. 

The Six Arms Demon Ape was someone that no one on Nanyin Demon Continent wouldn't know. 

The fame of the Seven Ape Kings was through the roof as they were one of a few supreme forces of the Nanyin Demon Continent. 

The brothers were united and all primate demons had gathered in the Seven Ape Alps Region. 

The Six Arms Demon Ape had been killed instantly and the culprit was rumored to be the woman behind Nangong Wei, the girl who was wanted by the Black Hornet Demon King. 

As for Wu Yu and the rest, as they weren't the killers, they were naturally omitted in the news that was spreading. 

Now all the news was about a mysterious demon named Nangong Wei and the terrifying expert behind her. This terrifying expert was definitely at the level of the demon lord. Obviously, she might not even be a demon.

It was her who had killed the Six Arms Demon Ape in an instant. 

Only a small number of people knew the entire flow of events. Wu Yu, the Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi were among these people. 

It was said that Wu Yu had killed the Fire-Red Demon Apes and that the Six Arms Demon Ape had come for revenge. Nangong Wei happened to be with Wu Yu and his group. After which, the Six Arms Demon Ape was killed after using the life of Nangong Wei to threaten Wu Yu. 

Therefore, in the rumors that were spreading, Wu Yu and his group were widely assumed to be with the terrifying expert. They had also become subjects that couldn't be offended. 

It was said that upon hearing the news, the Black Hornet Demon King was so scared that he almost pissed his pants. He had hidden immediately and hadn't shown himself since. 

When Wu Yu recovered and made the breakthrough, the Full Moon of Nanshan happened to be back. Therefore, Wu Yu asked, "Did you find any news of her over this long period?" 

The Full Moon of Nanshan had come back in a hurry and looked a little agitated when he answered, "She seems to have vanished into thin air, so I didn't get any information on her. She's probably back behind closed doors or others simply didn't see her. However, when I was in Little Valley, I did hear of another incident. Therefore, I rushed back to inform you." 

His agitation had even alarmed Ye Xixi, who was immersed in cultivation. At this point, she also came out. 

"What's the matter?" Wu Yu asked. 

The Full Moon of Nanshan said, "You could say that this is something major in the Nanyin Demon Continent and that everyone is discussing it today. It is said that in the central region of the Nanyin Demon Continent, there's a place called the Ancient Demon Lake. This is a huge lake that is similar to the open sea. At the bottom of the lake, an ancient ruin known as the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence was excavated. It isn't an ordinary ruin and is said to be extremely huge. The key thing is that it appeared at least two months ago, yet no one has been able to break in. Many demon kings have tried, but to no avail. Just this alone goes to show that the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence isn't simple.

"Initially, the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence was discovered by several minor demons. They knew nothing about the ruins. After pondering for a long time and failing to break in, they had an internal conflict. Someone sold the news to a demon king called the Rainbow Beads Queen. When she arrived, she killed all these demons and wanted everything for herself. She sealed all news and was prepared to enter only with her closest aides. However, even when the demon king made her move, she still couldn't break the door. She tried all kinds of methods, but to no avail. In the end, one of her closest aides betrayed her and spread the news. The other demon kings learned about it and the news got further out. More and more people are aware of it now, and numerous demons are making their way to the Ancient Demon Lake. Many humans and demons in Little Valley are also heading out. It is said that despite several demon kings working together, they still failed to open the doors to the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence. This made the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence seem even more mysterious. As news spreads further, some people are saying there are limitless treasures and wealth in it. Now the entire Nanyin Demon Continent is in chaos. There are probably 100,000 demons gathered at the Ancient Demon Lake. The key is that the number is still increasing." 

Wu Yu nodded and remarked, "How lively. If this was the Yan Huang Ancient Region, any ruins that were excavated would be occupied by the army. Ordinary folks wouldn't have a part at all." 

"Lively? Are we going?" Ye Xixi's eyes lit up. Wu Yu knew she definitely thought of going. Moreover, she now had a way to protect herself. 

"I feel that the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence has attracted the attention of countless demons. There are definitely people who know a little more. If we can enter it, we might get something good out of it. Although we aren’t as powerful as the elite demons, we have the advantage in the mystiques of our legacies. We still stand a chance. Since we have nothing else to do right now, we can give it a try and test our luck. Most of the demons have the same thought. After all, the Heavenly Demon Imperial Residence isn't occupied by any single party and anyone could have a chance at it. In fact, the demon lords might make a move in the end as well." 

Wu Yu thought about it. 

"If she's still in the Nanyin Demon Continent, she will likely head there as well." At the thought of this, he made up his mind. Therefore, he nodded and said, "In that case, let's head to the Ancient Demon Lake immediately!" 

"Great!" Ye Xixi jumped up in joy. 

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